Best Paintball Guns (Updated for 2021)

Updated Jan 2021:

Firstly, if you’re brand-new to the wonderful sport of paintball, check out our complete beginners guide to buying a paintball gun.  This post is a goldmine of information that will teach you the different types of paintball play and the guns (or markers) that for each.  Also, if you’re on a budget check out our reviews of best paintball gun under $300 or best paintball gun under $200 (for a strict budget 🙂 )

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Even though the game has many different iterations, the paintball gun—which is essential to victory—remains constant. And you don’t always get the best for your money.

The secret is knowing which gun to buy based on your playing style and ability level. A player of speedball will be looking for a quick-firing e-trigger, whereas a player of woodsball may choose a longer-range sniper style marker.

There are hundreds of paintball gun types on the market right now for every sort of player, but cost is typically the main factor. Whatever your budget may be, you want the best marker available.

We’ve got detailed reviews of each of our picks at the bottom but if you just want to cut to the chase then the table below breaks down our all-around best paintball guns based at every price range as well as the best paintball pistol for your money:

Some things to consider…

Choosing a paintball gun may sound like an easy task but it’s easier said than done…especially these days when there are SO many options on the market. One of the first things to consider prior to buying a paintball gun is the place where you intend to use it.

You won’t want to spend the money on the most expensive paintball gun model if you only intend to play sometimes with your pals on your own property. Since you won’t be able to utilise the paintball gun’s features to their fullest, this could just be a waste of money.

Additionally, the location will affect where you will get the air or gas supply for your rifle. This is not a problem in professional fields because they constantly have access to compressed air or CO2; nevertheless, if you’re going to be battling in the woods for several hours at a time, a lack of CO2 will swiftly ruin your prospects.

However, if you want to play alone, your access can be constrained. Therefore, if you choose a paintball gun model that needs CO2, but you don’t have access to it or have a limited supply, this could be a problem.

You may buy an expensive paintball gun and ruin it by just using the wrong fuel, so keep in mind that CO2 is a liquid gas and that it could potentially be destructive to the guns that are not equipped to handle the liquid.

What To Look At When Choosing A Paintball Gun

Now that you are aware of the reasons you shouldn’t minimise the significance of selecting your paintball gun wisely, let’s go on and talk about the important considerations. You want to determine what counts and what you can live without using these seven criteria.


Paintball guns come in three primary varieties: pump, mechanical, and electro-pneumatic.

Pump paintball guns are where I started, but since they’re already a bit of an antiquated choice for contemporary players, I’m just going to concentrate on the other two.

Electricity is not needed for mechanical paintball guns, which is a big benefit. Although they are slower and noisier than paintball guns that use electronics, they are also quite reliable.

Batteries and circuit boards are used to power electronic paintball guns. These firearms shoot more frequently and are typically quieter. They cost more than mechanical models, though, and are more difficult to repair.

You are free to make your decision, but if you can find an electronic marker for a reasonable price, it’s usually worth spending the extra money.


The weight of your paintball gun should be taken into consideration after you’ve chosen the type you want. When selecting your ideal paintball gaming partner, this is one of the most crucial considerations to take into account.

Given that you will need to carry the rifle around, the lighter models are always preferred in this situation. Make sure the pistol you choose will provide you the correct amount of mobility because you’ll need to be able to move quickly and covertly in addition to carrying it.


Consider the locations where you are most likely to be playing. Take into account the paintball game’s field’s settings as well. Choose a gun that will blend in unless the playing field is a relatively dark area.

The paintball gun’s screaming red hue can be a concern because it makes it very easy to see the weapon in the field. You run the high chance of being seen and shot frequently. I would advise choosing paintball guns in muted, darker hues.


As your skills as a paintball player advance, you’ll be open to having a gun with more advanced features. I advise choosing an upgradeable model as a result. Check to see if your specific paintball gun model has any updates available.

Some paintball gun variants are not widely available. As a result, it could be very challenging to obtain upgrades for certain devices that are easily accessible.

Repair Parts

It might happen that at one point of time your paintball gun will need maintenance. It is important to check the availability of the repair parts for the desired model, so you don’t have to wait too long to get your gun fixed.

