Best Paintball Guns Under 200 – Buyer’s Guide 2020

Depending on how much of an involvement you have in paintball, there’s a chance you’re willing to invest thousands of dollars in the purchasing of paintball markers. But you should also know that there’s no reason to do this, especially if you’re facing budgetary limitations.

Instead, you could spend more time doing research, only to discover that you can find pretty decent paintball markers for less than $200. And you don’t need to think much about the quality of these guns either; even the cheapest ones on this list will provide you hours upon hours of fun and excitement.

The only thing you have to do is to peruse the market as well as online articles such as this one for the best low-cost paintball marker, but one that will guarantee a certain level of durability and quality. With that in mind, here’s a list of paintball guns that you won’t have to spend more than $200 on!

1. Tippmann TMC MAGFED

We’ll start off with one of the absolutely most reliable guns that can be found in today’s paintball gun market; the TMC MAGFEED made by Tippmann. This is a particularly suitable gun for a player who likes dabbling in woodsball; both for up-close and distance games. Upon using it for a while, we’ve concluded that this paintball gun offers various benefits – and quite a few for players who have a dynamic and diverse playstyle.

First of all, this is a mag-feeder, though one that does have a dual-feeding system. In fact, we’d say this is one of the biggest selling points of this paintball rifle, seeing as it allows users to pick between the hopper and the magazine depending on their specific preferences.

Plus, it operated as a completely pneumatic marker, so you’ll be filling it up yourself regardless of the feeding system you choose. And most importantly, no matter how you use it – this gun will provide you with an amazing level of accuracy and clean, quick shots. A large majority of all kinds of paintball players believe this is a quality rifle.

It offers a unique look too, being almost identical to an actual AR15 rifle; aside from the in-line bolt mechanism of the gun. And even though it isn’t a small gun, you’ll be surprised at just how light it is; you don’t have any risk of compromised movement with this one, and your performance on the field will be positively affected.

Also, the lightness of this gun allows you to add any upgrades you want to it without being scared about it becoming too cumbersome. So, it’s not just quite functional, but you can also customize it without fear of weight issues.

Though, one of the few drawbacks of this gun is, as reported by users, the fact that it can break down if you use it for a very long time; so durability can be something of a problem.


  • The dual-feeding mechanism, letting you pick the hopper or the magazine
  • Accurate and quick shooting
  • Quite lightweight
  • Fully functional and customizable
  • Upgrades are quick and easy


  • It can break down if you use it extensively

2. Azodin Blitz 3

With its durable construction and overall streamlined design, it’s pretty safe to claim that this Azodin Blitz 3 marker is one of the finest paintball guns you’ll be able to buy in the market today. Its performance speaks of its status as an advanced paintball gun model; more specifically, because of the dependability and solidness of its frame.

Once you take it in your hands, you will notice that it can work in any kind of paintball role right away. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick afternoon of fun with your pals in the paintball field, or you want to compete more professionally and take part in a tournament. Most importantly of all, it’s lightweight.

So how does this gun stand out? Primarily, due to its intense reliability. This continues to set the gun apart from its competitors in a similar price range. The frame of the gun is made out of a composite material that’s reinforced with nylon; meaning it’s not likely to fail you in the heat of the battle. That’s what makes it a great gun for intense tournaments as well.

This is a highly efficient paintball gun, as you’ll notice once you start playing around with it. Not only does it run quite smoothly, but it’s also designed not to spend too much of precious gas. The piston that it operates with has an integrated seat; making sure that you don’t spend more gas than you absolutely have to. So, it manages to stay surprisingly quiet, while also packing a heavy punch.

Those traits allow you to gradually improve your game, seeing as your competitors won’t have such an easy time hearing or seeing you; while you’ll be able to hear and spot them coming from a mile away. That gives you the advantage of surprise; making this a great tactical paintball gun.

The only issue that this paintball marker has is the fact that it doesn’t have a quick-clamp feed neck; a potential downside for some.


  • Durable and streamlined construction
  • Dependable and solid frame built with a composite boasting a nylon reinforcement
  • Efficient and gas-saving
  • Quiet and yet powerful
  • A good all-around gun, also light


  • Absence of quick-clamp feed neck

3. Tippmann Cronus Basic

If your goal is to find the very best paintball marker that doesn’t cost more than \$200; you can easily accomplish that by investing in the Cronus Basic Marker made by Tippmann. In fact, quite a few professionals in the game think of this as the perfect entry-level paintball gun; for those who are still finding their footing in the world of paintball.

