Your guide to playing woodsball like an expert

Your Guide to Playing Woodsball Like An Expert

Have you ever chased someone through a field between trenches and forts? Much better, have you done it with a gun in your hand? That’s Paintball for you! If we can sum up Paintball in three words, it’ll be the chase, the thrill, and the victory!

Although there are 5 different types of paintball, Woodsball Paintball is the most common one. Read on to find out more about it….then check out our guide to the difference between woodsball vs speedball as well as the best paintball courses in the world. Everything You Need to Know About Woodsball Paintball How it’s played, the right equipment, and the fields. I’ll tell you about everything regarding Woodsball!

How Is Woodsball Played?

Instead than relying on strength and speed, woodsball relies on strategy and patience. The majority of the tasks that the two teams are given pit them against one another and need some planning. Three locations in Woodsball are well-known.

The first one is called Two-Flag, and it assigns each team a flag in its respective zone. Following that, each team strives to take the opposing team’s flag and move it to their side of the field. All the while guarding against theft of their flag.

The Elimination Game is another Woodsball scenario. Each side attempts to eliminate the rivals within the allotted time in this situation. The winning team is the one with the most kills. In the final setting, called Attack and Defend, one team is given a region to defend.

The other team will then take care of taking over. In this task, the attacking team has a disproportionately large number of members, giving them an advantage. A benefit is also granted to the opposing team, such as a high territory that facilitates attack.

Where Is Woodsball Played?

Although its name would lead you to believe it’s a game played in the woods, it’s not a rule. It can be played on a variety of Paintball fields, primarily those with an urban design and open terrain. Trenches, forts, and bunkers are common in woodsball settings to provide interest.

Hollywood Sports and Skirmish U.S.A. are two of the most well-known American woodsball fields.

What Should You Wear?

The most important tip in all Paintball settings is to avoid wearing bright colors. It’s worth investing a little bit to get the best paintball gear. You should avoid any clothing that’ll make it easy for the enemy to spot you. Another necessary tip is to wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of running; you want a pair of shoes that are well-balanced and light for easier movements.

White shoes should be avoided since they may be seen clearly in low light. You can choose hiking boots because of the way their hue blends in with the surroundings. Wearing army boots is not advised. Their steps are loud.

You don’t have many options when it comes to the outfit because most Paintball parks give it. Flight suits are the best choice of clothing for Woodsball, though, if you want to get one for yourself. They are available in army surplus shops.

What Are the Needed Equipment?

If you have a match coming up, you should be prepared for the attack completely. Check the regulations before the game because most parks publish them in advance to prevent any unpleasant shocks. We can all agree that the gun is the most important piece of Paintball equipment.

You’ll want to avoid flashy guns; they’ll make it harder to blend in. Moreover, the paintball pods’ amount should be compatible with the size of your hopper. If you only partially fill your hopper, the pods will rattle inside, which may give your position away to the competitors. It’s worth checking our our guide to the best paintball guns as well as the best paintballs too.

You’ll fill it to its 1/2 or 3 quarters capacity. Additionally, in dark fields, a set of binoculars will be quite helpful. You’ll be able to identify your opponents more easily. An alternative is to attach a scope to your weapon.

What Are the Game Basics?

You must play a few games to sharpen your skills before you can become an expert. There are some fundamentals you should learn first. The first clue to how successfully you can manipulate your adversaries comes from the way you walk. To avoid being seen, you should keep as quiet as you can.

Roll your feet when you step to avoid making a noise. Attempt to walk on uncluttered ground rather than dirty terrain. Keep your distance from anything that might produce noise. Additionally, being low will help you avoid being seen. in particular if you are tall.

Be gentle with your motions and avoid sudden movements. When the adversary fires, it is best to move quickly. Then, they’ll be kept busy by looking to see where the shots went. Finally, pick your routes carefully. If there is a secret side way, take it rather than going straight through the middle.

How to Be a Woodsball Expert?

You are familiar with the fundamentals and wish to improve. You’re here for the right reason! A few strategies can help you win quickly. First and foremost, Woodsball Paintball demands patience. Don’t move around too much at first. Your rivals will be anxious to shoot you; you should deter them by remaining low.

Selecting the ideal camping location is an effective winning approach. You might be surprised to learn that your chances of winning increase with distance from the starting line. How so? You’ll be able to observe where your rivals will move when you select your position early in the game.

Nobody will consider hiding in the closest location, giving you more power. The second possibility is that you might come face to face with your rival. Your instinct will tell you to start firing in this situation and pray that one round hits its target.

But doing so is not morally appropriate. Wait to take the shot when you are certain that you have a clear field of vision. Don’t shoot before you’re ready in all of your games; make this your rule. The likelihood of a hit will be less than you anticipate.

Bottom Line

Playing paintball is one of life’s pleasures. In this situation, equality is key; no one can flee the paintball’s blast! Whether they are professionals, quick movers, or covert. Once you fire correctly, it will leave its mark.

You therefore stand a strong probability of winning. It should be simple to win now that you are knowledgeable about Woodsball Paintball as well!

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