Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun Review

Spyder is one of the most famous names in the paintball world, and today we are going to take you through the specs and features of MR100 Pro.

Essentially, this is a military-style gun built after the design of the famous M16 gun. Obviously enough, it only resembles it a bit in terms of stock, grip, and fore-grip; most of the features are pretty unique.

Spyder Fenix paintball gun is a semi-automatic marker which boasts a huge level of accuracy. It looks great and subtle, and it performs like no other model in the price point category; it’s pretty safe to say that it’s one of the best paintball guns on the market.

Moreover, what people really seem to love about the MR100 is the fact that it’s so versatile and customizable that it’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned players. Even the stock model without any additional features or customization is so great that it will boost your odds of winning substantially.


As we’ve previously said, the Fenix is built after the M16’s design, which is the first feature you’re going to notice. Furthermore, it sports a mechanical-style trigger system; the EKO-value mechanism; aluminum-mounting system, and plenty of other features.

The mechanical-style system provides a drastic boost to the shot’s speed and accuracy. In comparison to most similarly priced models, the Spyder M16 fires ultra-fast paintballs with pinpoint accuracy.


It comes outfitted with a big cylinder that can operate on either CO2 or compressed air; its capacity is approximately 20 ounces. Moreover, the MR100 has a vertical trigger made of aluminum, a velocity adjuster, and a compact high-power polymer-fed neck.

Now, let’s briefly go over the Spyder’s MR100 Paintball Gun:

  • Incredible level of durability
  • Mechanical-style system
  • Designed after the popular M16 rifle
  • The mounting system is made from high-quality aluminum
  • Superb level of accuracy and precision
  • Faster, more precise shots in comparison to average paintball marker models
  • Can work on either CO2 or compressed air
  • Huge 20-ounce tank
  • Compact, small, and quite lightweight construction
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Outfitted with a vertical trigger made from aluminum and a velocity adjuster

Pros & Cons

There are so many great things about the Fenix that you will definitely grow to love it as soon as you start shooting paintballs out of it. In fact, most players will tell you that they love everything about it apart from the fact that the default accessories which come in the bundle aren’t too great.

Be that as it may, it’s the go-to paintball rifle for most beginners as it’s durable, incredibly accurate, very rewarding in terms of maintenance, and has an almost unlimited customization potential. Let’s see the pros and cons:


  • Beginner paintball players absolutely adore it
  • Super-sturdy aluminum build
  • Unparalleled level of accuracy
  • Requires but a couple of minutes for regular maintenance
  • Superb range
  • Quick shots
  • The superior firing mechanism doesn’t damage the balls too much
  • Huge customization potential


  • The only thing people didn’t like about this paintball marker is the fact that the default accessories which come in the bundle aren’t too well-built


Let’s delve a bit deeper into the Fenix ‘s design. Even though it’s more than obvious that this paintball marker looks like a standard-issue military assault rifle, it wasn’t just the M16 from which it borrowed its design.

Spyder Fenix Acs Paintball Gun

Namely, its stock looks just like the one used in the older variations of the M16 assault rifles; its barrel actually resembles the FN FAL rifle in terms of length. However, most paintball markers have such long barrels.

One of the best unique features of the Fenix is tactical foregrip. Basically, this feature alone provides the player with improved accuracy and mobility. It’s very comfortable to use; not to mention convenient at both short and long ranges.

Oddly enough, the Fenix has the looks of an assault rifle but boasts a performance of sniper rifle. Most players ‘abuse’ the long-range and accuracy it provides to snipe out their enemies from as far as 300 feet.


The performance of the Fenix Pro can best be described as ‘versatile’. Namely, it’s up to you how you will use the gun: you can rush your opponents due to the improved mobility provided by the foregrip; you can snipe them out at long range due to the Fenix ‘s superior accuracy; lastly, you could engage in mid-range clashes where the marker excels at the most.

The main reason why Fenix Pro is so great for mid-range combat is that its tank allows you to discharge approximately 1500 paintballs before reloading. Now, if you’re asking ‘what does that mean’, the answer is quite simple; you can count your shots or you can ‘spray and pray’; it’s totally up to you.

