What Is Fps In Airsoft

What Is Fps In Airsoft?

Hey, new airsoft player! Have you just come back from your first game? And you’re looking for the necessities and equipment needed on the battlefield. How was your game? Or did you just watched the game and felt fascinated? Well, whatever the case is, let’s dive deep in to see what works for you. If you have closely observed, you may the heard the fps on the field. So, what is fps in airsoft? Let’s find out now.

What Is Fps In Airsoft?

Fps means feet per second. It is an accepted way of measuring the many feet your pellet of a particular BB travels through the air every second. In more scientific terms, it is the ratio of the velocity to the gauge of the speed of the BB, or it’s called the muzzle velocity. It is an important feature of your airsoft gun which you must keep track of if you want to excel in airsoft.

In some countries, it is also measured in MPS or meters per second. In general, a regular airsoft gun will be able to shoot a 0.20 BB around 50-80 meters per second. Also, this is just an average estimation which varies a lot depending upon ta of other factors. 

How To Measure Fps Accurately?

Now that you have a clear idea of what is fps in airsoft? Let’s get to another crucial question: how to measure the fps of an airsoft gun. This isn’t rocket science, and the fps of any gun can measure quite easily. 

Fps can be measured by this simple method; the higher the weight of BBB, the lower the fps get. Also, fps start decreasing as soon as your muzzle. High fps guns have high energy, which makes the BB travel faster and further through the air. 

Now, you know why airsofters are so particular about their gun’s BB. The fps of different guns can be measured using a chronograph like a radar gun used by local police to measure vehicle speeds.

Importance Of Fps?

Wondering that ok now I know what is fps in airsoft? But, what is the benefit of knowing this? Why is fps important in the game? How will this knowledge of fps help me in the field? Will reading this blog worth the time or not? If you, too, are having these similar trains of thought, then just hold on. This section will tell you why fps is vital in the game. 

It is essential to know about guns’ fps because the different field requires you to use different fps limits. The officials measure your gun’s muzzle velocity before the start of any airsoft game and check whether fields are in the allowed range or not. They do this to prevent injuries which are inevitable when using high fps ranges. For instance, airsoft sniper rifles offer high fps, which cannot be used for close-quarter battles. So, knowing fps and how to measure it will keep you prepared for different games.

How Does Fps Vary?

If you are asking, does the fps vary? By now, you must know that the short and clear answer is yes. It does vary depending on several factors like the type of your gun, the game you are playing, and the weight of your BB. Most players use 0.20 BB, which is the standard; although O.12 BB is also available, players don’t use them as they lack quality. Different guns have different fps measurements. Some of them are mentioned here.

  1. Spring airsoft guns

These, in general, have an fps lower than 100 when using a 0.20 BB but can typically go up to 320 BB too.

  1. Gas-powered guns

The green gas-powered guns have significantly higher fps ranging up to 500 fps. This typically has 350 fps. The green ones are mostly allowed for combat guns. 

  1. AEG guns

These are the normal ones with fps ranging from 100 to 400 fps.

Factors Other Than FPS Are Relevant For Airsoft Guns.

Other than fps, there are two things which you are also relevant for airsoft guns. These are joule and the weight of BB. As you already know, the higher the fps, the higher the energy will be. This energy is measured in joules. 

From the facts mentioned above, we can drive that fps is inversely proportional to the weight of BB and is directly proportional to its energy.


What if fps in airsoft? FPS is an extremely important factor to consider when buying your guns. Although you must not solely buy a gun depending upon the fps, you should still keep this factor in mind as your fps can determine your performance in the game.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Why use a certified BB?

When you use low-quality BBs, they can damage your guns and can break inside the riffle. So, to avoid this, you should use BBs of high quality.


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