The Best .308 Scopes

Reviewing The Best .308 Scope: Top 10 .308 Scopes for Hunting

If you ask American hunters what their favorite rifle cartridge is, the most popular answer probably be the. 308.

Even though few rounds, we’re better than the .30-06. Even the American military has now phased the out the .30-06 giving their snipers and SDM the more reliable .308. When it comes to hunting, Winchester’s the best .308 scope is beyond compare, making it the most commonly used hunting cartridge in the US.

Even though it now has many different competitors, no manufacturer has managed to break the stranglehold that Remingtons .308 currently holds, it sits on top of the pile, comfortable in the knowledge it is the most university chambered round in rifles in the US. It is undeniably the king of cartridges as more specialized optics being designed for it every year.

With this in mind, we have decided to look at the best .308 scopes available on the market today:

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How To Choose The Best .308 Scope? : Nikon M-Tactical .308 4-16X42SF Matte BDC800 : Sports ...

If you are in the market for a new scope for your standard Browning X bolt or the more exotic Tikka CTR or Barros FN SCAR, there are a range of excellent scopes out there that have been tailor-made for your .308. This article will explore several different features that will help you choose the best .308 scope for your given rifle. I will also make a few recommendations just in case you’ve never bought an extent for a .308 range before.

The Correct Weight and Size

As the technology used to design and manufacture optics has improved over the years, they’ve become lighter and lighter. As the optic becomes brighter, the actual objective lenses become larger. To the stage, we’re seeing AR-15 ou and about with 56mm scopes. It’s not unusual, but in the vast majority of cases, not necessarily wrong, but the bigger of Scope you have, the heavier it’s going to be. If you’re not careful, this could prove more a hindrance when you are hunting.

Thus, it’s essential to choose the best size scope and objective lens you want to purchase before you go shopping. It is too easy to have your eyes drawn to other large scopes that have amazingly large objective lenses that you don’t need. Especially considering these can prove challenging to use at the best of times. At the end of the day is the quality of rather than the size of the lens that matters.

The difference in performance between a 56 mm and a 40-minute objective lens is negligible, primarily if the lenses inside feature subpar coatings. The same can be said for the tube. It’s not worth the extra size and weight if it doesn’t improve your performance. The only reason you would need a 1in tube if it doesn’t help you hit the target.

Every Hunter will have a different level of tolerance concerning the weight that they want to carry while hunting with a .308 rifle. These are not designed to carry anything more substantial than 8lbs. The only time you should use something bigger is if you intend to use it solely for competitions or bench rest shooting, or you are hunting from a blind or stand. The lighter the weapon, the easier it is to carry use and trouble with.

What’s Your Budget?

Your budget is going to play a big part when searching for the right Scope for your rifle. It should also be in proportion to the brand of the gun that you’re using. If you are a high-end marksman looking to get the best out of your investment in the latest Ruger precision rifle, you can’t afford to put an excellent scope on top.

The purpose of the Scope is to provide you with an optic that can magnify your target and increase your performance. Depending on your skill level and the rifle you choose, this job can be performed for $300 or $1,500. But the vast majority of scopes today go for reasonable prices, as low as $500. you can even push your budget $2,000 if you’re looking for a high-end scope.

Of course, the amount of money you want to spend on the Scope is a personal decision. Still, in my experience, you tend to get better value-for-money when you purchase from significant manufacturers rather than your boutique brands. Paying for the best brand name is not always the way to get the best product.

Bushnell, Vortex manufacture exceptional .308 Winchester scopes all for below $300, and all of which are comfortable for shooting more than 800 yards.

The Most Important Features

One of the most impressive aspects of owning a .308 is that you can buy any accessories you want. You can choose from the most inexpensive holographic sights that will still offer a BDC reticle, or you can but an extraordinary powerful tactical and military-style scopes that might shoot a cartridge to the moon.

It’s essential to define precisely want you going to use your rifle for before you start shopping for a scope. This will help you stay within your budget and purchase a product that doesn’t have a load of features that you simply won’t use. Your goal is to buy a scope that will offer you value for money and a long life span.

The most basic features include the choice of distances you want, one that is not going to be a burden to carry around all day. These days it is easy to spend money on a scope that offers magnifications you just don’t need.

If you’re smart when you’re shopping, you even can find a scope with sunshades, exterior coatings, and BDC reticles at virtually no extra cost. Once you have chosen the features, you need to add more than 30mm tubes, and target turrets while becoming more common will cost you a little extra.

Also check out our guide as we review the top hunting scopes for your shotgun.

