The Best Scope for Ruger 10/22

Reviewing The Best Scope for Ruger 10/22: Top Scopes & Best Red Dot for 10/22

In this article, we will cover the best scope for Ruger 10/22. Taking into account that you will need a different scope for specific situations such as squirrel hunting and tactical shooting. We will also offer a series of tricks and tips that will help you choose the best 10/22 Red Dot.

Has there ever being and more ubiquitous .22 LR rifle in American history then Ruger 10/22. It is by far the most popular rimfire rifle of all time. It also features more aftermarket support than any other firearm with perhaps the exception of the Colt 1911 and the AR-15. Two of the most popular accessories sold for the Ruger 10/22 are the red dot optic and the rifle scope.

The Best Scope for Ruger 10/22

Part of the popularity of these rifles is that they are inexpensive, and light. They are designed ao they can pretty much do any job you expect from a rimfire rifle. They are useful training tools, great for plinking, game hunting, and even competition shooting. You can find a rifle scope and model combination to meet any of your needs.

Here are the best optics and scopes available for the Ruger 10/22:

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The best red dot scopes for the Ruger 10/22:

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How To Choose The Best Scope or the Best Red Dot for Your Ruger 10/22

Features, Size, and Weight

The flexibility of the Ruger 10/22 is one of its essential characteristics and has made has a beloved rifle in the world. It comes in over a dozen different models, that have hundreds of aftermarket parts to choose from.

Meaning with a bit of imagination your Ruger 10/22 can turn into any type of rifle you want it to. If you are an average squirrel Hunter, this rifle can be fully equipped, handmade to be trim and slim, to be easily handled while still offering a smooth action. Simply take your gun into a custom shop, and they can fit it out in any manner you would wish. Add a bull barrel and custom stocks if you like, which will allow you to spot and hits targets from even the most extreme ranges. you can also fit it out to look like an AR-15 the choice is yours.

Getting the perfect balance between features, weight and size will be essential and this all depends on how you want to apply your rifle. If you’re going to spend your days hunting, carrying a large unwieldy unit with massive objective bells and large turrets can’t exactly be at the top of your list of priorities.

On the other hand, if you want to build a custom bench rest rifle that’s isn’t going to travel outside of a gun range you can add all the bells and whistles you want.

One of the slight setbacks of the Ruger 10/22 he said it’s nearly impossible to honestly know how your rifle will feel when you add a scope for the first time. But never fear due to its extreme versatility it can carry virtually any type of scope while still handling correctly. With a little practice, you can outfit your gun with additional high-end goodies.

BDC Reticles

Best red dot for 10/22

Since the latest generation of BDC reticles has hit the market, scopes now have additional capabilities that simply didn’t exist before. Without ever having to you can now more accurately notch your shots from extended ranges by merely using a BDC reticle.

This is not to say that BDC reticles are perfect, but you can usually dial in the reticle to suit to any particular load you’re using. This is especially true when you’re using a specially designed rimfire optic. In the vast majority of cases, you will usually be close enough that there is no need to worry about slight deviations.

You will have to know before you ever go to the field or the BDC reticle will just prove too difficult to set up. Some of the older designs were far more finicky of the newer ones. If you are not careful you can easily lose a match or end up missing a kill shot because you didn’t understand how to set your reticle up.

Targets and Ranges

Don’t make the same mistake as others by assuming that your Ruger 10/22 has a top end of only a hundred yards. As a consequence, people waste their time buying scopes with more modest magnification. This is the wrong approach to obtaining the right scope. More experienced Hunters have learned that your choice of magnification should be based on the ranges and targets you intend to shoot, not on the gun and cartridge combination in your use.

Take the example of someone who just intends to shoot a few tin cans from about 25 yards, a zero magnification optic or a red dot will allow them to do this quickly. On the other hand, the same setup simply won’t work if you’re out small game hunting, and you need to be able to hit targets up 250 yards away. A higher magnification would be necessary to allow you to pick out any small targets hidden among brush or leaves.

