Where to Shoot a Deer with a Crossbow

Where to Shoot a Deer with a Crossbow?

Hunting is a very fulfilling activity if appropriately practiced. When it’s deer hunting with a bow, you’d realize there’s nothing more rewarding than this. However, it requires you to have a lot of skill and proper knowledge to hunt down a deer successfully. The correct learning will only come with a lot of practice and understanding of the sport. 

To get started, you must know and understand the anatomy of the animal you will hunt down. Which spot you want to target or aim is one of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make to start hunting. 

Where to Shoot a Deer with a Crossbow? 

The most important thing to decide on will be when the animal will be hit the hardest and die immediately. Since hunting with a bow has a lot to do with correct aiming and understanding the animal’s anatomy, it is essential to know all about deer’s anatomy.

If you are within 35 yards, you can take a broadside shot on a deer with the crossbow. You can aim at the lower portion of the vitals. It is essential to know your exact location and where you are while shooting a deer with a crossbow. 

Once you are clear about the location, you can work around other factors, such as the different ways or techniques to kill a deer. Whether you want to suffocate the animal or cause him blood loss is up to you and your hunting style.

To ensure deer are killed, you can aim behind the shoulder right where lungs are, not at the shoulder like most rifle hunters. Such a shot will kill the deer on the spot, but you will have to practice this, aiming to kill the animal right away. It will be better not to imitate rifle hunters’ ways. This article talks mainly about the different things to consider while taking a shot. 

Movement of the Deer 

If you want to shoot a moving deer, see it’s of some different quality that you won’t see again. Don’t let go of the deer with a unique quality. 

The advantages of shooting a walking and running deer aren’t many. First, it’s the hardest to hit a moving deer, so it’s best to shoot when they are still. 

However, when they are running, and you shoot, the slight advantage is that deer won’t have time to react to the shot and get hunted down instantly. 

Your location 

You must know that you should be within the range of 35 yards if using a crossbow. If the distance is more significant than that, it may be challenging to make the right shot. 

If the distance between the deer and the bow is longer, the deer will have more time to react to the bow’s sound and even escape. 

Also, your arrow will travel late, which means you might even miss the shot. 

Humidity and wind are essential factors to consider before shooting. 

It would help if you Aimed the Vital Organs

We must aim at the vitals, which are about 3 inches from the front shoulder of the deer, which only means the arrow will pass right through the lungs. 

An arrow creates a blood trail and punctures all vital organs and even the lungs, which are the most critical. 

Hitting with an arrow is recommended to ensure that the deer is killed on the spot and humanely. 

Get a 3D Practice Model

If you are looking to develop your skills, it is best to get a 3D Practice target and practice shooting using your crossbow. 

It will give you a fair understanding of aiming or making a shot when in the field. In addition, you will be able to hone the location of bolts from different angles. 

When you work on a 3D target with a bit of consistency, you will become confident in time to come when you need to make the shot in the field. 

Know Your Basics 

It may look like a challenging sport, but it’s not all that hard it looks if you gather the correct understanding of it. 

You can begin by understanding the anatomy of a deer so you can learn where exactly to hit the deer with an arrow.

You should always aim for the animal’s vitals. You must work on your accuracy in the field. Invest in arrows and broadheads


Where to shoot a deer with a crossbow? The understanding of the spot you should aim at while hunting down deer is something that comes with practice. Therefore, one will have to practice a lot on the field to ace a successful deer hunt. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Where To Aim On A Deer with Your Crossbow? 

It may look slightly challenging to shoot with a crossbow, but you will be fine to go once you have understood the correct spots to aim and hunt. For example, 3 inches above the front shoulder is exactly where you must shoot a deer to puncture its vitals. 

Can Deer Escape? 

Deer can escape once they hear the noise of something coming towards it, in this case, a shot. It is a must to be within 35 yards of distance using a crossbow. 

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