How Bad Does Paintball Hurt

How Bad Does Paintball Hurt?

Are you a newbie in the game of paintball? If yes, then you must be worried about some of the aspects of this game? Like, what guns to use? What type of paintballs to use? What to wear to paintball in summer? How bad does paintball hurt? 

Should I play paintball or not? If this sounds familiar to you, then you are at the right place, my buddy. This blog will enlighten you a lot about paintballs.

How Bad Does Paintball Hurt?

Well, giving a clear-cut answer to this question is a bit difficult. It surely hurts, sometimes resulting in wilts and injuries. But, in general, the pain is bearable and fades away quickly. 

But it still depends on a lot of factors. Like for a 7-year-old, it was getting hit by a paintball can even prove to be fatal. But, on the other hand, a youngster won’t feel that much pain.

Factors Affecting Pain Caused by A Paintball Hit

Getting hit by anything isn’t pleasurable to anyone, and paintballs are no exception! Well, I don’t like to be hit? Nobody likes it, but the thing is, the pain caused by different things is at different levels. So, what levels are paintballs at? 

Let me tell you; paintball hit can range from feeling like getting snapped by a rubber band to getting stung by a bee! It depends on a lot of factors. Let us have a quick look at these.

1. Speed

An object’s force depends on it and acceleration. And the acceleration depends on the velocity, which means the speed and the direction included. So, the higher the speed, the more is the force which means you get hit harder.

2. Trajectory of Paintball 

How bad does paintball hurt? It depends a lot on how the paintball is thrown. A paintball thrown at 60° won’t have the same force as a thrown at 90°. The angle has a significant role in deciding how much damage it will cause to the opponent.

3. Distance Traveled by The Paintball 

Paintballs have three ranges, the safe range, the effective range, and the absolute range. The safe range is generally aimed for, and the effective range is slightly more than that, and the absolute range is the farthest you can throw. 

So, if you have a mischievous opponent who doesn’t care about your well-being and throws the paintball at the absolute range, then mate, you’re going to have a very massive hit!

4. Type of Paintballs

Different types of paintballs hit differently. Like you know that different manufacturers can use different materials to make the paintballs. So, it is pretty obvious that different paintballs will hurt differently. And the second most important thing that what caliber paintballs are you using; if you use 0.68 caliber reusable paintballs, it hits the most.

5. Place Where You Got Hit

Different body parts show different effects to stimulus, here the paintball. Here, we are mentioning five different body parts which hurt the most when you get hit. Fifth is the neck, the tissues on the neck are highly susceptible to pain. 

Hence, it is one of the parts which hurts more. The fourth one is the inside of the leg; it feels like a fast-swinging ball between your leg. The third is your groin (lads know how it feels, no explaining needed here!), the second is the arms, and the first is the hands. 

Well, hands are the parts that are always exposed so, it makes sense as to why they are number 1.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

How bad does paintball hurt? So, now we know that though paintballs cause little hurt, but can sometimes even probe to be fatal. Thus, we should be taking measures to protect ourselves. 

First, we should keep as little skin exposed as possible. You must use hand gloves and protect your hands and legs. Also, get cups (you know for which part, right?) So, y should be careful while playing to know how to protect yourself while your opponent is aiming at you. 


A quick tip is that you should be an excellent dodger to prevent too many hits. Also, paintball is a perfect way of entertaining yourself and staying fit at the same time. If this ignites your interest, you must try your hands at paintball. Don’t be worried about how bad a paintball hurts, instead enjoy the experience. 

Frequently The Asked Questions

What Should I Wear to Paintballs?

You should wear something that makes you comfortable and helps you protect yourself from getting hit like jeggings, tops, tank tops for girls and tells, and full-sleeved t-shirts for boys.

Does Paintball Hurt More Than Airsoft?

Paintballs are greater in size than BBs, so they do hurt more than that sometimes, but it’s a very variable call. 


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