The Dye M2

The Dye M2 – The Best Dye Paintball Gun Ever Made!

April 2020 Update: Because the Dye M2 is so popular, it’s currently unavailable and folks have been asking us for the best substitute…the Dye DSR is basically the same gun but slightly less “tunable” than the M2…BUT, it’s more rugged (and a bit cheaper):

If you’re looking for the slight upgrade to the M2, then the Dye M3 can’t be beat (and is basically the same price):

We have decided to make your life easier by recommending the Dye M2 has the best overall gun you can buy on the market today. Now, that said, the reason it didn’t make our list of best paintball guns is because it’s pricey….but if you’re looking at this review you probably already know that. It’s HIGHLY “tune-able”…which I love. In that way, this thing is like the Tippmann A5 of high-end guns. This review will include details of many of the specifics you should be looking for when choosing the gun you want to invest in. We will highlight just how to Dye M2 meets many of these specifications.

Our review will explain the different details of the Dye M2 and what makes it superior to every other paintball marker available. how you’re not just getting value for money due to its exceptional build its guarantees the gun would have a long life but also how to cook Islands features can make your paintballing game simple and bring out the best in your abilities

Dye M2 Design and Specs

This review of the Dye M2 detailed the different design features and outlined the benefits of each. One of the key strengths of this gun is you get what you pay for, and you will not get any surprises. It provides a level of accuracy and firepower superior to any other paintball markers you will find. We will cover its reputation for reliability, weight, and feel. It can give you more information about the overall efficiency and sound capability of the weapon. Although so give you a look at what other Airsoft players have to say about the gun, and finally, we’ll detail the different types of fairies that can benefit from buying this marker.


This is one of the most personalizable paintball markers you can buy. The Dye M2 is available in an astonishing 16 different designs and colors, all of which come with the MOS air upgrade kit included. This variety comes in very handy when you’re playing on a different field, and a specific color will help you camouflage in a different environment. These designs also help define routine; it will allow you to choose the same color while remaining distinct from your competitors.


This marker comes with a convenient wireless charger that is also included in the package. You also get the eVOKE system that is prepped and all ready to go straight from the box. The guns prism interface comes with an operating system, and other excellent features such an over a million different profile options allowing players to fully personalize their markers. This variety of personal preferences make fine-tuning the marker extremely easy.

Shape and grip

The markers hourglass shape fits into its regular frame. It comes with exceptional sticky grips and quick-release bolt design. To top off this, it also comes with a magnetic reach that triggers an internal pressure sensor. To round out, the overall package manufacturers have included a two-barrel back, Dye multitool, a hard case to protect your gun while carrying it from game to game, some slick lube, and a MOS Air Kit.

This is an impressive package for any type of player from beginner to advanced.

The Pros and Cons of the Dye M2 Marker


  • The overall design is the lightweight and more balanced more accurate shooting
  • The package includes a top-quality battery, so you don’t have to worry about losing power on the field
  • It’s upgraded bows looks better than the DM 15
  • High-end LED screen that is crystal clear even in full sunlight
  • Many available and easy to adjust firing modes
  • The gun case itself is excellent.


The chief complaint of gun users is the capacity is only between 30 to 50 shots. None of the manufacturers explains that during the testing process because of its high level of accuracy, it doesn’t need to shoot as many shots as other models.

Why Is The Dye M2 Worth The Cost?

Even for professionals, this model has something new to offer, many players are reluctant to change their markers because they have become so comfortable with them. What they’re losing out on is to the increased power in the reliability of the newer pieces. I’ll have to say that we agree that Dye M2 is a heavy-duty, ergonomic model. The love affair of this marker will start before you even take it out of the case, just reading the short description of all of the other features piques your interest.

The look and feel the case itself makes you want to buy it. The manufacturer of the clearly took into account the reviews complaining about the previous gun case. Clearly designing this bag to ensure the gun is completely safe. The sticker that’s attached to the zipper features a diagram of the M2 in the case offering some basic guidelines as to how it works.

These little things also make it very easy to understand how the inner workings of the marker will help you become better on the field. When you first pick it up, it feels great in your hand. you should probably be aware that the counter with a display that there are some shots because each cone is tested in the factory before it sent out

The manufacturer also offers excellent customer support, which is easily contactable, as you also get a support card in the form of a USB stick. USB ports and other user manuals. The gun itself cell features a USB and micro USB cable that offer quick charging capabilities. You will also need software upgrades in the future.

The lightweight field of the dogmen is very noticeable when you pick it up when compared to other paintball guns on the market. Despite his lightweight design, it is so very reliable and durable. once you take his arm out on the playing field, you’ll never want to use any other model the shape and feel of the ultralight rain is fantastic and the rubber on the grip is also super comfortable

Designed to be very easy to disassemble and reassemble, maintaining this gum is very straightforward. Part of the redesign process offer to 15% increase in the regulated, designed to offer you more power want to work more efficiently.

