YETI VS. ENGEL Coolers – The Better Cooler

When people are looking for a new cooler, they inevitably compare popular brands. Yeti and Engle coolers will always make most people’s short list. These two coolers are famous for a wide variety of reasons, mostly for being the best built and most durable coolers on the market. Engel coolers were the first roto-molded cooler ever made already cementing their place in the Cooler hall of fame.

Yeti are renowned for making high-quality coolers and Engel are famous for making the very first roto molded cooler ever since they’ve always been popular brands, but how do you choose between the two.

ENGEL and YETI Coolers in terms of performance

Down through the years we have tested many Yeti and Engel coolers when comparing the top rated roto motors coolers on the market. We base our performance tests on how these brands keep their ice over the space of 5 days. For example, the deep blue series 50q cooler from Engel performed significantly better than the tundra 45 from yeti.

While this could be down to the fact that the Engle 50q is a larger cooler. It’s important to note that smaller brand coolers than the tundra have outperformed it too. Try and work out why we tested the 20q and 25q coolers the Yeti roadie 20q and the Engel 25q performed the same under our test conditions.

To do a more in-depth analysis, we took two coolers from igloo of different sizes, namely the Sportsman series 40q on the Sportsman series 50q. Both are from the same manufacturer made with the same materials, the only difference being their size. If the theory that larger coolers perform better because of their size, then surely the 50q without performing its smaller brother.

However, this simply wasn’t the case once again they maintained the ice at the same rate. So why will the canyon 35q keep ice better than the yeti tundra 45, the igloo 40 and the eagle 55Q.

As yet, we can put a finger on exactly why the deep blue cooler performed significantly better than the tundra. In every other test, we run smaller coolers that come out on a par with the larger ones. We decided that a more scientific approach was needed and rather than just comparing cooler size; we factored in the ratio of ice to size two.

For example, when testing a 20 quart cooler it will hold ice much longer than 60 quarter because when you put 20 lb of ice into 20 quart cooter it fills it capacity. Packed ice lasts longer.

The build quality of ENGEL and YETI Coolers

Engel: I’ve been manufacturing high-quality coolers for nearly half a century. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors. Most of which will feature a minimum of 2 in of insulation and stand up to even the most extreme temperatures. And also offered a minimum of a 10-year warranty as standard.

Yeti the first came into production in 2006 and have been one cooler of choice for backyard barbecuers tailgaters campers and series Hunters ever since. They’re famous for their bear proof coolers and build them with top quality materials and even back them up with a 5-year warranty.

A quick comparison of Engel and Yeti Coolers:

YETI Coolers

  • Made in the USA and The Philippines
  • Are more expensive than Engel Coolers
  • Roto Molded Design
  • Bear proof certification
  • Five-Year warranty
  • Ice retention for 5 to 7 days

ENGEL Coolers

  • Made in Thailand
  • Cheaper than the Yeti
  • Roto molded design
  • Bear proof design
  • Three-year warranty
  • Ice retention of 7 to 10 days

The Top YETI and ENGEL Coolers

Arguments for buying a yeti cooler or an Engel one will include the fact that you have a variety of choices to work with. Yeti offer different capacities and sizes, and a high-quality ice retention rate. Important to remember that although Engel coolers are rated by the quart capacity, yeti coolers are right by the model size.

So the yeti tundra 35 will actually hold 35 quarts of ice. While, not a negative, it can sometimes confuse especially for people who are familiar with coolers. Yeti coolers will all come with a high quality 2-in polyurethane insulation and being roto molded in one piece they also have the best quality sealing gaskets.

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler, Seafoam
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The deep blue is by far the highest quality heavy duty cooler. It also comes with a polyurethane insulation of 2 in as standard, but their silicone freezer gasket would appear to outperform that of the yeti. You can choose to purchase it in way star without non-skid lids or pads.

ENGEL ENG35 High Performance Cooler - White
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Many people like to find that the floor of the cooler has been pitched slightly to allow us to drain more easily without you having to turn it over to dump it out. They also keep cooler security in mind so they offer a series of different ways to tie it down to stop it tipping over, sliding around our simply being awkward while being transported.

Characteristics of a Top-quality Cooler

The following are the common qualities of a heavy-duty cooler. When you’re picking the ultimate brand and model for yourself, you’ll do best by taking note of the following:

  • Comes with thick insulation as standard
  • One that stays full and unopened
  • Have airtight seals
  • Large capacity

Comes with thick insulation as standard

As the vast majority of commercially manufactured coolers use an identical method of insulation putting a layer of foam between the outer and inner walls. Foam provides accident insulation for a series of different reasons first, there are gas bubbles in the phone and these can more comfortably conduct heat far more efficiently than solids or liquids.