One thing is for sure, the more you use your Ruger 10/22, the more experience you will gain. This will mean your preferences of optics you choose will undoubtedly change. Getting things perfect the very first time is simply on an unrealistic expectation. What if you sit down and do some research before you go shopping you should end up with a suitable scope.

A Scope or A Red Dot for My Ruger 10/22

Ruger 10/22 Scope

When you’re trying to pick the right optic to fit your Ruger 10/22, you’ll find yourself considering three different options either a magnified scope, a red dot typed aiming aid, or an unmagnified optic. Each have their limitations and advantages, and they’re suitable for a variety of different purposes.

If you’re looking for a smaller lighter and more simplex option, then go with the best red dot optic. They will always be easier to use because they are lighter in weight and are smarter than other options. Being fixed power, they only offer low magnification up to 4x,



  • Offers magnification
  • shooting in low light is more comfortable as the scope others light
  • More precise shooting is available


  • Can be more expensive
  • Are usually bulkier
  • Some models are a little complicated to use

Red Dots


  • More rugged
  • Simpler to use
  • More lightweight and compact


  • Offers little or no magnification
  • Can be more expensive
  • Relies on a battery

Some Reviews of The Best Ruger 10/22 Scopes on The Market Today

1. Vortex 10/22 Optics Diamondback 2-7×35 Rimfire Riflescope


Vortex Diamondback 2-7x35 Rimfire Rifle Scope | Field & Stream

Vortex optics have long been famous for their forward-thinking and innovative designs, especially when it comes to you too manufacturing rifle scopes. World-renowned for making dependable and rugged optics specially designed for sportspeople. if you’re looking for a top of the range rifle scope for your Ruger 22LR, this one is a keeper.

They are designed in the classic fashion of 2-7x35mm riflescopes. This scope combines many of the features already seen on the larger centerfire rifle scopes already produced by the company. Taking this technology they have created a compact and lightweight scope suitable for your Ruger 10/22.

This optic also features fully multi-coated lenses, identical to those under centerfire rifle scopes providing Hunters crystal clear images either at dusk or dawn. They’ve also installed an excellent BDC reticle as well as zero-reset adjustments. The body of the scope is made from aluminum, all of which make repeatable and accurate tracking more comfortable.

If you decide to add this scope from Vortex to your rifle, it will allow you to compete in some target shooting competitions accurately. It’s also suitable for hunting long-range smaller game, even at the edge of your Ruger 10/22s potential.

You will essentially be buying is a smaller version of the already hugely successful rifle scopes that they have designed for long-range tactical shooting. This time they have refined and reshaped the scope to make it more portable and well-balanced when putting on top of your Ruger 10/22.

2. The ProStaff Rimfire with BDC Reticle from Nikon

PROSTAFF RIMFIRE II 3-9x40 BDC 150 from Nikon

When you ask experienced Hunters to recommend a brand of optics suitable for rimfire rifles, Nikon is usually on the tip of their tongue. The concept of value for money started with this companies scopes. Even though there are low-cost product Nikon don’t skimp on the quality of materials that they use. Meaning they remain a favorite among long-range marksmen operating within a budget mark

Nikon, like other companies, has taken the best aspects of their centerfire rifle scopes. It is a practical solution for long-range shooting using a Ruger 10/22 and means your scope will also include high-quality, fully multi-coated lenses.

This classic rifle scope makes target shooting and hunting up to 100 yards using a .22 LR, both enjoyable and more accessible, even if you’re trying to get the smaller games.

This ruger 10/22 scope also has a zero-reset quick-change turret. Because this scope has been specifically designed to work with rimfire cartridges. this is certainly more of a target shooting and a precision hunting optic, rather than one suitable for quick firing.

