Is It Illegal to Remove an Orange Tip from Airsoft Guns

Is It Illegal to Remove an Orange Tip from Airsoft Guns?

Have you ever noticed orange tips on airsoft guns? What are they for? See, airsoft guns are almost similar in appearance to actual firearms. So, they come with an orange tip to distinguish them from real firearms.

Many pro players don’t like the look of their pistols with that unlikely orange tip. Therefore, they’re busy finding ways to get rid of it. But can you do that? Is it illegal to remove orange information from airsoft guns? Well, it depends on the government rules and regulations of different nations. Let’s learn more.

Is It Illegal to Remove an Orange Tip from Airsoft Guns?

To know the answer to this question, you first need to determine the laws regarding airsoft guns prevailing in your state. Although these guns are simple toys, long airsoft rifles are capable of causing harm to ordinary people.

Therefore, airsoft guns come with orange tips so that the players don’t go around creating a panicky situation.

So, is it illegal to remove the orange tip from airsoft guns?

See, every airsoft gun in the United States comes with an orange tip. Therefore, every manufacturer is bound by the legal regulations to include the orange information in every airsoft pistol.

When you look at the instructions, you’ll find one saying that it is illegal to remove the orange tip. Also, children below the age of 18 cannot purchase an airsoft gun legally. 

So, is it illegal to remove the orange tip from airsoft guns?

There are countries, e.g., the UK, that are not legally bound to have the orange tip. Without another doubt, you can get rid of the orange information if you’re staying in the UK. 

If you’re staying in California, then my dear, you’ll be in deep trouble if you carry an airsoft pistol without the orange tip in public.

Why Is There an Orange Tip?

I’ve repeatedly been saying this; airsoft guns have orange tips to avoid the confusion between actual guns and fake ones. Orange information is essential to distinguish fake guns from real ones.

Therefore, an orange tip on fake guns is necessary so that you don’t create panic in public. Many nations in the world prohibit players from removing the orange tip from their airsoft pistols.

Want To Remove the Orange Tip?

Well, before removing the orange tip, you need to check with your states’ laws whether it is legal to do so or not. If it is permitted in your state to do so, you can unscrew or unthread the orange tip.

Suppose you don’t want to remove the tip, not an issue. You can paint it black. First, use some polish remover to get rid of the orange color. Then, paint it black or if the color is already black, let it be.

Following The Laws and Regulations

Well, I suggest that you follow the rules and regulations governing an airsoft game in your nation or else you’ll have to bear the consequences. 

If your state doesn’t allow players to remove the orange tip, doing so might cost you $1000 along with six months of jail time.

Also, children below the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase airsoft pistols from a local shop. Hence, it would help if you took care of all the laws prevailing in your state.

Laws In The US

Let’s see what the US laws have to say about the orange tip. First of all, all airsoft pistols are required to come with orange tips in the US.

The laws in the US say that you cannot remove the orange tip from your airsoft pistols. Airsoft guns should have something to distinguish them from real firearms.

Therefore, if any person is caught with their airsoft gun not having an orange tip, he might be sentenced to jail for at least six months.

What Happens When You Take the Guns in Public?

Well, it is strictly prohibited to remove the orange tip from your airsoft pistols in the US. You cannot take your airsoft guns in public as it could create panic.

The purpose of an orange tip is to tell you that the gun is a fake one. When someone in public looks at your airsoft gun, they should be able to figure out whether it’s fake or real steel.


So, is it illegal to remove the orange tip from airsoft guns? Of course, it is considered that you’re a US resident. 

Beware before you decide to take your gun in public without the orange tip. You might be charged with a fine and a few months of jail time if the police catch you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the orange tips on airsoft guns be removed?

Of course. It is straightforward to remove the orange tip from your airsoft guns. Check your state’s rules and regulations before you decide on removing the orange information.

Can an airsoft gun kill a person?

Not at all! But still, they can cause harm to a normal human being. Therefore, you should not roam about in the streets carrying your airsoft pistol along with you

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