The Three New Best features

  • Cable Free Charging
  • eVoke Compatibility
  • Wireless Air Syne

The Other Dye M2 Features

  • Package Weights 4.6 LB
  • The Gun Weighs just 2 LB
  • Velocity 290 FPS
  • Display features a 1″ Prism OLED Interface
  • Charging: USB & Wireless charging System
  • Battery Capacity: The Dye M2 has a Li-Ion Battery with 7.4v 550MAh
  • Battery Type FullyRechargeable
  • Battery Life: 12.5 Hours when full Charging
  • Shots: 100k Shots Per Charging
  • Shot: Trackers
  • Fire: A New Outlaw Firing Mode
  • Barrel: (NEW) 2 Ultralite Back Barrels
  • Barrel Length: 14.”
  • Caliber: .684 & .688
  • Joystick: 5-Way Control
  • Trigger: Magnetic Trigger
  • Grips: Dye Sticky Grips
  • Bolt: Designed with a Quick Release fuse
  • Dye M2 Paintball Marker: Preinstalled with the MOST Air Upgrade Kit
  • Series: The legendary DM Platform
  • System: E.Voke Compatible can be purchased separately
  • Player Preferences: over 1 Million Profiles To Choose from
  • Regulator: The new Hyper 5
  • Switch: A double-tap on/off Option
  • Frame: Hourglass Shaped and Ultralite Dye 45

What The Whole Package Includes

  • Dye M2 Paintball Marker
  • .684 and.688 Ultralite Barrels
  • O-Rings repair Kit
  • The guns users Manual
  • USB charging Cable.
  • Software Upgrade Cable
  • ABarrel Sock, One Piece
  • Basic user Guide
  • Dye M2 Multi Tool kit
  • A Wireless Tech Mat Charger
  • The MOS Air Kit

Features of The Prism Interface

  • Impressive 1-inch OLED display
  • Full-color screen
  • HI- Resolution OLED ( organic light-emitting diode) Screen
  • Option to update performance settings is possible
  • Allows you to fine-tune your markers performance quickly

Tech Mat and Wireless Charger System

  • Downloadable custom boot screens
  • Update software through the USB cable
  • The battery can be charged quickly
  • A standard micro-USB port
  • The USB cover is attached

The Battery Features

  • A rechargeable 9 v battery
  • Just charge the battery and play
  • Extra long-lasting battery
  • The power source is a 550 mAh battery
  • Uses the Micro USB cable

The 5 Way Joystick Control

  • Prism Interface
  • Five different ways to Control the Joystick
  • Navigation allowed through Joystick
  • The setting can be adjusted
  • Performance data pre-installed

MOS Air Kit for Upgrade

  • The latest and best tech on the market
  • Designed to allow easy customization
  • Impressive power options
  • Bright multiple boot display
  • Upgraded iring mode
  • The play mode screen improves
  • Wireless rechargeability
  • The E-Voke system

Internal Pressure Sensors

  • Internal Pressure Sensors tech
  • Software is upgradable
  • Features the prism Interface
  • A Crystal bright digital screen
  • Designed to reduce dwell time setup

Magnet Trigger Adjustment

  • Ergonomically designed for maximum speed
  • Individually customizable
  • Easily adjustable trigger angle
  • Magnet return
  • Fitted to travel externally


  • Re-designed only for the new Dye M2
  • Shift Port ASA allows 25% extra airflow
  • The ASA can be floating system activated
  • The ASA adjustable for different tanks
  • Long-lasting internal components

Fuse Bolt (Billy Wing) System

  • Operationally allows PSI (minimum 135psi)
  • A one-piece fuse bolt
  • Its helps you get proper air efficiency
  • Consistently accurate
  • Smooth cycle

Ultralite Boomstick Barrel

  • Ultralite back barrels
  • both the.684 and .688 caliber are supported
  • Capable of shooting different size paintballs
  • Suitable for use in all types of weather
  • Easy to expand bore length and barrel size
  • Lightweight
  • Durable

The Professionals Say…

This is truly a well-designed to paintball fun with many advanced technological features that feel very good in the hand and are exceptionally accurate. The user-friendly guide and the multi tool set box are an excellent addition. We highly recommend any paintball enthusiastic about adding one of these to their collection. The internals makes this gun super easy to repair and maintain.

Expert users don’t support that beginners improve in the weapon by themselves if they haven’t any experience of doing so previously. Get some professional help at your local paintball shop or ay one of the fields. Dye precision in a renowned for their excellent customer service, whatever question you ask, they will have a solution on hand for you. There’s no need to be shy as there are very, very accommodating.

What Other Dye M2 Reviewers Have Said…

“Probably the hottest paintball gun in the world.”

“The Dye M2 is one of those rare paintball guns that seems to hit all the right marks.”

“Built to last and designed to Impress.”

“Whichever way you look at it, there’s no gun out there that can beat the Dye M2 when it comes to sheer performance.”

“A great combination of style, power, and accuracy in a paintball gun.”

“Customize nearly every aspect of the next-generation M2 operating system for the ultimate playing experience.”

As you can see, the message is clear. The Dye M2 is simply a step above the rest.

My Overall Impression

I would have to agree with everything the other reviewers have said, this is an excellent gun and worth the investment. As I have been paintballing for nearly 10 years, and at that time, I used numerous different paintball guns. I’ve always been very fond of the DM series when the Dye M2 was launched. This company truly hit its mark. As an experienced user in a tester, I found it disturbing that I couldn’t find any issue with this gun.

The most significant upgrade I found pause the improvement in circuit board I love the super bright screen that is so easy to control and looks fantastic. Because it is infinitely customizable, it took me about 15 minutes to work out how the interface works for me. Still, since then, I’ve never looked back. While this gun is undoubtedly more expensive than other markers, if you can afford it, it’s not something you would regret buying. This marker does precisely what you expected to do that feels rock-solid what it’s doing it.

We hope that our review of the Dye M2 will prove useful in your hunt for the perfect paintball gun.

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