Prairie Dog Hunting Tips

Prairie Dog Hunting Tips

Prairie dog hunting is thought to be a rather well-liked sport, particularly in the Midwest. Even if it’s not at the top of your list, playing this game is an excellent method to maintain your hunting abilities. Having the best rifle and related equipment is a requirement for playing the sport properly, as your success in the game depends only on them.

The type of gun you are using in this game, other than the setting, is what matters. Although some people still use older weapons, it is advised to use the more modern ones for better gaming accuracy.

What Are Prairie Dog Hunting Tips? 

There’s no way you won’t succeed in the game if you have the best hunting gun and supplies. In this sport, location is crucial, but so is the type of gun and gear you employ. You’ll note that all of the modern rifles on the market today perform more accurately and discharge more quickly than the older ones. It is better to shoot prairie dogs because, after the first few shots, they immediately descend into their burrows.

Since the area is so wide, most hunting of this type is done at a distance. The 400 yards of open space may even require you to run quite a bit because the prairie dogs won’t let you approach them quickly. Since long-distance shooting only occurs between 200 and 500 yards, one must be an adept.

Long-range hunting makes prairie dog hunting one of the most difficult hobbies, but it’s also the ideal for developing your skills. It’s the sport for you if you want to improve your accuracy because these animals are usually still but will only allow you a limited number of opportunities to shoot at or trap them. So, be very vigilant.

You Should Know Your Location 

You must be sure of your location before beginning your prairie dog hunt. You must be in an area where prairie dogs are prevalent. Prairie dog shooting is a well-liked pastime in the states of North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Montana.

The greatest thing you can do is research hunting forums online and even ask the locals where they recommend going for a specific type of shooting.

Using Suppressor Will Be a Good Option 

Since prairie dogs are thought to have sensitive hearing, after you have fired a few shots, they can dash down to their burrows right away and not reappear for some time.

They might not come out, which could leave you trapped for a long period.

You wouldn’t have to work as hard to find them if you used the suppressor, though, as it can help keep pockets of prairie dogs out of their burrows.

Understanding the Scope 

When you go out hunting, you must know that you will have to zero your riflescope. When you do that, you can rest assured you will have a successful hunting trip. 

Since it is common knowledge that prairie dogs may be shot from a distance of 200 to 400 yards, occasionally even beyond. It would not be appropriate to waste too many rounds at such range if your scope is imprecise. Possessing a high-quality scope will be crucial to your success.

Pack Spare Ammo 

It could be challenging to locate an ammunition provider when you are hunting due to the area’s size and openness. To calculate the required amount of ammunition, you must try to estimate how many shots you would need for each hunt and then multiply that number by two.

Pack extra ammunition to avoid having to rush home during the hunt if you run out of ammo at any stage.

Use Barrel Cooler 

Your amount of prairie dog hits could increase if you use barrel coolers properly. Due to the heat of the western regions, the rifle’s barrel may overheat and lose accuracy. You must choose a quality barrel cooler if you want to keep your barrel in good condition and embark on successful hunting expeditions.


What should a prairie dog hunter know? If prairie dog hunters don’t want their trip to be ineffective, they can benefit from a variety of advice. The site of the search is crucial to understand; if it’s not ideal for prairie dogs, the hunt may appear entirely pointless. Therefore, pay attention to your hunting area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best setup for prairie dog hunting?

The best places for such a search are said to be North and South Dakota. This type of hunting is not as such license-required.

What is the best caliber for prairie dog hunting? 

There aren’t even any calibre limitations put in place because this type of hunting is not subject to licence requirements.

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