Your guide to playing woodsball like an expert

Your Guide to Playing Woodsball Like An Expert

Have you ever chased someone through a field between trenches and forts? Much better, have you done it with a gun in your hand? That’s Paintball for you! If we can sum up Paintball in three words, it’ll be the chase, the thrill, and the victory!

Although there are 5 different types of paintball, Woodsball Paintball is the most common one. Read on to find out more about it….then check out our guide to the difference between woodsball vs speedball as well as the best paintball courses in the world. Everything You Need to Know About Woodsball Paintball How it’s played, the right equipment, and the fields. I’ll tell you about everything regarding Woodsball!

How Is Woodsball Played?

Woodsball depends on patience and tactics, rather than speed and power. The two teams are mostly assigned a task against each other that requires a bit of planning. There are three famous Woodsball settings.

The 1st one is Two-Flag, where each team is designated to a flag in their territory. Afterward, each team works on capturing the competitor’s flag and getting it to their side of the field. All that while still protecting their flag from theft.

Another Woodsball setting is the Elimination Game. In this setting, each team works on eliminating the competitors within the time limit. The team who has the most kills is the winner. The last setting is Attack and Defend, where one team gets assigned a territory to protect.

Taking over will be then handled by the other team. The member’s numbers are disproportioned in this task; the attacking team has more members to give them leverage. The defending team is also given an advantage, such as a high territory that makes attacking easier.

Where Is Woodsball Played?

Its name may trick you into thinking it’s played in the woods, but it’s not a rule. You can play it in a range of Paintball fields; mainly the urban-styled and open-terrain ones. Woodsball settings usually contain trenches, forts, and bunkers to keep things interesting.

Two of the most famous U.S Woodsball fields are Skirmish U.S.A and Hollywood Sports.

What Should You Wear?

The most important tip in all Paintball settings is to avoid wearing bright colors. It’s worth investing a little bit to get the best paintball gear. You should avoid any clothing that’ll make it easy for the enemy to spot you. Another necessary tip is to wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of running; you want a pair of shoes that are well-balanced and light for easier movements.

You’ll want to avoid white shoes because they’re easily detected in the dark. You can go for hiking boots; their color provides camouflage with the surrounding environments. Don’t wear army boots, though. They have loud steps.

As for the suit, most Paintball parks provide it so you don’t have much choice. However, if you’ll get it for yourself, flight suits are the most suitable attire for Woodsball. You can find them in army surplus stores.

What Are the Needed Equipment?

If you have a match coming up, you’ll want to be fully equipped for the attack. Most parks issue some rules prior to the match, so make sure to check them out to avoid any unpleasant surprises. We all know the gun is the single most valuable equipment for Paintball.

You’ll want to avoid flashy guns; they’ll make it harder to blend in. Moreover, the paintball pods’ amount should be compatible with the size of your hopper. If you only partially fill your hopper, the pods will rattle inside, which may give your position away to the competitors. It’s worth checking our our guide to the best paintball guns as well as the best paintballs too.

You’re going to fill it up to its 1/2 or 3 quarters. Furthermore, a pair of binoculars will be extremely beneficial in dark fields. It’ll help you detect your enemies better. Alternatively, you can fasten a scope to your gun.

What Are the Game Basics?

Before you can become a whiz, you’ll need to play a few matches to train well. There are basic knowledge that you should learn initially. For starters, the way you walk will explicate how well you can play your enemies. You’ll want to be as silent as possible so they won’t detect you.

When taking a step, roll your feet so it doesn’t produce a sound. Also, try to walk on dirt instead of cluttered ground. Avoid setting foot on anything that might make a noise. Besides, you’ll want to stay low so you’re not easily seen. Especially if you’re tall.

Don’t move abruptly; be patient with your movements. The best time to make sudden movements is when the enemy shoots. They’ll be occupied then by checking where the shots went. Lastly, choose your routes wisely. Don’t walk right through the center when you can take a hidden side path.

How to Be a Woodsball Expert?

You know all the basics and you want to step up your game? You came to the right place! There are a few tips that can give you an easy win. First, patience is key in Woodsball Paintball. In the beginning, don’t move a lot. Your competitors will be eager to shoot you; you’ll want to discourage them by staying low.

A good winning strategy is choosing the right camping spot. You may be surprised by this, but the closer your spot is to the beginning, the higher chance you have of winning. How so? When you choose your spot early on in the game, you’ll be able to see where your competitors will go.

No one will think of hiding in the nearest place, so you’ll gain leverage. Secondly, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re eye-to-eye with your competitor. In this case, your instinct will tell you to open fire and hope one shot makes it.

But it’s not the right thing to do. You should wait until you’re sure you have a clear shot and then take it. Take this as a rule in all your games; don’t shoot when you’re not ready. The chance of a successful shot will be lower than you expect.

Bottom Line

Playing Paintball is one of the joys life has to offer. Here, equality is the prime thing; no one is able to skedaddle from the shot of a paintball! Whether they’re experts, light-movers, or well-hidden. Once you do a right shoot, it’ll make its mark.

That’s why you have a good chance of winning. Now that you also know everything about Woodsball Paintball, it should be easy to gain victory!

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