The Best Red Dot Sights

The Best Red Dot Sights for 2020

Red dot sights are designed as a solution to improve a player’s ability to aim and also to eliminate the need to close one eye when firing a gun, providing players with a more accurate shot. Red dot sights are a fantastic option to add you your paintball gear whether your using the best paintball gun on the market, the best paintball gun for under $300 or the best paintball pistol.

The Top 3 Red Dot Sights

What is a Red Dot Sight?

Putting it simply, it’s an optical unit that utilizes a laser to allow people to aim and hit targets with greater accuracy, Especially in close or at medium range, most don’t feature any magnification, and this is why they’re not referred to as scopes. Our review will give you an in-depth explanation as to how this accessory will help improve your paintball game.

As the reflex sight is the most commonly used in sniper and hunting rifles, it’s crucial to explain how this works.

The underlying principle of the technology involved in a reflex optic is the spherical partial mirror.

These mirror lenses are specially coated to reflect only a red light so that you can see a red. On just one side of the optic. The mirror is designed to let all of the colors in the light spectrum pass through it while reflecting only the red light despite it being a mirror; this is why you can still see through it. This results in you being able to clearly see an invisible reticle that uses a clear line of sight to a target.

How The Red Dot is Measured

The sight uses a standard called Moa to determine the size of the red dots that it creates. The controls besides the red dot using a specially-designed temperature hole that can easily be adjusted at the front of the LED light.

If you want to use a site and find a target going to need a larger dot. If you are shooting over a moderate or shorter distance, smaller dots will provide a higher level of accuracy. In other words, if you’re shooting over longer ranges, you want your red Dodge to cover much less of your targets making it easier and to locate and hit

What Are The Benefits of Using a Red Dot Sight

  • The main benefits of a red dot sight is it simplicity
  • Red dots will increase your success level significant pain
  • they’re straightforward to use and don’t take too much practice to perfect
  • A handy addition for new shooters because if you get used to Amy at the red dots reaching any red targets will become second nature

Anyone who transitions to using red dot optics or sights will tell you that the increase in accuracy and speed has mostly been down to the fact that we used to use irons before. The simplicity of the red dots aiming system has shown a significant spike in their success levels. Because of their experience of having used iron sight, when they switch to using a red dot sight, more experienced paintballers find can now fire off numerous more accurate rounds at their targets in a matter of seconds.

People enjoy using red dots sites because it makes it much easier for them to fire at less-than-perfect angles with a high level of accuracy. Red dot sights allowed people to make near-perfect shots in a hurry cuz you don’t need to worry about having the perfect alignment before you pull the trigger. Training with a red dot size will offer you a massive level of flexibility as regardless of the weapon you’re using one, you can switch with these until fire what level of accuracy because you are using the sight and not the gun. Whether you’re using a shotgun pistol on an AR, it won’t really matter. As the red dot works just as well when used on a concealed carry, a heavy-duty firearm, or an airsoft rifle.

For those of us with less than perfect eyesight, a red dot sight is your ideal partner and is highly recommend for anyone who is eyesight impaired or for older shooters. The red dot sights help improve your long-range shooting. It’s an aiming system that provides a level of precision, as well as a significant the first shot advantage. Because of its versatility, the red dots can be used in home defense sport shooting competitions as well as some other tactical applications or operations. This is not to say that red dot sights are without their problems. Here are some of the drawbacks of using them.

One of the critical components of the red dot optic is a red LED this has to be placed in front of a spherical mirror but outside of its focal point Because of this, there’s an increased possibility of electronic failure, so you will need to carry fresh batteries with you at all times, which makes the sight less reliable. Experts advise that you invest and something like iron heights as a backup. The sight is not just something you can plug and play. You will have to put in some practice to chew in your optic today’s exact specifications that you will need. The final cost of a red dot sight can be expensive, as you also have to buy a custom mount as well.

Red dot sights are not immune to weather conditions, so changes in temperature or weather can result in the projection lazar beam messed up. They also struggle with optical glass becoming fogged over. Regardless of these small drawbacks, there’s no comparison between iron sights and red dot sight. Pas long as you ensure that your site is fully charged and fans and carry some extra batteries, it’s far superior. When you were buying your first red dot sight, make sure that you read the reviews I come and take into account the compatibility level of the device with slides, its build quality, and it’s reticle size as well as its overall battery life.

