Navy Seals Wear These Watches

Navy Seals Wear These Watches: Navy Seals Dive Watch

Maybe you’re looking to buy a watch as a gift for the navy seal in your life. Are you just curious about the watches they might wear? You might even be planning on joining the SEALs yourself. Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a tactical or military-style watch In this article, we have decided to do some research on your behalf to help you make a more informed decision.

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What Are The Watches Worn by Navy Seals?

The navy seals do not officially endorse a single brand of watches, but some are more popularly worn than others. It should come as no great surprise that the G-Shock series is extremely popular with members of the military worldwide.

Some other brands, such as SEIKO and Suunto, are also popular. Obviously, due to their job nature, SEALs need a watch they know to be reliable, hard-wearing, and specially designed for diving. Matte black watches are more popular for obvious reasons, especially when they don’t have any reflective metals. These brands are usually pushed to the list’s top. Navy seals will also look for more cost-effective brands that are highly functional.

A percentage of navy SEALs who like to wear some watches from Luminox, or one of the more expensive brands such as Omega or Rolex. Still, they’re highly unlikely to be worn for everyday usage or in active-duty.

Historically speaking, the Navy’s Frogmen were issued with Rolex submariners. As you can understand, this wasn’t indeed a sustainable practice as it soon became far too expensive. As soon as brands such as Casio decided to release their cheaper, hard-wearing, waterproof digital watches soon phased this practice out. Before CASIOs release of the G-Shock series of watches in the 1990s, the Ironman watch from Timex was very popular among navy seals.

The Release of The Navy Seal Watch from G-Shock

Ever since its initial launch in 1994, the DW 6600 G-Shock from Casio quickly became the watch of choice for tactical and military use units worldwide and the navy seals. The fact that this watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters in depth was utterly shockproof. It remained illuminated for only a short time after the backlight button was pressed, only adding to its popularity. It was also helped by the addition of some different functions while remaining relatively inexpensive.

Unfortunately, DW 6600 is no longer being made. Still, you might be lucky enough to grab one if you find yourself rummaging around in a second-hand store. The watch listed below is among the most popular being worn by navy seals today.

The DW-6900 from G-Shock


As we previously mentioned, the DW 6600, we thought it appropriate to start the list with its modern equivalent. Using the same five-button design and functionality and the same bezel, this watch is trendy among law enforcement officers, EMTs, navy seals, and pretty much anyone else who has a profession that requires a hard-wearing watch.

This watch still has an afterload from mosquito backlash and the means water-resistant up to 200 meters. This is so popular because it is incredibly inexpensive compared to other brands, so even though it is unlikely I can post it up, it’s simple to replace.

It’s challenging to find adverse reviews or complaints about any wash in the G-Shock series. The most common complaint you’ll notice is that some seals find the strap to be a little bit smaller, but they just switch it out for a bigger one. If you like, you can purchase a solar-powered model of the DW 6900 price here, but few dishes solar charging and multiband six and a world timer function might be worth the investment

The DW-9052 from G-Shock

ORIGINAL Casio G-Shock/G Shock/Gshock DW9052 DW-9052 Black Sport ...

G-Shock has also got another standard model, the DW952; it’s under a very inexpensive watch that receives a series of excellent reviews. It’s a dive style military brand watch that is suitable for anyone looking for hardware in action.

If you are looking to buy a present for someone in the military, this particular event seems to be popular among their colleagues could prove the right choice.

The Black GA-100 from G-Shock

This is another fashionable watch from G-Shock. It has been designed explicitly for tactical usage. It comes with a black matte finish making it an excellent choice for any navy SEAL. It’s going to be shock and water-resistant as usual. It also helps keep perfect time and fits its exceptional digital readers. The vast majority of online reviews reveal that this is a popular gift given to military personnel. Many people buy it for the husband’s brother’s sons and daughters who are in the service.

