Ultimate Guide to Best Airsoft BBs [Updated 2020]

When you’ve spent money buying the best airsoft gun, you don’t want to screw it up by getting the wrong ammo! Should you pick the 0.28, 0.25, or 0.20? It’s not necessarily as easy as it seems. Getting the right BBs is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to optimize your airsoft gun. 

And does it matter what brand you select? Don’t worry; we have all the information you need in our thorough guide on airsoft ammunition.

Below, we go into great detail, but in case you just want the idea and our advice, here they are:



Best All-around BBs for every FPS

Best Bio-degradable BBs

Now for more detail…

Elite Force 0.20g Review

We will discuss our initial choice in the draw before highlighting the aspect that is most crucial to consider when buying airsoft BBs. FPS would be that. If you enjoy playing video games, you undoubtedly already know what a “first person shooter” is. It is measured in feet per second and is entirely different in the world of airsoft. In other words, your gun’s FPS controls how rapidly and strongly it fires.

The Elite Force 0.20g airsoft ammo is thus one of the best options for weapons with a maximum firing speed of 350 FPS. This is where you’ll find some of the most exquisite and well-made BBs. Because they lay a high emphasis on quality during their production process, seams or dimples are almost never noticeable.

They have a 5.95mm diameter and 0.20g weight, which are very standard for the sector. The pellets’ precision production, which also provides you with the best range and in-flight stability, makes them compatible with rifles with FPS lower than 350. This demonstrates that most entry-level rifles and handguns can discharge this brand of BBs without any issues.

Of course, if you’re new to airsoft, you might not be familiar with the FPS of your gun. Remember that the bulk of guns with an MSRP of roughly $100 have an FPS of less than 350 under those circumstances. To be sure, you should review your pistol’s features.

You may go back to the Elite Force ammo and see that the package is actually very useful. You will receive them in a sizable bottle with a tight-fitting top. These bottles each contain about 5000 pellets. Its best features are simplicity and the need for little pellet handling or dirty hands when loading pellets directly into magazines.

As you might have guessed, Elite Force is one of the most well-known airsoft companies for a reason. Even if they charge a little bit more than their competitors, the quality of their items is clearly reflected in their costs. If you’re looking for something of the greatest calibre, nobody is better, though. Just be aware of the rising price.

Elite Force 0.25g Review

You should use the Elite Force 0.25g BBs if your gun has a greater FPS than the low-range gun indicated above. Or, to put it another way, you want larger calibre pellets if your weapon consistently fires at a rate higher than 350 FPS.

The top pellet in the class continues to be Elite Force. The 0.25g ammo’s manufacturing quality is almost on par with that of its 0.20g sister. There are no flaws like holes or deformations; there is only consistency and smoothness.

Remember that most firearms that cost more than $150 fire at a rate of more than 350 FPS if you’re unsure of the weapon’s FPS. Before leaving to buy the ammunition, you should double-check the parameters.

Because these airsoft pellets are heavier than the ones we previously looked at, your weaponry will be steadier and more precise. Yes, this weight would make it harder for you to shoot if you were using a weaker, smaller gun. When the FPS is high enough, a gun’s weight starts to work for it rather than against it.

Some of you might be concerned about the shorter range that heavier pellets undoubtedly bring. We think that this difference is usually hardly noticeable. Except for athletes who compete on the largest fields, no one should have an issue with it. However, due to the intimacy of the arenas and fields, most of your encounters will take place close to one another. The range won’t matter nearly as much in that case. With a handgun that can use them, the 0.25g pellets are without a doubt a better option to boost accuracy.

stating once more how valuable the Elite Force product is. These pellets offer a respectable accuracy level, a good range, and a powerful punch. Having these in their toolbox would be a blessing for any airsoft player.


Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs Review

The Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs are unquestionably a good option if you require higher-caliber bullets for your airsoft weapons. This is unquestionably what you need to put in a gun that can fire at 500 FPS or above. However, this kind of FPS typically denotes an airsoft weapon that has undergone significant modification. So, if you’ve invested a lot of effort and money into your airsoft rifle, and you want some additional range; the Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs are a good pick.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Valken BBs is how well-polished they are. They have a tolerance of 0.01 and a diameter of 5.95mm. They are fairly precise and carry a lot of weight. These little ones will probably move forward like real bullets. The most accurate BB you’ll likely find is the Valken 0.36g.

Their immense size can be used against them. more specifically, that it is ineffective in the absence of a potent weapon. You would need to spend a considerable sum of money on a bolt action sniper rifle in order to use this ammunition effectively. With such huge BBs, electric or gas weapons will be less effective.

The Valken BBs have a stunning aqua green colour. As a result, it is very challenging to detect them in the air. Although this is very different from them, one can dodge the typical white BBs with quick reactions. Such a tool would surely be very helpful given how regularly airsoft snipers utilise Valken BBs.

Your accuracy will increase as a result of the extra weight, and you’ll be able to conceal your location by firing invisible-in-flight bullets.

Finally, Valken has produced a BB with outstanding performance. To assure the highest levels of precision and stealth, they go through lengthy calculations and fine-tuning before going into production. The only sniper BB you ought to think about using is the Valken Tactical 0.36g.


Finest Biodegradable Airsoft BBs

Concerns about living sustainably are widespread nowadays. Most people aren’t even aware that they can enjoy their favourite activity in a more environmentally friendly way when it comes to airsoft ammunition. You can purchase biodegradable ammunition for airsoft weapons, for example, if you participate in airsoft sports. This is crucial if you play outside since you want to do everything you can to preserve the environment.

As a result, several companies use a chemical called polylactic acid to make biodegradable BBs. Because it is primarily used to make surgical sutures, this chemical is quite biodegradable. However, keep in mind that if you want to accomplish this, you need use the best BBs. You should expect far lower levels of durability if you purchase lower-quality bio BBs; in fact, they can break quite easily. They may also degrade more slowly than other, better-made bio BBs. Not to add that biodegradable BBs will be more expensive than conventional plastic airsoft ammo, even the cheapest ones.

However, if you are concerned about the environment, it might be useful. After all, utilising environmentally friendly airsoft BBs is a great approach to always safeguard the environment. You can guarantee that the Earth will be in excellent condition for your descendants to enjoy by doing this. But given this, which biodegradable airsoft BBs should you purchase? Yes, there are a couple ideas we have.


G&G 0.20G BIO BBs Review

Most environmentally conscious airsoft players utilise G&G 0.20g Bio BBs. For airsoft weapons that can fire at a rate of up to 350FPS, there isn’t a larger variety of ammunition available. If you enjoy playing airsoft, you probably already are aware that G&G also manufactures some of the most well-known airsoft weapons. They are a well-known producer of bio BBs.

The pellets have a tolerance for errors of 0.01% and a diameter of 5.95 mm, which is acceptable by industry standards. When fired from barrels with a tight bore, they will fly as intended. These pellets’ production quality is fantastic for a range of biodegradable BB products, which is outstanding. Because these are less frequently bought, many manufacturers try to take shortcuts when it comes to production quality, but not G&G! The majority of consumers assert that they have never experienced jamming or other problems with these BBs.

Read this important information if you plan to utilise biodegradable BBs. Any pellets you have taken out of the bag or storage container must be promptly resealed. Once you’re done, store the containers somewhere away from moisture, heat, and light. If you don’t, the weather can start deteriorating your pellets.

Be cautious since pellets made of regular plastic are present in at least 10% of the G&G 0.20g BBs bottles. You will eventually comprehend it, even though it may not make sense to you at first. Only one-tenth of the pellets are regular plastic, so you’ll still fire smoothly and with a good centre of gravity, and the environment won’t be significantly affected.