One of the things we liked the most about this gun is that, regardless of the fact that it’s made for beginners, it also boasts a sturdy and solid build. So, it can easily withstand the challenges and rigors of even the most intense outdoor game; making it quite perfect for intermediate players as well.

Its build is impressive in more ways than one, seeing as the composite material it’s made of is quite sturdy and rigid; ensuring that you’ll be able to use it for a very long time. The gun’s body has a cool look as well; showcasing the best that military simulation guns have to offer.

Still, it is built with younger players in mind; so it’s quite lightweight, and you won’t need a lot of strength or a big stature to pull it off. The gun requires the minimal possible endurance in order for players to use it as long as they like; definitely an important trait. Considering that, you’ll be able to use it, carry it around, and hold it without difficulties. That’s also achieved with the rubber grips.

That’s just one of the many reasons you’ll find this gun comfortable for prolonged games. You won’t see it impeding your movement in even the most intense games. And best of all, you can even upgrade this into a full-blown tactical paintball marker. Naturally, the fact that it shoots accurately and quickly with little recoil only adds to its immense popularity.

The only problem with it is that you may need to upgrade the gun’s stock barrel if you want the highest possible levels of accuracy.


  • Great for both intermediate players and beginners
  • Tough and solid construction, making it perfect for harsh environments
  • Cool style with a mil-sim flair
  • Comfortable and easy to carry with molded rubber grips
  • Easily upgradable to a tactical gun


  • You may need to upgrade its stock barrel for more accuracy.

4. Tippmann Cronus Tactical

Here’s another paintball gun that costs less than \$200, and yet manages to leave a lasting impression and positive impact on the market in general. It’s another Tippmann product we’re talking about, from the Cronus line – the Tippmann Cronus Tactical. The most remarkable quality of this reliable paintball gun is that it presents a unique combination of accuracy, style, and rugged sturdiness; all in a single product!

As is the case with the previous gun, it’s a great choice for both intermediate paintball combatants and beginner players. It provides everyone with a calming sense of reliability, plus it’s quite user-friendly and incredibly accurate. We’re happy about the fact that it isn’t too heavy either; so you won’t have problems with carrying it all around the place. And despite how lightweight its frame is, it also manages to be durable!

All in all, this means you will be utterly certain that your paintball marker won’t break down even under the most intense circumstances. We’re glad about its very low level of needed maintenance too; especially considering the fact that it will last you longer than most other guns on this list. You won’t have difficulties taking this gun apart and cleaning it quickly; it can all be done in a matter of minutes.

Its in-line bolt mechanism is quite well-rated, as is the case with its internal gas line. These two provide the highest level of comfort you can imagine, in tandem with its well-designed grip. This ensures that you will have a fun time playing with this, regardless of how long the session turns out to be.

This bolt system is great in reducing overall chopping as well; plus, the gas intake is built at an ergonomic angle so that the tank is never physically in your way. Its only issue is the fact that the collapsible stock is constructed out of a somewhat poorly manufactured material.


  • A combination of accuracy, style, and sturdiness
  • Extremely reliable for intermediate and beginner players alike
  • It’s not heavy, so you will carry it around easily
  • Requires little maintenance
  • You can easily clean and disassemble it


  • Flimsy collapsible stock

5.  GOG eNMEy

If you’re a paintball player in the market for dependability; you’ll definitely find it with the GOG eNMEy without any disappointment; while remaining in the under \$200 category! This particular marker tends to stand out largely because it works for newcomers as well as it does for experienced paintball veterans.

Its exterior comes with a very simplistic design, following Occam’s razor rule so frequently seen in this specific industry. The gun has a pistol grip that’s quite heavy-duty, a forward grip to go with it, and a paintball loader on its top. Conversely, you’ll find the air tank on the gun’s bottom. And yet, despite how simple the design is, it has won the hearts of minds of many a player – read on to find out why!

Primarily, this is because the gun utilizes an extremely advanced designed for pneumatics; so the way it propels the titular paintballs forward is incredibly efficient. You won’t need any hammers, springs, or batteries to power this baby; the paintballs fly all due to the gun’s own mechanisms. With that in mind, you can be sure that the relatively low number of parts will ensure increased durability; there are fewer things that can break down after a while, essentially.

The heavy plastic in the gun’s internal construction has definitely impressed us, seeing as it showed it can hold up under even the most intense scrutiny. And yet, somehow the designers have managed not to compromise with its weight. Thus, the gun is still not too heavy, making it usable for newcomers as well.

If you want to further upgrade the gun and enhance its capabilities, you can do so via its anti-chopping mechanism, as well as the low-bolt pressure. In spite of this, the gun promises an incredibly rapid rate of fire, coupled with an accuracy that could make much more expensive paintball markers blush in shame.

