How Bad Does Airsoft Hurt

How Bad Does Airsoft Hurt?

While participating in airsoft, one of the questions I frequently hear is, ‘How bad does airsoft hurt?’ Most newcomers avoid playing airsoft out of simple concern for injury. In any sport, you don’t want to get wounded. Additionally, it is true that most injuries and games occur together. 

You may have heard from others about the harm that airsoft may do. Like any sports, airsoft hurts, but not as much as other activities. After being struck, your level of discomfort will change based on a variety of factors. Continue reading to find out more about airsoft injuries.

How Bad Does Airsoft Hurt?

Airsoft hurts occasionally based on numerous factors since it is an outdoor activity. Pain is influenced by how you are feeling. We are aware that airsoft occasionally hurts. But how bad does airsoft hurt? 

Airsoft guns typically fire at a speed of 400 to 700 fps. Players are vulnerable to stinging and injury at this speed. A 15-foot blow will be enough to break a tooth or cause blindness. Airsoft gun play is strictly prohibited at home because you risk killing or severely injuring your pets.

Airsoft can hit you hard on bare skin, resulting in bruises where the contact occurred. But it’s true that you’re less likely to get injuries if you’re in the field with the right equipment and your body covered. If you are struck straight at close range, your tooth could be injured or perhaps broken.

Therefore, take great care with your clothing and equipment. Without the right tools, you run the risk of suffering serious ear, facial, or eye damage. Your eyes are extremely sensitive, so if you get hit in the face with something, you could experience severe pain as well as issues like blindness or lens dislocation. Overall, the weight and velocity of the airsoft pellets determine how painful airsoft is.

Factors Affecting Your Pain

First, the force per second (fps) of the airsoft pellet has an impact on how painful a strike will be.

The pain increases with greater frame rates. Even when struck, you won’t experience much pain if you enter the field fully covered in camouflage and the appropriate headgear.

The size and weight of the airsoft pellet also have an impact on how much pain you experience. The pain increases with increasing weight. The severity of the injuries is also influenced by the distance from which you were shot. You will take a lot of damage from a 220 fps close-range shot.

How Dangerous Is Airsoft?

If you enter the field wearing the appropriate protection, airsoft won’t damage you that much. But how painful is airsoft? The most severe harm that can be brought on by airsoft is skin penetration.

But even then, under dire circumstances. Eye injuries can also be very serious, therefore always use the necessary eye protection when playing sports. Your skin becomes superficially bruised when airsoft penetrates it, but these bruises quickly go away.

Body aches and clumsiness could be further issues. But even that awkwardness wouldn’t be there if you did a good warm-up before the game. If someone hits you from close range, they could hit you hard. So, step onto the field with confidence.

How Deep Can the Airsoft Pellet Penetrate?

I’ve been saying this from the beginning that when shot from a close range at a higher fps, the chances are that airsoft will hit you badly. But there have been rare chances of airsoft penetration into the skin over the years. 

There will be some discomfort even if airsoft reaches your flesh. Airsoft pellets do not pierce your skin too deeply like actual bullets do. Can airsoft be so deep that it causes bleeding in exceedingly uncommon circumstances?

However, I haven’t come across an instance like that yet. I don’t think airsoft pellets will pierce your flesh very deeply, other than possible bruises and little pain.

Preventing the Pain

You are already aware that injuries are not necessarily the result of being struck by an airsoft pellet. Even pain may not be apparent to you. You are probably not going to get hit while you are playing in the field.

However, there is no way to prevent getting struck during the game. However, by maintaining broader ranges, you can lower your risk of suffering serious injuries. The strength of airsoft pellets decreases as they travel farther, which lowers the shot’s energy.

Precautions Before the Game

Go there with all your might if you’re bold enough to land in an airsoft field. It implies that risky games like airsoft are possible. Therefore, you need to be appropriately attired and equipped.

Helmet, safety goggles, and gloves are the essential gear that should always be on. You can also wear a face mesh mask that will protect your face and teeth. Apart from that, wear layers of clothing if you don’t want bruises on your skin.

Everyone is aware that performing outdoor sports can lead to injuries. Despite the low frequency of injuries in airsoft people still ask, ‘How bad does airsoft hurt?’ 

The majority of injuries occur when athletes disregard the safety procedures. Respect the game and correctly abide by all the rules and guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When can I get hurt badly?

When airsoft pellets are fired at you more quickly, they can seriously injure you. Additionally, you will undoubtedly be wounded if another player hits you at a closer range and with a greater frame rate. You can get some welts, scrapes, or bruises on your skin.

2. How can I protect myself from injuries?

The only requirement is to wear appropriate attire and equipment. Invest in safety equipment like face mesh masks, goggles, helmets, vests, and so on. Bringing the right equipment into the field would lessen your risk of suffering an injury. As you would be wearing multiple layers of clothing and appropriate gear, you wouldn’t feel much pain when being hit by airsoft pellets.

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