By trapping this gas during the manufacturing process, they transfer heat using convection. Second, because the polymer molecules used in the process are made of bubbles on these are very loosely bonded, the rays that heat transfers from one molecule to another is limited.

It’s important to know that the foam used in the courier purchase is still important because not all of them are equal. You can purchase either an open cell or a closed cell form a phone. Close cell foams are more rigid and dense I mean most of the gas molecules in them do not come into contact with each other.

Open cell foams are lightweight and flexible, and the gas bubbles rub off each other readily. Open cell phone coolers are less efficient than closed cell foam coolers. Also open cell bubbles can easily hold water vapor, while closed cell foam is usually filled with chemicals that provide a higher quality of insulation such as painting. I’m recently there would have been filled with CFCs but it has phased this practice out as we realized their damage to the environment and the ozone layer.

One that stays full and unopened

Air is the poorer way to conduct heat, especially when compared to liquids or solids however we shouldn’t underestimate its abilities. Every time you open your cooler, you allow contents to come into contact with the warmer environment outside. Fast-moving molecules can easily get in there and speed up the colder molecules already in the cooler.

The longer you keep your cooler sealed, the better it will be for your cold beer food and other beverages.

Have airtight seals

You should always check the quality of the seal on the lid of any cooler before you make a purchase. The best quality coolers should be airtight and boat Engel and yeti coolers because they’re molded out of a single piece of plastic using no seams are both extremely effective at sealing cold air in and warm air out.

While filling your cooler to where there are no air pockets inside is possible, it’s not very efficient. Ideally you’re going to end up with a mixture of melted water ice and air in and around 32f. In the vast majority of cases when you test the temperature, the air is going to be much colder than the ice of the water. The less air pockets you have the better, but this is going to be a lot of work.

Large capacity

As you see from the amount of ice that your cooler can contain but directly affects its efficiency levels. It’s accepted that you’re going to have to have a ratio of 2:1 for your ice and the contents of your cooler. Why isn’t this something that you’re going to sit down with your calculator and work out before you take your cooler out on the road?

It’s just a rough guide to make sure it remains as efficient as possible. Having said all that, the reach that your eyes will melt is directly impacted by its surface area. Ice blocks melt much slower than ice cubes. So because of this we advise that you buy blocks of ice to create your own ice blocks, as these will prove far more efficient and keep your beverages and food cool.

It’s also important to remember that if the ice doesn’t melt it’s not doing its job as in absorbing the heat from any warm food or beverage you have in your cooler. So the rate that your eye smells is it direct correlation to how much work it’s doing to keep your device cool.

They both meet standards

We’re happy to see the both Yeti and Engel coolers comfortably meets the standards needed to be considered a high-quality cooler, and this is by both have teams of Die-Hard fans. Even to the stage where an Engel cooler enthusiast happily tells you never to waste your money on a Yeti.

However, not that either device is not without its faults. There have been many documented cases of faulty coolers being purchased. But both companies offer excellent warranties so if you’re worried about the quality of your cooler both will happily maintain ice for up to 5 days and longer and after don’t the warranty will cover any faults.

A quick online comparison will show that Yeti coolers outsell Engel coolers both the overall satisfaction level of angle customers is higher. Yes, Yeti coolers outsell Engel coolers, but they’re waiting are lower in comparison. Even yet owners will comment on the fact that it’s more expensive, but they’re happy to say why. Most would freely admit that it will be the last cooler you’ll ever buy.

The Ultimate Challenge

In our most recent cooler ice challenge, Engel coolers keep ice for 10 full days. This is something that yeti coolers could not replicate. They’re not far behind coming in at just over 9 days. When comparing build quality they’re pretty close however we think that the latching system on the yeti is slightly superior, as with prolonged use the Engel latching system seems to result in a little of pitting in the lid.

Despite the bidding, it never affected its overall performance; it’s just a cosmetic detail. But if you’re right about the cosmetics Engel cooler seems to be more durable on the outside, as Yetis will scratch more easily. But in the grander scheme of things, these faults are minor and shouldn’t concern anyone.

Whether you choose a Yeti or an Engel will most likely come down to budget at the end of the day.

Our Final Thoughts

No matter what we say here today, the debates between yeti cooler owners and Engel cooler owners is going to continue indefinitely. They have accused yeti of copying Engel designs showing that this battle has sometimes got a little bitter. The choice would be yours and be based largely upon as you mentioned above budget and what you expect from a cooler.

Engel coolers are definitely cheaper. Yeti coolers are a better known brand and are also more long lasting. As a result, we think that when you buy a Yeti cooler, you get what you pay for, including high-quality builds that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. If your brand/image conscious, you’ll buy a Yeti.

If your price conscious you’ll buy the Engel but you might end up getting a better device as it will keep ice for at least a day longer.

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