The Uniden BCD996P2

Reviewing The Uniden BCD996P2 – Up close

Uniden has firmly established itself as one of the most reputable brands in the police scanner universe. This reputation as being hard-earned.

They produce a wide range of excellent handheld and mobile scanners that have proven themselves to be exceptionally reliable at monitoring numerous different types of communications over a vast array of different frequencies.

The Uniden BCD996P2 is one of their better-known scanners, famous for its inventory of devices that outperform many of their competitors. This one certainly doesn’t hurt their brand name.

Because of its burgeoning reputation needs, we have decided to take a closer look at the Uniden BCD996P2 to see why it earned a reputation as one of the top phase 2 digital scanners on the market today.

Reviewing the Uniden BCD996P2

Reviewing the Uniden BCD996P2

Anyone familiar with mobile scanners will know that these devices are not cheap. If you want to get a particularly good one, it will set you back a few dollars.

Because of this, users expect to get what they pay for. Does the Uniden BCD996P2 actually offer value for money or are they just another company only using their long-established brand name to push another average product onto the market.

This article will attempt to answer this question and many more by providing an in-depth review of everything that the Uniden BCD996P2 has to offer and some things that it doesn’t.

Let’s start with the obvious: this is a mobile scanner. It should be like all others in its class to be designed to be portable, capable of being used either in a vehicle or indoors. Obviously, if you intend to use it indoors, you would not require the same mounting as you would in a car. Simply placing it on a table, desk or countertops should allow you to immediately start monitoring any communications that are happening nearby.

If you intend to use this mobile scanner in a vehicle, you have to ensure that you have enough space for the unit’s dimensions, which are 11 x 3.8 x 8.5 inches. Uniden has already given you all the mounting hardware that you need, including screws and installation brackets.

The user manual is well designed and thought out providing you with detailed illustrations mounting of your device. The design of the scanner itself is pretty standard and doesn’t appear to have any in the special features. But you will soon see that looks can be deceptive, this unit is far from straightforward to master even you’ve used the scanner app before.

As is standard on any scanner, the keypad buttons and knobs are all located on the front panel. One thing that might take a little bit of getting used to if you have never used as a device with multifunctional buttons, button, and knobs that have more than one function, so expect a little bit of learning curve before you can comfortably use it.

Some users expressed their difficulty at mastering the need to rotate and press some of the knobs at the same time. Some of the keys operate differently when you press and hold them instead of giving them a simple, quick press. This provides access to different operations.

The display offers you seven different color options to choose from. You can also adjust your signal to various systems or frequencies.

Is the Scanner Easy to Program?

One slight hitch that some people didn’t particularly like, that unlike some other scanners on the market, this one cannot merely be programmed by using your ZIP code. We’ll have to download the free software to you can also use of a program called free scan would you help you program it more easily.

Once you have installed software, you will have to connect your scanner to PC using a USB cable carefree knows all the frequencies of channels that you want the program. It’s worth looking at the radio reference website to find a database of the channel you might be interested in. It can simply be copied and pasted directly to the scanner.

Want to DIY your own ham radio? find out the 5 main components you’ll need here.

How to Use the BCD996P2 from Uniden?

How to Use the BCD996P2 from Uniden?

Most of the functions and features are standard to any scanner, so anyone who’s previously used a portable device of this kind should not find using the BCD996P2 too tricky. This is probably down to the fact that people are already familiar with the 305 and this was used as the base to build the 996 to build from.

Performing all the essential functions you expect to receive the majority of the signals available in your area. You can pick up the police, government, public service, and fire signals, and any other analog or digital broadcast in your surroundings.

The standard antenna that comes with the system has been described by users as modest, especially if you’re looking to receive phase 1&2 or APCO P-25 digital signals.

If you’re looking to receive high-quality digital signals such as 800 megahertz, it would be advised to invest in a better 7-inch antenna to offer you a more optimal reception.

if you include a booster with your antenna you can pick up analog signals from up to 60 miles away once the terrain surrounding you is flat and the weather good.

The device’s audio system is adequate, some users liked it as it does come out a bit bass which for most people is great as the last thing they want is squeaky audio.

Some Other Notable Features

Its Band Scope Mode

Some rave about the addition of this band scope feature. This is a specific type of feature is designed to allow users to first see the strength of the signal being presented in the form of a bar graph.

Before ever using this, you will have to sort out the crystal channel programming. I’m this can be helped by using the radio reference reps website.

Multi-site Trunking Feature

This will allow you to program the device to specific frequencies

Share IDs from Trunked System

Turn each site on/off independently.

Channel/System Number Tagging

By adding a number or tag to any custom search service page. The system allows a channel to be easily identified and you can swiftly navigate from frequency to channel much more quickly than other devices.

Pre-emptive Priority

This feature is currently limited to monitoring Motorola devices. If priority status has been activated on the device and you have been assigned priority in the end-use to one of us specific talk groups.

The scanner itself will automatically activate when that talk group becomes active regardless of whether or not you are already monitoring active channels.

Summary of Features

Control Channel Only Scanning – this feature allows users to track other Motorola systems.

The Ability to Prioritize ID Scan – what allows you to set up different talk group IDs.

EDACS ESK Support – will allow you to want me for different analog talk groups among these systems.

Scan-delay-resume feature – this can be set up to feature a 30-second delay are even a forced resume of up to turn 10 seconds.

Intermediate Frequency Exchange – allows you to avoid mixer product interference, this can be changed to a selected frequency or channel.

Individual Channel Volume Offset – adjust any channels volume offset.

Control Channel Data Output – control channel data without having to do anything too invasive.

Location-based GPS Alerts – receive pre-programmed alerts when near areas of interest.

Close Call RF Capture Technology – will provide you with specific information about nearby radio signals.

Fire Tone-Out Standby/Tone Search – Alerts you to the proximity of the two-tone sequential page and offers details on its frequency.

Frequency/ID Auto-Search and Store – this will allow you to actively store frequencies from a specific service. You can also use this to place specific limitations on new talk group IDs.

SAME Weather Alert/Priority – This allows you to receive the exact same weather alerts given to the new channels.

Record-Out Jack – This neat feature allows you to connect to the output VOX and record incoming audio signals.


  • Very easy to install in your vehicle.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Has many useful features as standard.
  • Simple to scan various channels.
  • Well made and sturdy design.
  • Excellent clarity from its Multi-colored display.


  • Complicated to learn how to operate.
  • Initial setup and programming will prove a challenge.

In Conclusion

There is no denying that when it comes to veterans’ dream scans, this would be right at the top of their list. Unless you are exceptionally patient or have previous experience using similar electronics, this may not be the best stocker center for you.

I’m just being forced to dispose of them. I’m by one that’s much easier concerning them to use. The example of having to go through doesn’t change the parameters just to simply set up one channel. It will eventually just become too much for most people.

There is no denying that once this device is set up, I’m programmed correctly. It is a pleasure to use a stacked full of advanced features and better honey techies’ dreams.

The best advice is to purchase a cheaper scanner to avoid the steep learning curve attached to programming and using this device. WE hope that this review of one of the best handheld scanners on the market will prove useful.

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