How Do Airsoft Grenades Work

How Do Airsoft Grenades Work?

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When you are a regular airsoft player of airsoft, you know the importance of airsoft grenades. Most pro players can’t play airsoft without their airsoft grenades.

Not only are these grenades more fun, but also, they help you win the game. But the problem with new players is that they don’t know how to use the grenades.

The variety of airsoft grenades confuse most beginners. They don’t know how airsoft guns work.

You don’t need to worry as I’ve explained it in detail. 

How Do Airsoft Grenades Work?

Before understanding the working of grenades, you first have to understand the different types of grenades. Owning grenades in an airsoft game is naturally considered to be a benefit. 

Well, grenades won’t hurt or kill a person. It is just an advantage in the game that helps you complete your goals quickly. 

One thing is clear, whatever the type of grenade is, each one is used for the same purpose and performs the same functions. 

They’re great to use when you want to create a ‘shocking’ environment. The grenade will produce too much fire in your surroundings. 

So, how do airsoft grenades work? Well, what comes to your mind when you think of a grenade? The grenade will explode. Similarly, airsoft grenades work more or likely in the same way. Relax; they’re non-lethal and safe to use.

The working of an airsoft grenade is quite simple. You have to fill them up with the gas, quickly pull the pin, and throw them at your opponent. Easy, isn’t it? Save the grenade for a time when you’re on the verge of winning the game!

Let’s Use a Grenade!

As I said, you have to fill the grenade with air because it has to explode. Mostly, it demands CO2 or green gas. Next, keep your grenade charged at all times. 

Next, you have to fill your grenade up with some BBs. If you’ve reached this step, well done, you’re halfway there!

Airsoft grenades are shot at a relatively lesser FPS than a normal BB. So, set a target and just throw the grenade.

How Do Pyrotechnic Grenades Work?

These are the most commonly used grenades on an airsoft field. Mind it; you can use these grenades only once as they are not rechargeable or refillable. 

Usually, you’d have to ignite the grenade’s fuse and throw it towards the target. When the grenade burns, it produces very thick smoke for at least 2 minutes. This gives the player an excellent chance to complete their targets or change their positions.

Apart from the smoke, a loud bang is followed by the ignition. However, you have to be very careful with this tiny grenade.

How Do Gas Grenades Work?

These grenades also produce a loud bang and thick smoke. Gas grenades are both rechargeable and refillable. You have to fill it with CO2 or green gas. 

Immediately release the grenade towards the target point after you remove the locking pin. The CO2 inside the grenade produces high pressure that results in thick smoke once the pin is unlocked.

Some gas grenades also include BBs. When thrown towards the target, BBs are forced to come out along with the CO2.

How Do Blank Firing Grenades Work?

Another type of grenade is blank firing grenades. These grenades have an almost similar operation as the gas grenades. 

There is a locking pin that holds the timer in place as long as the pin is intact. When you pull the plug, automatically, the gunpowder reaction begins.

When this grenade hits its target, there is a deafening sound, louder than the other grenades. Then, it is accompanied by thick smoke that allows a player access to change his position or defeat his enemy.

Reusability Of Airsoft Grenades

The standard grenades are, unfortunately, not reusable. Once they’re used at a target, you cannot use them again as the pellets inside them burst open.

Gas grenades, as I said, are both rechargeable and reusable. You have to charge them first and then fill them with either CO2 or green gas. 

However, many pro players still prefer to use standard grenades in their games.


So, how do airsoft grenades work? I hope that it’s probably clear to you now. 

But be very careful with these. Safety should be your topmost priority when using grenades in your airsoft game. Be safe and play well!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Airsoft Grenades Reusable?

Well, the traditional ones are one-time use only. But the newer grenades can be used multiple times by a player. If the grenade bursts open, you won’t be able to reuse them.

Are Airsoft Grenades Dangerous?

Grenades produce a loud sound and thick smoke. So, yes, you have to be extremely careful while handling them. Protect your ears well before using grenades in your game.

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