How Fast Does Paintball Travel

How Fast Does Paintball Travel?

Paintballing requires concentrated effort and absolute attention. Not only should you play the game, but also follow the rules and regulations. Apart from that, your hands should get used to the gun. 

While you’re playing in the field, you might’ve noticed that paintballs travel just like bullets shot from a pistol. But is it so? When I started playing paintball, I had one question in mind, ‘How fast does a paintball travel?’ Now I have the answers, and I am highly pleased to share the answers in detail. You’re one step away from the answer.

How Fast Does Paintball Travel?

If you’re a good shooter, you can call the long shots. On average, a paintball travels 280 fps or 190 mph. This number is too low than that of the speed of actual bullets. Pulling the trigger releases compressed gas into the gun’s barrel. 

High pressure is created, which pushes the paintball ahead. So, how fast does paintball travel? Well, now you have the answer, 280 fps. But, to add up to your knowledge, the maximum speed that a paintball can travel is 300 fps. This number also depends on your gun and the shooter. 

Do you want to know how far you can shoot with your gun? When you shoot at an effective range, it means that your target is very far away. This slows the ball’s speed as it nears the target, and ultimately paintballs may not even break. 

When you shoot at a safe range, it means that you’re hitting the target at such a velocity that the player doesn’t get hurt. Shooting at an absolute range means that you’re successfully shooting a target that’s far away at a higher velocity. Also, note that the velocity of the balls depends on the quality of your gun and how far it can shoot.

Paintball Guidelines For Speed

As I told earlier that the maximum velocity at which a paintball can travel is 300 fps. However, you cannot hit with 300 fps as there is a danger to other players. Players may get hurt, resulting in dangerous bruises or scratches on their skin. Most paintball fields do not allow players to operate at a velocity of more than 280 fps.

With this speed, the paintball can hit a target that is 80-100 feet away. When you operate at this ideal speed of 280 fps, you hit your target in just 1/3 of a second. This speed is breakneck to hit your target accurately.

Firing at Higher Velocity

For safety standards, it is strictly recommended that you cannot operate beyond 280 fps. When a newbie is hit with a paintball of that speed, he/she will indeed feel it’s pain. Maybe his skin develops bruises or scratches. 

But if you ask a regular player, he won’t feel an ounce of pain. After a long session of the game, some players may feel pain because of being hit. 

But it is not that harmful. In sporadic cases, people develop welts in their skin because of being hit too hard. But if that injury is treated well, you will recover very soon.

Weather Affects Speed

Most pro-players have experienced that weather can change fps speed. During weather changes, how fast does paintball travel? Usually, players new to this game do not the answer to this. 

Well, it’s exciting to know that during cold weather, the CO2 works less effectively. Morning sessions can allow a speed of 240-250 fps. 

However, as the sun sets in, your gun will give you a speed of 280 fps. In too high temperatures, your shots may end up being inaccurate. Hence, people prefer compressed air over CO2 as your shots won’t get disrupted from their path.

Adjusting Speed on Your Paintball Marker

Adjusting speed on your paintball marker is very easy. Each model comes with model-specific instructions mentioned on its marker. Those instructions are very straightforward. 

In most models, there is an adjustment screw on the side to allow players to adjust the velocity of their gun. Turning the screw in a clockwise direction would limit the flow of air. And turning it in the anticlockwise direction would increase the flow of air. The velocity of your gun(fps) would reduce and increase, respectively. 

How A Higher FPS Affects Your Target

Do you think that you can get an assured shot at a higher FPS? Unfortunately, you’re wrong. In actual play, firing at a higher fps will not give you an accurate hit. When firing with a higher fps at a very far away target, you will not be able to achieve the expected result. 

As paintballs are gel-based, firing them at a higher fps will not give you accuracy. In fact, at a higher or too low fps, paintballs tend to break before even hitting the target. Paintballs being not-so-solid causes them to love deviations while traveling. Firing at a preferred speed would give you more sure-footed shots.

I hope that by now you know everything there is to know about paintball velocities. When someone asks you, ‘How fast does a paintball travel?’, give the sure answer of 280 fps. Not more, not less. 

Firing at 300 fps is not recommended, and neither will it give you accurate shots. Keep this thing in mind that firing at a higher fps will not provide you with accuracy. Then why go for it? Have a safer game with the lucky number 280!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do guns give accurate shots?

The answer to that depends on the model you own. Obviously, high-end markers will provide you with more accurate shots as compared to the normal ones. You can get good markers at affordable prices also. So, if you’re really into this game, buy a good enough marker to good you more reliable shots.

2. What is the safe range in paintballing?

Another challenge for rookies here is that they do not know what targets to hit. Make sure not to shoot anyone too close to you as you may end up hurting him/her. When shooting someone in close-range, the ball will hit the other player at 250 fps. So, try not to hurt others. 

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