However, you may find this gun lacking some of the most advanced features that are found in high-end expensive models, seeing as its design is quite simplistic and doesn’t deviate from the industry’s standards in any way.


  • Great for both experts and newcomers
  • The advanced system of pneumatics helps shoots paintballs with extreme ease
  • The plastic used in the construction is quite solid and sturdy
  • Low-bolt pressure and anti-chopping technology
  • Extremely accurate


  • Not many advanced features found in higher-end paintball guns.

6. Tippmann 98 Platinum Series

Another paintball marker that you’d make a mistake not considering while listing your options for an affordable gun is the 98 Platinum Series from Tippmann. This trusty brand has once more managed to provide the perfect tool for an enjoyable and not costly paintball experience!

Here, we have a gun whose main selling point is an incredible level of customization. If you want to upgrade the performance of the gun or alter its look, you will have everything you need to take your game to the next level. There are plenty of upgrades that this gun supports; including an e-trigger kit, a response trigger, and a cyclone feeding mechanism.

This is a semi-automatic paintball marker with a simply stunning level of performance; you can easily use it for any kind of variety of paintball roles. The design with a split receiver is something of a staple of this range of Tippmann markers and for good reason. This kind of design makes taking the guns apart incredibly easy; further adding to the swiftness of the user experience.

Considering that, installing all of the modifications you prefer and all the upgrades you want will be done with ever bigger ease. Plus, the presence of a handy Picatinny rail on the gun’s top is a welcome addition for all modification enthusiasts. This allows everyone to install any kind of carry handle or scope that they want; letting people fully customize their gameplay experience.

With the gun’s built-in technology to prevent chopping, you will also have a much smaller risk of paint breakage than with other guns. On the other hand, people do complain that the gun is somewhat louder than they’re used to with the paintball markers of today.


  • Will aid in improving your gameplay
  • The gun is customizable and its performance is prone to upgrades
  • Highly reliable on the paintball battlefield
  • Internal components are easy to access
  • Low risk of breakage


  • Somewhat louder than the other paintball guns in the market

7. Azodin Kaos 2

The Azodin Kaos 2 is also another very fine paintball gun. For entry-level players, it’s an excellent low-level marker; one that comes at a very affordable price. Sure, the design is perhaps overly simple, but the gun is still flexible and reliable enough for you to use it in a wide variety of playing environments and settings.

You will notice that the pop-valve design is simple as well, and quite easy to handle. Such a gun design ensures that you won’t have many moving parts, components, and seals. Thus, there is a much lesser risk of things breaking down, so it requires minimal maintenance. With the Kaos 2, Azodin definitely took a no-nonsense approach to gun design. Considering that, you’ll also find that spring leaks and firing issues are also at the bare minimum.

Once you need to take the paintball marker apart, you’ll be able to do so with absolute ease. In fact, you will be able to disassemble it in under five minutes; incredibly beneficial if you need to replace some of the O-rings or to simply clean the marker. And it’s not heavy at all, so the internal mechanisms are all geared for maximum efficiency upon firing.

That also leads to another handy benefit – minimal possible recoil, and thus more comfort for the player while they’re out on the field. In fact, the level of comfort and ease of use that this gun achieves is truly impressive; not in the least thanks to the rubberized grips. Plus, it’s decently accurate. Compared with some of the other guns we’ve mentioned, this one has great long-range accuracy.

Its only drawback that, if you work it at very high pressure, the gun tends to be extremely loud, so intense stealthy gameplay is not an option.


  • Flexible and reliable, ideal for all kinds of settings and environments
  • Low risk of leaks and other firing issues
  • Only a couple of internal parts, lightweight.
  • Minimal recoil upon firing
  • Pretty great regarding long-distance shots


  • High-pressure operation is a bit too loud

8. Tippmann Gryphon

Here’s another member of the Tippmann brand that we have no problem recommending – the Tippman Gryphon! This is another classic gun that will definitely work for both beginners, experts, and casual players. One of its defining features is the fact that it can retain top-notch quality while not jacking up prices to something unreasonable.

So, it’s a good-looking paintball marker; one that works with an inline blowback design that’s not too heavy. This is a classic and relatively simple design, pretty much based on the one from the Model 98; but without the top-cocking bolt. The grip of the gun is quite comfortable – for anyone who spends a lot of time playing paintball, this is quite important. Also, it comes with a vertical locking feed, that you may use for hopper adjustment.

The sleek look of the Gryphon is largely owed to its internal gas line. The gun boasts quite durable and sturdy manufacturing as well; there is no need to worry about this particular piece breaking down in action. Plus, safety was evidently paramount to the creators of this marker, seeing as a pair of safety goggles are included for maximum player security.

