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Top Picks for the Best Kayak Carts in the Market – Top 5

Choosing the right kayak cart can make hitting the water by yourself in tandem much easier. All you have to effectively do is strap one of them to one end of your boat and it will do most of the work for you

The wheels of the cart make moving heavier or bulkier kayaks from your vehicle to the water far more convenient regardless of the distance, as they will completely support your kayak’s weight.

When I eventually bought myself a kayak cart, I couldn’t believe the time and energy I had spent down the years lugging my gear and kayak over difficult terrain when one of these little beauties could have saved me so much grief. The amount of energy you can spend loving your boat around, especially for people who struggle to move kayaks on their own.

Here are what we consider to be the five best kayak carts on the market in 2020.

  • The Smart Airless DLX Cart from Suspenz
  • The Scupper Kayak Cart Carrier from Bonnet
  • The KC-DOLLY-SEAT Personal Watercraft Dolly from Apex
  • The Kayak Canoe Cart Carrier from Bonnet
  • The Cart-Canoe/Kayak from TMS

We also include a brief buyer’s guide to help you choose the most suitable Kayak cart for your needs.

The 5 Best Kayak Carts in the Market

Here are top reviewed picks for you to consider when choosing your next kayak cart. Read along and see if it suits your style best.

1. The Smart Airless DLX Cart from Suspenz

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Inspired by DeWalt, this tire cart wouldn’t look out of place on a construction site. It’s powerful stainless steel hardware and aluminum frame of the highest quality and powder coated as standard, making this one of the most durable kayak cars you can buy.

Fitted with two 10-in airless tires, you will have the added mechanical advantage of not having to worry about any punctures while you move your kayak to your paddling space. They’ve chosen to add rubber pads a lot in the standard foam, which adds an extra longevity to the cart. I think this is an excellent choice.

While this will set you back a few more dollars than other cards on the market, it’s reliable and durable design more than offsets the extra cost. If you’re looking for some additional confidence the design, you can build with this cart is perfect for your next adventure.

2. The Scupper Kayak Cart Carrier from Bonnet

Bonnlo Scupper Kayak Cart Carrier Trolley with NO-Flat Airless Tires Wheels Transport for Sit-On-Top Kayaks
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Well, this is an excellent cart. They limit it to the fact that it will only support kayaks that have scupper holes that sit on top style kayaks. They have designed this around a solid platform featuring two scupper holders that are fully adjustable, making the perfect accessory for any sit on top kayak owner.

The adjustable width, which you can adjust from 6.5 to 16.5 feet wide, particularly impressed us. This should allow you to work with virtually any seat on top of there. Designed using a friction screw adjusting this range couldn’t be easier. By removing the wheels this excellent design will fold entirely flat

3. The KC-DOLLY-SEAT Personal Watercraft Dolly from Apex

Apex KC-Dolly-SEAT Personal Watercraft Dolly (Kayak/Canoe Cart & Chair)
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While APEX couldn’t be accused of pioneering any new designs or concepts with this kayak cart they made the dolly more v-shaped to allow us to double as a lawn chair. I’ve always been a supper for well-designed multiple use items, so this instantly caught my eye, the only problem being that it’s very close to the ground.

However, this kayak cart is made from very solid aluminum with rubber bumpers at 12-ft strap and several other goodies included. They may have taken a risk with the large rubberized tires, but they add an extra level of mobility, making this an excellent multi-purpose device.

4. The Kayak Canoe Cart Carrier from Bonnet

Bonnlo Kayak Canoe Boat Cart Carrier Dolly Trolley with 12
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This is by far the strongest kayak current on our list it can hold up to 165 lb capacity meaning it’s possible to even transport your kayak while fully loaded on this cart this car is a pretty universal design featuring large wheels making it comfortable for transporting heavier kayaks or canoes through sand

We particularly like the fact that the 12-in tires are designed to re-inflate and a larger diameter makes negotiating obstacles or straightforward once again removing the wheels will allow you to completely collapse the cart and it will fold flat making storage and transport much easier. Disability to fold flash allows you to even carry the cart on the boat with you. We highly recommend this device for anyone who likes to launch their kayak from sand.

5. The Cart-Canoe/Kayak from TMS

TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley
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Although this card comes fitted with plastic wheels, they are large enough and wide enough to negotiate most terrains.It has foam mounts and a solid metal frame, making it sturdy enough to support both sides. The frame itself becomes spring loaded to compensate for the solid plastic wheels making loading and unloading straightforward.

Coming with a weight capacity of 120 lb it’s capable of handling most kayaks on the market, it also has a 12-ft tie-down strap included, meaning they design it for large kayaks.

Guide Criteria for Choosing the Most Suitable Kayak Cart

  • The attachment Method
  • Its Tire Types
  • The Frames Material
  • The Strap Types
  • Conclusion
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You could forgive you for that, assuming that all kayak carts will serve the same purpose and as a result function in the same manner, but there are some key features that you should look for

The rest of this article will focus on some of these features that will ensure you always pick the right card for your needs. All the information we highlight below can directly affect your decision on which kayak cart to purchase. So as a result, we recommend you consider the full picture rather than focusing on one individual feature.

The Attachment Method

Standard kayak carts come in two basic attachment methods, of course, if you have handmade your kayak dolly or taking a DIY approach it can attach in any method you want. The most common is the fold-out strap version allowing you to fold your card up when you’re not using it and they can expand these when you deploy them under the kayak.

To keep this device together, you must use some ratchets or cinch straps. They discover the second attachment method rain model that will only work with sit on kayaks are ones which cover holes boats that are designed to be self-draining. be careful with purchasing a kayak cart to ensure you’re not left with a scupper hole design

The Tire Types

These can be a far more important consideration than you may initially think, and you’ll usually have two styles to choose from either plastic, cheap roll with tires or more suitable but less durable inflatable tires. There are some key differences between the two and it’s not just price.

Plastic tires are narrower in diameter, and these can be very frustrating as they get stuck on everything between your vehicle and the water. Best advice is to avoid this cart unless you’re only going to transport it over hard surfaces. If your intention is to transport your kayak over a variety of different terrains, then you should run with inflatable larger and thicker wheels as they will prove helpful in several manners.

They will roll over any smaller objects or bumps with no fear of getting stuck. Also, the wider profile wheel will make it far more suitable on softer surfaces while thin plastic wheels will just sink into this and get quickly get stuck in the sand.

The Frames Material

Most people would consider this as standard, but you’d be surprised there are some cheap carts in the market whose frames are just not fit for purpose. Carts need to be designed to be taken off-road, so buying one with a solid aluminum frame is a far better option as it’s more durable than cheaper plastic and far lighter than steel.

Don’t be surprised if you buy a cheap plastic card it doesn’t even make it through the first trip.

Strap Types

In the vast majority of cases, the quick stop systems that come as standard on these cards are perfectly fine. The only time I’ve ever used an upgraded ratchet strap is when I was carrying three kayaks on a cart design for two.

I need time you’re using your cock for more heavy duty work a ratchet strap is handy but in the vast majority of cases you won’t need one quickly attaching a lighter quick strap pulling it snug is all you need and off you go.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a wide variety of cards on the market with a series of distinct features you need to be aware of before you make a purchase. If you have a scupper hold kayak a cart what is copper hole dolly is really convenient. Usually in the car or car to market you’re choosing between the ultra cheap and the ultra durable.

Most kayakers are keenly aware of the situations that they will encounter and can choose a kayak current suitable for their unique circumstances. Best advice is always to spend a little extra and this will allow you to stay safe and have fun

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