Level Of Commitment

Consider how much you will be participating in the paintball game as a final but crucial consideration. How frequently will you play, you ask?

If you are committed to play frequently, or at least weekly, spend a bit more on a reliable paintball pistol. It will serve you well.

However, it is preferable to hire paintball guns from the fields or borrow them from friends if you just intend to play once or twice each month.

Top 5 Paintball Guns for 2020

We finally reach THE LIST! We made the decision to analyse the top overall firearm at each price point. These markers are excellent all-around weapons for all types of play and offer a tonne of value. This list may not be appropriate for you if you are a highly specialist player, but if all you want is the best value for your money, then this is the list for you:

Tippman Cronus (Best Overall)

This paintball marker is a great entrée into the world of paintball markers for people who enjoy the realism and tactical appeal given by Tippmann versions. The Cronus is intended to evoke memories of the old 98 tradition, but it also represents a vast upgrade.

The replaceable stock and barrel shield that come with this rifle give it a very stylish appearance and make it ideal for intermediate gamers. Particularly in terms of the accuracy of the rifle, the majority of customers have reported having had excellent experiences. Additionally, it has a rail system that you may utilise to attach a variety of accessories, including grips, lights, and dot sights. With all of that in mind, we can confidently assert that even the most seasoned gamers won’t be let down by the Cronus. Furthermore, the reasonable pricing and good durability it carries aren’t a bad selling point either. This is the ideal paintball marker for any player on a strict budget who wants something durable!

Tippmann A5 (Best for Pros)

What is the Best Pro Paintball Gun?

It wouldn’t be incorrect to think of the Tippmann A5 as the Cronus’ louder, larger brother…on steroids! This pistol is not only extremely versatile but also realistic-looking if you value the feeling of a military simulation in your paintball game.

It has numerous possibilities for various body kits, all of which appear incredibly realistic. Do you want your weapon to resemble an MP5-SD or a HK 417? Maybe a more intimidating but traditional AK-47? All of that is achievable with this rifle! The list of possible combinations is practically unlimited due to the availability of a broad variety of barrels, grips, magazines, barrels, and stocks.

Regarding the pistol itself, the basic model has a great safety fire selector on the grip and the choice of single shot mode. There is an electronic trigger that you may use in place of the stock grip if you also desire the full auto option. The A5 threaded barrel, which is compatible with numerous other paintball markers and can easily be replaced if necessary, is one of the rifle’s most intriguing characteristics.

The Cyclone loading mechanism, which is included with the cannon out of the box, is quite amazing. For hard battles and confrontations, you’ll find it to be quite beneficial because it significantly reduces paint chopping. Overall, as you probably have expected, scenario paintball players like this gun a lot. Additionally, it’s a fantastic bundle that offers ample versatility for any player at the intermediate or professional levels.

Spyder MR6 (Best for Speedball)

Are Spyder Paintball Guns Any Good?

Yes.  Spyder is a great (but lesser known) brand.  Definitely on-par with Tippmann but they just haven’t been around since the 80’s. The Spyder MR6 is quite similarly designed compared to the first gun we’ve reviewed here – the Tippmann Cronus. Likewise, it sports a sturdy stock and a long barrel, both allowing for increased accuracy levels. The design of the gun is very stylish, being entirely black – and the materials that the gun is made of are extremely high-quality. It’s also versatile enough, considering the double-tap trigger that makes it great for both woodsball and speedball; its long barrel makes it capable of achieving the longer ranges needed for the former. All in all, something that both intermediate and beginner players will appreciate.

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo (Best for Woodsball)

We’re returning to one of the most well-known paintball manufacturers for our next selection in the draught. You probably guessed it right – that’s the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo! We have to admit right away that this could be the most attractive marker we’ve recently had the chance to use. There is no denying the fact that the rifle is incredibly cool. If you enjoy playing tactical simulations or woodsball, this realistic-looking marker will meet all of your requirements. It simply has an incredibly badass appearance that is guaranteed to garner praise even from rival players.

