Best Airsoft Guns for 2021 Reviewed

The availability of top-notch airsoft firearms has increased dramatically in recent years. Although it can be intimidating to sift through the flood of information to get the best airsoft gun, this is great for us. You don’t want to splurge if you’re only going to be a weekend warrior occasionally, but you also don’t want to cut corners and later regret it.

Since I already made that mistake, you’re in luck if you don’t have thousands of dollars to invest and hundreds of hours to test. Below are the top picks for each pricing range and play type. These picks are designed to be dependable, accurate, and appropriate for all kinds of play.

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Why Should You Choose Your Airsoft Gun Carefully

Start with the most simple justification. First of all, you should pick your airsoft gun wisely because, after all, it is a gun. Even though airsoft guns are non-lethal and safe to use, choosing one poorly could result in problems. We’re talking about the cheap, mediocre airsoft weapons made by dubious manufacturers.

When buying an airsoft gun, we do not recommend trying to save money because these weapons must be built with premium materials to meet industry requirements.

Additionally, too-cheap airsoft weapons usually use fragile, breakable plastic. It is best to invest money in a high-quality, long-lasting airsoft gun. If not, the cost of the airsoft gun could need to be doubled.

The second justification is that you should pick your airsoft gun wisely because your preferences may change over time. If this is your first time playing airsoft, it is extremely probable that you may switch roles during the game.

Choosing a role in the airsoft game is not easy. Your playing style, body type, degree of fitness, and other factors may all come into play.

What To Pay Attention To When Choosing An Airsoft Gun

In this section, we’ll look at the key factors you need to consider when buying an airsoft gun. I’ve conducted extensive research on this subject and have come up with the list below:


Cost is significant, as I’ve previously mentioned in the section above. Setting a budget before buying an airsoft gun is recommended. The budget needs to take into account a number of crucial variables. Prior to purchasing an airsoft weapon, you must consider how involved you will be in playing.

There is no sense in investing hundreds of dollars in a sophisticated gun if you plan to play airsoft only a few times a month. Moreover, I would not recommend going for some advanced model of an airsoft gun, if you are just a beginner.

To avoid suffering a significant financial loss if you break your rifle, it is preferable to start with one that is reasonably priced and of decent quality. As you gain experience and become more immersed in the game, you can gradually upgrade your airsoft weapon.


Another great tip for choosing the best Airsoft gun involves a direct intended use of the gun. Before buying the airsoft gun, think of its key purpose.

What role in the game are you going to play? Different airsoft gun variations have been created for a variety of functions. Some are more effective as sniper rifles or as cover fire, while others make great close-quarters battle (CQB) weapons or support equipment.

Airsoft weapons for Close Quarter Battle are frequently short, making it simple to insert and remove them from any location inside the playing field. On the other side, sniper rifles are often large, expensive, and quite powerful.

To give cover fire, utilise any assault airsoft weapon with a large magazine capacity. Choose airsoft light machine guns as your support weapon if you do decide to employ one. They frequently strike with a great deal of energy and severe force.


Airsoft guns come in three main categories: automatic electric, gas-powered, and spring-powered (AEGs). You must choose in advance the kind you wish to buy.


AEGs are the most frequently used airsoft guns. The most popular gun replicas are also made using these types of airsoft weapons.

Rechargeable batteries power automatic electric airsoft weapons’ motors. AEGs propel a pellet through the air between 250 and 500 feet per second. Additionally, they have a 100-foot effective range.

Spring powered

You must cock the airsoft gun before each shot when using one with a spring-powered mechanism. These kinds are excellent for close-quarters warfare and highly trustworthy.

Gas powered

Gas airsoft guns are commonly kept in reserve because they are typically only used once every round. Automatic gas airsoft weapons are very effective. They do not, however, provide a high level of accuracy and consistency.

ROF, MPS, and FPS Feet per second (FPS) and metres per second are units used to measure the pellets’ speed as they leave the airsoft gun’s barrel (MPS). Obviously, the gun’s pellet travels farther and faster the higher the FPS. Because the pellet is moving quicker, it strikes the body harder and causes more agony.

Watch out: As the FPS rises, pressure on the gun’s internal parts rises as well. As a result, the gun may break if it is made with low-quality materials. The term “ROF” stands for rate of fire. This is the most pellets an airsoft gun can fire in a specific amount of time. The AEGs have the highest ROF.


Accuracy is a key component of an airsoft pistol that you should consider before purchasing. What level of accuracy is required from the weapon?

Accuracy depends on the bore, length, and inner barrel quality of the airsoft pistol. Special precision inner barrels come in a variety of lengths and bore sizes. The accuracy of your gun can be significantly improved with these parts.

Additionally, when purchasing an airsoft weapon, search for the Hop Up. You can use this original technique to give the pellets a backspin. It helps maintain pellets’ longer trajectory, which improves accuracy.


