The Dye M2

The Dye M2 – The Best Dye Paintball Gun Ever Made!

April 2020 Update: Because of its popularity, the Dye M2 is temporarily out of stock, and many have been asking us what the best alternative is. The Dye DSR is essentially the same pistol as the M2, but it is more robust (and a little less expensive):

If you’re looking for the slight upgrade to the M2, then the Dye M3 can’t be beat (and is basically the same price):

We have decided to make your life easier by recommending the Dye M2 has the best overall gun you can buy on the market today. Now, that said, the reason it didn’t make our list of best paintball guns is because it’s pricey….but if you’re looking at this review you probably already know that. It’s HIGHLY “tune-able”…which I love. In that way, this thing is like the Tippmann A5 of high-end guns. This review will include details of many of the specifics you should be looking for when choosing the gun you want to invest in. We will highlight just how to Dye M2 meets many of these specifications.

The Dye M2’s various features and advantages over other paintball markers will be covered in length in our review. How its superb craftsmanship ensures the gun would have a long life and how you’re not only receiving value for your money but also learning to cook Islands’ features can simplify your paintballing experience and enhance your skills.

Dye M2 Design and Specs

The advantages of each design component were described in detail in this Dye M2 review. You get what you pay for with this rifle, so there are no surprises, which is one of its main advantages. It offers greater accuracy and firepower than any other paintball marker you will come across. We’ll talk about its track record for dependability, weight, and feel. You can learn more about the weapon’s overall effectiveness and sound capability from this. We’ll also show you what other Airsoft players have to say about the weapon before detailing the various kinds of fairies that can profit from purchasing this weapon.


One of the most customizable paintball markers available is this one. A staggering 16 distinct patterns and colours are offered for the Dye M2, all of which include the MOS air enhancement kit. When you play on a different field, this diversity is really helpful because a particular colour will enable you to blend in with the surroundings. These patterns also contribute to routine; they let you stick with the same hue while still standing out from the crowd.


This marker includes a handy wireless charger that is also part of the package. The eVOKE system is also included, and it comes fully assembled and prepared. The operating system, along with other great features like the over a million different profile options that enable players to completely customise their markers, are all included with the weapons prism interface. Because of the wide range of individual preferences, fine-tuning the marker is quite simple.

Shape and grip

The markers conventional frame accommodates their hourglass shape. Excellent sticky grips and a quick-release bolt design are included. In addition, it has a magnetic reach that activates an internal pressure sensor. A two-barrel back, a Dye multitool, a protective case to preserve your gun while transporting it from game to game, some slick lubrication, and a MOS Air Kit complete out the overall set.

Any level of player, from novice to expert, will find this bundle to be amazing.

The Pros and Cons of the Dye M2 Marker


  • The overall design is the lightweight and more balanced more accurate shooting
  • The package includes a top-quality battery, so you don’t have to worry about losing power on the field
  • It’s upgraded bows looks better than the DM 15
  • High-end LED screen that is crystal clear even in full sunlight
  • Many available and easy to adjust firing modes
  • The gun case itself is excellent.


Users’ main gripe with firearms is that they only have a 30- to 50-shot capacity. None of the makers mention that because of its high level of accuracy, it doesn’t need to fire as many shots as other models during the testing procedure.

Why Is The Dye M2 Worth The Cost?

Although this model has something fresh to offer even for professionals, many players are hesitant to replace their markers since they have grown so accustomed to them. They are losing out since the reliability of the newer parts has more power. We both concur that the Dye M2 is a robust, ergonomic model, I’m afraid. Ever just reading the brief summary of all the other characteristics will make you fall in love with this marker before you even pull it out of the case.

You want to buy the case just from the way it looks and feels. The critiques criticising the prior pistol case were obviously taken into consideration by the product’s manufacturer. This pouch was obviously made with the gun’s complete safety in mind. An illustration of the M2 in its case is shown on the label fastened to the zipper, along with some basic instructions.

These minor details also make it extremely simple to comprehend how understanding the inner workings of the marker will improve you on the field. When you first take it in your hands, it feels wonderful. Since each cone is tested in the factory before being shipped out, you should be informed that there are some shots on the counter with a display.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides first-rate customer service that is simple to reach because you also receive a support card in the shape of a USB stick. guides for other devices and USB ports A USB and micro USB cable with quick charging capabilities are built into the gun’s cell. Future software upgrades will also be required.

When compared to other paintball guns available on the market, the lightweight field of the dogmen is immediately apparent when picked up. Despite being lightweight, it is incredibly dependable and robust. You won’t want to use any other model after using his arm on the field. The ultralight rain has a great shape and feel, and the grip’s rubber is also quite pleasant.

This gum is very simple to maintain and was made to be very simple to disassemble and reassemble. In order to provide you more power and help you operate more effectively, a portion of the redesign process includes an offer of a 15% increase in the regulated.

