How To Clean Your Paintball Gun

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun?

Cleaning a paintball gun is something that every player is aware of. Who among them genuinely knows how to clean a paintball gun, though? Similar to how few people know what to wear for summer paintball, perhaps? Let me help you if you’re new to this visually appealing world of paintballs. There are several different types of paintball guns.

Despite this, there is one constant across all sorts, and it has an impact on your performance. High odds of success when playing highly maintained paintball. Let’s not forget that paintball weapons are practically a luxury!

Nobody wants to spend too much money on them because it is pricey. You must have figured out by now why it’s important to clean your paintball gun. Let’s now get down to business.

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun?

It’s not enjoyable to clean paintball weapons, especially after a long game. Well, cleaning is never enjoyable! Certainly relatable to me! However, we still have other stuff, like paintballs, to clean. You get the rationale, don’t you? You do.

Paintball cleanup takes a lot of time. Still, it doesn’t take as long as deciding what to dress for a summer paintball game. relocating back. Before beginning the feared task, we must first get the fundamentals perfect; otherwise, the process may go wrong, and your performance may suffer.

To take your time is the most important thing in this scenario. We must first take out the gas propulsion tank in order to discourage maps. After that, the parts must be properly dismantled. We’ll then clean each component individually after that. Once the pieces have been cleaned, we will have to carefully reassemble them.

Check whether any parts require further care and maintenance or are damaged while reassemblying. If everything is in order, just assemble it and add a high-quality lubricant to extend its shelf life.

Precautions While Cleaning Paintball Gun

You must first be aware of the safety considerations to be observed while cleaning your paintball gun.

  • Always remove the gas propulsion tank beforehand. You might be a very cautious person, but problems come uninvited! It’s better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Never disassemble your trigger. Just believe me, it will be an unnecessary hassle. Besides, you need an expert to reassemble it correctly.

How To Clean Your Paintball Gun? Step By Step

  • Cleaning The External Part

After each game, this component needs to be cleaned. Simply use a cloth to wipe it away. However, if you wait, the paint may set on the surface and may occasionally even be impossible to remove. Do you desire that to occur?

  • Cleaning The Barrel

    The barrel is your gun’s front and centre component. It requires particular care and tending. It can be cleaned with a stick, swag, or pull-through squeeze. However, only if it is clean.

    If it’s contaminated, throw it away right away and buy a new one. After cleaning the entire barrel, wipe it off with a dry towel. Additionally, look again for any dents or other damages.

  • Clean The Body Of The Paintball Gun 

Use a towel, toothbrush, and warm water to clean the paintball gun’s body. Rub the body with the wet toothbrush after dipping it in water. Continue in this manner until all the paint has been removed. After that, clean with clear water first. Use a towel to clean it after that.

  • Cleaning Bolt, Hammer, And Grip Arms

Cleaning the grip arm is challenging. As dried paint might still adhere to its edges, cleaning requires a keen eye for detail. To clean it, you can make use of a cloth and a paintball kit tool. While using just ordinary water to clean bolts and hammers.

  • Checking The Parts

Just check to see if any parts are damaged, rusty, or polluted after cleaning them all. It is crucial to complete this step because skipping it could seriously harm your performance as a whole.

  • Lubricating Your Paintball 

Now is the moment to use high-quality paint gun oil to lubricate your paintball. You must not skimp on the oil quality because it is crucial for keeping the gun in working order.


You must therefore be an expert at cleaning paintball guns by this point. After taking the above-mentioned safety procedures, disassemble the pistol. Clean the barrel after disassembling the gun, then the body, grips, and finally put it back together. After that, grease it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should You Clean Your Paintball Gun?

Every day, especially if you play in challenging, muddy, or damp circumstances, you should clean your. Maintaining your weapon properly can easily get you some bonus points.

How To Clean Paintball Gun Barrel Without Squeeze?

Using duct tape, square sheets, scissors, and other supplies, you may create a DIY squeeze. If you’re still unclear, just Google it.


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