Red Dot for Your Ruger

One of the few negatives of the optic as we said earlier is that it would be difficult to describe it a compact. But once you look past this, its rugged design makes him an extremely suitable scope for a Ruger 10/22. It’s double o-ring seals, and nitrogen filled range means it is guaranteed to be fog and waterproof. It also features lenses that have been fully multi-coated to allow 98% light transmission.

But if you choose this optic can do so with complete confidence while hunting vermin, the knowledge that should the light fade you won’t have to worry about your scope letting you down. So confident are Nikon in their designs, but they offer a full lifetime guarantee with their rifle scopes.

3. The Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex .22 Reticle from Burris

Droptine™ Riflescope 4.5-14x42mm | Burris Optics

Why not as famous as Nikon or Leupold, Burris is a sleeping giant. Many professionals consider their optics to be among the best in the world, making this rimfire rifle scope among the most popular available today. The range itself has many neat features such as an exceptional 33 mm objective lens, a 1-inch tube, and easily adjustable low profile target turrets.

The BDC reticle by far the most impressive aspect of this rifle scope. It has been designed explicitly with the Ruger 10/22 in mind. A BDC reticle will help calculate how much bullets will drop to allow for more accurate long-range hunting and rifle shooting.

But when you combine the high target turrets with the BDC reticle, you have a genuinely potent addition to your Ruger 10/22. A quick scan of online reviews and recommendations highlights the fact that these features as among the favorites of most people who purchased the scope.

4. The Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope from Bushnell

Top 7 Best .22lr Scope in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Some marksman might find this particular scope to be slightly on the larger side for a Ruger 10/22. This is because it wasn’t designed with this rifle in mind. Its purpose was to make modern style shooting rifles more accurate. Despite the fact it wasn’t designed for guns that chamber rimfire cartridges, it does a particularly good job of allowing you to shoot long-distance targets, with the added simplicity of using a fixed power scope.

The scope also comes with target turrets and a BTC reticle built-in, a style similar to those found on centerfire rifle scopes. These would be considered a bonus to many hunters or marksmen who are experienced using long-range optics.

Bushnell is renowned for producing excellent products. The scope above that was no exception to that rule featuring a fast-focus eyepiece, fully multi-coated optics, and features that are just intelligently designed.

The addition of a side focus adjustment tool for parallax setting, make this particular scope a superior product from its rivals. This is not a standard feature on the vast majority of rimfire rifle scopes, so if you’re looking for this feature, this device is offering you the best value for money.

Even though it is 30mm scope it is bulkier than other optics for the Ruger 10/22 range, it is certainly worthy of consideration for long-range shooting or hunting.


P-Rimfire 2-7x32 Nikoplex with Extra Turret from Nikon

If you’re more into tactical weapons and have one of the tactical versions of Ruger 10/22, Nikon’s rimfire scope is designed specifically with modern sporting rifles in mind. Made to meet all the needs of a tactical shooter, it has a quick focus eyepiece, a slim and compact body, and large target turrets. This scopes are perfect for fast and light rifles like the Ruger 10/22.

Utilizing Nikon’s multi-coated eagle cast lenses, these optics hugging made without using arsenic are ledge I matter design specific to using anti-reflective compounds. It also has Nikon’s propriety BDC reticle included proving it has specifically designed to fire rimfire cartridges.

Any shooter or Hunter, who will be aiming as distances that they are aware of this scope can always be dialed in with a level of precision using the hand turn. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive scope available for any lightweight rifle like a Ruger 10/22.

The addition of critical eye relief and the fast-focus eyepiece will make it more challenging to use as a takedown rifle, but if you’re looking for a long-range AR hunting rifle scope, it won’t be beaten.

The Best Available Red Dot Scopes Made for The Ruger 10/22

1. The SOR52001 Romeo5 from Sig Sauer : Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5 1x20mm Compact 2 Moa Red ...

Sig Sauer will come at the top of most people’s lists in the realm of firearm manufacturers. This manufacturer has been prolific in producing pistols optics and suppressors for years with some excellent results.

