The Complete Guide To Buying A Paintball Gun (Updated 2020)

One of those games when the adrenaline kicks in and you just can’t stop is paintball. Every day, more and more people play this game all over the world. The game is entertaining, secure, and helps you stay healthy. What more could you ask for in a hobby?

Producers of the following paintball guns follow the latest trends in the industry. They develop the most advanced paintball guns that offer players a number of cutting-edge functionalities.  We’ve got tons of reviews and guides for the best paintball guns on the market but THIS guide is a comprehensive resource on everything you need to know going into this sport.

What Is A Paintball Gun

A paintball gun is a unique tool that shoots a paintball with compressed air. This accelerates the paintball’s exit from the apparatus. It should go without saying that during a paintball game, paintball guns are typically employed.

Players use these guns to shoot paintballs at each other in an attempt to tag or mark each other. The paintballs are tiny gelatin capsules packed with paint that explode when they touch or mark a player’s body.

This athletic contest has numerous variants and is well-liked everywhere in the world. The paintball gun is the only constant.

Custom Paintball Gun

The paintball gun has a traditional gun form. The equipment is connected to a source of compressed air, and pulling the trigger initiates the shooting process. If you like, imagine it as a typical gun that uses compressed air to fire paintballs rather than bullets.

Paintball guns typically use an expanding gas, like compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2). Paintball markers are another name for paintball guns. Since it was first used, the phrase “marker” has been used.

These paintball pistols were originally used by forestry personnel to mark trees with paint before becoming the primary equipment for a paintball game. Additionally, farmers marked animals that were straying with paintball guns.

These weapons have a muzzle velocity of about 300 feet per second (90 m/s). Despite some moving at a higher speed, manufacturers believe it might be dangerous. A paintball may inflict damage when it strikes a target quickly. Specifically, when human tissue is hit by the paintball. Bruising or more severe tissue injury could result from this.

The degree of injury is determined by the paintball gun’s velocity, impact angle, proximity of the objects, and which area of the body it strikes. Players are advised to wear masks and costumes that protect them from soft tissue injury. At the conclusion of this article, we will go into greater detail on safety issues.

Key Types Of Paintball Guns

The three fundamental categories of paintball guns are pump, mechanical, and electronic.

Pump Paintball Guns

Pump paintball guns are the first sort of markers, however they are not very common today. To fire them, a manual action is needed. To cock the pistol and chamber the next paintball, the operator typically needs to pump the weapon in a shotgun-like motion. Pump paintball weapons are remarkably precise and dependable. They may not offer the golfer much firepower, but they do improve concentrate.

Green Pump Paintball Marker

Mechanically Operated

The most popular markers on the market are mechanical paintball pistols. They typically appear in a game for fun. Usually, semi-automatic weapons are used. This suggests that each time the trigger is pulled, they fire one shot. The use and maintenance of mechanical paintball markers is fairly simple.

The majority of mechanical paintball guns run on pressurised air or CO2. In the event that you are playing on a professional field or have a specialised store nearby, it is incredibly simple to get the paintball tanks filled.

The blowback design is seen in many mechanical paintball weapons on the market. This implies that pulling the trigger causes a sear catch to move. This lets go of a striker or hammer that is positioned beneath the tension of the spring. The valve is then opened by the striker, allowing the paintball to exit the barrel.

As the second paintball enters the breech, preparing for the next shot, the pressure from this also forces the striker back until it is caught by the sear. Typically, there are two categories of blowbacks: stacktube designs and inline designs.

Electronically Operated

Players may now purchase electronic paintball weapons for less money. Previously, such weapons were regarded as a luxury.

Paintballs are fired from electronic paintball guns using electronic solenoids. Normally, a volt battery or a rechargeable substitute powers these weapons. Their trigger triggers a laser beam or clicks a microswitch. An electronic paintball gun’s trigger pull is comparable to clicking a mouse button. This enables users to shoot at extremely high rates.

Blue/Black Electronic Paintball Gun

All of the solenoid’s commands are managed by the circuit board of the firearm. So, burst, full auto, ramping, and other fire modes are provided by practically all electronic paintball guns.

Electro-mechanical or electro-pneumatic paintball weapons are two additional subtypes of electronic paintball guns. The first kind of markers are mechanical markers, which have a trigger frame that shoots the pistol electronically.

When the solenoid valve in an electro-pneumatic paintball pistol is opened, pressurised air passes through and propels the ball out.

Parts Of A Paintball Gun

A paintball gun is made up of several crucial components that work together to propel the gun. Some accessories are required to play the game successfully in addition to the primary components.


An internal mechanism built into the paintball gun’s body inserts the paintballs into the firing chamber and engages the firing mechanism. The bolt is the mechanism used to load the paintballs.


