How to Adjust Rifle Scope

How to Adjust Rifle Scope?

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Bringing a new rifle scope home means knowing how to use it exactly. You probably bought your shiny new rifle scope for double the money than you imagined not to keep it on a side but to do something worthy with it. You want to change it into something powerful from just a paperweight.

It’s not so hard if you have the proper insight into adjusting the rifle scope. It’s essential to keep your research strong and even stay in touch with the experts on the subject, making it a lot better for you. 

How to Adjust Rifle Scope? 

The correct understanding to adjust rifle scope only comes when you’ve done it a few times with the help of a few good resources. This tool is meant to increase the shooting distance for you. 

Once you have brought the rifle scope home, you must know it’s essential to mount the scope on the rifle. Rather than staring blankly at the tool, you must seek help to bring the rifle scope together. 

Before you decide to go through all adjustments, it’s a must to mount the rifle. It requires both patience and practice. If your scope is mounted correctly, it will be good to deliver as many shots as you can. 

Mounting a rifle scope may seem daunting but otherwise is a very fulfilling task. Of course, it would help if you got started, and once you successfully mount a rifle scope, you will be up to make history. 

When you get your scope mounted perfectly, it will allow you to get even tight groupings at a more extended range out of the rifle. 

Getting started with scope mount might take you a little time in terms of setting up/mounting a rifle scope as ideal, and once done will be free to shoot.

Timing Has a Huge Part to Play

Timing is one of the most important factors for adjusting rifle scope, just like in real life. 

There are about six and nine ways to adjust a rifle scope, which depends on the area you have. 

A few adjustments will happen only once, and the rest will be done on intuition and understanding. 

Adjust the Scope Up and Down 

One can buy replacement mounting rings that may be tall or short. If you think the scope is too high, you can buy a cheek rest to get your cheek high. 

When your eye is in the right place to see everything correctly, it means your vision is in the eye box of scope. 

If you don’t buy an off-axis scope mount, you can’t adjust the scope left and right. 

Adjust the Scope Forward and Back 

In this case, your eyes are given much rest and “eye relief” of the scope. Unfortunately, eye relief may seem to be the most frustrating aspect when you’re learning to shoot with a rifle scope. 

The easiest way to adjust the scope back and forward is when you have room on the main tube to loosen the rings. 

It would help if you didn’t tighten the rings down on the ends of the scope as that might bulge outward and quickly break it. 

Level the Scope 

After you have shot at longer distances, you will notice the need to level the scope always. You can use a leveler kit or a bubble level to shoot at even longer distances. 

You should make sure that your rifle is upright and level as well. 

Once your rifle is level, you can insert the leveling kit and get the scope alighted perfectly. 

Focus the Eyepiece

Once your scope is positioned appropriately and is the right height for your shooting position, you have also adjusted put your eye-to-eye relief of the scope. 

You will now focus on the eyepiece; it is done every time a new shooter uses the scope. The easiest way to focus on the eyepiece is to improve and make it better. This is for most shooters. 


How to adjust rifle scope? It’s not hard to change your rifle scope; what is hard is timing. After following the above steps carefully, you must do the finishing of mounting. 

There are 4 ways in which a scope can be adjusted during the process of mounting. 

Zeroing in your scope must be done to adjust the reticle so the center lines up to where the bullets are hitting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why Adjust a Rifle Scope? 

It’s important to adjust the rifle scope to become effective at hunting whenever you want to hunt. First, however, you must understand the technical aspect, or it might become hard to adjust the rifle scope. 

Will It Help to Adjust Rifle Scope? 

Being able to adjust the rifle scope helps a great deal if you are passionate about your hobby of hunting. Practice adjusting the rifle scope every day, and the day won’t be far. Of course, you would be doing it all by yourself. 

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