The Motorola T600 VS T605

Reviewing The Motorola T600 VS T605: Head to Head

Naturally, the majority of buyers are opting for the T605, thinking it to be an upgrade. It must be a more advanced walkie-talkie with more features and capabilities than the older one, right?

Not quite; the only significant difference I could identify is that the 600 does not have a car charger (which I like). Other than that, these items are nearly comparable, so get the 605 if you want the car charger. Otherwise, choose the least expensive option (prices can fluctuate).

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If someone hands you a red apple and a green apple and asks you to tell the difference, that person is asking you to compare Motorola T600 vs T605 handheld radios. It is immediately apparent that the hues are different. But if you go above the surface, your job becomes a little bit more challenging than just pointing out that noticeable difference.

You might be excused for believing that the T605 must be an update because it is more recent than the T600, which is exactly what Motorola wants you to think.

Anyone who owns a T600 will be advised by Motorola to upgrade to a T605. This article will examine whether or not this is a wise decision. We suggest putting the Motorola T605 and T600 through a thorough head-to-head comparison in order to demonstrate why contrasting these two products is like to contrasting two red apples.

How Do They Look?

First and foremost, we must congratulate the Motorola team on a job well done with both models of walkie-talkies, which are both outstanding examples of modern technology. Designed to make outdoor communication simpler, no matter where or what your trip may entail.

Motorola T600 vs T605 - The T600 Design and Appearance

Due to their similar black and olive green casings, it is practically impossible to distinguish between the two gadgets.

They are designed to be used for extreme sports like mountaineering, skiing, and kayaking as well as more conventional outdoor pursuits like hiking, hunting, fishing, and even camping. Many businesses and other organisations, including schools, employ these incredibly useful and reliable communication tools.

Motorola T600 vs T605 - The T605 Packaging

You can see that both of these Motorola gadgets have received many positive ratings and have received an IP certification of 67, proving that they are waterproof. They will both be safe in the water if they fall in for up to 30 minutes.

Devices with an IP67 certification are not only tested and built to resist the rigours of outside operation, but they are also dust, rain, and snow proof. You may put them in water without worrying because they are actually designed to float, which makes them even more waterproof.

Some Other Common Key Features

When you combine the 121 additional privacy codes that have been added to the dual-band devices’ 22 FRS and GMRS channels, you have a total of 2662 possible subchannels to work with.

This number of subchannels is necessary since it will help users and organisations easily locate vacant frequencies. Additionally, it reduces the possibility that a third party will be able to easily overhear any private chats. Despite not being intended as one, this security feature serves that purpose.

These gadgets have a built-in flashlight, which is a feature seen on the majority of handheld two-way radios. These gadgets stand out because of their integrated flashlight, which has both white and red LEDs.

The white LED light functions as a regular flashlight, enabling you to navigate if you become lost in the dark or for any other situation in which you would require a flashlight. Your night vision is protected by the red LED. Unlike the white LED, I won’t momentarily blind anyone if you use it in the dark.

Into handheld and compact, ergonomic designs? the Uniden BC75XLT is also another good example. Check out our review of it here.

Another cool feature is the water-activated illumination, which comes on if you unintentionally drop water in the dark. I find it more relaxing to spot as it floats.

No matter the model or brand, both devices are fully compatible with FRS and GMRS walkie talkies. You can communicate with any other device once you are on the same frequency or channel.

If you want to increase the range of your transmissions, Motorola’s PTT power boost is useful. Although you will use more battery power, it can come in handy if you need to enhance your transmitter.

Both devices work superbly when used hands-free due to their IVOX and VOX features. As a result, you don’t even need to click the PTT button to start sending and receiving messages and turning on your walkie-talkies. a crucial feature if you need to free up your hands for other crucial tasks.

More common features:

  • Built-in Emergency alert button designed to help alert others of danger.

  • Dual-power options; both devices can use either the rechargeable NiMH battery or 3 AA batteries.

  • Handy Micro USB charge point.

  • Up to 35-mile range in perfect conditions.

  • Get weather alerts from 11 NOAA channels.

  • Silent operation enables the use of VibraCall alert.

  • Both handset have a 9-hour battery life on their NiMH battery and up to 23 hours on 3 AA batteries.

The Differences Between T600 and T605?

To determine whether any model has any functions or features that are unique, you really need to look carefully and compare the two. Sincere to say, I didn’t find any that truly stood out and said, “Wow, the 605 is a better device than the 600.”

Are there any valid justifications for spending an additional $20 to upgrade to the latest model?

To be completely honest, the answer can be found in the accessories that are offered for both versions. Two extra attachments are available for the T605 that are not included with the T600.


Motorola T600 VS T605: T605 Inclusive Carrying Case

A Carrying Case

The walkie-talkie and all of its accessories are stored in a tiny, black bag with a tote handle that comes with the T605.

If you don’t plan to use the device for an extended period of time, this might be handy. Everything may be carefully stored in one location. It’s also important to note that the bag is large enough to fit a few extra accessories you could need for outdoor activities. This means that if you need to grab something quickly, you don’t have to go looking for them.

A Car Charger

A car charger is the other feature absent from the T600.

Let’s be honest, your T605 may be recharged by connecting it into the cigarette lighter port of your car when a car charger is not necessary. On the other hand, they are currently so widely available in universities that you could easily pick one up in a variety of locations and it would be compatible with your T600.


Why is Using a Two-way Radio Better Than a Mobile Phone?

Is it Motorola T600 vs T605 vs Mobile Phone?

1. Reliability and Connectivity

Despite the widespread usage of mobile phones, many individuals still like two-way radio equipment because it is more dependable. Individuals and businesses in need of stronger signal coverage can upgrade their machine by adding repeaters or a bigger antenna. The use of mobile devices at work has various drawbacks.

In addition, because of their dependency on base stations, which have a maximum number of connections they can sustain, they are vulnerable to compromise.

2. Easy to Use

Giving your staff 2-way radios that are exclusively intended for communication and have no features or functionalities that can act as distractions is a great approach to ensure that they stay focused on their work. To communicate, users only need to keep their gadget charged, set it to the proper frequency, and press the PTT button.

Although they are getting simpler, mobile phones are still far more difficult to operate than that. Consider that the Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems aren’t always backwards compatible.

3. More Reliable

These gadgets are long-lasting because they have been put to the test in the riskiest and harshest environments. The batteries are rechargeable and exceptionally long-lasting; depending on the situation, they can even withstand explosive conditions, submersion in water, and exposure to small particles.

Even though gorilla glass has made mobile phones more dependable and durable, they are still readily broken. One can render them useless simply by dropping it onto a hard surface or into the ocean.

4. Trackable and Visible

Using GPS tracking that can be coupled with your computer systems, two-way radio technologies can now offer trackability invisibility for total impairment. Consider the roles of the teaching staff and the security personnel in a school. If the owner has one of these gadgets, it is simple to track their location from a single console.

Mobile devices can access my GPS tracking, but finding a cross-platform solution can be very expensive.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many reasons why individuals and companies are choosing Hunter devices like the Motorola T605 and T600. They actually do resemble two different coloured apples when you look at them both closely. You must determine whether the car charger and carrying case are priceless and warrant the upgrade.

I must admit that I enjoy the car charger. Without a doubt, the carrying case will increase the gadgets’ durability. I believe that you are getting a good deal for the additional $20.


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