How Much Does Paintballing Cost

How Much Does Paintballing Cost?

Paintballing is one hell of a game to feel cheerful and to feel the rush of adrenaline in your body. In this game, teams are formed, and they have to pit against each other. 

Using various themes, this game has won millions of hearts to date. Dressing yourself up for a perfect paintballing game is very important. If you’re a regular player, you obviously know what all to wear. 

But do you know how much does paintballing cost? Well, if you’re buying your gear, it adds up the cost. Not only the gear but also there are other costs to the paintballing game. Let’s find out. 

How Much Does Paintballing Cost?

Paintballing is such a game that has both initial and recurring costs. The initial cost is the cost at the beginning, i.e., the cost of equipment. When you pay every time you play, it is referred to as the recurring cost. Let’s see how much does paintballing cost.

Initial Cost

If you have a plan to play paintball more often, then you should buy your equipment. Renting out may bring down your cost, but you should buy the equipment that you’re already familiar with. 

For regular play, you must invest in a paintball kit. The initial cost includes masks, guns, and other likewise items. Get the best deals on products of better quality. 

Recurring Cost

There are certain expendable items required in a paintball kit. For each game, you need to bear the cost of paintballs and air. If you purchase in bulk, you can avail more offers and save more. 

For a single game, it is roughly estimated that you buy at least 2000 paintballs. Now, paintballs are available in different sizes, 0.50-0.68 caliber round. Buy good-quality paintballs that are both non-toxic and biodegradable. Usually, paintballs go well both with CO2 and compressed. You can buy air in various-sized canisters.

Basic Pump Pack

If your budget is low and you want inexpensive equipment, go to a local retailer to get a better bargain. Buy the basic pump pack, which is designed explicitly for paintballing. This basic pump pack is the best deal as it includes a mask, a hopper, a plastic pump gun, and some canisters of CO2 weighing 12-gram each. 

Doesn’t that seem convenient to buy? At just about $30-$50, you can get this kit. But you would need to buy more canisters of CO2 as the ones provided in the kit won’t be enough for a big game. 

High-End Equipment

If you have deep pockets, you can surely choose to go for high-end equipment or something between basic or high-end. If you have somewhere around $80 to $100 to spend on the equipment, a semi-automatic gun or electromechanical gun would be best. 

Most guns come in a complete package with a mask, hopper, and a plastic gun. Now, it is up to you if you want to buy a combo deal or every item individually. Masks and hoppers separately cost somewhere between $5 and $20. This does not end here. You can even update and customize your choices.


Obviously, nothing is more important than ‘paint’ in the paintballs. Paint can be pretty inexpensive if you know the right place. Usually, you can get a case of paint containing 2000 rounds for about $30. If you need paint for the field game, you need to buy field paint specifically. 

The price of field paint is a bit higher than the normal one. One thing is for sure, if you are planning on long-term paintballing, the cost of paint will always be there. How much does paintballing cost? Well, make sure to add paint bills to it.


Did you ever imagine spending on air? Well, I never did. But CO2 cost automatically adds to the billing list when you move into paintballing. Refilling your tanks with either CO2 or compressed air is very important. 

Typically, refilling your tank with either of the above would cost around $3 to $5. This is just an average. The size of the tank also affects the cost of air. If you decide to play more frequently, you need to fill your tanks up before every game.

Clothing to Wear for Paintballing

The right type of clothing is essential to wear before you go paintballing. You can wear old clothes or buy new clothes tailor-made for paintballing. To add more fun to your game, you can buy specially designed jumpsuits for different teams participating in your game. 

This way, the dresses, and gear would differentiate one team from the other. Protective gear for your head, gloves for hands, and the correct type of boots should also be on your paintballing checklist. Make sure to leave minimum parts of your skin bare. You wouldn’t want to get injured or hit by those paintballs on your bare skin.

Though paintballing is not relatively cheap, it is not that expensive also. It involves a one-time initial cost which makes it quite expensive. The recurring cost is not too much. 

Field cost is also a part of the recurring costs. But, if you’re addicted to or passionate about this game, you shouldn’t worry about the cost. I hope that by now you’re clear how much does paintballing cost. So, what are you waiting for? Try for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is paintballing an expensive sport?

Yes, paintballing can be a costly sport. The initial cost can go as high as $2000 if you want to go for high-end equipment. The recurring costs also add to your total cost as you need to refill your tanks and rebuild the paint after every game. Hence, paintballing is expensive yet worth the price.

2. How many paintballs do I require in a game?

First of all, it depends on the number of players. On average, you must keep 500 paintballs in your stock to avoid interruptions between the game. Several researchers have evaluated that most players use 200 paintballs in an hour. Accordingly, you need to buy paintballs for your game.

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