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Top Picks for the Best Kayak Carts in the Market – Top 5

Making the appropriate kayak cart selection can make paddling alone or in tandem much simpler. The majority of the job will be done for you if you simply strap one of them to the end of your boat.

Regardless of the distance, carrying larger or heavier kayaks from your vehicle to the water is much more convenient thanks to the cart’s wheels, which can fully handle the weight of your kayak.

When I finally invested in a kayak cart for myself, I was astounded at how much time and effort I had wasted over the years dragging my gear and kayak across rough terrain when one of these little beauties could have spared me so much trouble. The amount of effort you can put into moving your boat, especially for those who find it difficult to manoeuvre kayaks independently.

Here are our picks for the top five kayak carts available in 2020.

  • The Smart Airless DLX Cart from Suspenz
  • The Scupper Kayak Cart Carrier from Bonnet
  • The KC-DOLLY-SEAT Personal Watercraft Dolly from Apex
  • The Kayak Canoe Cart Carrier from Bonnet
  • The Cart-Canoe/Kayak from TMS

We also provide a succinct buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the best Kayak cart for your requirements.

The 5 Best Kayak Carts in the Market

Here are some great picks for your next kayak cart that have received the most positive reviews. See if it fits your style by reading along.

1. The Smart Airless DLX Cart from Suspenz

Inspired by DeWalt, this tire cart wouldn’t look out of place on a construction site. It’s powerful stainless steel hardware and aluminum frame of the highest quality and powder coated as standard, making this one of the most durable kayak cars you can buy.

You will enjoy the additional technical benefit of not having to worry about any punctures while moving your kayak to your paddling place because it is equipped with two 10-in airless tyres. Instead of using the typical foam, they decided to add a lot of rubber pads, giving the cart an added layer of durability. This is a great decision in my opinion.

Although it costs a little more than similar cards on the market, the reliable and robust design more than justifies the additional expense. For your upcoming vacation, the design you may create with this cart is ideal if you need a little extra assurance.

2. The Scupper Kayak Cart Carrier from Bonnet

Bonnlo Scupper Kayak Cart Carrier Trolley with NO-Flat Airless Tires Wheels Transport for Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Well, this cart is very good. They restrict it to only being able to support kayaks with scupper holes that are top-style kayaks. They built this on a sturdy base with two fully adjustable scupper holds, making it the ideal addition for any owner of a sit-on-top kayak.

We were really impressed with the changeable width, which you can alter from 6.5 to 16.5 feet wide. You should be able to use almost any seat on top of it with this. This range’s adjustment is made incredibly simple thanks to the friction screw design. This fantastic design can fold up completely flat if the wheels are taken off.

3. The KC-DOLLY-SEAT Personal Watercraft Dolly from Apex

Apex KC-Dolly-SEAT Personal Watercraft Dolly (Kayak/Canoe Cart & Chair)

With this kayak cart, APEX couldn’t be accused of inventing any novel designs or ideas, but they did make the dolly more v-shaped so that it could be used as a lawn chair. This immediately drew my attention because I’ve always been a sucker for well-designed, multipurpose products. The only issue is that it’s extremely close to the ground.

However, this kayak cart is manufactured from very sturdy metal and comes with a 12-foot leash with rubber bumpers and other niceties. The huge rubberized tyres may have been a gamble, but they increase mobility and help this object serve a variety of purposes.

4. The Kayak Canoe Cart Carrier from Bonnet

Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley with 12

This kayak cart is by far the most powerful on our list; it can carry up to 165 pounds, so you can even transfer your kayak while it’s fully loaded. Its universal design and huge wheels make it pleasant to move heavy kayaks or canoes over sand.

Removing the wheels will allow you to entirely collapse the cart and it will fold flat making storage and transit much easier. We really enjoy that the 12-in tyres are designed to re-inflate and that a bigger diameter makes negotiating obstructions or straightforward. You may even transport the cart on the boat with you because you are unable to fold flash. Anyone who prefers to launch their kayak from the sand should definitely consider purchasing this gadget.

5. The Cart-Canoe/Kayak from TMS

TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

Although this card has plastic wheels, they are big and wide enough to travel over most surfaces. It is strong enough to hold both sides thanks to foam mounts and a durable metal frame. It is simple to load and unload because the frame itself is spring loaded to account for the solid plastic wheels.

With a 120 lb weight capacity, it can handle the majority of kayaks on the market. It also comes with a 12-foot tie-down strap, indicating that it was made for large kayaks.

Guide Criteria for Choosing the Most Suitable Kayak Cart

  • The attachment Method
  • Its Tire Types
  • The Frames Material
  • The Strap Types
  • Conclusion
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You could get away with it if you assumed that all kayak carts would have the same function and serve the same purpose, but there are several important characteristics you should look for.

The remainder of this article will concentrate on a few of these qualities to guarantee that you always choose the best card for your requirements. The details we highlight below can all have a direct impact on your choice of kayak cart. As a result, we advise that you think about the big picture rather than concentrating on a single aspect.

The Attachment Method

Standard kayak carts have two basic ways to attach; however, if you created your own kayak dolly or used a DIY method, it can attach however you like. The most popular type of strap allows you to fold your card away when not in use; nevertheless, when you deploy them beneath the kayak, they can grow.

You need to use some ratchets or cinch straps to keep this contraption together. They come upon the second attachment technique rain model, which is limited to Sit-on kayaks are self-draining boats with covers over their portholes. Be cautious while buying a kayak cart to avoid getting one with a scupper hole design.

The Tire Types

You typically have two options to pick from: plastic, inexpensive roll with tyres or more appropriate but less durable inflatable tyres. These can be far more crucial factors to take into account than you may first assume. The two have several significant distinctions outside from just pricing.

Plastic tyres have a smaller diameter and can be particularly annoying because they get caught on everything in their path to the water. The best recommendation is to stay away from this cart unless you solely want to move it over hard surfaces. Inflatable wheels should be bigger and thicker if you plan to travel your kayak over a variety of different surfaces. They will be useful in a number of ways.

They have no concern about getting stuck and will roll over any little obstacles or bumps. Additionally, the larger profile wheel will make it much better suited for use on softer surfaces, whereas thin plastic wheels will simply sink into this and quickly become trapped in the sand.

The Frames Material

Most people would take this for granted, but you’d be astonished to learn that there are certain inexpensive carts on the market with frames that are just unsuitable for their intended use. Since carts must be made to be used off-road, investing in one with a sturdy aluminium frame is a much better choice because it is more resilient than less expensive plastic and far lighter than steel.

Be prepared if the cheap plastic card you purchase doesn’t even last for the first journey.

Strap Types

The rapid stop systems that come with these cards as standard are excellent in the great majority of situations. I’ve only ever carried three kayaks on a cart designed for two, so that’s the only time I’ve ever utilised an improved ratchet strap.

In most circumstances, you won’t need a ratchet strap unless you’re using your cock for very demanding tasks. Instead, you can easily attach a lighter fast strap, pull it snug, and then you’re good to go.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different cards available on the market, each with a unique set of attributes that you should be aware of before making a purchase. A cart or copper hole dolly is quite useful if you have a scupper hold kayak. You typically have to choose between the extremely affordable and the extremely durable in the car or car to sell.

Most kayakers are acutely aware of the difficulties they will face and are able to select a kayak current appropriate for their particular setting. The best advise is to always pay a little extra since you’ll be able to stay safe and have a good time.

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