This is a gun mostly made out of aluminum, and that’s the primary way it achieves its lightness. Additionally, the design of the gun is amazingly compact; making it incredibly easy to carry around and play with. And that’s important if you’re playing in an expansive field where there’s a lot of running around to do. This gun can fire 8 balls per second, at a maximum range of 150 feet.

All in all, it’s a gun with many benefits, not the least of which are the low maintenance, good accuracy, level of power, and ease of use; however, its biggest drawback is the fact that it isn’t upgradable or customizable at all.


  • Affordable price for this level of quality
  • Good looking and with a lightweight and compact design
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • High accuracy and rate of fire
  • Easy to use and quick to maintain


  • No possible upgrades or customizations

9. Spyder Fenix Electronic

If you want to buy an electronic paintball marker – we’ve also got a choice for you that won’t cost too much. And that’s the Spyder Fenix! This is a product that pretty much gets an instant recommendation from anyone who’s used it for a while. It has a number of distinctive features, the main one being its amazing valve system. More specifically, it makes use of a, particularly designed Eko valve mechanism.

This kind of technology was developed by the Spyder brand in-house; so no other guns out there manufactured by other brands use it. With this kind of valve system, the marker has a double shot capacity compared to other markers with an average tank. Obviously, this gives you a significant firepower advantage on the battlefield, making this gun for paintball truly one of a kind.

One of the other things we’ll say about this paintball gun is that it’s incredibly efficient; users can easily make the switch from automatic and semi-automatic firing. That’s because the gun comes with an electronic trigger built into the frame of the marker. Considering that, it’s no wonder that players from all over the world praise the flexibility and ease of use of the Spyder Fenix.

The clamping feed neck of this gun allows it to shoot an astounding 25 paintballs per second. The anti-chop mechanism present in the gun is also largely efficient; making sure that no paintballs will be fired unless each of them has been properly settled in the gun’s chamber.

However, the gun does have one issue – the responsiveness of the magnetic response trigger found in this paintball marker isn’t as great as some have hoped.


  • Highly efficient and reliable, consuming minimal air
  • Shoots twice as much compared to guns with the identical tank capacity
  • Capable anti-chop system
  • The adjustable inline regulator allows for quick charges
  • Velocity adjuster


  • Unresponsive magnetic trigger

10. Tippmann Project Salvo Sniper

The final great paintball marker on this list is another one produced by Tippmann, and it’s a special one; because it’s a sniper! Naturally, we’re talking about the Project Salvo Sniper M-FDP Edition. This comes with an anodized 11-inch barrel, as well as rails, shroud, and stock. The best part regarding this .68 caliber gun is that you can easily use stock paintballs from the local store with it; you won’t need to order any special ammo.

Seeing as it has a semi-automatic mechanism, it’s a pretty flexible gun; further evidenced by its blow-back system that can work on CO2, nitrogen, or pressurized air. The cycle rate of the gun is also quite satisfactory, having the ability to fire 8 rounds each second. Also, it has an amazing 4 Picatinny rails, meaning you’ve got plenty of room to attach any kind of accessory you like.

Sure, this gun may shoot in a similar capacity to other competitors in this price range. However, the Tippmann Project Salvo still has something of an advantage – its extreme quietness. This is the perfect paintball weapon for stealthy gameplay, but one which also boasts with a great deal of reliability and dependability.

We’ve already mentioned that the gun is flexible and versatile; but it achieves these benefits in more ways than one. For example, you’ll be surprised at the level of dexterity it offers you, especially for a sniper rifle. There are multiple ways of positioning this gun quite easily. And plus, it’s no slouch in the looks department either; it’s one of the most pleasingly designed guns in the market. Army aficionados will be pleased with the fact that it closely follows the design of the actual AR15 utilized in the United States Army.

Though, you should bear in mind that this gun is not predisposed to tournaments and speedball, as it’s a bit too heavy for those gameplay modes.


  • Most standard paintballs compatible with this gun
  • Extremely flexible due to an excellent semi-automatic mechanism
  • Picatinny rails for additional accessories
  • Fires and shoots quietly
  • Easy positioning in a number of way


  • Not particularly suitable for playing in tournaments.

What to Look For When Buying a Paintball Gun Under 200

Everyone who’s a true enthusiast for paintball is aware of one simple fact – choosing the best possible gun is the most important part of preparing for the game. However, with the amount of choice you have on the market these days; that’s not as easy as you might think. Don’t worry, though; we’ve prepared a couple of tips for making the best possible decision you can!

