Best Wheeled Coolers

Reviewing the Best Wheeled Coolers on the Market – Top 10 Picks

When your tailgating picnicking are heading to the beach having access to a wheeled cooler can make transporting drinks food are any heavy load of perishables from your vehicle to another spot far more convenient.

They design the top rated wheeled coolers using a handle system that can be conveniently pulled behind you. this handle will either be on top of the cooler or to the side.

As yet some of the most expensive coolers on the market haven’t tapped into the wheel’s cooler concept, but you can add wheels to an existing cooler. Pelican coolers are the exception to this as most of their high quality coolers already comfortable wheels.

In this article we will focus on what you should look for when purchasing a wheeled cooler, what these coolers come ready equipped with, and the questions you need to ask before purchasing.

The 10 best wheeled coolers on the market in 2021:

  1. The 50-Quart Wheeled Ultimate Xtreme Marine Cooler from Coleman
  2. The 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler from Coleman
  3. The Soft Sided Wheeled Cooler from Coleman
  4. The Glide PRO Cooler from IGLOO
  5. The Ice Cube Maxcold Roller 70qt Cooler from Igloo
  6. The Trailmate from Igloo
  7. The Sub Z-Four Wheel Cooler from Nash
  8. The Elite Wheeled Cooler from Pelican
  9. The Telescopic Wheeled Cooler form Coleman
  10. The Rugged 55 Quart All Terrain from Coleman

What to look for in a wheeled cooler?

When you’re in the market for a wheeled cooler, they are available in a variety of different prices, shapes, colors and styles. Depending on preference but your budget and what you intend to use your cooler form will be important considerations. If you’re looking for a personal size, we will cool our one is large enough to cater for a large sizeable group the points we highlight below will ultimately help you in making your final decision.

Here are the different concerns you should raise when you’re to purchase your wheeled cooler. Keeping these in mind will help you land on one that’s surely suitable for your need and style of usage.

The number of wheels it has

Wheeled cooler is most commonly come with just two wheels although there are several four-wheel coolers but I’ve received come on the market. In this article we highlighted the advantages of the national as a prime example of a high-quality four-wheel cooler. But if you’re looking to navigate more difficult terrain, a two-wheel cooler will be designed for purpose. Four-wheel coolers are far more convenient when you’re working with moderately sloped or flat surfaces.

Another important consideration when working with a four-wheeled cooler is whether it will remain static. Never purchase one that doesn’t have a built-in locking mechanism for its wheels or some other method of preventing it from rolling away when not under supervision.

For example, the Sub-Zero from Nash comes fully equipped with lockable wheels. this is not something you need to worry about with a two-billed cooter as he’s usually become designed with recesses that allow the wheels to fold away and keep your cooler flat on the ground when they’re not in use

The type of wheels

if you’re intending to transport your cooler over more difficult terrain, the type of wheel fit to it as an important consideration. Are the wheels on the cooler designed purely for even or flat surfaces or are they large enough to comfortably pull over sand and gravel.

The type of terrain your wheeled cooler can handle will largely be dictated and by the type of wheel fitted to it. A rule of thumb would dictate the larger the wheel the more difficult terrain can navigate. Another important consideration when looking at the wheel size of your cooter is the type of bearing the designers have used.

The bearings on your wheels coolers will be open to the elements such as salt, gravel ,sand, or dirt. if these systems get easily corroded near wheels can quickly lock up and get damaged.

The type of handle and its height

People purchase wheels coolers because they’re portable aside from the number of wheels fitted to the cooler the next most important part of the design is its handle. When choosing a cooler, the type of toe handle fitted to it will dictate how easily it can be wheeled or towed.

Some lower end molded coolers that have been fitted with wheels only give you a rope handle while these can operate just fine they’re not the most user-friendly when being hauled over rough terrain or long distances. Anyone who’s looking to wheel their cooler to a tailgate or around college campuses will look for a handle that’s more comfortable to use. The height of the handle is also an important consideration.

