Top 5 Paintball Guns Under $300 (Cheap & Best Paintball Gun Under 300)

We’ve outlined our picks for best paintball gun all-around but alot of beginners don’t necessarily want to go out and spend $500 on a gun if they’re not sure they’ll be playing every weekend. Looking for a good (or great) cheap paintball gun can be trickier. Picking those top five guns at her that are under $300 can be kind of difficult. I mean you have a lot of options. There’s Tippmann, Spider, Proto and Empire all making AWESOME paintball markers for under $300. I kind of wanted to mix it up. We’re not going to have just one type of paintball gun. We’re going to cover the gamut on different types.

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Tippmann A5

First, the Tippmann A5 has been one of the most popular paintball guns in the history of time. Tippmann is known for just being super reliable. They’re durable, pretty easy to fix. Parts are everywhere for them. Any five fits all those things, right? It’s awesome. It’s the top paintball gun under $300 at the time of this article. One of the big advantages of the Tippmann A5 over like say the Tippmann 88 is that cycle and hopper.

Tippmann A5’s come standard with the cycle and hopper which are attached physically to the side of the gun.  So every time you shoot those impellers will spin, rotate around, force a paintball in there and then guarantee you won’t have any skip shots jams which means you won’t break as many paintballs. And what’s nice about that cycle and two is it works off air so you don’t have to worry about batteries or maintenance as much. You just get out there and play! Another nice thing about Tippmanns is that they have these pushpins so you can easily push pins out the side of the gun through, remove the frame or remove internals really quickly. So, if you have to clean or disassemble, changing O-ring or something like that, it just makes it a lot easier to be able to push those pins out rather than breaking out now Allen wrench and then screw in a screw all the way out.

It’s just handy and I like that. One of the best (and most overlooked) things about the Tippmann A5 (that a lot of people kind of don’t think about) is that you can remove the valve and replace O-rings in the side. The other Tippmann models, like ’98 or the Cronus or the U S army guns, is that valve inside can be removed but you can’t actually get inside the valve to change the O-rings. So being able to remove the valve and then change the O-rings on the inside of the A5 makes it a lot cheaper in the long run because you can just pay like $2 for O-rings rather than like $30 for a complete valve like you would have to with the 98 the Kronos or those U S army guns.

Tippmann TMC

Another good paintball gun under 300. So just like the Tippmann A5, the Tippmann TMC is going to be super reliable, durable, built well, they’re just all-around great guns. Also, like the A5 it is super easy to fix. Parts are everywhere, but it is going to have that nonrebuildable valve. What makes the TMC unique among other paintball guns is it’s mag fed…So instead of having to have a hopper on top of the gun, you can’t just use those 20 round magazines the TMC comes with, but if you ever want to, you can put a hopper on it. That’s kind of one of the neat things, right? You can choose to use magazines or you can put that hopper elbow on there and just use a normal hopper. So it’s versatile. It could be magazine-fed or hopper fed, but you can only use one of those at a time. So you can’t have magazines and hoppers all working in unison. The TMC is going to come with that quad rail, so you can put like flashlights or lasers, you can attach all kinds of crazy stuff to the front of it under the barrel collapsible stock, so you can kind of adjust the stock to a position that you like.

You could have it be a little longer or shorter or somewhere in between. It doesn’t have an external host, so that no host thing, I don’t know, it just makes it a little bit cleaner and just looks better. I like the know-hows, but what I really like about the TMZ of a grips I get the grip frame is just really comfortable. They like these rubberized grips and it just fits your hand really well, so it feels really good when you’re holding it. The TMC at this point, one 99 95 and you can buy Tupac magazines for only 25 bucks. This is definitely on the list of best paintball gun for under $300.

Azodin KP3

First of all, the Azodin KP3 is really the same gun as the KP3.5. If you are looking for paintball guns for cheap, KP3 would be an ideal choice. The 3.5’s are just the newer version that come with two barrel backs instead of one. Those two backs just allow you to match your paint balls better to your barrel to improve accuracy. The KP is a pump gun, so every time you want to shoot the KP3 you have to physically pump it. So think of like a shotgun, where you have to chamber a round every time. The KP3 (or any pump paintball marker) are the same way, so you have to physically re-cock, the ball falls down, you push the pump forward and BOOM…you’re ready to shoot. The KP3s are great all-around guns. They’re super reliable, they’re really easy to fix that pump strokes super smooth. They come with a really good two piece barrel or if you get the 3.5 version, you’re going to get two barrel backs. The on-off ASA so you can quickly turn your tank off. It just makes sense. Taking your tank off way easier. Lever feed neck with that thumb wheel on the side. That liver feed neck just helps keep your hopper in place a little bit better.