Best Scopes for .308 Rifles on The Market

The Best .308 Scope

Here are what are considered to be the best. 308 rifle scopes on the market today

1. Best Value for Money – Nikon P Tactical 308

Nikon, are by far the world’s largest manufacturer of optical equipment. They have used their vast experience in the optical industry to put their knowledge to use, putting out better products while continuing to drive down their prices. When it comes to value for money, it’s difficult to look past a Nikon scope.

This. 308 riflescope has been designed using a 14 mm lens and. T]hey have installed excellent multi-coated lenses, the Scope is itself is far lighter than any of its competitors who offer a comparable 12x magnification. It also features an eyepiece that is extremely simple to calibrate, meaning this. 308 riflescope has the capability of shooting up to eight hundred yards accurately.

2. Best Long Range Precision – The NightForce SHV

Nightforce quickly built a name for themselves in the scope industry as providing exceptional quality products. When it comes to the production of long-range tactical optics, no company can compete. They produce custom made equipment for the best long-range marksman in the world, quite something they provide a product capable of doing things that others simply cannot.

This is more middle of the range scope that they produce, offering them a high amount of tactical ability at a reasonable price. It will allow you to make precision long shots while having a set of optics that are still relatively inexpensive. You are going to forgo some of the high-end features such as custom turrets that come with their higher-end scopes. This particular Scope is a 33 mm tube with a 56mm objective lens that offers 20x magnification and 4:1 zoom ratio. You can also add as many features as you want. These can be found when you purchase from the manufacturer’s website.

The most significant selling point of this Scope is the quality of its build, offering fully armored and multi-coated lenses. The Scope is virtually bulletproof. To get the best of the Scope, you need to be shooting targets that are over a thousand yards away. This is popular with people who like to shoot from bench rest rifle setups, and many integrate this Scope with the simple action of a Remington 700. But in all honesty, this is not the best Scope for those who intend to use it everyday hunting accessory.

3. Best Battle Rifle .308 Scope – Trijicon Acog

Because it is one of the major suppliers for NATO and the US military, Trijicon is now an iconic optics manufacturer. ECoG products are some of the most sought-after tactical optics ever produced. They are commonly fitted to the AR-10. 308 rifles were making it an extremely reliable and effective weapon.

This Scope is widespread due to its bomb-proof design. Offering 3.5x magnification, a 33-millimeter objective lens, and a BDC reticle, it also has a backup battery and illumination from fiber optics to ensure you never run short of light. They are designed to be used below 500 yards for fast optic snap shooting. The major drawback is its weight and cost. What it does provide exceptional technology, and It is easier incorporated into any standard rifle. There’s no denying that it is heavily weighted and priced.

4. Best .308 Scope from Nikon – Nikon M Tactical

As we mentioned before, Nikon produces some of the premier optics on the market and can be used for just about anything. This M-series rifle scope for the specially designed for law enforcement and military personnel meaning they’re exceptional at long range and target shooting

Featuring a 2-16 X magnification and 42-millimeter lens, the riflescope is fireproof, shockproof, waterproof. It has fully multi-coated lenses making it one of the most reliable optics on the market. Nikon is particularly proud of the zero recessed turrets turns they incorporated on the design. Cheaper, when compared to many tactical or long-range scopes, it does provide a more than an acceptable bridge between a standard optic and costly specialized features offered on high-end scopes.

5. Best .308 Scope for Deer Hunting – Leupold VX Freedom

Thankfully old school hunters haven’t been completely forgotten. Leupold makes exceptionally designed barebones optics for people who want a little bit of modern technology built into a classic design. The Scope has everything you expect from their freedom suite of designs, having all features associated with the classic VX Leupold design. Featuring simplistic yet fully multi-coated lenses and high-quality optical prism.

Designed to incorporate versatile 3- 9x, 50mm magnification lenses. If you want a reliable scope for general or deer hunting, you can’t do any better.

6. Best .308 Scope from Vortex – Vortex Viper HS-T

Vortex is known for its tactical and hunting optics producing some of the most rugged design products on the market, and They are so confident in the quality of their products that they are happy to back up with one of the best warranties offered by any scope manufacturer. This alone makes purchasing this Scope to smart option.

They also known as innovators in the industry, always looking into the future to see you on the next trends in the scope market might be. This particular Scope is no different, being one of their premium products. This Scope is made using aircraft-grade aluminum; it has a 44mm objective lens and offers magnification from 4 to 16x. This is not designed for any close-range shooting; what you get is an exceptional long-range hunting scope.

