How To Clean Your Paintball Gun

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun?

Every paintball player knows why to clean their gun. But only of them actually, know how to clean your paintball gun? Similarly, like only a few have an idea of what to wear to paintball in summer? In case you are new to this aesthetically pleasing world of paintballs, let me guide you. Paintball guns come in different varieties. 

Despite the fact, one thing remains the same for all types, and it affects your performance. Highly maintained paintball= high chances of winning. Also, let’s face the fact that paintball guns are almost a luxury! 

It’s expensive; nobody wants to spend too much money on them. So, by now, you must have gathered why to clean your paintball gun. Now, let’s get to actual business.

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun?

Cleaning paintball guns, especially after a tiring game, is no fun. Well, cleaning anything isn’t fun at all! Relatable, yeah, for me too! But, we still need to clean other things and especially paintballs! You know why right? You do. 

Cleaning paintballs are a long procedure. Still, not as long as it takes to think about what to wear to paintball in summer. Coming back. First, we need to get our basics right before starting the much-dreaded task or else, you will mess up the process, or else it can hurt your performance.

 The most important thing here is not to rush through the process. First of all, we need to remove the gas propulsion tank to discourage maps. Then, we need to disassemble the parts suitably. After that, we will clean all the parts one by one. After finishing the cleaning, we will have to reassemble the parts well. 

At the same time, while reassembling, check whether some parts are damaged or need extra care and maintenance. If everything is alright, just put it together and use a quality lubricant to increase its shelf-life.

Precautions While Cleaning Paintball Gun

Before knowing how to clean your paintball gun, you must know about the precautions to be kept while cleaning it.

  • Always remove the gas propulsion tank beforehand. You might be a very cautious person, but problems come uninvited! It’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Never disassemble your trigger. Just believe me, it will be an unnecessary hassle. Besides, you need an expert to reassemble it correctly.

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun? Step By Step

  • Cleaning The External Part

This part needs to be cleaned after every game. You can just wipe it off with a cloth. But, if you leave it, the paint will harden on the surface and can sometimes even take ages to get removed. Do you want that to happen?

  • Cleaning The Barrel 

The fore and foremost part of your gun is your barrel. It needs some special love and nurturing. It can be cleaned by using squeeze like swag, pull-through, or stick. But only if it is not contaminated. 

In case it is contaminated, immediately discarded it and invested in a new one. Scrub throughout your barrel and then wipe with a dry cloth. Also, double-check for any dents or other injuries. 

  • Clean The Body Of The Paintball Gun 

For cleaning the body of your paintball gun, use a towel, toothbrush, and warm water. Dip the toothbrush in water and rub it throughout the body. Step this process until all the paint rinses off. Then, first clean with clear water. After that, wipe it with a towel. 

  • Cleaning Bolt, Hammer, And Grip Arms

The grip arm is a tricky part to clean. You need to have an eye for detail while cleaning as dried paints can still to its corners. You can use a cloth a paintball kit tool to clean it. While bolts and hammers can be cleaned by using plain water.

  • Checking The Parts

After cleaning all the parts, just if any part is damaged, rusted, or contaminated. It is essential not to miss this step as it can be highly hazardous to you and your overall performance. 

  • Lubricating Your Paintball 

Now, it is the time to lubricate your paintball by using a good quality paint gun oil. You must not compromise on the quality of the oil used as it is essential for maintaining the gun.


So, by now, you must have great knowledge about how to clean your paintball gun? First, follow the precautions mentioned above and then disassemble the gun. After disassembling, clean the barrel, then the body, grip arms, and lastly, reassemble the gun. Then, lubricate it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should You Clean Your Paintball Gun?

You should clean your every day, especially if you play in rough, muddy, or wet conditions. Taking proper care of your gun can give some extra points effortlessly.

How To Clean Paintball Gun Barrel Without Squeeze?

You can make a DIY squeeze by using duct tapes, square papers, scissors, and other materials. In case you are confused, just Google.


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