This is another fashionable watch from G-Shock. It has been designed explicitly for tactical usage. It comes with a black matte finish making it an excellent choice for any navy SEAL. It’s going to be shock and water-resistant as usual. It also helps keep perfect time and fits its exceptional digital readers. The vast majority of online reviews reveal that this is a popular gift given to military personnel. Many people buy it for the husband’s brother’s sons and daughters who are in the service.

The most common complaints about this watch are things to do with the elimination being lower than they would like. But as you can understand, if it’s meant to be a tactical watch, you cannot wear a model where the backlight is too bright, you are going to be lit up like a beacon.

While I was reading these reviews, it became apparent that the only person who’s going to complain about the lack of elimination and some of his not going to use it for tactical purposes, to begin with. There’s no denying that this watch has all the functionality and features that you expect from a G-Shock model. It is also affordable, making it even more popular. This could be the perfect gift for the navy seal in your life.

Other Watches That Are Popularly Worn by Navy Seals

The G-Shock series of watches remain the most popular among military personnel for so many excellent reasons. If the ones listed above don’t fit the bill, there are plenty more watches on the menu. They have a wide range of military-inspired brands such as the G-Shock frogman, their primary or dive watch. I would have included it on the list. Still, it certainly is in a higher price bracket and may not be suitable for everybody.

The Navy Seal Watches from Luminox

Luminox Men's 3051 EVO Navy SEAL Colormark Watch

It’s difficult to know how many navy seals wear this official navy SEAL watch. Luminox has a long way to tick all the right boxes, but there is no denying that it is a much pricier product then the G-Shock clock.

Its water resistance up to 200m has a blackout version. If you’re looking to use it for tactical operations, the backlight has got excellent reviews for being easily used in low light areas.

But there’s no getting past the fact that you need to have a bigger budget if you want to buy it

The Authentic Divers Watch SKX007K from Seiko

SEIKO makes an excellent range of watches for divers, right at the top of the list is the SKX007K. They have an excellent reputation for producing quality watches, but they’re pricier than nearly every Casio watch. They are known to be popular among navy seals, mainly because they like to wear them when they’re not being deployed. This particular watch is extremely popular with collectors if you’re looking for a high-quality, rugged and water-resistant watch.

You might even be tempted by their analog watch, which is pretty nice, but you will have a few hundred more bucks to spend. Power by kinetic energy every time you move your arm, it powers the watch. The 007 even be compared to some of the much more expensive models on the market, namely the Omega Seamaster and the Rolex Submariner. But this version of the 007, despite its heftier price tag, isn’t without its detractors.

Some reviewers have stated that notice 007 has struggled to keep accurate time. But we have noticed that these people didn’t watch for long periods, they probably didn’t realize that the watch was powered by kinetic energy. This could cause the watch to be inaccurate. Others weren’t pretty good to eat interested in the original strap that came in to watch, and they replaced it with the NATO strap.

The Navy Seal Watch NEC 5326 from Kobold

NEC 5326 - the Navy SEAL Watch – Kobold Expedition Tools | Navy ...

Now, this is one of the more exciting watches on the list, the NEC 5326 from Kobalt, and is exclusively manufactured for the navy seals. Putting simply unless your navy SEAL, you cannot get one. You can purchase their civilian version, but this is an expensive watch designed to work in sub-Zero temperatures. This high-end device is made using Swiss-made quartz caliber parts.

Its name comes from a combination of navy enlisted classification (NEC) and a classification number for a combatant swimmer (5326). This is such an impressive watch that we haven’t really about space to go into more detail. What if you’re in the market to buy an excellent gift for the navy seal in your life this $2,000 watch is available on their website.

Famous Navy Seals and The Watches They Wear

The Watches Worn by Chris Kyle

If you’re a fan of military movies or books, you have most likely heard of Chris Kyle, a true American hero with over 160 kills during his four tours of duty in Iraq. He was also the author of American sniper. We know for a fact that he wore three different brands of watches. While on active service, you he the G-Shock DW 6600 from Casio. Bradley Cooper also wore this in the movie. it’s hardly surprising considering the G-Shock watch remains the most popular among military personnel around the globe

When he was not on active duty usually wears a classic Rolex submariner when you read the book, he mentions that his father-in-law bought it for him. Most recently though just before a tragic and untimely death, he was pictured wearing a Resco patriot.