7. Best .308 Range for Designated Marksmen – EO Tech Vudu

This company is better known for producing holographic sights, but they have started to make a name for themselves producing exceptional magnified optics. They’re designed with the military in mind and are prepared to professional-grade

This particular Scope allows for hold off needed to accurately hit long-range targets, especially when a shot doesn’t allow you to time to make necessary adjustments on turrets. The placement of the reticle in the first focal plane allows the Scope to remain a point, across the entire range of magnification. It also features extremely precise and tactile turrets.

8. Best .308 Scope for Hunting in The American Northwest – Zeiss Conquest V4

The primary target of this product is hunters in the Northwest who take down more massive elk or mule deer. Each of which has its own unique set of challenges that aren’t found in the rest of the country. Due to the nature of the game, hunting primarily takes place across broad ranges. Such as valleys, and experienced hunters need a scope that offers a high level of accuracy over longer distances.

Zeiss’s particular Scope keeps Hunters a comfortable range when trying to hit their mark from longer distances. It features a now-legendary lense that offers immaculate imagery. The clarity is hard to describe unless you experience it yourself. The Scope has been specifically designed and built for hunting in rugged conditions made from high-quality components that are made to be incredibly durable but don’t have any unnecessary tactical features.

The Scope itself is an uncomplicated duplex and the turrets that are covered to offer more protection.

9. Best .308 3-Gun Scope – Primary Arms SLx8

When you’re competing in the three gun competitions, you will encounter challenges that are not commonly met when patrolling or hunting. Special optics are needed to excel in such games, especially when you need to engage targets that could be anything from 5 to 200 yards apart. This Scope will offer shooters a unique ability to use both of their eyes. You can set it to 1x magnification when trying to hit closer targets and quickly jump to 8x any further away points.

Featuring the ACSS reticle, the Scope is being used by both enthusiasts and professionals alike because of its accuracy and the ability to quickly range targets at a variety of different distances. It should also be noted that the Scope is both water and shockproof and features high-quality lenses all incorporated into a very durable design.

10. Best .308 Red Dot Scope – Aimpoint PRO

For hunters who are looking for something a little bit different for their .308, other than a magnetic scope. Choosing this red dot optic offers some undeniable benefits, main the ability to consistently, quickly, and accurately hit acquired targets. The only issue you encounter using red dot scopes on a .308 caliber rifle is that they haven’t been designed to deal with more extensive recoil associated with .308 rifles. On occasion, they are known to fail when put to the test quickly.

This particular Scope is based on the M60 Scope used by the military and has been primarily designed to be able to shoot accurately. The battery life of the Scope is also impressive as it can be measured in years instead of hours.

What Magnification is Best for .308 Rifle Scopes?

When you’re trying to decide on the most suitable magnification for your .308 Scope, you will have to keep in mind what you intend to use it for. Since the standard .308 cartridge is usually limited in range to 1000 yards, this should make your decision a little bit easier. buying a scope that offers is the magnification of over 16x will simply just be a waste of money

Past that point, most scopes will no longer offer the clarity needed despite having the highest quality lenses installed.

Experts recommend that you put the quality of the magnification in second to the quality of the lens. For example, most scopes offering a magnification of up to 9 x will provide significant accuracy of up to 1000 yards once your school is of sufficient quality. this range is too challenging for a 9 x magnification you can always go for a 12 x

The only exception to this rule might be in specific hunting situations. If you plan to target a more significant game up to 800 yards away, the extra magnification might help you identify the small spot you need. Many hunting experts will tell you that usually, less magnification can help rather than hinder a shooter.

Red Dot VS Fixed Power VS Variable Power Optics for .308

Red Dot Optics

it is common to find a red dot optic fitted to a 308 rifle but not unheard of. For example, some AR-10 competes with red dot optics when they’re being used for home defense AR competition. The same could be said for holographic are prism scopes. If you’re choosing the Scope suitable for three gun competitions, you might choose one of these optics, especially if you’re shooting in a variety of heavy metal on factory divisions.

But the vast majority of hunters want to use magnetic objects because you tend to be shooting over longer ranges, especially with their. 308 rifles

Fixed Power Scopes

one of the best ways to ensure the quality of your optic, especially about the price you are painting, is to purchase a fixed power scope. Some of the best ranges on the market are set to power as they are known to have more durable lenses and be extremely rugged. Once again, choosing the magnification will simply be based on what you intend to use the Scope for; for example, M14, I’m being deported of choice for the US army in Iraq.

These have been fitted with 4x ACOG scopes as ranges rarely exceed over 300 meters. Many professional and competitive long-range shooters also swear by scopes have enormous levels of success with them.

