Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N Tactical Tritium Watch

Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N Tactical Tritium Watch Review: Worth the money?

Whether you work in low light or just enjoy going out, you need a watch that looks great, has great features, and also enables you to read the time in total darkness.

Smith & Wesson is largely recognised as a Massachusetts-based producer of firearms. The business has been established for more than 150 years and has developed into one of the major producers of sidearms and ammunition in the world.

Both the police and the armed forces are familiar with the brand, and consumers want its products because of its dependability. However, the business has recently started producing H3 Tritium watches.

Due to the incorporation of H3 tritium gas tubes, these watches have the unique ability to be seen in complete darkness.

But are these timepieces as trustworthy as the company’s weapons? And perhaps more significantly, does the Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N Tactical Tritium Watch represent a better value than competing models?

We have examined the watch to let you learn more.

Design and Features

The Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N is a cheap watch with a tonne of features, the most impressive of which is unquestionably the distinctive lighting system built into it.

While the tactical lighting system does give it a special appeal, the fact that it, like all other watches produced by the firm, is Quartz-powered just adds to its allure.

The watch’s all-black body makes it endearing to all people, and it will look fantastic with any attire. Three hands on the SWW-357-N display the hours, minutes, and seconds.

The watch’s pricing, which is surprisingly reasonable for a piece that will last you for decades, may be what makes it so alluring.

Let’s examine the SWW-357-N’s features in in detail:

Stainless Steel Build

The stainless steel build of the Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N 357 is one of the main factors contributing to its high level of durability. In addition to being far more durable than most other materials, stainless steel provides the SWW-357-N a classic, ageless appeal.

Additionally, stainless steel, which is utilised in the majority of contemporary watches with water resistance characteristics, does not rust as easily.

Rugged Case

The watch’s case is made of stainless steel, just like the majority of its body. The stainless steel case of the SWW-357-N is 13 millimetres thick, and the watch’s dial measures 43 millimetres in diameter. Although it can be argued that it’s a little bit too small for a tactical watch, once you wear it, you’ll see that it’s the ideal size for checking the time in pitch black.

The watch’s window is made of mineral glass, so you don’t need to be concerned. Most of the time, it can withstand bangs and bumps without becoming scratched. The SWW-357-N’s tough case also makes it resistant to water, oil, and most other corrosive substances. It is a watch that you can depend on at all times.

Analog Display

All that is visible on the watch face of the Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N is an analogue display, a date window, and the company logo. The watch does not have any markings, but it does feature military hours under each number, which makes it a great watch to purchase if you are in the military.

Screw-Down Crown

The screw-down crown on this Smith & Wesson watch helps shield the watch’s internal components from contact with dampness. When the watch is submerged, water exposure can cause the hardware to flood and cause some of the watch’s components to come loose.

It can withstand the hardships of the sea because to its tough design and water resistance of up to 660 feet. Without fear of it breaking, you can wear it when scuba diving or even surfing.

The watch is significantly more shock-resistant due to the screw-down crown, and the spinning bezel will allow you to tell the time.

Nylon Strap

The watch’s body is complemented by the all-black nylon strap, yet just by looking at the strap, you can immediately see that the watch has a tactical appeal.

Most wrists can fit the strap because it is long and wide enough. It differs significantly from conventional watch straps, though, in that it has a Velcro clasp rather than hooks, making it simpler to put on and take off.

The watch has a more assertive appearance thanks to the leather strap edges.

Tritium Lighting

The Tritium lighting incorporated into the watch is arguably one of its defining features. It puts the Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N on par with Luminox watches.

Low-light viewing is made possible by the tritium gas tubes, and the watch will even display the time when it is completely dark.

The self-powered light source allows for timekeeping in the dark without draining the battery, and Smith & Wesson asserts that the tritium can last up to 25 years.

The Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N is one of the world’s easiest timepieces to see thanks to its tritium tubes. It can be used to tell time both above and below water.