The biodegradable BBs by G&G are the top-performing product in their niche market as a result of everything we’ve covered thus far. Their extremely precise manufacturing process produces products with astonishingly broad product ranges, rapid biodegradability, and exceptionally smooth surfaces. If you like airsoft shooting and protecting the environment, this is the product for you.


Elite Force 0.25G BIO BBs Review

We’ve already talked about Elite Force’s standing as a manufacturer of premium airsoft BBs. Given these facts, it should not be surprising that they are a part of the discussion around biodegradable BBs. As you may expect, the Elite Force 0.25g BBs are equivalent to the other superbly produced pellets from the same company. Like their conventional plastic counterparts, these bio pellets are flawless and free of any faults or irregularities. To the touch, they are beautifully polished and smooth. For weapons that fire at velocities greater than 350FPS, these bio BBs are perfect.

The basic 0.25g version of the bio-focused Elite Force device has a 5.95mm diameter and the customary 0.01 tolerance. As you would anticipate from a product from this company, these bio pellets have been created to serve any shooter with the utmost dependability and that their flight path is as stable as they come. Despite the fact that I keep mentioning Elite Force, there is a good reason why it is a well-liked BB manufacturer.

Like the majority of other Elite Force pellets, the biodegradable Elite Force pellets are provided in bottles. Therefore, after you first open the bottle, make sure it is tightly sealed. The last thing you want is for the moisture in the container to cause your pellets to begin to deteriorate.


G&G 0.28g Biodegradable BBs Review

With this review, we’re going back to the most well-known green BB producer, G&G! For those who want their firearms to be more powerful than they would be with 0.20g pellets, the 0.28g calibre, which is its larger twin, is available. These biodegradable pellets are without a doubt some of the heaviest pellets on the market right now. Don’t look for bio pellets that are heavier than 0.30g because there aren’t many of them available. Even heavy guns and snipers will appreciate firing 0.28g bullets at 450FPS with these weapons.

This and the 0.20g variant only differ slightly in terms of manufacture. In essence, it has an expected diameter of 5.95mm and an usual tolerance of 0.01. They are of high quality, with an evenly dispersed gravity centre and a flawlessly rounded shape. As a result, they fire far more consistently and precisely than other biopellets.

To keep your bio BBs from being exposed to heat, moisture, or sunlight, be sure to reseal the bag or container that they were delivered in. If you do that, they can turn into useless mush!

Finally, there is a good reason why G&G is the current leader in biodegradable BBs. In fact, you hardly ever find an airsoft field without at least one green bag of these reliable BBs. So, if you want to use a high-powered airsoft gun with eco-friendly ammo; this is your premier choice.

Best BBs for Airsoft on a Budget

In all honesty, airsoft gaming isn’t exactly a pastime for folks with a limited budget. Between the genuine guns and all the other equipment, clothing, consumables, and other small items you’ll need to purchase, this hobby may become rather pricey.

However, not everyone has the financial means to spend a little money exclusively on airsoft weapons and equipment. When you have more crucial loadout items, like the weapon and its parts, to purchase, you wouldn’t want to spend $30 on eco-friendly BBs if you’re on a limited budget.


Crosman 0.20g BBs – Best 6mm Airsoft BBs

Let’s be honest: Crosman doesn’t exactly manufacture the most trustworthy airsoft supplies. In actuality, their product is quite flawed. However, their 0.20 BBs really stand out. Given its roots and price, this company has been successful in developing a large-scale airsoft BB brand that is well-produced and performs much above expectations. For airsoft players who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on BBs, Crosman 0.20g is the best choice.

White pellets with a 6mm diameter and 0.20g weight are produced by Crosman. The practically perfect smoothness of these pellets also amazed this organisation. They are regrettably not even somewhat polished. We all employ carefully designed BBs, which logically leads to more unified behaviour. Given the more than affordable price, this is a doable issue for individuals with modest finances.

Due to their lack of polish, these pellets are clearly inferior to their more expensive 0.20g rivals from other producers. They aren’t inaccurate when used at the right range, but they are more likely to miss their target. When distances between objects are greater, some precision must be given up.