The Project Salvo also includes a front grip, a rear stock, and a red dot sight, ensuring that the equipment you receive is adaptable enough even if you choose not to buy further attachments. You now have a handy paintball gun that can help you completely dominate the playing field when combined with Tippmann’s Cyclone feeding mechanism.

The additional weight that these accessories are sure to give, however, may or may not be a benefit depending on your preferences and physical capabilities. Despite this, the stock attachments are masterfully made to appear utterly genuine, adding to the marker’s overall simulation-like vibe. Additionally, the accuracy you may obtain is quite good due to the longer barrel of the gun. Look no further than the Tippmann US Army Project Salvo if you want a weapon that looks amazing and is also powerful.

Tippmann 98 Custom (Best for Beginners)

Tippmann’s 98 Custom paintball marker is among the most extensively used in the entire world, so to say that it’s incredibly well-liked would be a major understatement. We’re talking about a pistol with a fantastically cheap price point, making it excellent for complete beginners buying their first marker. If you’re familiar with this particular model in any way, you presumably already know why that is the case. However, it’s also simple to use and generally dependable, making it the cornerstone of any neighbourhood paintball store. It is both inexpensive and well-made, making it far more value than the generic, low-cost markers you can get from Wall-mart.

It has a Picatinny rail that enables a variety of optical attachments, including a reflex sight for speedy target acquisition. Given everything we’ve said thus far, this is likely the greatest rifle a novice player can purchase for a reasonable price. The gun itself is a really simple entry-level option, but because to the rail system we just explained, you have many of options for upgrading it down the road. For instance, you could include the widely used flatline barrel, which would improve both your accuracy and range. Even though it’s the most often used entry-level weapon worldwide, many high-level players still retain a spare as a backup, which speaks highly of the weapon’s robustness.

Empire Mini (Best High-End)

Empire ought to be included on the list if we’re discussing premium paintball gun manufacturers. This is a company that genuinely lives up to its name, and the Empire Mini paintball marker is no exception. Even though it’s one of the smallest paintball guns you can get, this one is nevertheless a serious force. Mostly because of its attractiveness for being lightweight, it is incredibly simple to manoeuvre and handle. Additionally, the e-trigger it comes with will allow you to fire rapidly and softly.

The two handles on the marker make it quite comfortable, and the pressure gauge on the air connector is also a great touch. It ensures that you are constantly aware of how much air is still in the tank with just a quick glance. This is unquestionably a good option if you intend to compete in beginner tournaments; its close precision and compact size make it ideal for close combat conditions inside.

Empire Axe (Most Accurate)

What is the most accurate Paintball Gun?

The Empire Axe, another excellent product from the same maker, is the solution. The likelihood of running into this well-liked gun is fairly high if you plan to participate in more serious paintball games and tournaments. It’s a paintball marker that is really well-liked since it has a powerful punch. The weapon can fire in full auto, ramping, and single shot modes, giving you as many options as you’d like.

Advanced paintball players have high expectations for their markers, and the Empire Axe more than lives up to those standards. The e-trigger system on this gun, which is unquestionably rock-solid, offers a tonne of versatility. This is a fantastic option, albeit an expensive one, whether you want to play rapid speedball or extended outside woodsball games. Even while not all players can afford it, its versatility, accuracy, and upgrade possibilities ensure that it is on everyone’s want lists.

Tippmann X7 Phenom (Best for Pros)

Although we’re not sure if “badassery” is a real term, it certainly describes our upcoming paintball marker, the Tippmann X7 Phenom, rather well. The X7 is also known for its considerable customizability, making it a common sight in all other types of simulation games, just like the A5 that this brand manufactures. If you want to spend some time and money making it look decent, it has incredible cosmetic enhancements, including a mechanical single shot and a lightweight frame that can easily support a variety of accessories. However, if the single-shot mode annoys you, you may always add an e-grip with full-auto and burst fire firing modes.

Another cool feature of the e-grip made specifically for this gun is that it doesn’t require you to stop mid-game or lose momentum if the battery dies. Instead, a mechanically powered single-shot mode will be automatically selected by the gun. Due to the way its internal circuitry is built, the pistol will also conserve battery power if you switch it to safe mode. This gun is well-liked among woodsball players since it is remarkably accurate at long and medium ranges. Additionally, its adjustable light frame makes it a great pick for any scenario-based game if you enjoy playing them.

