Casio G-Shock Frogman

Casio G-Shock Frogman Review: Expensive, But Worth It?

Although the Casio G-Shock Frogman has a striking, contemporary appearance, you might be surprised to learn that the watch has been produced by the firm since 1993.

Since the watch’s first release nearly three decades ago, the design has undergone a few improvements. But its reputation has mostly remained the same; it is still regarded as one of the most dependable watches on the market.

One of the first timepieces associated with Casio’s Master of G series of watches was the Frogman. These timepieces were created for ardent users who required a professional-grade timepiece that could resist the rigours of deep-sea diving and foggy combat environments.


So, if you’re someone who values durability and reliability over all else, it might be the perfect piece to get.

It’s also vital to remember how valuable the G-Shock Frogman line of watches is. Non-divers also buy the watch to flaunt, and occasionally just to collect, even though it was developed with the needs of a professional scuba diver in mind.

Although user praise may sound thrilling, only an objective review can really show you the value the watch gives.

So, for your benefit, we went ahead and conducted a thorough evaluation of the GWF1000-1.


G-Shock Frogman Design

The body of the Frogman is about 50mm wide and 18mm thick. The watch has an interesting form. Its asymmetrical but gorgeous structure only adds to its allure.

But as you are aware, the watch is designed for those who require a high-quality wristwatch. The watch’s case, bezel, and crown were all constructed of stainless steel by Casio to ensure that they were as strong as they were beautiful.

A Diamond-Like Coating (DLC), which strengthens the heavy-duty stainless steel components, improves the material’s corrosion-resistant qualities.

The watch’s use of various materials to strengthen it only adds to its remarkable design.

The sapphire crystal in the Frogman is scratch-resistant and does not reflect light. It makes the watch much simpler to read and is very durable.

Before displaying indications of wear, the carbon-fiber-reinforced strap will last you decades.

The 100% digital display of the G-Shock GWF1000-1 is divided into two sections. The moon’s various phases are displayed at the top of the watch, while the time and day of the week are displayed at the bottom.

It’s important to remember that these are merely the default options. Like the majority of Casio’s G-Shock watches, frogman watches provide extensive customization. To customise it to your tastes, you will need to become familiar with the operations of its numerous buttons.

Of course, the buttons will also allow you access the various capabilities that are not automatically displayed on the main display in addition to assisting you in customising how the watch looks.

Here are some of the watch’s design’s key features: Casio Watch (Model: GWF-1000-1CR): Watches

Large Size

The Frogman is a typical example of the huge size of G-Shock watches. It is quite thick and has a diameter that is greater than 50mm. With only 140 grammes, the watch nevertheless manages to be lightweight. On your wrist, you won’t even notice it.

Unidirectional Bezel

Divers can much more easily maintain track of time while they are underwater because to the Frogman’s bezel. You can make sure you safely reach the surface before running out of air using its anticlockwise rotation.

Durable Caseback

Stainless steel with a DLC coating, including the caseback, makes up the majority of the body. It has a fantastic design thanks to its robotic frog logo.

Robust Strap

The Frogman’s strap is one of its outstanding features. The asymmetrical carbon-fiber strap harmonises with the design of the casing. It has two neoprene layers, making it even more robust.

The four Allen screws firmly secure the watch, so you never have to worry about it falling off while you’re submerged.

Sturdy Inner Container

A sturdy inner container covered in stainless steel protects the watch’s internal 3445 timing mechanism.

Convenient Button Placement

The watch’s right side has large, simple-to-press buttons. They are simple to press underwater due to their size and placement. Because they are sunken within the rubber shields on the left side, the buttons are a little challenging to operate while submerged.

G-Shock Frogman Features

The Frogman is designed with underwater divers’ needs in mind, as its name suggests. Its ISO classification, which rates it water-resistant to 200 metres and makes it suitable for use by divers, makes it a watch worth purchasing.

The Moon Graph and the Tide Graph, two graphs that are essential for divers, are also included. The graphs make it easier to decide when it’s safe to dive.

The graphs go hand in hand, therefore it can be difficult to comprehend how to utilise the watch for this purpose if you’ve never seen graphs before.

However, it is simple to learn how to utilise the graphs by consulting the pictures and instructions on the internet. Another factor contributing to the Frogman’s popularity among divers is the watch’s portability and the accuracy of the graphs.


Another feature of the G-Shock Frogman that divers and surfers love is that it is built to withstand saltwater. It is very corrosive, and most other watches corrode within weeks of contact with saltwater.

The Frogman is corrosion-resistant due to the combination of stainless steel, durable rubber, and crystal glass.

But the Frogman has a lot more outstanding features as well, such the following:


G-Shock Features

The Frogman is a diver’s watch first and a G-Shock second. It has all the functions that Casio watches are famous for, including a battery life indicator, four alarms, a snooze alarm, hourly beeping, world time, stopwatch, and timer.

You can better manage the watch’s life with its power-saving feature and button-operated on/off switch thanks to these features.



Since not every watch has a full auto-calendar, the Frogman is even more appealing. It has a pre-programmable accuracy of +/- 15 seconds per month and is pre-programmable till 2099.

Three Sensors

The Frogman is a professional-grade watch with a wide range of applications because it measures air pressure, altitude, and temperature.

Solar Power

The Frogman’s ability to run without batteries or constant charge is one of its strongest features. Without sunlight, the watch may operate for up to ten months before needing to be recharged. It’s the watch every survivalist wants.

Auto Backlight

Similar to Casio’s Rangeman, the Frogman features auto-backlighting that can be programmed to activate for 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds. Naturally, if you don’t require the feature, you may completely disable it and switch to an other power source.

Moon and Tide Data

As was already noted, the watch contains a seven-segment tidal graph that, when combined with the moon phase, provides a precise tide date. It is also simple to set it up with your UTC offset or lunitidal interval.

Dive Mode

The bottom left button needs to be pressed and held down for a few seconds to start the Frogman’s Dive Mode. The 200M WR dive timer, which can time dives lasting up to 48 hours, will then be accessible on the watch.

The watch’s memory also contains information about the last 20 dives you’ve taken.

You can monitor the water’s temperature and get a depth gauge with the Frogman. While we can’t suggest it as a replacement for a genuine dive device, it makes a great backup.


Pros & Cons

Each watch has advantages and faults of its own. The following are only a few of the G-Shock Frogman’s key benefits:


  • Solar power charging – you’ll never need to replace the batteries
  • Big buttons make underwater use easy
  • Extra-large case perfect for wearing on top of scuba gear
  • One of the most durable watches money can buy
  • It comes with three sensors
  • Loaded with scuba-specific functions
  • Does not rust easily
  • Boasts easy to use software
  • ISO-rated water-resistant up to 200 meters
  • Top-notch LCD


Customers frequently criticise the price of the G-Shock Frogman GWF1000-1. The watch is pricey, and if you are unfamiliar with the history of the Frogman, it is simpler to write it off as being “overpriced.”

The Frogman is desirable as a collectible, and limited-edition versions of it sell for much more than the initial price on the used market, which is the flip side of this drawback.

The possibility to be customised is another issue that buyers frequently broach. The Frogman has a learning curve because there are more than 100 distinct settings accessible, which may not initially appear like a drawback.



One of those timepieces, the Frogman, is difficult to dislike. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just a watch aficionado, you’ll adore the Frogman.

It has a distinctive appeal due to its timeless style, robust construction, and abundance of features.

Given the high sums collectors from across the world are willing to pay for them, it boasts outstanding value for money and strikes the ideal mix between features and aesthetics.

One watch you will never regret purchasing is the GWF1000-1.


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