Makes it taking it off really easy and that thumb wheels good for just micro adjustments. One of the things that people really like about this cheap paintball gear, it’s just how smooth the pump stroke is. The KP3 has stainless steel rods everywhere which makes it smoother all around. And the dual pump arms reduce rotation of the pump handle. They’re a great gun for somebody that needs a reliable but cheap paintball gun…maybe that’s not playing pump that often, maybe you’re not 100% sure if you’re all in on pump and you can get the KP3 for just 250 bucks and then play pump every once in a while….which is why we put it on our list of top paintball guns for under 300.

Proto Rize

The Proto Rize is going to be the least expensive of the bunch but is a good tournament level paintball gun. This definitely fits the bill for best cheap paintball gun. There’s other tournament guns that are a little bit cheaper, but they’re pretty terrible. So I really like the Proto Rize. Proto Rizes at this price point are $250 which are going to be more typical classic tournament paintball gun style where you have normal hopper on top normal tank and it’s just kind of a regular paintball gun. What really makes the Proto Rize great though is that bolt system, so they operate at about 180 PSI, so they’re very low pressure, which means it’s gonna kick very little. They’re really quiet. They can shoot that higher end fragile tournament paint and they’re electronic so it’s going to have all the firing modes that you need.

So it’ll have like full auto and all the ramping modes as well as semi and that really lightweight trigger can allow you to shoot super fast. It doesn’t have that lever feed neck like that KP3 though, but it does have an adjustable feed neck. You just have to use an Allen wrench to adjust it to the right size to your hopper so that it keeps that hopper on there. It doesn’t have an off ASA, but taking the tank off can be a little bit more difficult. You just want to make sure that you’re shooting and unscrewing the tank and at the same time I actually talked about that in a video. We’ll put a link right up there. Stock barrel is pretty good. I mean I have all the guns in this like 200 $300 price category. I would say that the Proto Rize has the best doc barrel.

There’s definitely better barrels, but there’s no reason to go right out and buy a barrel. I’d stick with the stock Barrow for quite awhile so while the rice shoots great, sounds good. It’s fairly reliable. Maintenance is pretty easy. There are a couple spots that you could upgrade. Maybe look at different lever feet next or on offices in the future.

Empire Mini GS

So…let me be honest. This is not technically a cheap paintball gun. This gun isn’t under $300 (unless it’s on sale) but it’s close and honestly, the gun is so awesome that for a few extra bucks it’s probably worth it. If you ever want to upgrade and kind of make enough your rise a little bit more user friendly, we’d saved the best for last. The Empire Mini GS is awesome. It’s for sure the best out of all these guns.  The Mini GS’s are built really well. They’re super reliable and very easy to fix. And like the Proto Rize, it’s low pressure and electronics. So it’s going to do that same thing, right? Like not kick a lot quiet, easy on paint and have all those firing modes you need.

Where it stands out to me at least say over the pro rise is overall build quality. So the rise is going to have a nylon or composite trigger frame and the mini GS is just solid aluminum. So it just kinda feels better in your hands. And I do think that build quality also contributes to increased reliability. The mini GS compared to the rise or other guns in that price range are definitely going to be more reliable, but they’re still not going to be a rival as those tip mints. So if you want like ultra ultra reliability where you can just put a gun in a closet and then five years later come back and use it, the mini GS is not going to be that. But if you want a entry level ish tournament style gun under $400 go with a G S. some of the features that separate the mini GS from the Proto Rize is that liver feed neck.

So taking that hopper on and off, super easy does come with that on-off ASA. So turning the air off, taking your tank off like the KP three is super easy, very good feeling trigger. It’s a magnetic trigger so you can like micro tune or adjust the trigger. Exactly. You want it. This inexpensive paintball gun comes with that rubber grip over the fore grip. The rubber just kind of makes the guns feel better. That’s been a trend we’ve seen the last like four or five years. Adding more rubber to guns kind of just makes them feel better. Maybe a little bit more premium. If you get sweaty or like paint all over your hands. Maybe that rubber will help add a little bit of grip and keep that paintball marker secure in your hand when you’re battling bad guys.

How Much is the Cheapest Paintball Gun?

While you can get alot of refurbished paintball guns (some pretty good) for under $100, the cheapest new gun for about $100 is the Tippmann Gryphon FX Paintball Marker Skull.

Best paintball gun under 300

Final Thoughts on the best Paintball Gun under $300…

So that’s our list for the top paintball guns for under $300 (or close). If you guys have questions about those things, leave a comment below or maybe I missed something. Maybe there’s something else that’s sub $300 that you think is better than those five guns.

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