Another crucial component of paintball guns is the loader. They are also referred to as “hoppers,” and they serve as the gun’s “feeder” of paintballs. The three main categories of loaders are force-feed, agitation, and gravity feed. Even while stick feeds are occasionally used to carry paintballs, they are not regarded as hoppers.

Custom Paintball Gun Loader

Although the agitating and force-feed loaders can shoot at a higher rate, they are vulnerable to battery failure. Additionally, they are susceptible to deterioration when in touch with moisture.


A barrel is located at the gun’s front. The barrel both directs the expanding gas and aids with paintball aim. This concentrates the energy of the expanding gas on the paintball. Small holes can be found on the sides of most barrels close to the front. The purpose of these holes is to absorb sound and recoil following a gunshot.

Paintball guns come in a variety of lengths and designs. The barrels of the most modern paintball guns screw onto the front receiver. Barrels typically range in length from 76 mm (3 in) to 530 mm (21 in).

Some customised barrels have a maximum length of 910 mm (36 in). The paintball gun will be quieter the longer the barrel. The most common barrel lengths range from 300 mm (12 in) to 410 mm (16 in). The optimal length for accuracy, range, and portability is this one.

Propellant System

The compressed gas used to propel the paintballs through the gun barrel is stored in the tank. Normally, pressurised air or carbon dioxide is used to fill it.


There are a handle and a trigger located below the firing chamber. The player’s primary method of gun interaction is the trigger.

Paintball Gun Custom Trigger


The feedneck is a component that is located at the top of the pistol. Paintballs can basically roll down this portion before being forced into the firing chamber by the bolt.


The bore is the barrel’s internal diameter. It must correctly correspond to the paintball variety. Potential velocity problems may arise in the event of a mismatch.

Firing And Trigger Modes

Semi-automatic paintball guns have been the industry standard ever since they were first introduced in the early 1900s. Only one paintball could be shot by a semi-automatic weapon per trigger press.

However, the standardisation of paintball weapons became pointless with the advent of electronic paintball guns. Modern electronic paintball guns contain a shot ramping capability that enables the weapon to fire many times after pulling the trigger.

Paintball Guns Manufacturers

Now that you are aware with the fundamentals of paintball guns, it is time to look at the companies that make them. Today’s market is filled with producers of paintball guns.

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun Chamber

Some, nevertheless, stand out as being the best. Their weapons are regarded as dependable and long-lasting. They also create their rifles with high-quality materials. Let’s look at it.


Industry insiders claim that Tippman makes some of the greatest firearms available. Tippman paintball guns are far more reasonably priced and require less upkeep than some other paintball gun manufacturers. Since 1986, Tippman paintball guns have been offered for sale, and they are typically rented out for games.

This manufacturer offers paintball equipment, paintball guns, and paintball markers. Tippman makes military training simulation kits as well.


Some of the most dependable and affordable paintball weapons are made by Spyder. This paintball gun company has a strong commitment to the game. To create the best paintball goods, the company collaborates with the top engineers.

American company Spyder makes paintball markers, paintball marker kits, and paintball equipment. The company asserts that their so-called “DLS” Dual Loading System, which it uses, provides the finest air efficiency on the market.

Paintball Rifle Spyder MR2

With a fast barrel turn, the system enables you to switch out the paintball gun’s loading mechanism. Additionally, the First Strike feature on Spyder’s paintball guns offers superior accuracy and a greater range.


In the production of paintball sporting items, Empire Paintball is a world leader. The business aims to deliver the best possible quality and workmanship.

The company manufactures top-notch paintball weapons and equipment. The business offers several paintball gun lines, including one for beginners, one for tournaments, one for enjoyment, and others. Empire’s paintball guns are all extremely fashionable and realistic-looking.


When players adhere to the rules, paintball is a safe game. Gelatin bullets from paintball guns cannot harm soft skin tissues unless they are fired too closely. If played by the rules, according to industry experts, paintball is even safer than bowling. By adhering to basic paintball protocol, injuries can be readily prevented.

Follow the safety precautions listed below when playing paintball to ensure that you are abiding by the rules:

Always Wear A Special Paintball Approved Mask

Always make sure you are wearing a particular protective mask when the paintball game is in progress and you are in the thick of things. Furthermore, paintball-specific eyewear are something you should put on as well.

Man Wearing Safety Mask

You must wear your mask the entire time till the game is over. This rule does not have any exceptions. Keep the mask on until the paintball guns’ barrel plugs are replaced and you are in a safe area.

The mask is designed to shield your face and eyes from paintball shots. The pain and seriousness of being hit by a paintball on any other region of the body, however, will be less. A paintball gun shot to the face can have negative effects.

Never Blind Fire During A Paintball Game

Use caution when using your paintball pistol to avoid shooting at players who are leaving the field, spectators, or referees. Make sure your target is clear.

