How Does an Airsoft Gun Work

How Does an Airsoft Gun Work?

Airsoft is an exciting game that will boost your adrenaline rush. Almost like paintball, airsoft uses battery-powered guns to hit targets with airsoft pellets. Airsoft guns generate 1-1.5 J of energy which is enough to hit your targets accurately. These guns are designed quite like real firearms to add flavor to the game. 

Several teams enter the airsoft field with the sole purpose of winning the game. Eliminating the other teams by hitting them with maximum airsoft targets seems fascinating. Therefore, understanding your gun is essential. Keep reading to find out how does an airsoft gun work.

How Does an Airsoft Gun Work?

Airsoft guns are of various types about which I’ve explained in the other part. But how does an airsoft gun work

Different guns have different mechanisms, the basics of all guns being the same. These guns fire an airsoft pellet of around 6mm. Certain guns are fully automatic that keep on firing if your fingers are on the trigger. 

Semi-automatic guns are the ones that shoot a single pellet at one trigger pull. There are guns with a blowback feature that causes the gun to recoil, giving you a more realistic touch. In the non-blowback, the opposite happens. It does not cause your gun to recoil. 

Here, I will discuss the mechanism of three guns mainly – electric-powered, gas-powered, and spring-powered guns. In the later section, you will also find their detailed descriptions. Battery/electric-powered guns are the most guns found in an airsoft game. 

Available both in full and semi-automatic modes, these guns operate on batteries. The batteries are connected to the motor present inside the gun. Before you hit the trigger, the bolt gets compresses, and it gets tagged up against the spring. 

When the trigger gets pulled, the bolt is completely compressed. And this mechanism causes the pellet to hit its target. Keep reading for a detailed description of each type of airsoft gun.

How to Remove an Orange Tip from An Airsoft Gun?

An airsoft gun is a specially designed gun used only for recreational purposes. Unlike actual guns, they operate on batteries, springs, or gas, hitting targets with airsoft pellets. 

How to remove an orange tip from an airsoft gun firstly depends on the type of gun. In pistols, if you apply a bit of effort, the orange tip will pop off. Another thing you can do is use Goo Gone. 

It is a fluid paint removal and is non-corrosive. You need to soak the orange tip in Goo Gone before removing the color. Now you know how to remove an orange tip from an airsoft gun.

Features Provided by Various Airsoft Guns

Every piece of equipment gets upgraded from time to time, so do airsoft guns. One of the features explained before was fully and semi-automatic guns. 

Another one was blowback, which causes the gun to recoil, and non-blowback, which does the opposite. Then comes the single-action and double-action feature. 

The Single-action feature gives you the trouble of cocking the hammer every time the trigger is pulled. But in double-action guns, once you cock the hammer, you won’t have to do the same again. 

The hop-up feature allows you to increase the range of your projectiles by back-spinning. Read more on ‘How does an airsoft work’ in the other section.

Working of The Electric-Powered Guns

Electric-powered guns use a battery to operate. The battery is connected to the motor in the gun. When you cock the gun, a BB is pushed up against the spring. When you pull the trigger, the bolt gets completely compressed, which sends the plastic gears a signal. 

The spring then pushes the bolt to move faster. As the air starts to accumulate, high pressure is released behind the projectile. This pushes the BB with full force through the barrel towards the target. It is a simple mechanism of a battery-powered gun, but it varies slightly with more features.

Working of The Gas-Powered Guns

Gas-powered guns use CO2 to pull strings. These guns use the CO2 gas contained in gas tanks to move the projectile and, in turn, move the BB into the air. In these guns, gas cartridges replace batteries. Gas directly creates a high pressure behind the projectile. 

When the trigger is pulled, the BB goes out as soon as the projectile gains momentum. Using gas-powered guns will require you to fill the gas tank up in case it empties. 

The primary mechanism is simple, on the trigger being pulled, compressed CO2 is released, which moves the projectile. As a result, the BB moves out into the air.

Working of The Spring-Powered Guns

Spring-powered guns solely operate via a spring. They do not use any battery or gas. Their mechanism is quite simple, and they are easy to use. 

The only problem with these guns is that you will have to cock them every time you need to shoot. It seems slow, doesn’t it? 

When you pull the trigger, the spring is released, and so is air created. That compressed air now drives the projectile and ultimately pushes the BB out. These guns are cheap and good to go for beginners. Spring-powered guns and rifles give good fps and have enhanced performance. 

So, the mechanism of these airsoft guns is quite simple to understand. If you’re already playing this game, you must be clear about all the instructions on how to operate your guns. 

I’m sure that now you know how does an airsoft gun work. Be it any type of gun, the mechanism begins when you pull the trigger, and compressed gas is created behind the projectile. Get set, go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can an airsoft gun kill someone?

First, if you enter the airsoft field with proper gear and layers of clothing, your chances of getting hurt to reduce to a greater extent. If you shoot at a higher fps of around 300-350, there are chances of extreme skin penetration. But airsoft pellets cannot kill humans for sure.

2. What does the feature of hop-up mean?

The hop-up feature is added in airsoft guns to give you a better experience and target excellent shots. This feature allows you a back-spin to increase the range of your projectiles.


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