Most coolers we review in this article completed with telescopic handles allowing them to be easily opened up and stored away. These can be especially convenient when you’re transporting your cooler on the back of a truck or in a boat coolers that have been designed with permanently fitted handles are more cumbersome and far more difficult to store. In the vast majority of cases you’re going to be dealing with two types of handles ones that are immediately permanently fixed or telescopic.

But we include a pelican wheeled cooler in the review that includes a handle that can hinge from one side of the cooler. This is especially useful for anyone who will cool from the base of a truck. Occasionally you might find a new place to handle on the wrong side, but when you can attach it to any side of the cooler it will increase the usability of your cooler experience.

The body size

When you’re choosing a wheeled cooler, the first two points are important, however, as with any cooler its capacity is a primary consideration. When choosing what size cooler you want to purchase, we recommend that you always air on the side of caution and purchase a larger cooler starting with a minimum size of anything between 40 and 50 quarts.

Having said that if your purpose is to wheel your cooler over longer distances, a 50 quart cooler can easily weigh 100 pounds when full of ice food drinks and other items. So buying wheels coolers that you intend to use for their portability is probably advisable to consider purchasing one that is more fit for purpose and on the smaller side.

How the cooler rolls

Is vital after the size handle and type of wheels your cooler has is how it actually rolls. Purchasing the cooler and that’s going to get caught on every piece of sand gravel or rock that you encounter, it’s just going to end up being extremely frustrating. So here are some things that you should wheel coolers and how they perform.

We have extensively tested all the brands us recommend in this article across a variety of different surfaces and can stand up to many terrains. On top of testing how well a cooler rolls their owner aspects of his performance.

What are the most common uses for a wheeled cooler?

Also commonly referred to as a rolling cooler, wheeled coolers have a variety of different uses but they primarily serve the same purpose which is to comfortably securely and easily allow you to transport items you want to remain cold. The vast majority of people buy wheeled coolers to use for.

  • Backyard Barbecues
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Sporting Events – Cruzin’ Cooler
  • Hunting
  • Day in the Park
  • Camping
  • Fishing

The 10 Best Wheeled Coolers on the Market

Now that you’ve figured out what to look for in a quality wheeled cooler, it’s time we breakdown our top picks for the best wheeled coolers on the market. Assessing each one as we go along will help you pick out the best one for you and your next outdoor activity.

1. The 50-Quart Wheeled Ultimate Xtreme Marine Cooler from Coleman

Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels | Xtreme Wheeled Cooler, 50-Quart

Coleman has a stellar reputation for the design and manufacture of high quality, perfectly crafted coolers. this will cool is another one they can comfortably add their list. With the capacity to hold up to 84 12 oz cans of beer, this is a 250 quart capacity cooler. Designed with ice retention in mind, they have added an extra layer of thick insulation and it can hold its ice and keep it cold for nearly 6 days when tested enough to 90 heat.

They commonly refer this to as the marine cooler, as it is largely marketed to fishing yachting and boating enthusiasts. To make it extra convenient they’ve even included a cutting board and tray into allow them to chop up any daily catch.

As we mentioned before, handles are a large consideration when purchasing a wheeled cooler. The handle fitted to this device is durable and perfect for rough transport. They’ve also fitted durable larger wheels to make it transporting it either across land are down to your boat straightforward.

On top of being an extremely convenient and well-designed wheeled cooler, they have boosted its reliability even more by the addition of a layer of UV guard protection this will block the sun and prevent it from cracking or yellowing because of excessive exposure.

All the hardware on the device is sturdy and rust proof because for high quality stainless steel it will not deteriorate because of rusting, rain, or sweating. Dakota itself also comes fitted with a high-quality drain, which means you can release the water without ever having to worry about lifting the cooler.

The drain itself is both rust and leak proof. Hakuna also comes with a cable if strap. One of the large selling points is that the lead can also serve comfortably as a place to serve food and hold four cans of beverage.

