How Many Paintballs Per Hour

How Many Paintballs Per Hour?

Paintballs! Oh, I see you were unaware of your upcoming game. Initially, did you shoot paintballs? Need to figure out how many to purchase? Or perhaps you play professionally and are concerned about how many throws your opponent might make in the first game?

Wondering how many paintballs per hour will you need? You might always be worried about the number of paintballs used. And man, these tiny balls are expensive!

Therefore, it’s best to only purchase what you need. You need to know how many are needed for that, though. Hence, welcome to this blog. In a few minutes, you’ll have all the answers. Continue reading and scrolling, please!

How Many Paintballs Per Hour?

Do you want to know the precise number? Nobody will ever be able to convince you that this is a very subjective topic that varies depending on a number of variables. However, if you insist on knowing, it can range from 100 to 500 on average. Whether you play aggressively or cautiously and subtly will depend on your style. It probably depends on the player’s attitude, the game kind, and the trigger style.

Additionally, the laws and restrictions that apply to these various paintball fields vary, which may have a direct bearing on the quantity of paintballs utilised during a one-hour game. For example, some paintball fields only permit the use of special ammunition. Let’s take a closer look at how various variables impact the utilisation of paintballs.

Factors Affecting the Use of Paint on The Balls

How long or how little time your ammunition will last you depends on a number of things. Here is a list of some of them:

1. Your Play Type

If you play with a lot of aggression or enjoy firing hard, you’ll need to have a lot more than the ordinary paintball player. If you are a smooth player, you will need to use a lot less paintballs.

2. Are You a New or Experienced Player? 

Determining this factor’s consequences is a bit difficult. For instance, because they are anxious while playing, novice players often utilise less ammo. Others, on the other hand, waste their sticks by striking at random without picking or aiming at a specific target.

Professional players can shoot paintballs at extraordinary speeds, but most players use their ammunition wisely and only when they are in a position to hit their opponent.


3. Skillset 

In general, skilled players use a lot less ammo. They may therefore, on average, survive 100 paintballs each hour. Long-term practised players are able to hit targets precisely.

4. Player’s Mood 

If you shoot 200 paintballs an hour on average, you can easily shoot 300 if you’re in the right frame of mind. You can even use less than 200 paintballs in an hour if you just want to have fun.

5. Type of Game 

Per hour, how many paintballs? Depending on the game you select to play. Regarding scenario games, they can range from 100 to 400 for historical scenarios or video simulations, depending on the scenario you select to play.

Inwood baseball games typically allow for the use of less ammo. For certain other games that have less shooting and more action, the quantity of paintballs utilised can increase significantly.

6. Shooting Type

You can employ the spray and pray technique, when you merely shoot haphazardly while hoping that the shot hits the target, other times, in addition to when you shoot flawlessly.

How To Store Your Paintballs?

Storage is the most considerable option to make your paintballs last long outside the field. Although the self-life of paintballs generally depends on several factors, like manufacturer, the material used, sunlight, the weather and humidity conditions, and more, you can only control the storage factors. 

Paintballs should be kept in a dry environment with indirect sunlight because direct sunlight can seriously harm them. Try keeping your paintballs at room temperature since cold weather can cause them to become brittle and hard and high temps can make them delicate.


Now, you must have an idea about how your temperatures in an hour. You need to know your particular play type, shooting style, and the type of game you’re involved with. 

This implies that you need to have a solid grasp of your shooting, playing, and mood. Having them will guarantee that you have already won half the game.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Much Do Paintballs Cost?

Paintballs are available for purchase in any neighbourhood store. The price per round case ranges from $15 to $75. The quality improves as the price increases. Typically, the price of 2000 paintballs ranges from $30 to $100.


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