What to Wear to Paintball

What to Wear to Paintball?

Making plans to go to the paintball? It’s adventurous going to a paintball game. But first, you should know what the game is really about. In a paintball game, players try to win by eliminating others, shooting them with dyed balls. 

You will be relaxed to know that you don’t need to buy any special equipment. You will be provided everything on the day of paintballing itself. Are you a beginner? Don’t know what to wear to paintball? Here’s a head-to-toe description of things you need to wear for paintball to be thorough with the game.

What to Wear to Paintball?

Most sporting activities often require certain gear to avoid injuries. Paintballing demands the same. To know what to wear to paintball, first, you must know the injury-prone parts of your body. 

In this game, ankle twists are the most common type of injuries. For this, you must wear boots offering good ankle support. Hiking boots provide the same protection to your feet and ankles, so they’re a good option. 

As for your comfort level is considered, you should wear light and comfortable clothes. A tracksuit/jogging suit or cargo pants is an excellent option. 

What about your top half? Make a note of this thing that, in paintballing, leave a minimum part of your skin exposed. This is so because when you’re hit with paintballs on naked parts of your skin, that part gets swollen up. 

A jumpsuit could prove to be your best friend when every other player is busy targeting their paintballs on you. Some people choose to wear layers to protect their skin from bruises and welts. Don’t leave your hands and head exposed; they’re super vulnerable to injuries. 

For this, wear gloves and headgear to protect both these precious parts. Also, don’t forget to take an extra pair of clothes with you. You obviously cannot return in the same outfit in which you were playing.

Gear for Face and Head 

As said earlier, you cannot take the risk of exposing your skin to the paintballs. Not only the skin but your face and head also require extra protection. For this, a helmet that covers your entire face from forehead to chin to ears is suggested. 

The mask provided to you on the day of paintballing is specially designed for eye care also. It is made of a polycarbonate lens that stops the paintball and thus protects your eyes. 

Your head and face are appropriately protected using this mask. Some masks cover just the front part of your face. And there are masks-cum-helmets that protect your entire head. You can choose to go with either of these two.

Protection for Upper Body

Paintballs are obviously colored; hence, you must wear only spare clothes. Paintballs are of various sizes, hitting you with different intensities. Usually, people wear long sleeve t-shirts to paintball. It covers their upper half, as well as their bare arms. Apart from that, you can also wear a hoodie or a jumper. 

You can also carry a waterproof jacket along; in case it starts raining. As said earlier, do not leave your skin bare or exposed as it may cause bruises if you’re hit there. Also, hands should be protected as they’re most vulnerable to injuries. Hence, wear gloves for hand protection.

Protection for Lower Body

To protect your bare legs, you should wear cargo pants or joggers. According to the weather, you must wear layers of clothing to prevent your body from injuries. 

Protection from both the environment and the paintballs is necessary. Paintballing being an outdoor sport, your legs must be protected against insect bites. Also, if you want are crawling or sliding, you wouldn’t want your bare legs to be scratched. 

Most people prefer to wear jumpsuits while paintballing. It fully covers your bare parts and protects you from getting hit too strongly.

Choice of Footwear

Your choice of footwear matters a lot when you’re playing an outdoor sport. Any shoes that support your ankle and do not let you slip. A more assuring pair of boots/shoes are usually preferred while paintballing. 

If you want to play an uninterrupted and worry-free game, military-style or hiking boots are suggested. Don’t worry; you will get used to them once you start playing the game. 

Running shoes can also be worn, but only wear them if they’re in good shape. Bad shoes will harm more than doing good. If possible, never wear running shoes to paintballing to be on the safer side.

Protection for Hands

Leaving your hands bare may cause skin injuries as you can be hit hard on the naked skin. Also, you wouldn’t want your hands to sting because of those paintballs. To protect your bare knuckles and fingers from being hit, you must wear gloves. 

A pair of paintball gloves prevents your skin from getting cuts, burns, or scrapes. Don’t wear super-thick gloves as you may not have a good grip over the gun. Wear gloves that give you a comfortable grip and are protective for your bare skin. 

I prefer gloves that are made explicitly for paintballing to avoid any risks. Still don’t know what to wear to paintball?

In a nutshell, you should go prepared for paintballing as it is not a child sport. Wear spare clothes that are easily washable. Wear protective gear before you step on the field. 

Anyway, you will be given essential gears on the day of paintballing. Also, dress according to the weather, or you’ll end up feeling cold/hot. Be comfortable and enjoy your game. I’m sure that now you know what to wear to paintball.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.Does paintball dye wash out of clothes?

It is preferred that you wear some old clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty. You don’t want your clothes to carry splashed colors permanently. Typically, paintballs are water-soluble and non-toxic. Hence, they are likely washed out of clothes. 

2. What to wear to paintball in summer?

If you go paintballing in the summers, you can’t wear the same clothes you wear in winters. Five minutes into the field and you would start feeling uncomfortable. Wear thinner layers of clothes along with cotton pants so that you don’t regret it later.


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