2. The 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler from Coleman

Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels, Blue/White

The next item on the list is another wheeled cooler compliments of the designers at Coleman. as we mentioned about Coleman is known for making some of the highest quality coolers available on the market. if you’re looking for one that’s perfect for camping tailgating or your next family picnic, this oversized cooler is perfect for both storing, serving and transporting food and beverages.

It’s 62 quart capacity offers the equivalent of enough space to hold 85 cans of 12 oz beer. they have fitted the device with an extra thick layer of thermal zone insulation, something that Coleman coolers have long been known for. During the ice test they leave this cooler exposed to 93 heat for 5 days and yet it’s still kept its ice.

All terrain wheels making it capable of being taken to a variety of different areas and you never have to worry about the wheels falling off.

Like most Coleman coolers, it’s comes with a comfortably operated hinge lid and a place to hold for beverages on top to make it more convenient. The handle while sturdy designed and built also locks into place down the side of the cooler when you’re not using it.

They have used 5V extreme technology to design the coolers handle, meaning it’s capable of lifting the weight of the cooler and pulling it without ever having to fear it breaking. That’s all Coleman coolers that come with a leak-proof drain and is fully rust resistant, which allows you to let the water flow out without having to worry about lifting the weights out the cooler.

This makes it convenient to use for most people, especially when it’s full of drinks and food.

3. The Soft Sided Wheeled Cooler from Coleman

Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler with Removable Liner & Wheels, Blue

Coleman has also made this soft sided wheeled cooler, especially for someone who’s looking for a personalized or more portable device. It’s so capable of holding up to 42 tons of beer but the fact that itself sided and fitted with a removable hard plastic liner makes it both portable and more easily storable.

The popularity of this device is twofold: that it can easily be wheeled, and it takes up far less real estate than most of its rivals. . They have designed it to be narrow but tall making it easily transportable over rougher terrain its shape is far more convenient than most of the rural motors coolers which have been designed to be flat and wide.

It also comes with a telescopic handle that can be fully collapsed. A two-wheeler device, it’s fitted with a front peg to allow it to remain stable when set in place. The only compromise they had to make when designing this smaller cooler is because of its size, it’s less well designed to tackle tougher surfaces.

But if you’re moving it over fine gravel or on a paved surface, this is the perfect wheeled cooler for smaller locations. It would be remiss of me not to mention the fact that this is one of Coleman’s most cost-effective devices when added to the other advantages one of its key selling features is its fact that it offers value for money.

4. The Glide PRO Cooler from Igloo

Igloo Glide Pro 110 Qt Cooler 00034378

This wheel is they have manufactured this cooler using sturdy polyethylene known as being a material that is heavy duty its ability to stand up to significant wear and tear makes it a popular choice for high-quality coolers. I need feature of this wheeled cooler from igloo is the fact that the handle comes pre-fitted with a lock feature, meaning it’ll comfortably stay in place when you’re not using it.

The testing of the device reveals that the ultra therm body can withstand temperatures of 90 for up to 5 days while keeping the ice cool. This one is a particular favorite of the more stylish as the weird color itself looks good, but it’s also designed to be comfortably rolled through rough terrain over grass or even in woodlands. They have fitted it with high-quality sports wheels that are rugged and big.

They have designed it using high-quality hinges, meaning the handling wheels of the cooler are virtually indestructible. We also like the fact that the handle itself comfortably stores out of sight when you’re not using it. We’ve taken it out on a fishing trip, and that it comes fitted with a ruler for measuring the size of your fish is also very convenient.

That they have gone through the trouble of fitting metal hinges as opposed to some standard plastic hinges that usually break makes this one of the most popular products on the market.

5. The Ice Cube Maxcold Roller 70-Quart Cooler from Igloo

IGLOO Maxcold 70 Qt. 2-Wheeled Ice Cube Cooler with Built-In Cup Holders-34071 - The Home Depot

The next cooler on the list is in cube shaped innovative device from igloo with an impressive 74 capacity looking comfortably hold over 112 oz. Another key selling point of this cooler is its unique shape and as a result it can easily hold 2 l bottles inside while keeping them upright.

