What to Wear for Airsoft

What to Wear for Airsoft?

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As everyone knows, Airsoft is a popular combat sport that is taking over the world right now. If you are not too familiar with the game, it might feel daunting in the beginning.

Once you can play at the expert level, nothing can stop you. Before you dive right into the game, it’s essential to understand the proper clothing/outfit to wear. This article explains in detail the many small details you must pay attention to. 

What To Wear for An Airsoft Game? 

Before you decide to start a game, you must know you require a couple of professional-looking gear to play effectively. From the number of players, we have seen playing, we are under the impression that one must dress like a navy professional, suitably uniformed and protected. Still, it’s not necessary to begin where airsoft professionals always do. 

Once you get into the game, you would know you don’t have to invest in any equipment to get started because most airsoft fields have kits and guns for hire. You can even start putting together your gear once you have had enough knowledge about the game. 

Even if you buy regular gear to get started, your performance in the game will still be decent. This game is quite like how paintball is played, and whatever you wear for that game may apply to Airsoft as well. 

You don’t have to worry even if you feel you don’t have the correct equipment and the clothes to play with. You will be at an advantage if you put together your kit. 

Use Goggles

A set of goggles or a mask is a must. Once you start playing the sport, you will notice many experienced airsofters using shooting glasses. If you use these glasses, you will experience many benefits, including its almost realistic and non-restrictive feel; it’s known for zero fogging. 

If fired from close range, you can be hurt. Some eye protection and a low face mask should be worn if you are a beginner. 

Ensure there are no spaces and gaps because a BB pellet will sneak through if it finds a hole. 

Kind of Tops 

Airsoft pellets may hurt a little less than paintballs do, but they still do since they will never explode with paint, dye, or color, so you can almost get away with wearing anything. 

You should put on a few layers to always take off some if you feel hot between the games. 

T-shirts with long sleeves will be a great choice if you have just started. It would help if you went with mostly close-fitting clothing. You should be a little mindful about colors and avoid blaze orange. Pick rather dark tones if you play indoors. 

Kind of Bottoms 

If you are a first-timer, it’s best to pick a pair of jeans as they are sturdy and provide a decent amount of protection against getting hurt. 

Another viable option could be cargo pants that also act as sweatpants. They are bright and comfortable and can be worn on multiple occasions aside from the game. 

Suppose you get a pair of pants with knee pads, nothing like it. They will give you an ideal kind of protection if you are taking the sniping position. 

Gloves are Important 

Airsoft pellets are known to sting immediately. You should make sure to protect your exposed skin anywhere on the body; even if it’s your hand, protect it with gloves. 

However, it’s not life-threatening, but it may leave a mark that might stay for a few days. The skin on your knuckles may be injured, so add some protection to your hand by wearing the right kind of glove. 

It will not give you protection but an excellent grip to feel like part of the armed forces. 

Kind of Footwear 

Always remember never to overlook your feet. While playing a combat sport, it’s essential to see your feet are comfortable. 

Since you will be doing a lot of running, sprinting, or charging an enemy base. 

A pair of running shoes is a must-buy. To enjoy that ankle support while you play, it’s essential to choose your shoe very carefully.

Speaking to trained airsofters will help if you want to avoid any future injuries from the wrong shoes while playing. 


What to wear for Airsoft? It’s not hard to choose the right kind of clothing for this game if speaking to airsoft professionals. Going by what someone has experienced or knows firsthand will be the right thing to do rather than going by instinct. Together a comfortable top, bottom, shoes, and appropriate protective gear you will ace at the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

What should I wear for my first Airsoft? 

Recommendations for first-timers will be a pair of jeans, a good leather pair of shoes, a sweater or a long-sleeve T-shirt and you will be good to go. 

What clothes should I wear for Airsoft? 

Ideally, you should go by what most players pick and wear to the game. A long-sleeved T-shirt as strongly recommended, jacket, or a hoodie is great for the upper body. Also note, for head protection, you must wear a hat or a beanie as most players do. 

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