Best Pump Paintball Guns

The 4 Best Pump Paintball Guns for 2021

Paintball games can be fun as well as stress-relieving. Therefore, it might be one of the activities that you prefer doing on weekends instead of spending them on your couch.

You know what can make your experience even more adrenaline-filled? Yes, we’re talking about those pump paintball guns. They’re a bit different and more challenging to use than regular paint guns. If you’re looking for the best paintball gun guide or the best speedball gun, then this isn’t the guide for you.

In this article, you can join us while we review some of the best pump paintball guns out there. We’ll also tell you how they work and why we like them more than their regular relatives.

Our Top 4 Pump Paintball Guns

Best Seller
Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker (Orange/Purple)
Editor Choice
JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun, Red
Best Budget
Action Village Azodin KDIII Paintball Gun Legendary Package Kit (Polished Purple/Polished Green)
Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker (Orange/Purple)
JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun, Red
Action Village Azodin KDIII Paintball Gun Legendary Package Kit (Polished Purple/Polished Green)
Best Seller
Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker (Orange/Purple)
Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker (Orange/Purple)
Editor Choice
JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun, Red
JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun, Red
Best Budget
Action Village Azodin KDIII Paintball Gun Legendary Package Kit (Polished Purple/Polished Green)
Action Village Azodin KDIII Paintball Gun Legendary Package Kit (Polished Purple/Polished Green)

Now, the fun begins! Let’s discuss the impressive features of the following pump paintball markers.

Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker

Would you take a look at this beauty! We fell in love with this gun’s appearance as well as its features. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that it comes with a two-piece barrel and two backs.

This should allow you maximum accuracy. Also, we love that it features ZERO Assembly and Acoustic Bolt. These improved technologies shouldn’t only grant you precision, but also make your gun quieter.

Not to mention that it has many incredible features. It comes with a reliable pump handle, dual pump rods, clamping feedneck, and a single trigger frame.

This gun can be your best option if you’re a beginner. It combines efficiency, great performance, as well as a mid-range price.


● Great for beginners and intermediate players
● Remarkable precision
● Quiet
● Moderately-priced


● Some users encountered leaks

JT ER2 Pump Pistol

Now, for people with much smaller budgets, this paintball gun pump might be more suitable. Not only is the price more affordable, but we also found out a lot of qualities in this gun.

First of all, this marker is lightweight and easy to use, which makes it perfect for beginners. Second of all, it’s equipped with many items for practice as well as recreational games.

The kit includes the ER2 pump pistol, 30 paintballs, 2 CO2 cylinders, and a barrel plug. Also, we like some of its features, such as the pump-action reloading system, single trigger pull, and its stick feed port.

Can’t wait to introduce your kid to paintball? We suggest that you buy them this gun before switching to a more professional paintball pump marker.


● Simple to use
● Lightweight
● A perfect choice for practice
● Budget-friendly


● Might be hard to aim
● Tends to lose gas over time

Azodin KDIII Pump Paintball Marker

Here’s another great option you might like by Azodin. While this one has multiple nice features, it’s more affordable than its predecessor. We like its sturdy body, eye-catching design, and smooth grip.

Also, it has a single-piece barrel, unlike the other gun. In addition, it comes with a preset feather regulator, stainless steel pump rod, and a quick- release bolt.

These can up your game and increase accuracy. Not just that, but it has a screw lock feedneck and a single-trigger frame. All the more reasons to admire this gun. Lastly, we love that it’s compatible with both CO2 and HPA.


● Solid build
● Quieter than most paintball pump guns
● Compatible with CO2 and HPA
● Midrange price


● It can be prone to double feeds if you pump twice
● You might encounter roll-outs if you shake the gun too much

Empire Sniper Pump Paintball Marker

Empire paintball guns are some of the absolute best paintball guns you can find….and this one is no exception. If you don’t mind spending more on high end pump paintball guns, we suggest that you check this one out. Now, this one is more fit for advanced players. It’s an awesome choice for tournaments and competitions. Let’s discover why.

Many users adored its performance, praising the solid build as well as the unmatched accuracy. According to the manufacturers, it uses low-pressure operation and auto-trigger for fast gameplay.

Also, its aluminum 2-piece barrel and 3 different inserts should enhance your experience. These inserts are .675, .680, and 0.685. Although the price might be over-the-top, such quality and precision should be worth the cost.


● A nice pump action paintball gun for professionals
● Tournament-level performance
● Utilizes low-pressure operation and auto-trigger
● Strong build
● Compatible with 3 inserts


● A pricey option
● Start by off-field target shooting with your paintball gun

General Tips for Playing Pump Paintball

If you’re about to play pump gun paintball for the first time, you might need these tips to ensure that your experience is mistake-free.

● Walkthrough the field with your team before the game
● Use high-quality paintballs for better aim
● Maintain a powerful shooting stance
● Never step away from the bunker before taking aim
● Don’t stop moving around the field
● Always hold your marker firmly
● Keep your gun attachments to the minimum to increase mobility

Why Pump Paintball Guns Are Better

Yes, we understand the charm of regular paintball guns. They come with auto-operation that only requires you to pull the trigger to shoot. However, this is one of many reasons why some people prefer pump paintball guns.

Let’s go over all their compelling advantages.

Require More Skill

Pump paintball guns are slower to use. You need to pump the gun before pulling the trigger. But many players like the challenge that these guns pose. Instead of only focusing on their surroundings and opponents, they also need to improve their gun skills.

This can change the whole experience and add even more excitement to the game.

Better for Beginners

As a beginner, you can appreciate slower gameplay when starting down that journey. These pump guns might be your faithful companions in this department.

They should be enough to teach you all the basics before you can switch to a more fast-paced approach. They’re also lighter and easier to carry than regular paintball guns.


We know that pump paintball guns can vary in price. Some might be more expensive than regular ones. But we’re not talking about the cost of the gun itself.

Since they’re slower, pump paintball guns don’t consume as much paint as regular guns. This way, you can save a lot of money on buying the best paintballs if you stick to pump guns.

Wrap Up

There’s almost nothing better than a satisfactory paintball game….whether you’re playing on the best paintball courses in the world…or just in the woods with friends. It can connect with your inner soldier and ease the overall stress of the week. To get the best out of the challenge, you can always try pump paintball guns.

We suggest that you try the Azodin KP3.5 KAOS Pump Paintball Marker. We admire its reasonable price, impressive performance, and powerful build.


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