Now they have taken a shot at the micro red dot industry to produce a suitable product for Ruger 10/22. Dave incorporated motion-activated power was an interest amount and possibly the best battery life on the market.

The popularity you home this product is only helped by the fact that it is entirely manufactured in the US. It is dependable and rugged. This waterproof optic is also completely fog and shockproof. Designed to be interpreted zoo around a 1913 Picatinny rail that is consciously removable, this can be fitted to virtually any pistol or rifle.

The red. The feature itself is a 2 MOA with ten illumination settings shooting to the house being specially designed to offer night vision improve visibility in poor lighting conditions. The red dot for 10/22 itself is motion-activated, which is intended how to preserve its battery life, and this means you’re up to 40000 hours from a typical battery.

Reliable and rugged design mix one of these from your red dots for Ruger 10/22. Coming in a small package that fits any Ruger 10/22 takedown pack also has some exceptionally high-end features that allow you to take some snappy shots but such a lightweight weapon.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better this red dot for 10/22, it’s cheaper than most of its competitors.

2. The 10/22 Reflex Sight from Feyachi : Feyachi Reflex Sight - Adjustable Reticle (4 Styles ...

As shooting has become increasingly popular, the market has been flooded with cheap dirt optics, leaving people wondering why you would bother spending money I’m hiring brands, especially for rent. When you are going to be doing, technology is a little bit of small game hunting or plinking. To be honest, they’re not wrong. Why should you spend crazy money on optic?

Anyone has his mindset but still wants a reflex red dot sight to fit the Ruger 10/22 you. They should undoubtedly look at this optic from Feyachi. This essential 33 mill and primary reflex sight have quickly become a favorite among shooters, mainly because it is possibly the cheapest in the market.

It’s small footprint only adds to its attraction built around a Picatinny rail mount. They can be used almost universally on any firearm. It is shockproof and waterproof as well as an ultralight powered by a single lithium coin battery miss Eunice is also designed to offer Parallax correction. It’s also easy on the eye because of the synchronization of point of impact and point of aim.

It honestly doesn’t come any easier than this point the red dot for 10/22 where you want the bullet to go. Regardless of whether you have, it mounted Wells takedown rifle in the scout style are you needed closer to your eye for more precision shooting this is a fast reflex optic that is light and perfectly suited for the Ruger 10/22.

3. The HS510C 2 MOA Holographic Red Dot Sight from Holosun

Holosun HS510C - Red Dot | Delta Mike Ltd

We have added this best red dot for 10/22 sight to the list as we know many of our readers look to buy products that offer similar functionality to some of the higher-end brands, but they don’t want to pay the price tag attached. This is why you have chosen this holographic sight from Holosun.

Designed to look like a full-sized optic, it has a 65 MOA ring rectangle 2 MOA red dots 133-millimeter objective lens built to be used on a Picatinny rail mount. It has a quick detach feature a rugged aluminum body and open reflex tile projection and comes in a matte black finish.

Anyone who’s used to using the one and a half-inch offset for their iron red dot sight for Ruger 10/22 will find this optic easy to use don’t be put off by the fact that’s been affected in China this brand name is quickly becoming known for its ruggedness as well as the other benefits it offers.

If you’re looking for a military-style high-quality, rugged optic for your Ruger 10/22 rifle, but you are reluctant to pay exorbitant prices, this is a great option coming in roughly one-quarter of the cost of a high-end brand object while offering nearly the same capabilities.

What Accessories Come for The Ruger 10/22

The Best Ruger 10/22 Scope

As with any rifle, some different pieces of equipment would prove crucial the making your life more comfortable as well as increasing your accuracy. All in all, they will just make your shooting experience more enjoyable.

1. High Quality Scope Mount

For an age, Ruger used to manufacture their proprietary scope mounts for their 10/22 use. But these days you have a prolific action of models to choose from. You can either use a Picatinny you are a standard weaver mount, depending on what model 10/22 you using. I know there are some things that you can skip on me, but your scope mount is not one of them.

