Polar Bear Backpack Cooler

Reviewing the Polar Bear Backpack Cooler: Should you get it?

One thing is made clear by the outcomes of thorough testing on a wide range of soft-sided coolers. Polar Bear routinely produces coolers that exceed all of their competitors. The polar bear backpack coolers will be discussed in this article since they are some of the most functional and well-liked soft-sided coolers on the market right now.

Their appeal is due to a number of things, including their mobility, their capacity to store ice for days at a time, and the fact that you can take them trekking, kayaking, sailing, or even to the beach thanks to their adaptability.

What are backpack coolers?

The nylon series from Polar Bear is a functional cooler that you can carry on your back in comfort. It is made to function like any other backpack. The cooler itself includes space for ice and can hold up to 24 cans of your preferred beverage.

Polar bears’ backpack coolers are revealed when the back’s ability to keep ice for up to three days is tested. Many people choose to use soft sided coolers like they fill them with ice packs. You can simply pursue this option in the polar bear cooler.

Although they won’t lower the pack’s internal temperature as low as ice, ice packs offer dried items an additional layer of protection, so you won’t have to worry when they melt. This is a very practical alternative if you just have a small amount of room in your backpack cooler.

By adding a more robust lining, they were able to create a sweat-proof polar bear cooler backpack. Most of their models also included a number of extra compartments, which made them perfect for trekking because you could store all of your essentials in a single backpack without having to carry any extra weight.

The fundamental to the backpack cooler’s design is that it is far easier to carry a weight on your back than it is in your hands resting on one shoulder. Anyone who has ever travelled a certain distance while wearing a conventional backpack will be able to carry a backpack cooler that same amount without discomfort.

Testing its capacity to hold coldness

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In Central Florida, we do our ice retention testing all year long. The outcomes of our most recent test will be delivered in the midst of summer on a range of coolers. We put them through testing at 90 to 120 degrees. We put the polar bear backpack cooler through the same test during this testing, and they impressed us with the findings, showing that I could store ice for about two and a half days.

Given the size of the cooler’s restricted storage space for products and ice, this was a remarkable outcome. The outcomes contrasted favourably with various much larger and solid plastic rotor motor coolers.

Why should you purchase a Polar Bear Cooler?

We are pleased to stand by our claim that the soft cited backpack coolers produced by polar bears are some of the best and most well-liked soft-sided coolers on the market right now. They all have lifetime warranties and were all designed in the US.

There are many different sizes and styles available. Oh, my thanks has undergone comprehensive testing and is equipped as standard with great insulation and a premium waterproof zipper. Additionally, despite being a soft cooler and backpack cooler, it boasts thicker insulation on its walls than the majority of its rivals.

Considering all of these advantages as presented, the greatest selling point of these coolers is their diversity. Since we can store them conveniently when they’re not in use, you don’t have to worry about their taking up space. The old ice had been there for a while. Therefore, if you’re working with a restricted amount of space and require your automobile camping setup or boat, the polar bear backpack cooler is an option to take into account.

The Three Best Backpack Coolers from Polar Bear

Here are our recommendations for the best 3 Polar Bear backpack coolers that you should look into. Learn what qualifies them for the list and decide if they fit your style.

1. The 18 Pack Solar Series

Polar Bear Coolers Original Backpack Soft Cooler Black

The camel backpack cooler is built with a weatherized covering made of rubber that has been put to the zipper to ensure they keep heat out while sealing the cold in, measuring 18×12 in with a spacious 7-in aperture. carries the 18 tens with your bag of ice comfortably.

Polar bears claim that their ice can be kept for up to 24 hours, but when we tested it at 100 degrees, the ice lasted for three days. Additionally, you may use it as a dual-purpose backpack to carry warm food and maintain a temperature of 200 for several hours. When you buy this backpack cooler, you can pick from a selection of various colours if you’re seeking for a backpack that is sweat or leak-proof and one that lasts a lifetime.

2. The Nylon Series

Original BackPack Soft Side Coolers by Polar Bear Coolers. | Best hiking  backpacks, Orange backpacks, Day backpacks

The orange cooler backpack is without a doubt the most well-liked model in the nylon line. This backpack cooler from Polar Bear measures 18x12x7-inches tall and is made of high-quality insulating foam and 1,000 denier cordura fabric. When not in use, it collapses and is conveniently stored.

Given that it weighs less than 4 lb when empty, even when fully loaded, it should be easy to carry. It also has a wide range of patterns and colours.

3. The H2O Series – Waterproof Backpack

Check out the deal on H2O Waterproof Backpack Cooler at  polarbearcoolers.com | Polar bear coolers, Soft sided coolers, Cool  backpacks

The H20 series may be the one for you if you’re seeking for a backpack cooler that delivers both of the aforementioned features. Due to its dive zipper and tarpaulin outer, it is completely waterproof and watertight. It boasts more than 1 inch of closed cell insulation, providing 2.5 days’ worth of ice retention.

Because of its fashionable attractive appearance, it has some popularity. The distinctive polar bear print is by far the most well-liked pattern, but it also has a tonne of other attachment points that make it ideal for outdoor living. There are other colours for the backpack as well.

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