She’s with size and versatility many big box retailers I’ve chosen to stock this product. You commonly see them at sporting events, picnics or large BBQs.

As we mentioned previously Igloo, products are famous for using high quality thicker insulation this one as a result can keep its ice cool for up to 6 days. It’s pretty favored by parents, as it has a safety lead latch that has snapped into place and is virtually child proof.

They also added some UV inhibitors to protect the product from excessive sun damage. The quick hatch feature allows you to easily and quickly navigate to cooler.

Obviously as it’s a wheel cooler, we look at the construction of the wheels and they have been easily designed to work on a variety of different surfaces it also has a handle that can lock into place when not needed and is comfortable to use. We also like the fact that they’ve added two side handles for more heavy lifting the two beverage holders on top make it perfect for relaxing outside while you’re enjoying any activity.

If you’re looking for a large build cooler that’s well designed convenient to use and escape full of holding a vast quantity of drink and food, this is the product for you.

6. Igloo Trailmate

Igloo Trailmate Journey 70 Qt Cooler

The final Igloo product on the list is called the Trail mate for excellent reason it’s one of the most rugged wheeled coolers on the market. If you’re looking for a reliable device, that keeps the handle on virtually any off-road adventure, this is the cooler for you. Despite the fact that it comes in an impressively large 70 quart size, it is still impressively mobile.

The designers implemented a variety of new technologies to make it one of the most advanced coolers on the list. It’s telescopic handle even comes with a small cup holder. To hold a tablet or phone at an angle perfectly designed for comfortable hands-free viewing.

We love the 10-in wheels that tackle any trail grass or gravel. It’s perfect for towing. I need additional leader chairs. Another neat part of the design is its cool rising technology that is meant to specifically allow the free flow of air beneath your cooler meaning it will never come directly into contact with any roasting of pavement or truck beds keeping the integrity of the cooler compartment at a low temperature.

You can also choose from a wide variety of designs and colors.

7. The Sub Z-Four Wheel Cooler from Nash

nash-sub-z-48-quart-cooler-with-4-wheels - The Cooler Box

I’ve mentioned previously list device comes with four wheels and one compared to the rest of devices on the list that have only two this is an interesting addition. Because we literally choose our wheels coolers because of their level of portability and other key design features, we were very interested to see how these four wheels stand up against rougher terrain.

Why it is primarily designed to be used on flat surfaces and comes with the ability to lock the wheels into place, meaning they will remain stationary wherever you position it it can navigate some off-road. The wheel is supposed to be screwed in and out as needed; I mean, they’re easily added or removed when needed.

However, some people have complained about its reliance on its braking system. We have yet to see anyone complaining about. It comes with a perfectly designed to handle that is like the one on the pelican cooler that swings out from the side of the device. I like to fight and two side rope handles to make transporting it easier.

On top of the standard design features, this device comes out of the box with a wide variety of additional attributes, making it the “coolest” cooler on the market. For example, there is an optional wire basket a padded seating that can be added to the top using four buttons a cutting board on the inside and dividers that can easily be added or removed this is an addition to its screw in wheels. Although they still make this product in the USA, it comes at a reasonable price

8. The Elite Wheeled Cooler from Pelican

Pelican Elite 45 Quart Wheeled Cooler (White)

When you name your device, the elite wheeled cooler, you must have a level of confidence about its ability to keep ice. The series doesn’t let you down; you can purchase it with or without wheels. When tested, either of the devices could keep its ice for nearly 10 days.

Because it’s a wheeled cooler, it’s definitely one of the more expensive on our list however because of its confidence in their product the manufacturers offer you a limited lifetime warranty. This is also one of the few coolers that has been certified bear proof.

It comes with a set of large plastic wheels capable of navigating even those difficult terrains. Could you decide to go to its handle extends out, and it’s comfortable to use and will fall down flush the device, making transporting it in either your truck car or boat really straightforward.

