How Bad Does Paintball Hurt

How Bad Does Paintball Hurt?

Are you brand-new to the paintball game? If so, you must be concerned about a few elements of this game. How about the type of weapons? Which paintballs should I use? What to wear to paintball in summer? How bad does paintball hurt? 

Should I engage in paintball? My friend, if this sounds familiar to you, you’ve come to the correct place. You will learn a lot about paintballs from this blog.

How Bad Does Paintball Hurt?

It’s a little challenging to respond to this question in a straightforward manner. It certainly hurts, and occasionally it causes wilts and injuries. However, the discomfort is typically manageable and passes fast.

But there are still a lot of variables to consider. It was getting hit by a paintball, which may even prove fatal for a 7-year-old. On the other hand, a child won’t experience as much discomfort.

Factors Affecting Pain Caused by A Paintball Hit

Nobody enjoys getting hit by anything, and paintballs are no exception! I guess I don’t enjoy being hit? Nobody loves it, but the reality is that different things induce pain at varying intensities. What degrees are paintballs, then?

Let me tell you, a paintball strike can make you feel like you’ve been stung by a bee or that your hand has been snapped by a rubber band! It depends on a number of factors. Let’s take a quick look at these.

1. Speed

It and acceleration both affect an object’s force. Additionally, the velocity—which includes both the speed and the direction—determines the acceleration. As a result, you get hit harder the faster the object is moving.

2. Trajectory of Paintball 

How painful are paintballs? Much of it depends on how the paintball is launched. Paintballs thrown at 60° and 90° will not have the same force. The amount of damage it will deal to the adversary depends significantly on the angle.

3. Distance Traveled by The Paintball 

The safe range, effective range, and absolute range are the three ranges for paintballs. The safe range is often the target, followed by the effective range, which is a little bit further, and the absolute range, which is the maximum distance you may throw.

Therefore, mate, you’re going to take a really big hit if you have a naughty opponent who doesn’t care about your safety and throws the paintball at point blank range!

4. Type of Paintballs

Paintballs of various sorts impact differently. As you are aware, several producers have the option of using various materials to create paintballs. It follows that various paintballs will hurt in different ways. The second most crucial factor is the calibre of the paintballs you are using; 0.68 calibre reusable paintballs hit the hardest.

5. Place Where You Got Hit

Different body parts respond differently to the paintball stimuli here. Here, we list the top five body parts that hurt the most when you are struck. The tissues on the neck, which come up at number five, are particularly prone to pain.

As a result, it is one of the areas that aches the most. The fourth one feels like a fast-swinging ball between your legs and is located on the inner of the leg. Your groyne is the third, your arms are the second, and your hands are the first (lads, you know how that feels!).

Well, since the hands are constantly visible, it makes natural that they are ranked first.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

How bad does paintball hurt? We now know that although while paintballs rarely damage people, they occasionally have the potential to be fatal. Therefore, we need take action to safeguard ourselves.

First, we need to cover as little skin as we can. You must cover your hands and legs with hand gloves. Additionally, purchase cups (you know which portion, right?) Therefore, you need exercise caution when playing and be aware of how to defend oneself when an opponent is shooting at you.


Here’s a brief tip: if you want to avoid taking too many blows, you should be a great dodger. Additionally, playing paintball is a great way to have fun while being active. If this piques your interest, you really must give paintball a shot. Instead of worrying about how painful paintballs are, enjoy the experience.

Frequently The Asked Questions

What Should I Wear to Paintballs?

You should dress in comfortable clothing that also serves as a form of protection against being struck, such as jeggings, tops, tank tops for girls and boys, and full-sleeved t-shirts for women.

Does Paintball Hurt More Than Airsoft?

Paintballs occasionally hurt more than that because they are bigger than BBs, although this is a very subjective judgement.


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