Best Automatic Paintball Gun

Best Automatic Paintball Gun to Win All Your Games

Recent years have seen an increase in paintball gun battles. A day of firing colourful balls is something everyone is looking forward to. Automatic paintball guns are entertaining and simple to operate, regardless of your skill level.

This is because they assist you concentrate on your game while requiring less effort.


If you want to spruce up your game scene and buy a new paintball gun, you’re in the right place! Here’s your complete guide to the best automatic paintball guns.

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Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Automatic Paintball Guns

Here are some of our favourite weapons that will absolutely destroy your opponents.

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber

Read our full Tippmann A5 Review here. Don’t like something with this gun? Just change it. You could customize your gun however you want, although I doubt you’d want to change anything. This gun has a beautiful black finish to it which gives an impression of power and dominance. There’s a reason Tippmanns are always among our best paintball guns for your money.

What two qualities are more advantageous in a paintball battle? It is simple to carry and shoot because to its aluminium frame. Despite what its modelled structure might imply. Given that this pistol will allow you to fire 15 balls each second, this is crucial information.

The Cyclone Feed System, a distinctive Tippmann innovation, allows for this high speed. Another gas used by this system is HPA or CO2. It’s amazing that a gun can shoot at such a high rate of speed without using batteries.

Because to its simple internal structure, this cannon requires little maintenance. The rifle can be disassembled and put back together in less than a minute. Naturally distinct from its previous models. Additionally, it is really affordable.

What We Like

● Easy to grip provides better control
● Easy maintenance
● Cyclone feeding system makes it fire 15 balls per second
● Shooting range 150m makes it accurate
● Lightweight only 3.1 lbs
● The end cap is shock resistant

What We Don’t Like

● No response trigger

Tippmann Cronus

Also on our list of best paintball guns you can buy…and not just because of the ability for awesome Tippmann Cronus mods…Not only is this gun durable from the outside, it’s strong on the inside. The internal face of the gun is made out of stainless steel. This will help the gun retain its shape and functionality when it suffers any hits or bumps.

With this Black-and-Tan pistol, you may blend into the background when sneaking through the forest or the arena. Use the in-line bolt mechanism to then eliminate them covertly. Because it is simple to operate and disassemble, this rifle is excellent for beginners. Cleaning the inside of this rifle is a no-brainer.

It may be heavier than other firearms, but using it is comfortable. The gun’s improved grip makes it easier to use and bearable over prolonged games.

What We Like

● Comfortable firm grips
● Shoots up to 8 balls per second
● Great for beginners
● Easy to use and clean
● Cameo military design
● Budget-friendly

What We Don’t Like

● Could’ve had a better barrel

Tippmann Cronus Upgrades

Planet Eclipse Etha 2

You can always put your faith in this weapon. It is constructed of durable material that can withstand many forms of extreme weather and impact damage. Durable glass-reinforced nylon is used for the building of the internal organs. such that the safety of all internal integrants is maintained. Aluminum is used to create the exterior.

The small weight of the rifle makes it easy to hold, making it a fantastic option for beginners. The amazing thing about this pistol is that any feature you don’t like can be changed with ease.

What We Like

● Strong and durable
● Handles extreme weather
● Doesn’t require a lot of cleaning
● Anti-crippling system
● Budget-friendly

What We Don’t

● Loud when firing

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker

This firearm is a MONSTER. At 750 PSI, this gun can automate. This implies that the gun may have a slight kick to it and make a loud noise when shot. You won’t discover that it makes a significant difference when you compare the advantages to those minor downsides.

The pistol is strong and can withstand harsh weather and rough handling because it is totally constructed of metal. Additionally, the cannon has no electric components, so routine maintenance is not a concern. But in terms of price, it can be excessive.

Even though the gun appears substantial, you’ll be surprised by how light it is. However, because to the backlash, you must make certain that you grasp it tightly. Beginners will have little trouble using this gun because of how simple the trigger and interface are to operate.

What We Like

● Attractive and unique design
● Lightweight and easy to use
● Easy to handle and grab

What We Don’t Like

● CO2 gas may leak

What to Look for When Choosing a Paintball Gun

Making a choice could be overwhelming with all those great choices out there. It all comes down
to 3 main factors.

