Top 5 Paintball Guns Under $300 (Cheap & Best Paintball Gun Under 300)

We’ve outlined our picks for best paintball gun all-around but alot of beginners don’t necessarily want to go out and spend $500 on a gun if they’re not sure they’ll be playing every weekend. It can be challenging to find a good (or outstanding) affordable paintball gun. It can be challenging to choose the top five weapons at her for under $300. I mean you have a lot of options. There’s Tippmann, Spider, Proto and Empire all making AWESOME paintball markers for under $300. I kind of wanted to mix it up. There won’t be just one kind of paintball pistol available. We’ll discuss a variety of categories in detail.

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First, the Tippmann A5 has been one of the most popular paintball guns in the history of time. Tippmann is known for just being super reliable. They’re durable, pretty easy to fix. Parts are everywhere for them. Any five fits all those things, right? It’s awesome. It’s the top paintball gun under $300 at the time of this article. One of the big advantages of the Tippmann A5 over like say the Tippmann 88 is that cycle and hopper.

Tippmann A5s come equipped with the cycle and hopper, which are physically attached to the side of the gun. Since there won’t be any skip shots or jams, and as a result, fewer paintballs will break, those impellers will spin, rotate, and force a paintball into the chamber with each shot. That cycle and number two have the excellent feature of running on air, so you don’t have to worry as much about batteries or maintenance. Simply venture outside and have fun! These pushpins are also included by Tippmanns, making it simple to take apart the frame, quickly remove the internals, or push pins out the side of the pistol. So, if you need to clean or disassemble, remove an O-ring, or do something similar, it’s far simpler to be able to push those pins out than to pull out an Allen wrench and then screw in a screw all the way.

It’s just handy and I like that. One of the best (and most overlooked) things about the Tippmann A5 (that a lot of people kind of don’t think about) is that you can remove the valve and replace O-rings in the side. With the other Tippmann models, such as the Cronus and US army weapons, you can remove the interior of the valve, but you can’t get to the valve itself to change the O-rings. Because O-rings cost just approximately $2 instead of $30 for a complete valve as you would have to with the 98, Kronos, or those US army weapons, it is thus much less expensive in the long run to be able to remove the valve and then replace the O-rings within the A5.

A second excellent paintball gun for about $300. Therefore, just like the Tippmann A5, the Tippmann TMC will be incredibly dependable, robust, and well-built. They’re just wonderful weapons all around. It is also quite simple to fix, much like the A5. There are parts all everywhere, but it will have that nonrebuildable valve. The TMC differs from other paintball weapons thanks to its magazine-fed construction. You need a hopper on top of the rifle because you can’t just use the 20-round magazines that come with the TMC; however, you can if you ever want to. That must be one of the cool things, I think. By including the hopper elbow, you have the choice of using magazines or a standard hopper. Thus, it is flexible. Only one of the magazine-fed or hopper-fed options may be used at once. As a result, hoppers and magazines cannot run at the same time. The TMC will have a quad rail, allowing you to adapt it to your favourite position by compressing the stock beneath the barrel and connect crazy accessories to the front of it like flashlights or lasers.

You may make it little longer, slightly shorter, or in the middle. Since it doesn’t have an external host, the lack of a host makes it a little bit cleaner and simply looks better. I like the know-hows, but what I really like about the TMZ of a grips I get the grip frame is just really comfortable. They enjoy the rubberized grips, and it simply fits your hand really comfortably, making it feel great in your hands. Tupac magazines can currently be purchased for $25 at the TMC for one 99 95. This is definitely on the list of best paintball gun for under $300.

First off, the KP3.5 and KP3 from Azodin are essentially the same weapon. KP3 is a great option if you’re seeking for affordable paintball weapons. The 3.5’s are simply the more recent model with two barrel backs as opposed to one. Simply put, using those two backs will enhance accuracy by allowing you to better align your paintballs with your barrel. The KP is a pump gun, so every time you want to shoot the KP3 you have to physically pump it. So think of like a shotgun, where you have to chamber a round every time. The KP3 (or any pump paintball marker) are the same way, so you have to physically re-cock, the ball falls down, you push the pump forward and BOOM…you’re ready to shoot. The KP3s are great all-around guns. They are incredibly dependable, quite simple to fix, and have incredibly smooth pump strokes. If you get the 3.5 version, you will also receive two barrel backs in addition to the excellent two piece barrel that they ship with. The on-off ASA enables you to swiftly shut off your tank. It’s just logical. Taking off your tank is much simpler. thumb wheel on the side of the lever feed neck. Simply said, that liver feed neck makes it a little bit easier to keep your hopper in position.

