Three 9x50 Scope What Does It Mean

Three 9×50 Scope What Does It Mean?

Learning about the scopes of your rifle is an exciting thing. There are a lot of areas that you might’ve or are about to discover. These scopes are adjusted to obtain a better sight of your target.

So, three 9×50 scopes, what does it mean?

Well, you’re about to find a lot about this scope in detail. But first, you should be thorough with how to change the scopes and what scopes are best for better magnification. Don’t worry; you’ll find out a lot about rifle scopes in this article.

Three 9×50 Scope What Does It Mean?

Riflescope magnification is a lot more different from seeing through naked eyes. Therefore, you must understand the scope of rifle magnification first. Say, for example, when you adjust the size to 5, the image would be magnified five times the original content.

So, three 9×50 scopes what does it mean?

Before beginning with a three 9×50 scope, I would like you to know about the two types of areas. In the fixed scopes, you cannot adjust the size of your device. But in adjustable powered measures, you are blessed with the option of changing your coverage. 

Fixed scopes have static content, and you can purchase models with different sizes, e.g., 5x, 10x, etc. However, the range three 9×50 is an adjustable one, and you can adjust it to other scopes.

When there are 3 numbers in the scope, this means it’s an adjustable one. 

So, 3 9×50 scopes, what does it mean?

The number 3 here signifies the beginning of the magnification range. The range lies between 3x and 9x. The number 50 has a different meaning.

50 implies the scope’s objective. This means that 500 mm is the objective of the scope.

What Is Scope Magnification?

This whole topic revolves around scope magnification. Every hunter or player wants a better sight of their target. That is only possible via scope magnification.

So, to counter the sight of naked eyes, scope magnification allows you to view magnified images of your target sight. You can opt for whatever scope you want or if you want an adjustable size.

Fixed Powered Scopes

I’d already discussed fixed powered scopes with you earlier. The devices with fixed scope magnification have a set range. You do not have the option to alter or adjust the contents according to your need.

Fixed scopes are identified from their 1-digit number. Well, I mean, there’s a particular degree of magnification mentioned on the packet. For example, they range from 2.5x magnification scope to 20x power.

Adjustable Powered Scopes

So, as the name suggests, in adjustable powered scopes, you have the option to alter the size of your device. Therefore, the instruments with flexible powered ranges come with an adjustment ring.

You can quickly identify adjustable powered scopes as they are numbered in three figures. Say, for example, three 9×50 scopes is an adjustable powered scope. Not only this, but you can also increase or decrease the scope according to your requirement.

Understanding Scope Numbers

I know, scope numbers are a bit tricky to grasp. It is lovely to read and understand the fixed-powered scope. But what about adjustable powered contents? Don’t worry; it’s no rocket science.

Let’s take an example of 4 12×50. Here, it means that you can adjust the magnification between a range of 4 to 12. 50 here is the objective of the scope. This implies the image that will be viewed in your scope.

What Do Scope Numbers Depict?

As I said, scope numbers are nothing but the numbers that describe the magnification of your device in short. The numbers tell the magnification scope and the objective of the area.

The number also describes the size of the tube. That tube signifies your objective of the scope. E.g., it can be 50mm, 40mm, etc.


So, 3 9×50 what does it mean? 

Now, you can explain to anyone who asks you the same question. This is an adjustable powered scope that is both affordable and efficient. Doesn’t that seem tempting to you? 

So, drop the fixed scopes and switch to adjustable powered degrees for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do the numbers on a scope mean?

The numbers on the scope depict the magnification and the objective of the area. For example, if you have a lens of a fixed size of 4, it means that the magnification power would be 4x. In other words, the images will be magnified 4 times than what you see with naked eyes.

What range is a three 9×50 scope good for?

This scope is the best one discovered by most hunters and players. This scope is suitable for ample game scope and sets perfectly on centrefire rifles. When you hunt in broad terrain, this scope is the best to go with.

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