Your Commitment

So, the first thing to ask yourself when you start looking for the best affordable paintball gun is – how committed are you to paintball? This will largely determine how big the investment into this you’re prepared to make. And consequentially, this will also determine what kind of gun you need.

For example, if you’re going to be a serious player who plays more than once a week; you’ll definitely need a sturdy and reliable gun. But if you’re only going to play it every other weekend, you can go with something less long-term and more immediately affordable. Naturally, you’ll have to assess your dedication to the game here.

Where You Will Play

When choosing your paintball gun, we also advise thinking about the specific paintball facility where you’ll spend most of your time playing the game. As you might know, if you’re an experienced player, different arenas and clubs can have widely differing rules. If you’re not buying your equipment there, you’d be wise to ask around about the regulations, so that you can be sure you’re conforming.

If you don’t want to waste time going to the facility yourself and talking to their staff or representatives; you can always have a look at the website of the club or facility in question. For instance, some areas place limits on the firing rate of the guns that are allowed inside, in order to safeguard the security of the players involved. With that same intent, some places have a ban on automatic paintball markers.

All in all, familiarizing yourself with these kinds of details in your arena of choice is crucial if you want to buy the right equipment for the game.

Your Game of Choice

Here’s another factor that you need to take into account before you buy the equipment for playing; the specific kind of paintball game that you’ll spend the most time playing. Remember the last sniper we’ve reviewed above? That gun is suitable for woodsball and other outdoor game modes that are more slow-paced, but not for tournament play. And knowing what gameplay you’ll be involved in is an important part of the purchasing process for the gun.

For instance – speedball will require a more lightweight paintball marker, but also one that’s capable of extremely rapid fire without losing accuracy. And if you’re going to mostly dabble in scenario games, the authenticity of the gun’s aesthetics is more important.

In conclusion, the environment where you’ll be playing is as important as the type of gameplay you’ll be involved in; all of those will determine the gun that’s the most likely to bring you success.


Not everyone who’s involved in paintball plays the same position. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying the right gun for your most common position in an average game. Obviously, if you spend most of your time playing as a sniper – you will need a really long-range gun that allows for a number of scope attachments.

Conversely, someone playing a frontman or a runner will require a gun that has some firepower, but one that’s not particularly heavy so that their dexterity and movement aren’t negatively impacted.


With the above in mind, the weight of your paintball marker is crucial as well. If you’re someone of a weaker disposition, you want to play with a lightweight gun that won’t impede you on the playing field. Anything over 5lbs (rule of thumb) is going to get tedious fast. Plus, you won’t just need to carry the gun around; you may also have to get out of a position quickly or move the gun discreetly without making a sound. Again, all of this isn’t an objective fact, and your preferences will depend on your role in the game, as well as your specific strength levels.

Hopper Placement

Lastly, we’ve got the hopper placement – the final crucial factor that determines which gun you want to buy. Here, you’ve basically got two options: the center-fed or the offset hopper placement. The guns that are center-fed largely position the hopper in the middle of the gun; allowing you to take aim from all sides of your weapon.

On the other hand, the offset hopper can somewhat limit your line of sight; particularly if you’re aiming from the side of the hopper. If you’re going to play some close-quarters combat scenarios, you’ll want to pick the precisely perfect hopper placement for the job. One that will allow easy reloading without impairing your vision.

Does the gun come with additional equipment?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of different things; on the gun that you’re buying, its manufacturer, and your distributor of choice. But no matter where you’re buying your paintball marker, we advise that you check out other deals online. In many cases, you’ll be able to find a discount package deal; one that will ensure that you spend the absolutely least amount of money while getting the most bang for your bucks – in this case, quite literally.

And it’s not just about affordability either – these package deals frequently come with the additional equipment you need, which is important for paintball players who are just starting out. If you’re a beginner, you probably don’t know all of the ins and outs of the sport quite yet; including information on all of the different equipment you might need. So, do some research on the different package deals and what they include before you buy anything; there could be a better offer around the corner!

Essentially, you’ll be able to completely eliminate any guesswork that usually comes with the paintball supplies you need when you’re just starting out. These packages are actually kits that contain all of the stuff you need in the beginning; the masks, loaders, ammo, air tanks, and naturally the gun itself.

Considering that, you can truly finish your paintball shopping experience without spending more than $200; not just on the gun itself, but on the other equipment as well.


Buying a good paintball gun without spending a ton of money can be, as you may have gathered, something of a scary and daunting task. But don’t worry! That’s only true if you don’t have all of the information required to make the proper call. Thus, if you don’t want to become confused due to all of the strange terminology and the available features; take some time to read up on the different paintball markers out there.


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