Variable Power Scopes

These are quickly becoming the most popular scopes for people using. Three weeks. Sabian people have the additional benefits of hitting targets over a variety of different ranges, adjusting the power ring. There’s no denying this variable power is an exceptional teacher. The complicated nature of the scopes that the precision makes components within them often break too easily; fixing these can often prove as expensive as replacing them.

Choosing Between The Nikon M 308 and The P 308

The P-Series is an exceptional scope, and Alvarez alive building value. Still, the m-series is more than possible to offer some significant upgrades that you need to take into account. When purchasing an m series, you have a lens that provides a brighter image for the shooter YouTube grind that Nikon has used; this is especially true when shooting over longer ranges. M series scopes also have a focus knob, which isn’t just about providing a clear image.

It also offers the option to adjust the cables, allowing shooters to come through the correct any intentional point of aim shifts. These are coming when shooting over varying ranges.

.308 Scope Features You’ll Not Want To Do Without

Depending on your budget on the type of rifle in your purchasing scope, there will be several things that you already have in mind and a series of features that you know you want to get the best. toothless ain’t that the market is now swamped with proprietary and specialized scopes featuring technologies that make them far more useful and easier to use choosing scopes has become increasingly difficult

Having said that there are some features that you were not want to compromise on:

Specialized Coatings

The addition of specialized and proprietary coating has taken scopes to the next frontier. All major manufacturers that incorporate these in their designs allow your lens to better filter light to your Scope, meaning you will see a more accurate target space to shoot at.

A case in point is the Scope that is explicitly made for deer rifles; these will have dating is designed to filter out red wavelengths correctly. This will allow you to better spot the brown coats of your prey, even in the densest brush. If you’re a competitive target marksman, you can set your filter to allow better you to pick out shades of grey and black, especially in low-light or longer ranges.

Despite the fact these are becoming more common, every manufacture does not offer them, only the best manufacturers only use them in their higher-end rifle scopes. If you do intend to splash a little bit more cash, this is the feature that you will undoubtedly demand on any pricey scope.

Target Turrets

To correctly use a target turret, you will have to go through an extremely steep learning curve that most standard shooters simply don’t want to bother with. But if you’re a competitive shooter using a target turret will just have become second nature; hunters rarely use them. But in this day and age, if you want to take your hunting and shooting to the next level, learn to use a target turret.

Even though most average shooters are happy to get by with standard scopes, most of them want to avoid the cost and additional weight that come with adding high-end target turrets as they think that the cost outweighs the benefits. This is undoubtedly true if you don’t have the patience to put in the work to learn how to use them. What if you are purchasing a custom setup such as those available from Leopold. Expect to reach a level of precision, unlike you’ve ever had before.

BDC Reticles

This is another feature that should be at the forefront of your mind. A BDC reticle aims to allow shooters to guess they’re bullets ark over specific ranges reliably. This a handy feature and challenging to perfect even when they’re custom fit. They do become a point of aim, especially when they’re shooting over known distances. Many Hunters simply stopped using them because, in the past, previous designs were more challenging to use.

If you’ve never used to BDC, you certainly want your new Scope that has this, and you can get one at little additional cost or weight.

Quick Detach or One-piece Mounts

The type of ring combination and mount you need largely depends on the type of rifle that you’re using. He is a DPMS lower on Remington 700, choosing the correct combination movie essential oil. In the past, it was coming for shooters to choose a dove tie. Mount designed explicitly for the rifle’s action and the set of rings.

When tactical mounts became more popular quick, detach one-piece mounts hit the market. They behave the mount of choice for most people using AR-style long-range rifles, and they usually transition about once the mount has been dispatched to use your backup iron sights. Anyone who’s using a precision rifle for shooting should only consider using a one-piece mount.

One-piece mounts are made from one solid piece of material, including the rings on a milled base. This design allows you to have fewer moving parts. And ensures you will have a much tighter tolerance level when you set up. You can rest comfortably and bed the mount to allow secure action to ensure you get the optimal performance following setup. If you shop around, you will conveniently find one-piece mounts that are not much more expensive than the highest quality legacy designs, and they’re certainly worth the investment.

Quick Focus Eye-pieces

When you’re shopping for eyepieces, you certainly want one with a generous eye box. The position of your eye dictates this about the scoped objective lens. You can find this by looking through the Scope and seeing a black donut-like ring. When you have a scope that features a large eye box and a fast-focus eyepiece, you won’t have to worry about getting your Scope aligned perfectly every time to rid all parallax.