● Experience level
● Price
● Preferred playing style

If you’re an aficionado you’d already figure that still you might want to try a new model. Who knows, maybe it will tie your style better. However, if you’re a rookie, some paintball guns will work out for you better than others. Look for easy to use, simple guns before advancing onto more complicated ones.

You should unquestionably have a certain, defined budget for the pricing. However, it is not a smart idea to purchase the cheapest firearm available. It is inexpensive for a reason. Additionally, resist the urge to overspend on pricey weapons because they might not make a big difference in the game. Only that, aim to stay within the $100 to $300 range.

Let’s look more closely at the playing style.

What are the Different Types of Markers

For each gun, there are primarily three basic kinds of marks.

Mechanically operated markers
● Electropneumatic markers
● Pump markers

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Mechanically Operated Markers

If you’re a beginner, these are the most typical sorts. Additionally, semi-auto firing is as simple as pulling the trigger. It’s user-friendly for beginners and requires little upkeep, making it an excellent option.

They may be used in practically all weather conditions, including the worst ones. However, I highly doubt anyone would be playing speedball or having a paintball battle outside during a storm.

Electropneumatic Markers

This marking is a friend to skillful players. The complexity of electro-pneumatic markers versus mechanically actuated markers differs. Electro-pneumatic indicators are more delicate and challenging to keep up.

Although they have components in common with mechanically operated markers, they are regarded as being more appropriate for specialists.

Pump Markers

This marking is similar like shooting a shotgun in certain ways. Before each shot, you must manually pump your rifle. As a result, you would be at a disadvantage if you were playing against a player who had an electro-pneumatic marker, for instance.

When everyone else is likewise utilising pumps, pumps are used. Then, this might be enjoyable. If you’re just learning how to use it, it’s very challenging.

When to Use Which?

There is a vast market for paintball weapons. The variety of situations paintball guns can be utilised in will astound you.


You can tell right away from the name of the game that it takes place in the woods. There is a lot of greenery nearby, making visibility quite poor. When it comes to woodsball, capture the flag is the game most frequently played.


In contrast to Woodsball, this. Only half a football field in size, the artificial terrain is substantially smaller than the one used for woodsball. The arena has no vegetation and only a few artificial bunkers that are dispersed here and there.

The opposing team is seen as the game of speedball begins. That obviously doesn’t constitute a long game.


The closest thing to a real shootout without risking your life is a paintball gunfight. There are some historical wars that are reenacted using paintballs rather than actual bullets for the history buffs out there. A military simulation is another comparable activity.

As the name implies, you can practise military combat and training. In reality, some nations throughout the world train new recruits with paintball guns.

Concept Field

An artificial arena where you must adhere to a theme. Therefore, it actually depends on what the game’s host has in mind for you. There is no one item that must be done in order for you to win. Just watch out for getting shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need Other Equipment?

It heavily depends on the specific paintball pistol you decide to buy. For instance, several of those guns call for an air tank. Make sure you are informed of what is and is not included before buying the gun. You might then clearly grasp the price.

How Do I Aim?

Although it’s customary to close one eye, I don’t recommend it. You face the chance of being struck by another shady player if you close one eye. When playing, you need as much eyesight as you can get.

So that you can use both of your eyes to aim, hold the rifle below eye level. Simply aim in the general direction if your target is moving, which they will be doing quite frequently. Because another human being is such a large target, you should not be concerned about missing.


Does It Hurt?

Sincerely, I’ve been considering this as well for a very long time. It could hurt if a close, fast shot strikes a tender area of your body. But it’s not something major. Given your extensive use of protective gear, that is highly unlikely.

Every game includes specific safeguards to protect the players.


Best Brands

Even though we included a number of products, one company sticks out. This does not imply that the previously mentioned brands were subpar.


American corporation Tippmann was founded in the first decade of the 1980s. It is the first company to ever produce automatic markers. Tippmann manufactured additional types of military simulation gear as a result of the enormous success they had had manufacturing paintball equipment and weapons.

The Final Verdict

Paintball weapons are meant to be used properly and safely. Although it could be simple to use an automatic paintball gun, you should exercise caution because it might also be harmful.

I recommend trying out the Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber. It has a great combination of control and speed. The cyclone feed system also helps make this a powerful paintball gun.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series is a less expensive option. The durability of this pistol is fantastic. It will endure even the worst circumstances. This offers excellent value for the money.


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