best night vision scope for hunting coyotes

Best Night Vision Scope for Coyote Hunting (Update 2023)

Alot of animals only come out at night…and coyotes are a prime example. As a result (not surprisingly) getting a good night vision scope is crucial (without breaking the bank). The good news is, these have gotten REALLY good in recent years…but there are alot of options and alot of features that you don’t necessarily want to pay for…we break it all down below.

Why do you need a Night Vision Scope?

When compared to traditional spotlight hunting, a night vision optic’s infrared illumination allows predator hunters to see clearly in the dark for many hundred yards. With this new technology, hunters may approach their night hunting stands without making a sound that could warn nearby predators. Hunters are more likely to see coyotes if they use night vision optics. A better shot can be taken with the scope than with red light and luminous eyes because the entire animal is seen.

Factors to consider when buying a Night Vision Scope for Coyotes

When buying a night vision scope, you need to think about a number of things. These scopes are expensive, and you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse because you didn’t do your research before buying one (or reading others’ reviews).

First, figure out what will be done with the scope. Are you ONLY going to hunt coyotes at night, or are you also looking to use it during the day? Some scopes have a hybrid feature while others don’t…keep that in mind.

Next question is – will this be for a specific gun?…or will you want/need to mount it on different rifles. Some scopes are easier to mount than others and it can be a REAL pain to have to switch back and forth between rifles if you’ve got a tough scope to mount.

Believe it or not, many (if not most) of the night vision scopes on the market now come with the ability to record and Livestream your hunting (yes, this is a thing now). If that’s something that you’d be looking for then, it will have a big effect on how much you spend on a scope…but if you’re into that then this is an important feature to drill into (and read others’ reviews!).

Lastly (but probably most importantly) is the budget…there has been an EXPLOSION of night vision rifle scopes on the market, how much are you willing to spend on a night vision device for your rifle? Some of these scopes are very technical which can be good & bad. Good in that they won’t become obsolete quickly…but BAD because it can massively increase the difficulty factor.

What are the Best Night Vision Scopes?

Common Questions

What Did Coyote Hunters Use Before We Had Night Vision Scopes?

For a long time, the best way to increase your chances of successfully shooting a coyote (or other night animal) was to mount a red-lens floodlight on your rifle. Despite the crude approach these lights (while being big and unwieldy) had the distinct advantage of illuminating the reflective eyes of potential predators (like coyotes). Since red light has a longer wavelength than other colors, it is less noticeable to potential predators…which is why it was chosen as the lens color.

Even though hunting with lights is still a great way to locate predators on the move, advancements in technology have given hunters an edge when operating in the dark and night vision optics are now basically a necessity for hunters.

Can Coyotes See Infrared Light?

Like humans, coyotes cannot see infrared nightlight….so when shopping for night vision equipment, keep in mind the importance of the IR units’ pinpoint red dot. ..and remember that a coyote can see it just as well as you can.

Is Thermal Scope or Night Vision better for coyote night hunting?

It depends on how much money you are willing to spend and where you are hunting. Most hunters will generally choose to use thermal optics to find their target quickly, and then switch to a night vision scope to shoot it. Thermal optics can easily pick up any living thing that gives off heat which makes it a great gadget to quickly scan and search for your target. If it’s really dark outside and the night vision scope isn’t working well, THEN you could switch to a thermal riflescope made for coyote hunting. If you have a big budget and can afford both a thermal riflescope and a night vision scope, get both.

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