But there are trade-off wit these scopes that are designed with exact eye boxes. It is challenging to shoot quickly and freely because you have to ensure that you are positioned correctly every time this means directly behind the Scope. You need to be in this position to be able to differentiate to the right or the left successfully, or either down or up.

Concerning your eye can you end up being off-target but many inches depending on the length of the shot. This is why you should always invest in a scope that has an easy to use eye box and eyepiece. Unless you’re involved in long-range shooting, you are unlikely to notice the drop off in performance.

How to Calibrate Your .308 Scope to Zero?

Leapers/UTG Operators Manual - Zero Resetting Of Your Scope ...

The zero for .308 rifle will most commonly be 100 meters and 100 yards; this will depend on whether you specify in mils or MOA. This is just an essential starting point for most hunters and shooters. The vast majority of them take shots within 100 yards. This test is designed to allow you to make certain adjustments depending on the distance. Zeroing at the closer range isn’t too tricky, especially if the first few shots hit the target.

To establish the correct point of impact, you should shoot groups of three to five rounds. She was the middle shot of each group. How’s your boo thing to make correct adjustments? If you’re not shooting me on paper, you may have difficulty determining the exact point of impact to make necessary adjustments to help with this. You should probably zero on closer targets before moving on to 100 yards.

How to Zero a .308 Rifle at 25 Meters or Yards?

The easiest way to quickly sight your rifle is to try to zero on a target of 25 meters. Because you’re choosing a destination that is so close, it is unlikely that you will miss the paper target completely, and identifying your point of impact should be much more comfortable. To manage this precisely, follow the same procedure as listed above and make the necessary adjustments. This should allow you to keep your shots in many tight groups.

Always remember that you have to be aiming for the very center of your target, but you want your results to be slightly underneath the goal. Measure the vertical distance from the center of the barrel to the center of the Scope. Then you need to apply this measurement to the difference between your desired point of impact and the bullseye.

How to Zero a .308 Rifle at 10 Meters or Yards?

If you were in a hurry, the most desirable and effective way to zero your rifle would be to do so on at 10 yards or meters, especially if you can’t find the location or time to do a correct zero. Set up your targets on a tree roughly 10 yards away from your shooting point. Once again, measure the vertical distance from your barrel’s center through the center of the Scope and make two dots on your target.

Simply aim at the top and fire. Make the necessary adjustments depending on where your bullets impact until they impact directly on the lower dot.

From such a close range, you should see virtually no spread in your shooting. So don’t bother wasting any more ammunition other than one round. This is not to say that once you zeroed to 10 meters, you can suddenly start hitting 500-yard shots at trophy elks, it could be suitable if you’ve just replaced the broken optic or fitting a new scope.

How to Correctly Mount My Scope On a .308?

How To Easily Mount A Riflescope - YouTube

To correctly mount a scope on your .308, the first thing you need to do is to choose the correct rings. At this point, you should never buy cheap rings as these will make it more challenging to hold your Scope solidly in place and will result in a lack of precision. You should also choose rings made of the same material as your Scope as it’s common for metals to change shape and size when they exchange temperatures.

If your Scope and rings’ are made from different metals, this can cause a slight shift in your point of aim over time.

Mount The Rings Correctly

The first step is to lightly mount the rings on the rifle until the Scope fits well; this ensures that you have a comfortable fit scope and it ready when mounting your gun. When you’re happy, remove the Scope, and tighten the rings, you should use a lock nut to ensure they will not easily loosen.

Correctly Leveling The Scope

Simply place a small level on the flat spot at the peak of your Scope. This will ensure that your reticle remains level upon installation. On occasion, this can be thrown off by your elevation cap, so you can remove the cap, to prevent it causing an error in the measurement.

Lock Your Turret Down

The final step is to lock the Scope in place using the top half of the rings. Once you’re tightening the screws, taking it one screw at a time, turn each a few rotations to ensure that you apply an equal amount of pressure around the whole Scope. To ensure a perfect installation of your Scope, you should use the correct torque specs recommended by the manufacturer of the rings. This will allow you to achieve what’s considered final tightness.

The Final Verdict

As you can see, the process of choosing the correct Scope for you. 308 requires the following series of simple steps. Before you ever go shopping, you should always consider your rifle type and your expectations for the Scope. Given the sheer amount of excellent products available on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate one from another. Different scopes will allow you to do a variety of different things with your rifle, whether you’re shooting 1000 yard targets or hunting in thick brush.

Purchasing a scope is down to personal preference; getting the right one without experience, is as much down to luck as science. Knowing how any given rifle scope should perform in the field take knowledge and expertise. This means that the choices you choose will change over time, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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