Best Paintball Gear

You would be wise to become familiar with the many tools and supplies you will require to rule the field if paintball is something you are interested in. It’s not enough to have the best paintball gun…you need the best paintball gear too. The last thing you want as you approach a paintball capture is to experience the anguish of one on a chilly fall day.

It’s not as straightforward as “simply put on a heavy jacket.” Maximum flexibility, breathability, and protection are all requirements. Making yourself look like you’re going skiing won’t do anything but make you a large, slow target on the course. Plan ahead and be wise.

Best Paintball Masks

Probably the most significant is this. Spend your money on a mask if you’re going to spend any. Never leave your house to go to a paintball field without bringing a paintball mask. Simply put, without a good mask on, playing this game is practically impossible. One of the most important pieces of paintball equipment is this. In light of this, we advise packing a few extra lenses for the mask if you play outside; you never know when shifting weather conditions may require you to change your strategy mid-game.

The best course of action is to bring both a light and a dark lens; each of these is suitable for various weather circumstances. Additionally, you have a replacement lens with you, so you won’t have to worry about your equipment if something goes wrong in the middle of the game.

Checking to check if fans are accessible for your particular eyewear is one of the most important factors to take into account when playing paintball in a particular location. As you might expect, the best precision masks work flawlessly in any environment; nonetheless, some goggles and masks just need fans to function correctly in foggy circumstances. For the mask, the fans serve as a form of air conditioning.

These are ideal since they will avoid misting and decreased accuracy for the thermal lens on your goggles. Additionally, carrying a little piece of microfiber cloth can make maintaining and cleaning your lenses much simpler.

Best Gloves for Paintball

As you play paintball more and more, you’ll develop the ability to identify your opponents’ weakest and most vulnerable body parts. And if your opponent doesn’t conceal them with gloves, these are often your opponent’s hands. These are a good idea since if someone kicks your hand, you might feel a nasty punch. Of course, fingerless gloves are an option if you don’t want to alter trigger sensitivity.

However, gardening gloves, soccer gloves, and other heavy-duty types are your best bet if you want the most protection possible. Avoid buying generic winter gloves since they tend to be heavy and thick, providing decent protection but severely restricting hand movement.

Best Shirts for Paintball

It’s generally recommended that you avoid showing too much flesh while playing paintball. Therefore, a t-shirt with long sleeves should be the primary foundation layer of your paintball attire. Many players choose wearing looser, darker hoodies, sweatshirts, and even paintball jerseys. And padded shirts are available if you want even greater protection.

Since they were created for the game, these costumes are typically fairly comfy, but they are also somewhat pricey. However, to help when you get hit, we advise wearing more loose clothing. More committed players have even donned actual sniper outfits to improve their camouflage.

Moreover, a lot of players put on vests on top of their shirts. These are great if they have multiple pockets because you’re likely to need them for essentials like water bottles, or even maps! The vests are also great if you’re playing woodsball, as they give you additional padding that helps with impact absorption.

Best Pants for Paintball

Depending on where you’re playing, playing paintball is known to expose players’ legs to the elements. However, if you’re not careful, such elements might include dirt, thorns, forest twigs, etc., which could very well cause major cuts and scratches on your legs and knees.

In light of that, we strongly advise against considering wearing shorts for this game. Better choices include jumpsuits, paintball pants, and even cargo pants. Whatever you choose to wear, keep in mind how important it is to safeguard your lower body.

This is due to the fact that paintballing can involve a broad variety of unique activities, such as scuba diving or crawling through the underbrush. Scratches and bruises are likely to result from such activities if you don’t take care to protect your lower body. You must simultaneously locate pants that offer a sufficient amount of protection while still being cosy and roomy enough to allow for effortless mobility.

Groin Cup

A groyne cup is one piece of apparel that we’re going to list as essential for men who are just starting out in paintball. Sure, most players will tell you that true crotch shots in paintball are extremely rare, so there’s not a great likelihood that it will ever occur. However, we can assure you that when it does occur, it aches terribly. Do you really want to take that chance and hope that it won’t actually happen to you?