Although this bad boy’s price is considerably more than that of Tippmann’s iconic 98 Custom, its quality, not simply its price, earns it a spot on any list of top firearms. Absolute beginners shouldn’t consider purchasing one, but once you consider yourself an intermediate, you should think about doing so!

The Best Paintball Pistols

You never know when you’ll run into a jam or a clogged barrel in the middle of an intense game, hence the majority of genuine paintball enthusiasts worth their salt usually carry a backup weapon. Therefore, it would be very prudent and profitable to have a pistol on hand in such a situation. Additionally, there’s a potential that you’ll run out of ammunition. In this case, switching to a backup pistol will be much quicker than dealing with ammo pods or reloading the hopper in the middle of a game. These guns are undoubtedly a paintball luxury as not all players carry them, but they’re still a lot of fun to use and highly helpful.

Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol

This Tippmann TiPX pistol will prove to be more than a respectable addition to your paintball collection if you’re someone with some extra cash to burn on paintball. The equipment is of very good quality, and it has three magazines that can each hold seven rounds of standard paintball ammo. Additionally, reloading is quite simple.

This Tippmann paintball handgun manages to keep the sense of realism that is a well-known characteristic of the Tippmann brand, but not being overly hefty and being rather compact. Additionally, the gun’s barrel is equipped with tiny CO2 cartridges that enable semi-auto fire. Additionally, there is a little rail that you may use to attach other attachments, such a laser sight. Overall, we can confidently state that the TiPX is unquestionably among the best paintball handguns available in any market. It is a fantastic choice of sidearm for any gamer thanks to its excellent design and great levels of dependability.

JT ER2 Pump Pistol

For gamers with a more laid-back attitude, the last handgun on our list is a preferable option. Even so, the JT ER2 Pump Pistol fits the bill in terms of firepower and accuracy for a small handgun.

You receive two CO2 containers with it right out of the box. This inexpensive paintball pistol actually has a lot of punch compared to other paintball guns in its price range. While the tube feed system makes it less streamlined than the likes of the Tippmann TiPX, this is also available for only a fraction of the former’s price. Plus, the overall build quality is definitely enough to warrant a purchase from even a more experienced player, but one that’s running on a tighter paintball budget.

The Ultimate Paintball Gun Buyers Guide

If you’ve read through all of the evaluations we’ve included above, you most likely want to purchase a new paintball marker. And we sincerely hope that the possibilities we’ve mentioned above have made it easier for you to select something that fits both your budget and gameplay preferences. Even if you aren’t interested in the models we’ve listed above, we’re still here to give you a buyers’ guide and lay out a few guidelines you can use to evaluate any paintball marker on the market.

In general, your degree of experience, your spending limit, and your preferred gameplay style all play a role in your decision to purchase a paintball gun.

A top-of-the-line paintball marker makes little sense if you won’t play more than once per month or if you’re just getting started with no prior experience. Similar to how a skilled hardcore paintball player wouldn’t use the same inexpensive gun they purchased half a decade ago. Given your current level of expertise and possession of some of the other necessary tools, you would likely profit from replacing the outdated device with a better one in this circumstance. But let’s delve a little deeper into this query!

Choosing The Best Model For Your Play Style

Your favourite style of game is one of the key elements affecting your choice of paintball weapons. Naturally, this relies on the game types that your local paintball field supports as well as the type of gameplay that you enjoy the most. But if you want to play at a truly professional level, you should concentrate on just one style and practise honing it. If you want a primer on woodsball vs. speedball, then read our in-depth guide.

On the other hand, most people with a more casual outlook on the sport will want a gun that’s versatile enough to be applicable in any kind of game mode that’s being played on a particular day; so something like the Tippmann Cronus or the Tippmann A5 review might be a good place to start.

Woodsball Paintball Guns

If you’re someone who enjoys the field combat of woodsball paintball matches, you will definitely want to consider a gun that provides you with the most range; possibly also with a stock that allows for additional accuracy intense shootouts over long ranges. Project Salvo is a good option in that situation. Additionally, the Tippmann 98 Custom will undoubtedly provide you with the greatest value if you have a limited budget or are just starting off. You’ll be looking at a very useful woodsball marker that won’t cost you an arm and a leg if you add an extended barrel to it for more range and a red dot sight.

