How to Bore Sight a Scope

How to Bore Sight a Scope?

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One must understand how important it is to have bore sighting basics straightforward first. Rifle sight will make it quick and easy. If you are sighting in a rifle or another long gun, it will be a straightforward process. 

The process of spending time and money on ammunition to get a gun with a new optic zeroed in. Then, get a weapon and target for yourself, which is a way to finetune the equation without causing frustration of any kind. This whole process is known as bore sighting.

You can even sight your firearm correctly. So keep a nice solid gun always in handy with you in this entire process. It’s one of the prerequisites of the whole process of bore sighting. 

How to Bore Sight a Scope? 

The process may look a bit tedious to beginners, but it is simple. All you need is an unloaded gun and a solid rest. What matters the most when bore sighting is there should be no gun movement when you are at it. 

It’s essential to be sure that the center of your bore is in sync with the optical center that you have mounted on it. Hence you must see to it that the position of the bore center matches with the optical center. 

It would help if you placed a target about 25 yards downrange from wherever your rifle is pointing. There isn’t a need to go any further to that distance because being just 25 yards away makes it easy for you to spot the center of the target. 

If the target has a big visible center, there’d be no fun to play with it, and your target should ideally be of round bull’s eye size. 

Once you have set the target, you should next check you can see down the barrel from the receiver’s back. Once all the adjustments are made, you can position your gun so that your target’s center is closest to the middle of the bore. Follow the below steps for complete accuracy. 

Set Up your Target 

When you are just starting, you must remember a few things, one of which is that you should be able to set up your target at the range. 

Center the rifle’s bore on the 25-yard target. You are successful in your attempt when you have the rifle in a rock-solid chest and keep your bore always centered on the target whenever you adjust the scope. 

Once you’ve set the target, you can proceed to the next step. 

Fire Your Shot 

Once your scope is adjusted and bore-sighted, you will be ready to fire your first shot at the usual 25-yard target. 

Throughout the process, you must be patient; it takes about 4 times the scope’s adjustment to move the bullet’s impact at 25 yards than at 100 yards.

If you want to move the impact by 1 inch at 25 yards, it will take you sixteen small clicks. 

Impact 1-inch Low from Your Target 

It’s not a huge deal to impact 1 inch low from the center of your 25-yard target. Few factors will affect where a cartridge will affect at 25 yards.

It doesn’t matter what type and caliber of centerfire rifle ammo you are using; you will always get a 100-yard hit on your target if you go by the 1 inch low at 25 yards. 

Bore Sighting of ARs 

It’s simple to do bore sightings of ARs, just like a bolt action rifle. But, first, you should detach the upper receiver from the lower and remove the bolt to bore an AR sight.

It’s great if you have someone to support you in the process. For example, if someone else can adjust the scope while you hold the upper steady, you can observe the centering of the scope reticle. 

If You have a Lever Action Rifle

In case you have a lever-action rifle and not a laser bore sighter, you should start at 25 yards to zero your scope. 

If the target at 25 yards is not hit, you should try to get close to the target until you have a hit. 

Once the target is hit, you can adjust your bullet’s impact. 


How to Bore Sight a Scope? It’s a step-by-step process to boresight of a scope correctly. If you follow all the steps well, you will hit your desired target sooner than you know. Bore sighting is only more fun than it seems once you have understood the right technique to do it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Are the Bore Sighting Basics? 

It’s a simple process of aligning the center of your barrel that has sights on your forearm.

How to Easily Sight in a Gun with a Scope? 

Bore sighting the scope would mean you would want to get the bore and sight reticle in a rough kind of alignment. 

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