Guns Safety Use Guide

Guns Safety Use: An Essential Guide

It is nothing new to say that gun safety is the first and most important thing you should keep in mind whenever handling a gun. Gun safety should be your priority no matter the use of the gun you’ll make. For being completely safe, it is better to follow some of the most basic gun safety rules. If you are not familiar with them, make sure you keep reading this essential guide that we put together for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the best paintball gun on the market or the best paintball gun for under $300…safety comes first.

First of all, keep in mind that firearms or guns are not games to play with. These weapons are deadly tools that must be used correctly to avoid issues or disastrous results. These things can injure you or the others and even kill. Real guns have nothing to do with paintball guns and are indeed so deadly that sometimes you might not even get a second chance to amend your mistake.

Because guns can be so dangerous, you shouldn’t be using them without taking some precautions. That is why we gathered the most important safety rules that you should always be applying whenever handling a gun. Are you ready to start? Keep reading to keep yourself safe, but also the people surrounding you.

Rule 1: Always Keep Your Gun Unloaded

To be safe at all time, always manage a gun as if it was loaded, even if it is empty. Paintballs can still be very dangerous. Make sure your gun is empty when you are handling it for the first time. If you are a total beginner and have no idea how to check for the presence of bullets, simply ask others to help you checking the gun before taking it into your hands.

Rule 2: Keep the Gun in A Safe Direction

Another very important thing to keep in mind is to have your gun always pointing in a safe direction. Even the best paintball guns can discharge unexpectedly…even if it’s a pump paintball gun.

That also means that when you are not using the gun, you should place it in a safe place not accessible to anybody, especially not reachable by kids. When it comes to fire the gun in a firing range, you should point it to an empty area or target objects. Never, not even for playing, point or aim the gun at another person or yourself.

Rule 3: Keep Your Fingers Off the Trigger

If you are not ready to shoot, you shouldn’t be touching the trigger. A natural reaction of many people getting a gun on their hands for the first time is to gather their fingers around the trigger. However, this is not safe at all. Some people, by hearing a loud or unusual noise might inadvertently press the trigger, possibly putting themselves and others in danger.

To avoid a disaster, keep your fingers away from the trigger. Failing to do so might ruin your life and in these cases, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Rule 4: Aim The Target

Sometimes firing ranges might be considered as No Men’s Lands. But that doesn’t mean that you are free to use your gun and to point it to everything you see moving. Instead, you should always be checking not once but multiple times, that your shooting range is correct. Only when you feel safe and comfortable you should be start shooting. When shooting, make sure that you are aiming directly at your intended target.

When you see something abnormal, such as moving objects, strange colors or something that you cannot make out from the distance, immediately stop firing. Before you shoot, you should always make sure that no person falls into your firing range.

Rule 5: Make A Proper Use Of Your Gun

Before you even start thinking about firing a gun, you need to learn how to operate one with confidence. You can practice shooting at firearm training institutes, which you can find looking online, for example. Every gun comes equipped with a user manual, but reading the instructions will not be enough for being completely safe at the time of firing the gun. First of all, you should be aware of all of the pros and cons of firing a gun.

Also, you should know that the weapon you might be equipped with has various mechanical aspects that you’ll need to be familiar with. Indeed, you need to learn how to correctly load and unload your gun, as well as to detect and repair any malfunctions that you might find. Learning all that requires practice. Only with practice, you’ll be able to make proper use of your gun and to know how to handle it correctly.

Rule 6: Store Your Gun In A Safe Place and With the Adequate Precautions

Storing property a gun is as important as making proper use of it. If you choose to store it in your house, choose a safe place and prevent any unauthorized use by any member of the family. Store the weapon and its ammunition in separate spaces. Most importantly, ensure that your children are not aware of the place you decided to store your gun in.

To increase safety, you can even use special safety lockers or boxes approved by the state of California. Lock your gun before storing it. The locker will block the trigger from being pulled, which won’t allow the gun to fire. For extra Saget, make use of both the locker and the gun box.

Gun Safety Rules When Hunting

Even when hunting the safety rules listed above apply. However, you need to add some extra rules to ensure you are safe. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind:

  • When going out in a group, ensure that one member of the team looks after the other people while ensuring the zone is safe
  • Make sure that everyone has a single place for shooting, not different ones, as it might create confusion
  • Don’t try to climb over a loaded gun
  • Don’t use any scope as binoculars
  • Check your gun carefully: if something looks suspicious, leave it

Cleaning Your Gun

Clean your gun regularly to guarantee increased accuracy and better user experience. Also, it is a critical step to keep you safe at all times, as well as to increase the life of your gun. Check every part especially if you are going to use an old gun. Indeed, some old weapons come with some dust and accumulated moisture which causes them not to work properly. To get even more accuracy, clean your gun with oil, but always follow the manual.

Remember, ensure that the gun is empty before cleaning it.

The Bottomline

Handling a gun improperly and without taking the right precautions might be an irreparable error that might even lead to death. Following safety rules is essential. Make sure you do that before handling a gun.


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