What Are Paintballs Made Of

What Are Paintballs Made Of?

You are a paintball player and have been wondering what your weapons contain? Thinking about what are paintballs made of? Paintballs!  Balls made of paints? Right? Sounds so. But, let me break it to you. It’s not the case, man! 

In layman terms, this can be the definition, but it’s quite the opposite in reality. Paintballs are not made up of paints! Instead, these great balls are made up of items that belong to another extreme. Can you try and guess it?

What Are Paintballs Made Of?

Ok, now enough with the foreplay. Let’s spill the tea. Paintballs are made up of edible things mostly! (Trying to eat one sneakily, well you won’t be in trouble, but it’s not worth it, belief, me it tastes gross!) So, to answer your query: – what are paintballs made of?  

Let me tell you; paintballs are made up of gelatin, corn oil, starch oil, water-soluble substances as PEG (polyethylene glycol), and other edible items. The material used is extremely safe and non-toxic.

What Exactly Are Paintballs?

Paintball is a sport which has gained enough popularity among all, be it kids or adults. This is a fun-to-play, light-hearted game that is played between two opponents or two opposing teams. 

The opponents throw paintballs at each other with the help of a paintball gun. The points are calculated based on how many paintballs hit the opponent. Earlier, it was a more rough war, but now it’s a fair, environment–friendly game.

History Of What Are Paintballs Made Of? 

Earlier, paintballs were made of glasses. But back then, they were used for cattle and trees. But as it turned into a game, the norm is to use non-harmful things, which also hurt less and are comfortable to play with. 

Unfortunately, the glass used was solid and didn’t even break on throwing as it was made for other purposes. And when people started playing with these, it hurt a lot! So, manufacturers started using other things like gelatin which was much softer and safer to play with.

What Are Paintballs Shell Shells Up Of?

Paintballs have two layers, as you may or may not have noticed while playing with them. The upper layer is the shell, and inside is the filler that bursts on throwing. The upper layer is now made up of gelatin. Gelatin is a thick, viscous fluid that is lighter elastic. Its viscosity gives the paint its thick consistency.

What Are Paintballs Made From Inside?

Paintballs are made up of biodegradable, non-toxic materials. It contains edible things like PEG and other mineral bases like starch oil or mineral oil. This base acts as a coating that holds PEG, this PEG bursts and, in turn, splashes the paint! Mind-blowing! Isn’t it? These paintballs actually don’t have any paint! 

The effect comes from PEG and uses other organic bases.

Are Paintballs Safe For The Environment?

Can you get scolded by those environmentalists while playing paintballs? Or are you a nature-lover concerned about whether these paintballs are ok for your beloved mother nature or not? Yes, these are environment friendly. Having a sigh of relief! Well, you should be. 

These paintballs are biodegradable and hence, gets easily be imposed by certain bacteria and other microbes. It means you can play without worrying about the after-effects. But it is dangerous for animals when ingested. Otherwise, it doesn’t cause any harm.


What are paintballs made of? Paintballs are generally made up of non-toxic materials, which are biodegradable hence, poses no threat to the environment. The edible materials used make it non-toxic to human consumption. But it tastes terrible and dries out your mouth. They come in different types, and sometimes different materials are used, but the bases remain the same, like starch oil or mineral. Also, the filler has PEG mostly.

FAQs ( Frequently asked questions)

Are paintballs harmful to pets?

Yes, when ingested, these paintballs can cause severe illness and allergies in some pets, especially dogs and cats. Therefore, it is advised to keep your paintball packet away from your pets. Especially in dogs, paintballs can cause diarrhea, vomiting, other intestinal diseases, and even death in some severe cases. In addition, these paintballs are osmotically active, which pulls the water into the tract, causing a severe imbalance.

Where should I dispose of paintball?

As paintballs are biodegradable, they can be dumped into the river, and they will decompose naturally. It is easy to dispose of paintballs. You can dump it in any natural dumping site, and it will depose biologically, causing no harm.



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