Speedball Markers

Conversely, accuracy is not such a big issue for speedball paintball matches; firepower is much more important here. So, considering that, a marker like the Empire Mini or their Axe model will do you a better job; as will any well-rounded guns that aren’t suited for anything in particular.

To manage the frequent situation changes in a speedball game, you need something with a sufficient number of configurable fire modes. Additionally, you need a gun that enables you to shoot at all the appropriate angles while hiding. The best electronic markers to look at are those that use HPA since they will give you the most shots per tank, which is essential in a competitive speedball battle.

Milsim and RecBall Games

For those who enjoy playing RecBall games, keep in mind that you’ll encounter numerous buildings and bunkers, which calls for close-quarters combat situations. Therefore, you’ll undoubtedly be searching for a paintball marker that is smaller and perhaps has enough steadiness to allow speedy rounding of numerous tight bends. The X7 Phenom may be the greatest option for this purpose out of all the weapons we’ve evaluated here today, but if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on paintballs, the always-welcome 98 Custom is still a good option.

RecBall combines the most entertaining features of all the other paintball game genres, so we’re positive you’ll like it a lot with the correct gun. Given this, there may not be a better game option if you’re a new player eager to experience all that paintball has to offer; it makes for a fun introduction to the activity.

Also, Milsim players who want to partake in the most realistic tactical simulation possible will want a gun with the right aesthetic; but one that’s still reliable and sturdy enough. Thus, the Project Salvo might be the best option in this regard; after all, if you’re into milsims, you need to have the absolute coolest paintball gear you can get your hands on. Though, in a milsim scenario, your combat role will also be an important factor on whether you’ll choose a sniper rifle or an SMG marker that allows for easier and quicker movement.

Electronic or Mechanical Guns?

In addition to the considerations we’ve already discussed, you should consider whether an electro-pneumatic firing system or a mechanical firing system is best for your paintball pistol. Given that electronic weapons often fire using a battery rather than gas, they typically consume a lot less propellant. Additionally, an electronic trigger typically allows you to choose between full-auto and burst-fire modes, giving you more flexibility on the field of battle. There will be less maintenance to deal with if there are fewer moving parts than in a conventional mechanical marker; to put it simply, there are less parts that could malfunction. The overwhelming popularity of eGrips like those seen on the A5 ultimately speaks for itself.

Despite all, mechanical paintball markers still have a number of benefits. Simply told, these are less expensive, less complicated, and easier to maintain. Even while certain versions may have more moving parts, they are still primarily comprised of metal, making them simpler to clean, disassemble, and reassemble. These guns are a more obvious choice for new gamers because you won’t need to fumble with any batteries, wires, or other sophisticated technology. Additionally, it is always wonderful to not have to bother about checking the status of your batteries or turning on and off your trigger system. Sometimes the most straightforward answer is the best.

Final Tips

We’ve got a couple of last-minute suggestions for you as we wrap off our guide to the finest paintball markers. First off, avoid purchasing the cheapest paintball markers from unproven and untrustworthy manufacturers, no matter how much you want to save money. When it comes to performance, value, and durability, these will just fall short. You will, without a doubt, at some point feel inclined to do this. These days, the paintball market is bigger than ever and expanding at an incredible rate. As a result, a large number of businesses aim to saturate the market with cheap, poorly produced products. Use only models from reputable companies, some of which we have specified here, keeping this in mind.

Additionally, and this is crucial, always use safety goggles when playing paintball. This is crucial, and you should have that in mind each time you enter the field to play the game. This will be required in any respectable paintball field or club, and it’s also just basic sense. Your health is ultimately the most important thing, and even if high-velocity bullets are merely filled with paint, it’s possible that they could jeopardise it in some way. Just be sure to choose a quality mask that won’t need many adjustments because it will fog up. Also consider a watch that the Navy Seals wear and read our review of the G Shock Rangeman vs. Mudman.

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