How To Buy a Scope

How To Buy a Scope?

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When it comes to buying rifles for the first time, most enthusiasts desire a better optical sighting. Why shouldn’t you? 

The purpose of purchasing a rifle is to be able to aim long-range shots. Rifles come in various adjustable and non-adjustable scopes that allow you better magnification and excellent optical sighting.

With a good scope, you’re only a trigger away from your target. So, if you don’t know how to buy an area, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through purchasing a good rifle scope.

How To Buy a Scope?

Well, if you’re buying a rifle for the first time, you’ll find it a little hard to decide on the proper rifle scope. First-timers often get confused when they enter inside a firearms store looking at several rifles.

So, how to buy a scope?

Well, first, you need the scope with the best magnification and excellent optical sighting. A spectrum ranging from 3-9x is considered the best one for hunting animals like deer.

The purpose of a scope is to provide relief to your eyes and magnify the image of your target. Therefore, you should purchase a rifle with a good magnification scope according to your usage.

As you go higher in the price range, you’ll be finding more effective and upgraded versions of the rifle scopes. In addition, more features mean that you can attain your target quickly. 

Apart from the magnification scope, you should also pay absolute attention to check the resolution of the magnified images. 

You can hunt a deer even in narrow and long-grassed fields when you purchase a higher magnification scope. 

Next, you should obviously keep in mind the purpose for which you need a rifle with a good scope. 

Purpose Of Purchasing a Scope

The purpose of purchasing a new rifle scope matters a lot before you decide on buying a range. Whether you need a rifle for self-defense, hunting, or target shooting, you need to know the purpose of purchasing your rifle.

For the purposes of hunting, you will need an adjustable scope of at least 10x magnification. However, for self-defense, you won’t be needing a 10x magnification scope. So, according to your purpose, you should decide what magnification range to go for.

Magnification Range

Suppose you need a new rifle for long-range shooting and hunting animals. Do you know what type of magnification range would go best in this case?

Well, if you desire a new rifle for hunting, you should look for a good and adjustable magnification range. The best scopes you could go for in this scenario would be 3-9×40 or a size ranging from 3.5x to 9x. 

Budget-Friendly Scopes

So, before buying scopes, your budget is the one thing that drives your purchasing power. Well, if you’re a firearm enthusiast, then you won’t mind spending even $500 on your favorite rifle scope.

But, if you have tight pockets, you should go with fixed scopes for greater effectiveness and a little bit of cost-cutting. For example, a fixed magnification scope of 4x will work great for hunting purposes.

Environmental Factors

You also need to consider the environment prevailing in your place of residence. This is so because the working of some scopes is limited to clear weather conditions. 

For example, you go hunting in foggy weather conditions, and you will need a scope that is fog-proof. Therefore, your area needs to be weather-proof. It means that your content should be designed in a way to be safe in extreme weather conditions.

Scopes Offer Eye Relief

What are better quality scopes for? Well, rifle scopes are meant to relieve your eyes by presenting a magnified image in front of you. 

It prevents your brain and eyes from going into processing mode and immediately shows you the magnified image. Well, 4 inches is the best eye relief in the rifles. 


So, now you know how to buy a scope. First, the magnification range matters the most when you decide to buy a new rifle scope.

So, think wisely and keep all the points in mind when you go shopping for rifle scopes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Magnification Scope Is Good?

Talking about magnifications ranges, both fixed and adjustable scopes are worth it. If you need a good magnification range for hunting, 3.5x-9x is the best.

What Do the Numbers Mean On A Rifle Scope?

Well, fixed power scopes have a single magnification power where 3x means that the image will be magnified three times the original. In adjustable capacities, there is a magnification range defined along with the objective of the area.

What Is the Best Magnification Scope for Hunting?

For hunting, I would suggest that you choose an adjustable scope. The magnification range should be around 3-9x. Anyway, for hunting different types of animals, other flexible contents are available in the market.

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