A groyne cup obviously isn’t comfy at all and does somewhat limit your movement. But as you continue to play with it on, you’ll eventually become used to it and forget that it’s even there. And most significantly, it will provide you with all the privacy and security you require for your most private and sensitive area. Never forget that no amount of comfort can compensate for safety-related peace of mind.

Holsters / Tactical Belt

The tactical belt is another component of important paintball equipment. If you want to equip any gun attachments in the middle of the game, having such a belt on is really helpful. Additionally, a lot of players enjoy the tactical edge a sidearm provides throughout a match. And you’ll need a holster if you have a second gun—even if it’s a tiny one.

Best Knee Pads for Paintball

There are several paintball pants available that actually have knee pads built in; nevertheless, for the remainder, you’ll need to prepare your individual knee pads before the game. Don’t undervalue this piece of paintball equipment either; you’ll regret not wearing knee protection the first time you have to crouch behind a bush.

As the name implies, knee pads are designed to protect your knees well. Despite this, a lot of people either forget to bring them or don’t give them a second thought. They consequently frequently experience minor yet quite bothersome injuries. Simply put, wearing them is the best course of action, so don’t forget to purchase a pair!

Best Headwear for Paintball

Remember that paintballs travel to their target at incredibly high speeds – ranging up to 200 miles an hour! Considering that – sustaining a headshot can be an extremely uncomfortable experience to say the least. With that in mind, a smart approach to protecting your head is in order.

If you don’t have any head protection with you, the speed of paintball shots is likely to hurt you and your head. So, we suggest getting a cap designed for paintball or a baseball cap. Heck, even a winter hat will suffice.

Head Protection

Furthermore, it’s also not a bad idea to put a paintball mask over a hoodie if you want additional and optimal protection. And while you should definitely wear a mask that was specifically designed with paintball in mind; there are a couple of types of paintball masks, so you should take care to choose the right one for you.

For instance, the majority of paintball masks are designed to cover your face, but there are few options that will genuinely shield your complete head. And if you desire that, there are masks made specifically for that purpose. Despite the fact that they are more protective, they do have certain disadvantages. For example, the most of them significantly obstruct your eyesight. Choose the one that is best for you after weighing all the advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, try on various masks until you discover one that will likely stay on throughout the game. You will be crawling, sprinting, jumping, etc. because paintball is a rather demanding activity.


Aesthetics key when selecting clothing for almost any event. Paintball is really no different from any other social event in that regard. But in this case, you should pick the design elements and colour scheme that will work well. To blend in with the surroundings better, you should wear some camouflaged clothing or clothing with darker hues.

The players that use stealth in paintball are the most cunning and, as a result, the most successful; to do this, you’ll need the appropriate attire. That is a fairly cunning tactic for avoiding the opposing theme entirely. Naturally, before selecting your colour scheme, have a look at the paintball field you’ll be using; it must precisely resemble your surroundings.

Best Goggles for Paintball

High-quality goggles are a need for the majority of players. We’re discussing a piece of gear that is very necessary for gamers who are serious about protecting their face and eyes. Additionally, you should be very careful when selecting the appropriate type.

When choosing between thermal lens goggles and single-lens goggles, you should generally choose the latter even though they are more expensive. Having high-quality paintball helmet with characteristics like anti-fogging coating and comfort lining will give you a significant tactical advantage. Whichever option you pick with, it’s imperative to avoid using goggles that weren’t designed for paintball. If hit by a paintball, these are likely to explode, which might potentially result in serious harm.

Best Boots for Paintball

We’ll go on to the boots next. We’ll put a stop to you right there if you were considering sprinting around a paintball field with sneakers; that’s not a smart move. You must wear the proper footwear for this game in order to make it both exciting and comfortable.

A good set of boots will keep your feet fully dry while also shielding you from any twigs or dirt. Additionally, you’ll be able to run the entire length of the field much more simply and quickly in muddy circumstances.

Best Tactical Vest for Paintball

No matter the intricacies of your game, it’s a smart idea to spend money on a quality paintball vest. That is a crucial piece of paintball equipment since it makes organising and carrying out a fun paintball match much easier.

