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Reviewing The G Shock Rangeman – Upclose

Why are Rangeman for G-Shock watches so popular?

When it comes to tactical watches, the Casio G-Shock series is top of the pile. Their Master of G series features their latest research, newest technologies, and most innovative designs, making it the most popular collection. Even though they are specifically geared towards certain occupations where these watches will be expected to withstand harsh conditions, their timeless and rugged appearance also makes them a fashionable accessory.

The standard watch in the Master of G series is the Rangeman. This watch has many cool features. Foremost among these is G-Shocks patented triple sensor technology offering access to a thermometer, barometer, and altimeter.

The Key Characteristics of the Rangeman’s Design

First Impression

There’s no denying the fact that the Rangeman G-Shock is an impressive watch. Coming with a navy green wristband as standard, its dark face is highlighted by using bright yellow accents on its dial and side buttons. It has an entirely digitized display that is supported by an extra-bright LED backlight.

Lightweight Design

Despite its durable manufacture, this model still weighs just under 10 oz. Not exactly what you could consider substantial, but it certainly has a solid feel and could never be accused of being cheap or flimsy.

Keen Attention to Details

Its designers have certainly gone all out when it comes to the finer details of this watch, from its solidly-built buttons to the hint of gold on the face. The built-in compass is nicely positioned in the top left-hand corner.

A Perfect Blend of Plastic and Metal

The amount of high-quality metal included in the design is reflected in Rangeman’s price. The pushers, loop, strap, buckle, and back of the case are all constructed using high-quality, heavy-duty steel.

Durable Face

The face or the watch’s window is made using mineral crystal, which is designed to offer scratch resistance and additional protection as it is seven times stronger than traditional glass.

Buttons are User-friendly

The cylindrical-shaped buttons operate a remarkably smooth fashion and are very easy to press. The sensor button is positioned to the center-right side of the watch as it will be most used. It has been given a metal cover to ensure that it keeps dirt out of the watch and helps extend its life.

Something unique from Casio’s perspective is that the back of the watch is giving a specific Rangeman mascot. This G-Shock watch is comfortable to wear despite its oversized design. It indeed has been built to meet the rough-and-tumble of outdoor life. Despite all this, it still doesn’t look as masculine as you might imagine.

Key Features of The Rangeman from G-Shock

G-Shock Rangeman Master Of G Series Stylish Watch - Green/One Size ...

if you are impressed with the look and feel of the Rangeman, wait until you see some of the features that have been installed, highlights of these include

A High-end Digital Compass

The Rangeman has a 16-point digital compass that can offer you a range of 0 to 359 degrees; it even features is bi-directional collaboration and magnetic declination correction.

Patented Triple Sensor Technology

These features have been installed to help both backpackers and adventures on their weekend trips. The tech will help you determine altitude, weather conditions, and temperature. These, when combined, might help save your life someday. If you’re not tech-savvy, it may take a little bit of time to master the initial setup, but once you have set it up it will show you accurate and reliable measurements from day one;

  • The altimeter allows you to measure altitude but can also be used to replace GPS should it be required.
  • The barometer can be used to predict any changes in the weather accurately.
  • And obviously, the thermometer can measure temperature changes.

All these are easily accessible at the push-up of the right-hand button. Simply wait for the beep, three beeps for the thermometer, and a barometer, two for the compass, and one for the altimeter.

Fully Solar Power Capable

Solar power capability comes standard in all G-Shock models meaning that you should never require a battery change. Testing reveals that the solar power capacity is substantial, meaning even if you get stranded if you should be able to use the Rangman for an age without the fear of losing battery power.

Built-in Memory

This watch also comes with a built-in memory capacity to save up to 40 different settings such as barometer readings, temperature readings, and even sunshine and sunset data. These can come in useful if you intend to go on and prolonged adventure.

Mud, Shock, and Water-resistant

The Rangeman has been designed and built with most adventurers in mind. It can be used up to 200 meters deep and functions comfortably as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Atomic Timekeeping

This feature means that your watch will receive radio signals to ensure accurate timekeeping. The message will be accepted six times daily and is capable of precise timekeeping in China, Japan, and Germany to the UK or the US.

What Are The Pros and Cons of The Rangeman?

G-SHOCK "Love The Sea And The Earth 2016" GW-9402KJ-2JR #GSHOCK ...

The Rangeman is undoubtedly one of the best G-series watches, despite its high-end spec and design. It isn’t perfect so there are some pros and cons you should consider.


  • They are designed to be long-lasting and durable.
  • It is made using high-quality plastics and steel.
  • Attractive accent and design.
  • Its solar-powered feature means its battery should last up to 10 years
  • Can be used underwater, at low temperatures and is shock and mud resistant
  • Excellent Digital compass installed
  • Its triple sensor technology is accessible
  • Fully atomic timekeeping compatible
  • Feels solid despite its lightweight
  • world time compatible on canal breaking up to 31 time zones
  • Pause a countdown timer calendar and stopwatch installed


  • It is bulkier than traditional G-Shock models.
  • All the additional features will take a little bit of getting used to
  • The display could be brighter.
  • It could be more user-friendly despite its abundant features.

Overall Verdict

The Rangeman from G-shock is a fashionable tactical watch that is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoor life and have a job that requires watches capable of handling some wear and tear. Its biggest drawback is the slight dimness of the display, which makes it more challenging to read in sunlight.

The addition of solar power makes it a superior choice too many traditional watches; it is feature-packed, water and scratch-resistant, lightweight, and durable. When you combine all these factors, it is definitely worth the investment.

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