That this cooler will sit flat because they render the wheels means the designer is on an issue with the cooler sliding so they fitted so it’s good proof coating to the base to prevent it from slipping or sliding around unnecessarily. The best feature on the cooler and one that separates it from nearly everything else on the market is its latching mechanism.

They have fitted it with a push and press latching system, which is by far enough of the most robust I’ve ever seen on any wheeled cooler on the market. It’s far superior to some cheaper tea latches that you’ll find on equally expensive rotor motor coolers.

9. The Telescopic Wheeled Cooler from Coleman

Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels | Xtreme Wheeled Cooler, 50-Quart

Every product we’ve listed so far might be a little on the expensive side for some people, so we included this device from Coleman. Possibly the smallest roller coaster on the market, making it one of the most affordable. Because of its miniature size you can buy these coolers for as little as $25, but remember the wheels are miniature too and really shouldn’t be taken off-road.

But having said that the telescoping handle is strong and falls completely out of the way you’re not in use. The device itself can even hold a 2 l bottle upright or up to 22 pens and you can buy it in two choices of color both will come with a white lit.

10. The Rugged 55 Quart All Terrain from Coleman

Coleman 55-Quart Rugged 55 A/T Wheeled Cooler | Sherper's

From the small and portable to the rugged this device gives anything else on the market I run for its money. Memes as the rugged cooler you expected to deal with most extreme environments, and this device doesn’t disappoint. When compared to the other rugged device on the list, the key difference between the two is price.

When compared to the Igloo, the Coleman is barely a fraction of the cost. They also give you puncture proof wheels that are only slightly smaller than the ones installed on the igloo. And it has an additional integrated bungee system that you will not get with other wheels coolers, making it capable of carrying other gear to and from the beach or the campsite.

It’s very similar to the marine cooler reviewed earlier, but they have built it and beefed up perfect for the purpose. Despite its rugged design and it’s capability of dealing with a variety of different circumstances and environments, don’t be surprised if you can still find one of these on the market for less than $75. At that price point, it fits into most people’s budgets.

FAQs about Wheeled Coolers

How do I know I am getting value for money?

When you’re looking for a wheeled cooler, you’re really dealing with two different markets and there’s a massive price divide between either side. They usually design a standard wheeled cooler from a recognizable brand with mass market appeal for picnickers casual Campers or beach covers.

If you’re paying any more than $75 for one of these, then this is the problem. When you step up to the next level and you’re talking about high performance automotive brands that have catered for the more serious outdoor enthusiasts who need portability durability and a proven track record for retaining ice, you will not pick one of these up for less than $200.

When you move into the higher end models that are packed full of features and can hold ice for anything up to 10 days, don’t be surprised if you’re paying more than $1,000 for a high-quality wheel to cooler. For that price you’re going to get some business basically indestructible.

They’re going to last you a lifetime if cared for correctly and you probably won’t have to worry about purchasing another one for years to come.

What are three things you should look for in a wheeled cooler?

When you’re purchasing a wheeled cooler, the three things you want to factor into account are the quality of construction and materials used and its level of durability. As you mentioned above, there are two markets for the quality of wheeled coolers available if you’re looking for a truly durable one you’re going to have to pay a little more for it.

Having said that if you’re only looking to cart your cooler to and from the beach, there are more than a few on the market that will happily accommodate. make sure you’re purchasing a product that uses stainless steel and other strong materials, including something that safeguards from UV light.

Many of the highest rated coolers can even be sat on, dropped from your truck, or survive a bear attack if needed. There’s no denying that they’re more expensive, but the design process and the materials used aren’t cheap either. If you’re looking for a truly portable device, you need to work with airfield wheels did you require more upkeep but they will allow you to hold your cooler in a water wide variety of different locations.

Is my intended use an important consideration?

Obviously price and quality of construction are important, but if you have no intention of holding your cooler up the side of a mountain, why do you need an expensive one. I could only buy for under $100 more comfortably, keep your food and drink cold and safe for a few days.