Such vests frequently include extra padding to help with shock and impact absorption. Additionally, wearing a vest with several pockets will allow you to carry more field-essential items. But even if you ignore the added playtime storage space, a tactical vest is still quite crucial to a successful paintball game. Keep in mind that it’s there to offer protection throughout any difficult playing situations!

Other Head Protection

Other options for safeguarding your face and head exist in addition to goggles or masks, such as a fitting baseball cap or a winter hat. And don’t forget to flip up the hood if you choose to wear a hoodie.

Such necessities will shield your skull in more effective ways. Purchasing top-notch head protection will ensure that it stays securely attached to your head, which is essentially everything you need. When crawling, running, or engaging in any of the other countless actions on a paintball field, you don’t want something that will come off or slip all the time.

Neck Protection

Finally, we advise employing some sturdy neck protection. That will protect one of the most exposed skin’s most susceptible regions, keeping you as secure as possible in this action-packed game. However, a lot of folks find neck guards to be a little too unpleasant. If that’s the case, you could always wear a turtleneck sweater and call it a day, or you could simply tie a bandana around your neck.

Extra Padding

You could always just add one more long-sleeved shirt if you want a little more cushioning. And to finish it off, put on a hoodie or a heavy sweater. However, you’ll discover that a lot of players genuinely prefer to buy a real paintball jersey. You could always just wear a light jacket if you’re a recreational paintball player and this is too much of an investment for you.

But you’ll find that even a heavier long-sleeved shirt may not always be enough protection in the field, much like jeans need kneepads. In that situation, arm pads are advised to adequately protect your elbows and forearms.

This is really useful, especially for players who favour a particular kind of sliding and diving gameplay. Pads will keep your arms comfy as you contact the ground during such actions. You might also think about purchasing a pair of slider shorts designed specifically for paintball players. These are more cushioned, which will protect your lower body area.

Paintball Gameplay Tips

Unlike the paint that makes the crux of it – paintball is not a soft game. In most cases, the ammo that’s shot out of a paintball marker could even rip apart a piece of your clothing, or even hurt you. That’s why you should take care to play as safely as possible, while still remaining competitive. Considering that, we want to give you a couple of gameplay tips right here!

Avoid Thin Shirts

Never wear thin clothes when playing paintball. Instead, choose heavier shirts and pants whenever possible. Such items of clothing will offer adequate protection in the event that a paintball hits you in any part of your body, reducing the force of the impact.

Go With Multiple Layers

It’s rarely sufficient to simply put on a pair of old pants and a shirt before playing paintball. Instead, you ought to be careful to dress in several layers to further reduce the effect of any hits on the field.

These extra layers will create more room between your skin and the outer layer of clothing. Of course, we advise against doing the reverse if you’re playing in a hot environment; it’s important to dress appropriately.

Have Additional Protection If You Need It

Since everyone of us has a different threshold for pain, not all paintball players will experience pain in the same way. Therefore, having extra protection is a smart idea if you want to ensure that the amount of pain you experience during the game is minimised.

Things like elbow padding, knee pads, chest and neck guards, and a paintball mask are essential necessary, as we’ve explained above in detail. Basically, you need to cover up as much of your body as you can if you want to lower the likelihood of experiencing any pain.

Expose No Skin

That gets us to our final piece of advice: don’t show your skin. It will probably hurt quite a bit if paintballs hit your exposed skin. Protect all regions if you don’t want anyone to shoot you there because you haven’t! Your paintball game will be the most enjoyable it can be as a result.

Final Thoughts

As you may have discovered on your own, selecting the ideal equipment for a paintball game isn’t always simple. There are many different things to consider, and many of them rely on the particulars of your game. However, we believe that this in-depth guide to paintball equipment will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy countless hours of thrilling but enjoyable games. You’ll encounter the least amount of pain and harm if you heed our advice.

We will reiterate this point one final time – if a paintball hits your skin, the paint itself won’t be difficult to wash out even if it’s in your hair. However, if the paintballs hit your skin directly; the process will be somewhat painful. So, if you want to avoid such a scenario, consider protective equipment for paintball on time, and leave no exposed skin as you enter the playing field!

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