Durability is unquestionably a crucial factor to consider when buying an airsoft pistol. The quality and material an airsoft gun is made of have a significant impact on how long it lasts.

Models of the highest calibre are available in both plastic and metal construction. Today’s manufacturers use hard plastic that is extremely durable, so both variations are acceptable. A couple of the models also blend the two; they are largely made of plastic with a few metal parts for increased robustness.

Power. Before making a purchase, you should take into account one more, crucial consideration: how powerful you want your airsoft gun to be. But remember that choosing a great airsoft pistol shouldn’t be just about raw power.

Especially, if you are just getting to know airsoft guns, power is not the main concern for you. However, some experienced players already might be looking into some upgraded models of an airsoft gun.

Pick a gun that can shoot BBs that weigh between 0.20 and 0.25 grammes as a starting point.

What’s the Best Airsoft Gun

In this part, the best Airsoft weapons in the following categories will be reviewed and contrasted:

Best Airsoft Gun

Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master

The Echo1USA M14 EBR Combat Master is an M14 variant that performs a number of functions as a battle rifle. It is shorter compared to the M14. Without compromising on strength or accuracy, the Echo1’s collapsible stock makes it the ideal small-footprint weapon for urban operations (for a DMR role).

Features Of The Echo1 M14 EBR Combat Master

  • Model – JP-89
  • Feet per second (FPS) – 405
  • Weight – 9 pounds
  • ​Magazines – 2 included
  • ​Capacity – 440 rounds
  • Type of Magazine – High Cap


The charging handle on this airsoft combat master rifle is made of metal, which gives it a more realistic feel as it is racked. The Echo1’s ghost ring sights may be accurately calibrated for long-range shooting.

A variety of sling loops on the front and back of the Echo1 enable customised sling configuration.

Read a deep-dive Echo 1 M14 EBR review here.  An adjustable crane stock is used to connect the cannon to the back section (6 positions). Thanks to its buffer tube’s mil-spec dimensions, it will accept the majority of aftermarket ammunition. For lasers, lights, bipods, and optics, this Echo1 has sufficient rail space, if not more.

The Echo1 M14 combat master can be utilised for any operation thanks to its flexible configuration possibilities. Additionally, it has two large-capacity magazines already loaded. They each have a capacity of 440 rounds, which makes them long-lasting and reliable. Mid-size mags can also be purchased separately.

While the majority of the cannon is composed of metal, just the pistol grip sight mount and the crane are plastic.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Echo 1 USA
  • Model: JP-89 M14 EBR Combat Master
  • Magazine Capacity: 440 rounds

Best airsoft gun under $300

G&G Combat Machine ARP 556 CQB AEG

The G&G airsoft combat machine ARP is one of the best starter weapons. The gun includes many of customizable rails so users can make it their own. It is a battery-powered firearm.

Features Of The G&G Combat Machine ARP

  • Feet per second (FPS) – 380 to 400
  • Comes standard with a 450 round magazine (High cap)
  • ​Does not include a battery
  • ​Full metal V.2 gearbox that has 8mm ball bearings
  • Body material: Fiberglass reinforced plastic which is tough and durable
  • ​CM16 Raider replica
  • Customizability rails


Read our G&G M4 Raider review here.  The machine line has a replica of the CM16 Raider. The replicas are of very high quality. The sturdy, extremely durable plastic housing that replaces the metal housing on the gun body is the important component that helps to increase cost effectiveness.

The construction process—the body is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic—is an important factor that needs special attention. The rifle’s front rail, stock, and other plastic components are all made of the same material.

The majority of the smaller elements, including the magazine box, outside barrel, tactical sling attachment points, and stock pipe, are made of metal. The replica cannon comes with a metal (reinforced) V.2 gearbox with 8mm ball bearings. There is no battery supplied.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Combat Machine
  • Model: M4
  • ​Muzzle Velocity: 380-400 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 450 rounds

Best airsoft gun under $200

Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR

The Lancer Tactical brand is a household name around the globe with numerous airsoft players. They are very well known for their entry to intermediate level airsoft gun manufacturing abilities.

Features Of The Lancer Tactical Interceptor SPR’s:

  • Lightweight
  • V2 Full metal gearbox
  • ​Feet per second (FPS) – 400
  • ​Top rail extends to full length – Aftermarket scopes and red dot sights
  • Hand-guard which is free flow and sleek comes with rail segments for lasers and flashlights
  • ​Ergonomic magazine type
  • ​Fully equipped with a battery and charger + bag of BBs (0.20g)
  • Operation – Automatic Electric
  • ​Modes of firing – Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic (with functional safety)
  • ​Magazine – 300 rounds (High Capacity)
  • ​Hop-up is adjustable
  • ​Weight – 4.3 pounds
  • Inner barrel diameter – 6.04 millimeter
  • ​8.4 V battery (Nunchuck) comes included
  • ​1- point slings – Ambidextrous adapter sling mount
  • Flip up rear and front iron sights that are removable


The gearboxes of the airsoft guns made by Lancer Tactical are made entirely of metal. The users/players have a lot of flexibility thanks to this. The airsoft gun’s internals can be thoroughly customised by the user; examples include the barrel, motor upgrade, or hop up. Read our Lancer Tactical review here.