You should always invest in a high-quality mount to ensure that your scope will remain functional and accurate. You also won’t have to worry about it coming loose or wobbly when moving to the field.

If you’re buying a scope bench rest rifle you want to make your gun as accurate as possible in this case it’s might be advisable to get your mouth professionally installed, which will ensure a near-perfect fit to meet the action of your Ruger 10/22

2. Rings

Diesel units I want help you attach your scope to your rifles mount when many ranges these days are pure, only one affair that can bind rings and mounts together if you’re looking for a more proprietary mount you might end up having to install the ring as yourself.

In the event you end up mounting your own scope, it’s essential to buy the mount and rings together. I’m trying to make sure they’re made from the same material. The quality of the rings you choose and select the right size will be crying out to your rifle’s accuracy. Choosing rings made from the same material as your face is famous because it can affect your product’s durability.

3. Forends and Rails

If you intend to mount a thermal scope, night vision scope, flashlight, a bipod, or any other accessory to a Ruger 10/22, you will need to attach a rail.

This will involve purchasing an aftermarket stock designed who’s the real system included how else you can attach Picatinny rails to them for the end of your rifle with epoxy or screws.

There are a plethora of off-brand real segments available online, but they’re best-avoided stick with better-known manufacturers like in gg&g AR LaRue tactical. All of them make high-end polymer rails that are easy to work with and cheap. This is not something you should skip on me.

4. Magazines

Your Ruger 10/22 will come with a standard factory 25 round magazine if you have a selection of aftermarket magazines. Before making any purchase, you need to make sure the magazine you’re buying is legal purple hunting and standard ownership. Remember that your Ruger 10/22 is classified as a semi-automatic firearm. Installing an extended magazine may not always be legal in your area.

5. Bipod

Choosing the correct by powder is essential, as it would be constructive when you’re trying to make accurate long shots. When it comes to your Ruger 10/22, squeezing every last ounce out of your Ruger 10/22 could be the difference between making a clean kill shot or not. Companies like Harris make high-end, reliable bipods avoid any of the lower quality products that just end up ruining chances.

If you’re shooting a rimfire, this isn’t always mean that you should go for the cheapest available options when it comes to any accessory, especially you lower quality bipods. They simply put far too much stress on the forend of your rifle, an errand reliably accurate.

6. Aftermarket Triggers

As you’re beginning to see, there are I need several accessories available for your Ruger 10/22 among these are some neat aftermarket triggers once again some of these are illegal in specific areas. If you’re looking to install a trigger that might have a reduced weight before you hand it over to them. Too many accidents have happened down the years when someone picks up a rifle expecting it to operate in a particular fashion. But due to either legal or illegal alterations, they weren’t hoping someone needlessly gets hurt.

7. Aftermarket Stocks

These are just another addition to the Ruger 10/22 already massive selection of aftermarket products available. Some are tactical models designed to make your 10/22 look like an AR-15. Being very honest I’ve never really been attracted to many aftermarket stocks as they tend to be overpriced and do little to upgrade your Ruger’s potential. Put it in your cup of tea, go fresh. I just think your money could be better spent elsewhere.

The Final Verdict

The best red dot scope

As you can see, there is no better time to be the owner of a Ruger 10/22 the choices you have are limitless. You can buy optics to do virtually anything you want. You can add some features by choosing from a variety of aftermarket products available. You have no excuse for building your perfect rifle. I’m selecting the optic, but it is best for you.

Whether you’re going just to shoot cans plank around, do some long-range severe target shooting. Takedown some small game. There is a scope and rifle combination out of there for you. We hope that this review all of the rifle scopes available for the 10/22 will have to make the right decision. Regardless of what you do, please remain safe, remember anytime you alter a rifle, be sure to test it thoroughly before you use it in a potentially dangerous situation. If you are unsure of what t do, leave any alterations to a professional. Pick up the phone and call the local expert for some help. Remember, shooting is meant to be fun, always shoot carefully.

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