Surrender Rule

The majority of paintball field officials strictly enforce the prohibition on shooting at a member of the opposing team when they approach within 10 feet of you. Make sure to acquaint yourself ahead with these close-range guidelines. Any player from an opposing side who approaches within 20 feet typically receives a surrender. Paintball shots at close range can be extremely unpleasant.

Make Sure To Shoot Less Than 300 FPS

Make careful to set your paintball gun’s velocity at a number lower than 300 FPS when making adjustments before the game. A paintball chronograph, which should be accessible at practically all paintball fields and specialty stores, can be used to measure the shooting velocity.

Measuring Paintball Gun Velocity

Always Use Barrel Plugs

Even during a live game, all paintball guns should be clicked when not in use with a barrel stopper or barrel sock. Some top-tier paintball pistols come equipped with unique barrel blocking mechanisms as standard. When other players are not wearing paintball goggles, before and after paintball games, and in any other situation outside of a paintball field, these devices should be used.

Other Paintball Precautions

Most injuries can be avoided by just using common sense. It is forbidden to:

  • Shoot in private property at any location away from a specified paintball field
  • Look down the barrel of a loaded/unloaded paintball gun
  • Shoot out of a moving vehicle
  • Test-shoot yourself or any other player

How To Clean A Paintball Gun

It’s not at all difficult to clean a paintball gun. However, it will unquestionably have a significant impact on how your pistol behaves and performs. You will need a few items that will aid you in the process in order to properly clean your paintball pistol. The materials are not expensive, and I am confident that you already have the majority of them in your home. You will need:

  • Special manual for your paintball gun
  • Cotton swab and a toothbrush
  • Paper towels
  • A set of Allen keys
  • Warm water
  • Pull through squeegees
  • Lubricant that is recommended by the manufacturing company

Now, let’s move on to the actual process of cleaning. We will proceed step-by-step:

De-Gas Your Paintball Gun

It is essential to check that there is no gas in the gun’s tank before cleaning it. This will shield you from the chance of a misfire. You must first remove the fuel canister from your gun before finding the ASA lever in order to de-gas it.

Gas Bottle For Paintball Gun

If your firearm is not equipped with an ASA lever, refer to the de-gassing instructions in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Taking The Paintball Gun Apart

Starting with the hopper, take off the gun’s barrel, bolt, hammer, and grip frame. To avoid confusion when reassembling the pistol, set aside each item you remove together with any screws or fasteners.

Clean The Body

Consult your paintball gun’s instructions to see whether using a squeegee to clean the body of the gun is safe or not. Start with this step if the manufacturer has given the go-ahead. After that, use a toothbrush or cotton swab to ensure the body is fully clean. Finally, dry the body entirely by wiping it with a paper towel.

Clean The Barrel

Once more, clean the inside of the barrel with a squeegee. Make sure it is completely clean because any residue can lead to jamming and reduce the paintball gun’s accuracy. With a paper towel, clean the barrel.

Clean The Bolt And Hammer

Use a paper towel to wipe down the bolt and hammer. Inspect both of them for deterioration in the O-rings.

Clean The Grip Frame

Use a toothbrush or cotton swabs to clean the grip frame.

Paintball Gun Grip Frame

IMPORTANT: Do not disassemble the trigger assembly. Mishandling could lead to a malfunctioning pistol because it typically appears to be quite difficult to put back together perfectly.

Check The Gun For Any Issues

First, swap out any O-rings that are cracked or damaged. You will have the appropriate paintball velocity thanks to this. O-ring damage could result in more gasoline being wasted.

Then, check to see that none of the springs are broken or bent and are all straight.

Check each screw one last time to make sure it is in good condition. To maintain the highest level of performance dependability, replace anything that has to be replaced.

Lubricate The Paintball Gun Parts

Start lubricating the pieces once you have finished cleaning and drying them. The O-rings only need very minor lubrication. Make careful you use the manufacturer’s suggested lubrication. Any mismatched oil could cause harm to parts as a result of noncompliance.

Put The Paintball Gun Together

You can begin assembling the gun’s components once you’ve greased and examined each one. Here, be sure to carefully adhere to the manufacturer’s given assembly diagram.


Paintball is here to stay, as we said at the beginning of this post and will say again. This engaging and amusing activity is quickly gaining favour as a way to spend time with friends, neighbours, teammates, and other groups of people.

Man Shooting With Paintball Gun

The experience keeps getting better as paintball gun engineers work hard to produce the greatest possible guns for the market.

Several paintball gun manufacturers currently exist and provide the market with high-quality paintball markers. Given the huge range of shapes, sizes, and types of paintball guns available, you are spoiled for choice. I can therefore guarantee that you will be able to locate the ideal firearm for you.

To help you find the paintball gun that meets your needs and preferences, we carried out a thorough research of the paintball market segment. We went through the most popular models of paintball guns and highlighted their functionalities, pros/cons and more! Find the results of our research in the Best Paintball Gun Buying Guide.






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