The sheer fact that this gun can fire up so many paintballs and still be quite accurate is what scares most people at which it is pointed at. Spyder’s Fenix has a 20-ounce tank which means that its ammo capacity is significantly superior in comparison to most paintball markers.

Firing ability

We’ve already mentioned Fenix is exceptionally versatile, but when it comes to shooting, it boasts unequaled performance. Basically, the first thing you need to know about how this gun fires paintballs is that it comes supplied with a couple of bleeding-edge mechanisms and technologies.

It sports a two-finger trigger, which gives you absolutely control over your shots. It’s perfect for single shots, double taps, and rapid-fire; whichever firing mode you opt for, know that you won’t compromise the gun’s accuracy in a substantial way.

Let’s just briefly mention the EKI valve; basically this little feature optimizes the air consumption economy and allows for more shots to be fired before the gun needs to be reloaded. Speaking of which, the Fenix Pro can shoot up to eight paintballs per second.

Even though it’s already safe to say that Fenix is a monster of a paintball gun, there are still a couple of features that boost its performance even further.

Namely, the Fenix comes outfitted with a very durable and convenient stock. This feature absorbs most of the recoil, allowing you to preserve a good portion of your gun’s accuracy for longer periods of time. Speaking of which, the gun comes with decent sights and a budget scope which will serve its purpose until you decide it’s time to get a better one.


Generally speaking, the Fenix Pro is pretty rewarding when it comes to maintenance. You won’t need to spend too much time on the process, and it should be pretty straightforward, even if you’re a complete beginner. However, how easy the maintenance process will depend on you and you alone.

If you’ve modified your Fenix paintball gun with dozens of accessories, all of them will need some cleaning and maintenance, obviously. ‘Over-modifying’ the Fenix means that you’ll have to pluck out all of the features, clean them, and put them back together again.

There aren’t any specific or new things you’ll need to know about keeping the Fenix fully functional; the general rules of paintball gun maintenance apply in full.


There are a couple of ways by which we could determine the overall value of the Spyder Fenix . First and foremost, we should accentuate the fact that it does offer premium performance for the buck and can easily ‘out-gun’ most similarly priced models.

It’s perfect for beginners and seasoned veterans alike; it’s very accurate, and it doesn’t require too much maintenance. However, its performance is relatively weak in comparison to other paintballs supplied with accessories. The ones that MR100 comes supplied with are relatively weak, with the exception of the foregrip and the stock.

This means that you will have to invest a couple of extra dollars to purchase certain accessories, such as the barrel coat, barrel sights, or a decent scope. Initially, the MR100 can be used as a sort of a sub-machine gun and excels in short and mid-range combat. You will only get to benefit from its superb accuracy when you get a quality scope.


The Spyder Fenix is a remarkably durable gun made from premium-quality aluminum. It is very light, yet it is also sturdy enough to withstand quite some abuse. Certain features of the Fenix marker were anodized and benefit from anti-corrosion properties; this is also the reason why the Fenix Pro requires so little maintenance.

Why should you buy Spyder Fenix Pro?

There are dozens of reasons why you should and not a single viable one why you shouldn’t. Starting from the premise that paintball is generally a very fun sport, owning an affordable paintball gun that boasts exceptional performance should feel pretty natural to most players.

The Fenix Pro is well-rounded, which means that it performs great in virtually every aspect of performance. On top of that, the Fenix is an easy-maintenance gun with a nearly limitless customization potential.


Simply put, you can’t go wrong if you choose any Spyder paintball gun, especially the Fenix Pro. It doesn’t cost much, and it will give you the upper hand and adapt to your style quite easily.

Being so well-rounded, the Spyder Fenix Pro’s performance will shine however you use it. It can be a sniper, a sub-machine gun, or an assault rifle – it’s totally up to you. But more than anything else, this is a quality paintball marker gun available at a very attractive price. Both beginners and experienced players like.


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