The Three New Best features

  • Cable Free Charging
  • eVoke Compatibility
  • Wireless Air Syne

The Other Dye M2 Features

  • Package Weights 4.6 LB
  • The Gun Weighs just 2 LB
  • Velocity 290 FPS
  • Display features a 1″ Prism OLED Interface
  • Charging: USB & Wireless charging System
  • Battery Capacity: The Dye M2 has a Li-Ion Battery with 7.4v 550MAh
  • Battery Type FullyRechargeable
  • Battery Life: 12.5 Hours when full Charging
  • Shots: 100k Shots Per Charging
  • Shot: Trackers
  • Fire: A New Outlaw Firing Mode
  • Barrel: (NEW) 2 Ultralite Back Barrels
  • Barrel Length: 14.”
  • Caliber: .684 & .688
  • Joystick: 5-Way Control
  • Trigger: Magnetic Trigger
  • Grips: Dye Sticky Grips
  • Bolt: Designed with a Quick Release fuse
  • Dye M2 Paintball Marker: Preinstalled with the MOST Air Upgrade Kit
  • Series: The legendary DM Platform
  • System: E.Voke Compatible can be purchased separately
  • Player Preferences: over 1 Million Profiles To Choose from
  • Regulator: The new Hyper 5
  • Switch: A double-tap on/off Option
  • Frame: Hourglass Shaped and Ultralite Dye 45

What The Whole Package Includes

  • Dye M2 Paintball Marker
  • .684 and.688 Ultralite Barrels
  • O-Rings repair Kit
  • The guns users Manual
  • USB charging Cable.
  • Software Upgrade Cable
  • ABarrel Sock, One Piece
  • Basic user Guide
  • Dye M2 Multi Tool kit
  • A Wireless Tech Mat Charger
  • The MOS Air Kit

Features of The Prism Interface

  • Impressive 1-inch OLED display
  • Full-color screen
  • HI- Resolution OLED ( organic light-emitting diode) Screen
  • Option to update performance settings is possible
  • Allows you to fine-tune your markers performance quickly

Tech Mat and Wireless Charger System

  • Downloadable custom boot screens
  • Update software through the USB cable
  • The battery can be charged quickly
  • A standard micro-USB port
  • The USB cover is attached

The Battery Features

  • A rechargeable 9 v battery
  • Just charge the battery and play
  • Extra long-lasting battery
  • The power source is a 550 mAh battery
  • Uses the Micro USB cable

The 5 Way Joystick Control

  • Prism Interface
  • Five different ways to Control the Joystick
  • Navigation allowed through Joystick
  • The setting can be adjusted
  • Performance data pre-installed

MOS Air Kit for Upgrade

  • The latest and best tech on the market
  • Designed to allow easy customization
  • Impressive power options
  • Bright multiple boot display
  • Upgraded iring mode
  • The play mode screen improves
  • Wireless rechargeability
  • The E-Voke system

Internal Pressure Sensors

  • Internal Pressure Sensors tech
  • Software is upgradable
  • Features the prism Interface
  • A Crystal bright digital screen
  • Designed to reduce dwell time setup

Magnet Trigger Adjustment

  • Ergonomically designed for maximum speed
  • Individually customizable
  • Easily adjustable trigger angle
  • Magnet return
  • Fitted to travel externally


  • Re-designed only for the new Dye M2
  • Shift Port ASA allows 25% extra airflow
  • The ASA can be floating system activated
  • The ASA adjustable for different tanks
  • Long-lasting internal components

Fuse Bolt (Billy Wing) System

  • Operationally allows PSI (minimum 135psi)
  • A one-piece fuse bolt
  • Its helps you get proper air efficiency
  • Consistently accurate
  • Smooth cycle

Ultralite Boomstick Barrel

  • Ultralite back barrels
  • both the.684 and .688 caliber are supported
  • Capable of shooting different size paintballs
  • Suitable for use in all types of weather
  • Easy to expand bore length and barrel size
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

The Professionals Say…

This paintball gun is highly accurate and well-designed, with many cutting-edge technology features that feel great in the hand. The multi-tool set box and user-friendly handbook are both great additions. Any paintball fan considering adding one of these to their collection is strongly encouraged. This cannon is incredibly simple to maintain and repair thanks to its internals.

If a newbie has never improved in a weapon on their own before, expert users do not recommend this practise. Get some expert assistance at a paintball field or in your neighbourhood store. Any query you have will be answered by Dye Precision, which is famous for its top-notch customer service. There’s no need to be reserved because they are so accommodating.

What Other Dye M2 Reviewers Have Said…

“Probably the hottest paintball gun in the world.”

“The Dye M2 is one of those rare paintball guns that seems to hit all the right marks.”

“Built to last and designed to Impress.”

“Whichever way you look at it, there’s no gun out there that can beat the Dye M2 when it comes to sheer performance.”

“A great combination of style, power, and accuracy in a paintball gun.”

“Customize nearly every aspect of the next-generation M2 operating system for the ultimate playing experience.”

As you can see, the message is clear. The Dye M2 is simply a step above the rest.

My Overall Impression

I have to concur that this rifle is amazing and well worth the cost, just like the other reviewers have mentioned. I’ve been paintballing for almost ten years, and during that time I’ve used a wide variety of paintball guns. When the Dye M2 was introduced, I had always loved the DM series. This business excelled in every way. As a seasoned user and tester, I found it alarming that I was unable to discover any problems with this rifle.

The enhancement in the circuit board was the biggest upgrade I discovered. I adore the fantastic-looking, incredibly bright screen that is incredibly simple to operate. It took me approximately 15 minutes to figure out how the interface works for me because it is infinitely customisable. Still, I haven’t turned around since that time. Despite the fact that this pistol is obviously more expensive than other markers, if you can afford it, you won’t regret purchasing it. This marker performs just as you anticipated and with rock-solid confidence.

In your search for the ideal paintball gun, we hope that our evaluation of the Dye M2 will be helpful.

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