Unidirectional Bezel

The SWW-357-N is advertised as both a diver’s watch and a tactical watch. You can easily calculate your dive time thanks to the watch’s unidirectional metal bezel.

To ensure diver safety, turn the bezel in the other direction. Underwater manipulation is always a possibility. In addition, the spinning bezel can be used to record the date and the amount of time that has passed.

Quartz Movement

The last thing you should be concerned about is the Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N’s ability to display time accurately. The watch, as previously indicated, has three hands that display hours, minutes, and seconds.

The Japanese Quartz Movement of the Tactical Tritium Watch enables it to maintain accuracy over many years. The watch comes in an attractive present box, which adds a nice touch to the unboxing activities.

It’s also important to note that the watch comes with a one-year warranty from Smith & Wesson. The tritium tubes, robust construction, practical strap, appealing appearance, and unidirectional bezel are some of its advantages, which make it the officer’s preferred watch.

If you enjoy adventure or sports, this watch is ideal for you. The article is also appropriate for anyone working in the security and defence industries.

How Well Does The SWW-357-N Handle Rough Use?

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Durability is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing any watch. Additionally, the Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N has a durable build that practically ensures a lengthy service life.

The watch was created with law enforcement personnel’s demands in mind. It is water- and oil-resistant and can tolerate harsh circumstances with relative ease.

It is impressive that other corrosive substances have little to no impact on the watch’s appearance or structural integrity.

The body of the watch is shock-proof, and the dial’s glass is scratch-resistant, preventing damage.

It is safe to claim that the SWW-357-N can successfully manage demanding daily tasks.

While we cannot recommend the watch to professional divers, wearing the watch is a good idea if you dive recreationally. It is resistant to water up to 660 feet.

The one-year limited guarantee ensures that, should any problems arise as you use the watch, you won’t have to pay any money to have it fixed.

Pros and Cons

One of the most important benefits of purchasing the Smith & Wesson SWW-357-N Tactical Tritium Watch is the lovely gift box.

The watch’s tactical use is beautifully introduced by the military-themed box, and the black velvet pillow it rests on beautifully accentuates the watch’s design.

Here are some additional qualities of the watch we like (and detest) aside its outstanding packaging:


  • Attractive all-black design suits the tactical style of the watch.
  • Watch is rugged; it comes with a stainless steel bezel and case.
  • The watch is water-resistant up to 660 feet.
  • It features Japanese Quartz Movement, making it accurate.
  • The nylon strap is just as durable as the watch and is easy to take off and put on.
  • Boasts an anti-corrosive build – the watch will last for decades.
  • The tritium lighting will work for 25 years without needing a recharge.
  • The screw-down crown makes the watch easy to adjust and adds to water resistance.
  • The shock-resistant build enables it to withstand abuse.


Every product has certain drawbacks, but the SWW-357-N’s major drawback is that Smith & Wesson does not produce it internally.

Although most consumers are unaffected by this, some customers feel let down by Smith & Wesson.

The timepieces are made by CampCo, not S&W, according to the company. All of the company’s timepieces are sold by CampCo, who also covers warranty issues.

Customers are left with the impression that these timepieces do not possess the high quality for which Smith & Wesson is renowned.

But after doing an objective examination of the watch, we are still of the opinion that it is a high-quality item.

In addition to this, several clients criticise the nylon strap’s calibre. However, since the majority of these few consumers received replacements, this can be dismissed as a straightforward case of poor quality control.


Despite the fact that Smith & Wesson does not produce these watches, there must be a solid reason why the firm has given CampCo permission to use its brand on the timepiece. It’s entirely feasible that a quality assurance clause will be included, in which case buyers won’t need to worry.

Law enforcement personnel are drawn to the SWW-357-N’s scratch- and bump-resistance characteristics and tritium light source in addition to its fashionable look.

The watch is a solid investment because it is affordable, water-resistant up to 200 metres, and has these additional features.

Overall, the Smith & Wesson Men’s SWW-357-N Tactical Tritium Watch is a great option if you want a feature-rich watch that you can depend on for years, if not decades.

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