Echo1 M14 Airsoft Gun Review [Updated 2020]

Airsoft game is taking over the world, as more and more people get involved with this sporting game. To play airsoft, you do not really need any special training, since the game is not considered to be potentially dangerous. Airsoft guns are used as the main equipment for this game.

There are plenty of airsoft gun models available in the market. Most  are also suitable for beginners, where more advanced players will also be able to find proper model for themselves.

Echo1 airsoft gun.Echo1 airsoft gun.


Nevertheless, finding the best airsoft gun might be challenging, considering the richness of choice. In order to find the model that suits your needs and body complexion, you will have to spend some time unless you have the ready research in front of you.

Wait, you have one! We have already performed the in-depth research of airsoft gun market. Today, we will discuss the key highlights of Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master Airsoft gun.

About The Product

The Echo1USA M14 EBR Combat Master is an M14 variant and it fulfills multiple roles of a battle rifle. It has been shortened in comparison to the M14. The Echo1 has a collapsible stock which makes it a perfect and compact unit for urban operations while not compromising on its power and accuracy (for a DMR role).

This Echo1USA M14 EBR Combat Master is was produced by Echo1 Company. The Echo 1 is the manufacturer of the airsoft guns and accessories.

The firm is the first American company to be approved for sale in Japan, which indicates the reliability of the firm. Moreover, the company claims to provide the highest quality products at the affordable market prices.

Features Of The Echo1 M14 EBR Combat Master

  • Model – JP-89
  • Feet per second (FPS) – 405
  • ​Weight – 9 pounds
  • ​Warranty – 30 days limited
  • ​Magazines – 2 included
  • Capacity – 440 rounds
  • Type of Magazine – High Cap

Echo1 M14 Airsoft Gun Echo1 M14 Airsoft Gun


This Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master Airsoft gun is a perfect gun for anyone, whether it is a newcomer to the airsoft game, or an experienced player.

The Results

Echo1 M14 EBR Combat Master’s charging handle is made out of metal which gives it a more realistic feel when it is racked. The ghost ring sights on the Echo1 are adjustable specifically to scope precisely for shooting at distances.

The Echo1 has several sling loops at the front and back which allows configuration of the sling as per personal choice. The Echo 1 M14 EBR is wired up to the rear part with an adjustable crane stock (6 positions). It will take most aftermarket stocks thanks to its buffer tube that has dimensions that are mil-spec.

There Echo1 has enough and more rail space for lasers, lights, bipods, and optics. The Echo1 M14 combat master is flexibly configurable for any type of mission.

Black combat master.Black combat master.


The Echo1 has 2 high cap magazines that come standard. Each of them has a 440 round holding capacity which ensures longevity in operation. Magazines of Mid capacity are separately available as well. Most of the gun is constructed out of metal whereas the pistol grip scope mount and the crane are constructed out of plastic.

What People Had To Say

In order to see what real customers say about Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master Airsoft gun, I have studied a lot of customer testimonials about this product.

Based on a number of positive reviews, I can conclude that the gun is very accurate and precise, which is one of the key characteristics of the high-quality airsoft gun. The gun is said to be capable of shooting with 400 FPS speed.

Moreover, the customer testimonials stated that this airsoft gun looks exactly like the M14. It is also able to deliver a very high cycling rate. Users noted the material of this airsoft gun – durable metal and thick plastic.

Black rifle airsoft gun.Black rifle airsoft gun.


We can summarize the advantages of this Echo1 M14 Combat Master Airsoft gun into the following:

  • Highly durable material
  • Very accurate
  • ​High cycling rate
  • Realistic look

Our Buying Advice

If you want to buy this Echo1 M14 EBR Airsoft gun, you will need to know some additional information in advance.


Echo1 offers a limited 30 day manufacturing warranty on this airsoft gun. The warranty period is valid from the date of the original purchase. The warranty is limited to repair and replacement of the manufacturer’s defective parts only.

The Echo1 warranty is considered voided in the following cases:

  • Removal of orange tip
  • Opening or product repair by anyone, who is not authorized by Echo1
  • ​The use of improper BBs, propellants, or batteries
  • Misuse, abuse, of neglect that might cause product malfunction

Where To Buy

Every buyer always strives to find the best deal on the market and that is exactly what we wanted. After browsing the Internet for some hours, we chose the deal from Currently, Amazon is offering this Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master Airsoft gun for about $250 with free shipping.

Black Echo1 M14 Airsoft Gun Black Echo1 M14 Airsoft Gun


Free shipping implies that your order will be delivered 5-8 business days after all your items are available to ship, including pre-order items. Presently, Amazon has this item available in stock.

Final Thoughts

This Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master Airsoft gun is a remarkable airsoft gun model that provides numerous advanced functions, aside from the basic airsoft gun’s features.

Being a relatively inexpensive gun, this product delivers the best possible user experience to the buyer. It is known for its accuracy, which makes it one of the most popular airsoft guns among airsoft players. Moreover, most of the parts for this gun are readily available on the market.

We would definitely recommend buying this airsoft gun, considering the attractive price offered by

Our Rating



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