The Resco Patriot Watch

This shock-resistant, stainless steel, rotating bezel, anti-magnetic watch, is fully water-resistant of the 200 meters a Navy SEAL designed rugged-looking device. Designed by a Navy SEAL for navy seals, it includes various features and functions to help Seals on the job. The designer of this watch, Rob Smith, is not only as a navy SEAL; he’s still on active duty. RESCO only manufactures a limited number of watches per year, makes this heirloom, shock-resistant, anti-magnetic, stainless steel, water-resistant watch even more popular.

The more you read about this watch, the more impressive it becomes, all have been thoroughly field-tested. During the test, operatives provide extensive feedback to RESCO. In the first round of testing, the company issued a series of prototypes to a select few navy SEAL recruits for what is described as ‘hell week.’ Every single watch made it through the week. Only 25% of the candidates who took the watches did. If you’re looking for truly unique special ops, watch that has a proven ability to help navy seals in the field, and offers exceptional features and functions, it’s hard to look past this watch.

The Ironman from Timex

Timex is known for making exceptional watches while still charging reasonable prices. My personal favorite is the Ironman classic; the Ironman from Timex is a rugged design that you can get any blackout or black finishes. The critical difference between this watch and the others on the list is it only remains water-resistant only up to 100 meters. All the others on the list are water-resistance of the 200 meters What sets it apart from some of his competitors is its bright indigo backlight that can be activated with any button making it simple to operate while in the dark.

While these watches probably weren’t designed for the military and are more aimed for sports usage, There’s no denying that they serve their purpose well. Some military personnel does rate the Ironman watches very highly. Despite some research, we couldn’t work out what watch Jack wore when he was on active duty.

The Watches Worn by Jocko Willink

Probably the most famous navy SEAL watching the world is the Timex Ironman T66801 worn by Jocko Willink. Every morning at 4:30 Jocko posts a picture of his watch on his social media site trying to motivate his followers to get up early and start their days. Unfortunately, the iron Man T66801 from Timex has now been discontinued, but if you’re looking for a similar brand, you could Timex’s Men’s T5K196.

Their Watches In The Movie Zero Dark Thirty Movie

During one of the most popular navy SEAL movies in recent years, Zero Dark Thirty, which documents the successful assassination of Bin Laden, all the seal team members were wearing Suunto Cores. This is a movie, and everything was coordinated. It’s unlikely that all members of a seal team would wear the same watch, but ever since, Suunto watches remain popular with navy seals.

The Core from Suunto

The Suunto Core is an imposing watch. It’s a computer on your wrist. For anyone who is into high-end or high-tech watches that are still functional, it’s hard to look past the Suunto core. But this particular brand is a military-grade watch that has some issues, especially with sticking buttons. Too many users express problems with this, for the potential item to be taken into consideration. Others weren’t overly impressed having to swap out the watches, for something different.

It got mixed reviews. Some people were delighted with their Suunto core, One reviewer. In particular, I’ve had it for six years. It’s also popular with paramedics firefighters and people in the military. When it comes to high-tech devices, you’re going to have people who either loves them or hate them. one thing is for sure this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing military watches on the market.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is a wider variety of watches to choose from when you are looking to purchase a military-style/grade watch. You need to decide whether you are looking for a functional or fashionable device. Are you looking for a watch that they can make use of daily? Or One that clearly shows they are in the military but is on the more expensive or fashionable side?

As far as we’re concerned, even though the navy seals do not officially endorse any single watch brand. The simple fact of the matter remains many Seals do market individual watches and no denying the popularity of the G-Shock series from Casio. If you’re looking for a gift for the navy seal in your life, you can’t go wrong with the G-Shock series. We hope this guide will prove useful. Thank you for reading.

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