The Built-in LED

The most critical components of any red dot optic are its built-in red LED have you mentioned before this is usually passed in front of its spherical mirror kept outside of its focal point.

The primary benefit of using a LED light is that it has an extremely energy-efficient light source, which means that your sights battery can potentially last for a few thousand dollars.

Secondly, LEDs are designed to produce extremely narrow bands of light. This allows the mirror to accurately reflect only the narrowest wavelength of red light. The vast majority of light passes through the mirror, providing its user with a much clearer viewpoint.

Color Options

yes, I know I’ve been referring to it as a red dot optic since the beginning, but not all of them have to come with a red reticle. While red may be the most suitable color to use indoors for human eyes, we tend to perceive green color in much better fashion when we are outdoors, especially on a very sunny day.

The number of different studies has revealed that the human eye is far more sensitive to green light does utilize a green dot sight may I offer you a much higher level of accuracy as the green Golf and appear up to 30 times brighter than any red light. this also means that you can put on your battery life as a green dot reticle can use it much lower power levels

For this very reason, the vast majority of red dot sights come with both green and red settings, as well as adjustable brightness. These features are essential as they allow users the ability to shoot day time, night time, dawn, or dusk, with the same level of precision.

What Are the Different Types of Reflex Sights

Tube Sights

This type of sight is designed to be bigger than a standard open sight. Because of this, it can only be mounted on a full-size paintball gun. Regardless of its large size, this type it’s highly recommended because it will facilitate the attachment of many different accessories. Such as a magnifier or a kill fash, both of which increase your accuracy, as well as your range.

An Open Sight

By no including the lense in the actual sight, these are designed to be quite small. Because if it’s the size, it’s not very adaptable and cannot be accessorized the same as a tube type. It’s a critical advantage; however, lies in its ability to offer you a panoramic view of a target cause cheap has been removed that can easily obstruct your line of sight. The slimmer profile lenses ensure users the best possible view ahead as one look when I looked through the glass, and the other one looks directly at the target.

What About Holographic Sights?

Not all red dot sights are reflex sights. You also have the option of using a holographic one. As you can probably guess, these are designed using a hologram, which is used to create either green or red dots to protect the light truth lens using a laser. This then superimposes the light in your field of view, thus creating a holographic dot hat that appears in front of the gun.

as the design of these holographic lenses does not include any reflective coating on the glass lens, the Arctic does not ultra block honey of the light from going through which gives you a much more unobstructed view at what compared to any other reflex red dot sights

Pros and Cons of Holographic Sights


The essential advantage over other red dot sights is that it’s nearly immune to it called Parallax error. This can cause shots to be off-target if shooters do not maintain a specific cheek weld to zero in on the object. When using a holographic sight, the reticle appearance to be downrange and moves with the eyes position. This results in the parallax effect being reduced to zero.

Reticle Size and Field of View

Halo sights have a 1 Moa reticle, which produces the finest Dosh of any optic. This ensures the highest level of shot placement and provides a much faster target acquisition. This one compared to other reflex sights that are 10 subtends up to 4 minutes of an angle. Whereas red dot sights might prove more comfortable to find they offer far less precision when compared to the higher aiming points all of the best holo sights.

The rectangular heads-up viewing windows that holographic sights use offered the advantage of a far superior and considerable. They do not suffer from the tunnel vision and blind spots that the red dot sight systems do.

Holographic vs. Red Dot Sight Magnification

The vast majority of reflector sites do not offer any type of magnification, while some models can enlarge targets 3XS. The dot of the holographic sight always remains the same size even as the target than arches providing even greater accuracy in the long run. A standard red dot sight it’s radical size increases by the same factor. This results in a far larger dot and much-diminished precision.

Power and Size

As you mentioned before, holographic sights aren’t perfect on one of their most significant disadvantages is that they offer significantly less run time. The only way to avoid this is a turn them off and on and use it sparingly. Many of these sites have been designed to automatically shut off. This isn’t great when compared to low powered LED options red dot sights offer that never really need to be turned off. Also, these holographic sights tend to be much larger and bulkier than the red dot reflex sights.


While a holographic optics system would appear to be far superior to any red dot reflex system, the reason that is not very popular, it’s because they’re far more expensive. In conclusion, the addition of a red dot sight will significantly improve the accuracy of your shots this is especially true when you’re trying to head close to mid-range targets while paintballing. While some of the better options are expensive to purchase, when you weigh up the pros and con’s the additional cost is well worth the investment.


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