Users can downgrade their spring or barrel to make it lawful to use it in different fields, such as the CQB arenas, because the internals are comprised of metal.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
  • Model: M4 Interceptor SPR
  • ​Muzzle Velocity: 400 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds

Best airsoft gun under $100

CYMA zm51 Spring Airsoft

The CYMA Dragunov SVD-S Airsoft Sniper Rifle Metal Air Soft Gun is a supremely powerful airsoft gun that is spring powered with slide cocking action. The SVD Dragunov legendary sniper rifle is produced by an original equipment manufacturer Concern Izhmash in Russia. The Dragunov SVD-S is licensed by the same company.

Features Of The 400 FPS Dragunov SVD-S Airsoft Sniper Rifle 

  • The design is fully licensed for production by Izhmash
  • The body is constructed out of metal (Including internal parts)
  • ​Composite grip
  • ​Very high shot velocity of 400 feet per second (FPS) using 0.20 gram BBs
  • ​Overall gun length when extended is 43 inches (Extended – Stock)
  • ​Overall gun length when it is folded is 33 inches (Folded – Stock)
  • ​The gun weighs 7.8 pounds
  • The gun comes inclusive of a 3000 x 0.20-gram airsoft BBs (6 millimeters) package
  • The magazine capacity is 200 rounds (The magazine is removable)​
  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • ​Adjustable cheek rest and sites


The foldable stock feature of the gun allows it to accommodate any user body type. It has a 200 round high capacity magazine and the shot velocity clocks in at 400 feet per second (FPS) when using 0.20g BBs.

This magnificent sniper rifle is comprised of metal on the inside and the outside of the gun. This metal framework strengthens the gun’s support and stability by balancing the strong spring.

The user may alter accuracy for long/extended range shots on any playing field thanks to the adjustable hop-up device.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Dragunov
  • Model: Dragunov SVD-S
  • ​Muzzle Velocity: 400 FPS using .20 gram bbs
  • Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds

Best Airsoft Pistol

Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tactical Gen3 Airsoft Pistol

Action in-game with the Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tactical Gen3 Airsoft pistol feels ultra realistic thanks to its blowback action. The construction of the gun is majorly and predominantly metal with a plastic grip.

The 20 millimeter Picatinny rail on the lower side of the gun makes it ready to be accessorized with a laser or a flashlight, for example.

Features Of The Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tactical Gen3 Airsoft Pistol

  • Construction – Full metal with a plastic grip
  • Rail – Underside rail (20 millimeters) that is perfect for accessories
  • ​Threaded orange tip
  • ​Blowback action that is highly realistic
  • Shot velocity of 345 feet per second (FPS) when measured with CO2 and 0.20 gram BBs


Both the single-action and double-action pistols have competition-style sights. This makes it easier to locate targets at a distance. Twelve-gram CO2 cartridges are included with the rifle. The drop-free, 14-round magazine fits into a variety of pistol magazine enclosures of various designs.

The Elite Force pistol uses its CO2 very efficiently, which means occurrences to replace the CO2 cartridges arise less frequently. Muzzle velocity of the pistol clocks at 345 feet per second (FPS) when 0.20 gram BBs are used.

The 6.08 millimetre length, 4.5-inch brass barrel offers a very dependable and satisfying shooting experience. The pistol’s hop-up can be adjusted for better long-range aim. Depending on the circumstances, shooting distances of between 60 and 100 feet can be attained.

For a more entertaining experience, a faux silencer or suppressor can be connected to the weapon.

This pistol’s iron sights enable the operator to effectively adjust their aim for maximum precision. Gripping is made fun and secure by the grip’s rough surface and rear serrations.

The handgun can resist challenging circumstances in the field while still functioning as intended because of its sturdy and durable metal build. This specific tactical airsoft pistol or gun is extremely adaptable and adapts flawlessly to both indoor and outdoor play conditions.

Technical specifications

  • Manufacturer: Elite Force
  • Model: 1911 Tactical
  • ​Muzzle Velocity: 320-340 FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 14 rounds


You are now prepared to make the dreaded decision of which gun to choose because you are familiar with the ins and outs of the airsoft gun market. Also, check out our general Airsoft 101 guide.To make your choice easier, we tried to present as much information as we could. The final choice, though, is totally up to your unique needs and preferences.

Therefore, we strongly advise reviewing information from the particular areas that would influence your choice and truly coming to a conclusion. Please feel free to leave any more questions in the comments section below if you have any. You know you’ve been itching to fire that really special pistol! Also check out our head to head review of the G Shock Rangeman vs. Mudman






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