Makes it taking it off really easy and that thumb wheels good for just micro adjustments. People especially appreciate its inexpensive paintball equipment’s smooth pump stroke, which is one of its best features. The KP3 is smoother all around because stainless steel rods are used throughout. The rotation of the pump handle is also lessened by the two pump arms. They’re a great gun for somebody that needs a reliable but cheap paintball gun…maybe that’s not playing pump that often, maybe you’re not 100% sure if you’re all in on pump and you can get the KP3 for just 250 bucks and then play pump every once in a while….which is why we put it on our list of top paintball guns for under 300.

The Proto Rize will be the most affordable paintball gun, yet it is still a good tournament paintball gun. This is unquestionably the greatest inexpensive paintball pistol. Other tournament weapons are slightly less expensive, but they’re not very good. I really truly enjoy the Proto Rize. Proto Rizes at this price point are $250 which are going to be more typical classic tournament paintball gun style where you have normal hopper on top normal tank and it’s just kind of a regular paintball gun. However, the Proto Rize’s bolt system, which operates at a very low pressure of roughly 180 PSI, is what really sets it apart. As a result, it will kick very little. They are quite silent. They can fire the more expensive, delicate tournament paint, and because they are electronic, they will have all the necessary firing modes.

It will therefore have full automatic, all of the ramping modes, semi-auto, and that really light trigger will enable you to fire quite quickly. It does, however, have an adjustable feed neck rather than the KP3’s lever feed neck. To keep the hopper on there, you simply need to use an Allen wrench to adjust it to the proper size. Although it doesn’t have an off ASA, removing the tank can be a little more challenging. Simply check that you’re shooting and unscrewing the tank simultaneously. I actually covered it in a video. There will be a link right there. The stock barrel is not too bad. I mean, I have every weapon in this $200 to $300 price range. The Proto Rize, in my opinion, has the greatest doc barrel.

Although there are undoubtedly better barrels available, there is no immediate need to purchase one. I’d stick with the stock Barrow for quite awhile so while the rice shoots great, sounds good. It’s fairly reliable. Maintenance is pretty easy. There are a few places where you could make improvements. Perhaps take a closer look at various lever feet in the near future, or on workplaces.

So…let me be honest. This is not technically a cheap paintball gun. This gun isn’t under $300 (unless it’s on sale) but it’s close and honestly, the gun is so awesome that for a few extra bucks it’s probably worth it. We’d left the best for last if you ever want to improve and kind of make enough your rising a little bit more user friendly. Excellent: Empire Mini GS. It is unquestionably the greatest of all of these weapons. The Mini GS vehicles are quite nicely made. They are incredibly dependable and simple to fix. It has electronics and low pressure, just like the Proto Rize. So it will carry out that identical action, right? like being somewhat quiet, gentle with paint, and having all the necessary firing modes.

The general build quality is where it stands out, at least compared to the pro rise, in my opinion. Consequently, the rise will feature a nylon or composite trigger frame, whereas the small GS is made entirely of solid aluminium. Therefore, it simply feels nicer in your hands. And I absolutely believe that improved build quality helps products be more reliable. The small GS will undoubtedly be more dependable than the rise or other pistols in that price level, but they still won’t be as competitive as the tip mints. Therefore, the tiny GS won’t be what you’re looking for if you want, like, extra ultra reliability where you can simply store a pistol in a cupboard and then come back and use it five years later. But if you’re looking for a sub-$400 entry-level gun with a tournament-style feel, pick a G S. The micro GS and Proto Rize differ in a number of ways, including the liver feed neck.

This means that the on-off ASA does make it very simple to put and remove the hopper. So it’s extremely simple and satisfying to pull the trigger to cut off the air and remove your tank like the KP three. Since the trigger is magnetic, you may fine-tune or adjust it. Exactly. You desire it. The fore grip of this low-cost paintball gun has a rubber grip. Simply put, the rubber improves how the weapons feel. Over the past four or five years, we have noticed a tendency toward that. Guns feel better after being given additional rubber, sort of. Perhaps a little bit more expensive. if your hands end up covered in paint or you start to perspire. When you’re fighting bad guys, maybe the rubber may aid offer a little bit of traction and keep that paintball marker firmly in your hand.

How Much is the Cheapest Paintball Gun?

The Tippmann Gryphon FX Paintball Marker Skull is the cheapest new paintball gun for around $100, while there are several nice used paintball guns available as well.

Best paintball gun under 300

Final Thoughts on the best Paintball Gun under $300…

So that’s our list for the top paintball guns for under $300 (or close). If you guys have questions about those things, leave a comment below or maybe I missed something. Maybe there’s something else that’s sub $300 that you think is better than those five guns.

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