Unless you intend to go on a two-week camping trip, purchasing a high-performance automotive wheeled cooler is hardly worth the investment. If you’re taking a day at the beach or heading to the music event or sporting event they list most of the coolers above are more than capable of meeting your needs.

How can I judge the ice retention and insulation capabilities of a wheeled cooler?

Until recent advances in technology telling the difference between the ability of one cooler and another most difficult. Nowadays most coolers will show the technology used and how long they will hold ice. Most high-end automotive wheel coolers can hold ice for 6 days or more, and they come with much thicker insulation and far more durable shells.

Even the more affordable entry level coolers will keep your eyes for at least a day or two, and as you move up the scale, some may even hold it over 10 days. Obviously you can read reviews or watch performances in videos to work out which is the best device for you.

Why is the empty weight of the cooler important?

Obviously, because it’s a wheeled cooler, the empty weight isn’t as much of a concentration as it would be with a standard cooler. . if you’re working with a standard cooler, you still have to carry it back from your location. When it’s already come fitted with wheels, you don’t really have to worry about this.

However, some devices are only designed to roll smoothly when full, so test it which it’s empty waste to make sure it’s still comfortable to navigate with. Also remember that the more expensive your cooler, the more insulation and technology they have used to build it as a result it will be happier.

Your standard wheeled cooler will have a capacity of 40 to 60 quarts and usually weighs about 10 to 15 lb when empty. I’m more high-end rotomolded wheeled cooler and weight, anything up to 30 lb or even more for the same capacity. If you’re truly worried about weight, you could buy a soft-sided cooler instead, as these are far lighter and smaller to use.

However, you will be limited in its capacity as I rarely measure more than particles. Also, they don’t have the same capacity to keep ice. Yes, they’re easier to pack, they’re lighter and more portable, they can even fold down to make them even easier to carry when empty.

How can i recognise a good seated wheeled cooler?

Before you purchase a wheeled cooler, it’s important to quickly inspect the seal. They design these to prevent cold air escaping and hot air coming into the cooler and preventing them from leaking easily. unfortunately cheaper wheelchairs rarely come with seals installed they’re only available to middle or level models so this is something you should factor into account when purchasing

Should I consider dry bins and dividers?

Another consideration when purchasing a wheelchair is whether it allows you to carry items that stay dry. Such as raw meat sandwiches and other foodstuffs. Also, if you’re carrying specific medication that needs to be stored in a cool dry place a cooler is perfect, but only if they supply you with dividers or dry bins which allow you to comfortably separate these items and keep them organized in a safe place.

Some high-end models available keep this feature as an add-on, but they rarely included otherwise. If they have designed the dividers to be removable, this will allow you to organize the internals of your. We would highly recommend purchasing this add-on as it offers you access to the best of both worlds, having a cool wet storage and a cool dry storage facility.

Is a base drain important?

Many of these coolers come with extremely high capacities sometimes: 70 plus quarts. so the ability to use a bass drain to remove the water and potentially add more ice without having to tip everything out is very helpful. sometimes tipping over full coolers to drain excess water and then disaster and can quickly become infuriating.

I would remove any food and drinks from the device to do this is another annoying feature. However, the vast majority of the items listed above are completed with base drains, which will allow you to constantly empty any melted water without having to lift our tip over your cooler. However, this is one point where a cheap cooler can quickly give you down as they use cheap parts that sometimes corrode and leak too quickly.

Should I buy a cooler with a locking system?

This is definitely a new thing, as old coolers came with a friction style lock. These were fine if you only intend to carry 20 beers down to the beach, but if you plan to carry valuables, food and drink around for a week’s worth of camping or white water rafting you want a device that is secure and comes with a multi-point locking system as standard.

It also has to come high quality heavy duty rubber latch and the capability of being tied down at multiple different points. If you like you can go for the bear proof wheeled cooler. it’s always advisable to do a quick scan of the manufacturer’s website to ensure that any cooler your purchase can stand up to the claims.

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