ThunderBBs 0.25g BBs Review

Because we favour inexpensive BBs, we believe that ThunderBBs 0.25g pellets are among the greatest BB items we have ever tested. It is obvious that the manufacturer put a lot of thought and work into finding the perfect equilibrium between cost and quality. In actuality, the vast majority of budget-conscious shoppers are undoubtedly content with their purchase. A completely spherical and error-free pellet can be purchased for a small portion of the cost of comparable products.

In terms of creativity and usefulness, this BB series might compete with far more expensive rivals. If your weapon can only shoot pellets at a maximum rate of 350FPS, you won’t be able to find one for less money.

Here are the specifics: This BB was made only from pellets with a 6mm diameter and 0.1 stock tolerance. They also have a fantastic spherical shape that has been expertly polished to remove any fractures, flaws, or other imperfections, as we have already indicated. This implies that each pellet in a pack need to behave consistently and uniformly. So use this pellet if you want one that won’t jam.

Even this amazing product has certain drawbacks because of the low price. In this instance, a number of customers have voiced their complaints about how challenging it is to fit the pellets into the small-bore barrels. If your gun has this kind of a barrel, you might want to consider using a different brand of BB ammunition just in case.

A slight accuracy problem also exists. Actually, it’s more of a little irritation than a serious issue. When utilising these pellets, you’ll need to adjust your hop-up calibration a little more than usual. Even if it only takes a few minutes to finish the process, this is not a deal-breaker. If you take advantage of this opportunity to run a few small trials, you’ll be functioning in no time.

However, the few and sporadic issues imply that ThunderBBs might certainly be a powerful competitor to both Valken and Elite Force. If we ignore the few imperfections, you are left with a set of excellently constructed pellets at a very affordable price.


ThunderBBs 0.36g BBs Review

At this point, we could start to feel like we are repeating ourselves. However, you’ve probably already deduced the structure at this point. Yes, the previously mentioned 0.36g ThunderBBs BB and the 0.35g variant are very similar. It also comes in a unique tint of colour. But other than those two characteristics, they are nearly identical. Due of their requirement for more powerful ammo, snipers would benefit more from using this heavier BB. These little ones function fairly well with guns that shoot at 500FPS or higher!

There aren’t many manufacturing variations from the aforementioned 0.25g, except from the weight. It still has a 0.01 deviation and a 6mm diameter. There are no issues with the pellet’s shape because it is still a perfect sphere.

However, the drawbacks are essentially the same. issues with packing leaks and barrels that are securely drilled. Furthermore, you won’t find this calibre of airsoft ammunition anywhere else at such excellent quality and competitive cost.

The 0.36g ThunderBB ammunition is offered in black, unlike the 0.25g ThunderBB ammunition that we previously discussed. For those who enjoy snipers, that is fantastic news. These evasive BBs are a great benefit because you spend the most of your time in cover. Your opponent won’t be able to see these pellets, making it challenging for them to avoid them.


Notable Mentions…

We have provided you with a variety of airsoft BB substitutes based on your unique requirements and preferences. In addition to this comprehensive analysis of the possibilities we’ve chosen, we’ll offer a few alternatives. Since there are, in our opinion, better solutions available, we won’t go into great detail.

0.12g BBs

As you can see, each calibre will be covered separately. Since Crosman has roughly 10,000 of these, you can initially purchase them for incredibly low prices. The most economical bullet rounds are these, which make them perfect for silly backyard competitions, scaring off raccoons, or practising cannonballs. Simply put, because there is little to no quality control during the production process, they cannot resist harsher conditions. In competitions and sports, they are therefore essentially useless. When employing weapons that have an FPS of less than 250, these are a fantastic, economical alternative.

The 0.12g Air Venturi BBs that are advised are biodegradable ammunition. These ammo rounds aren’t the toughest you’ll ever encounter because the majority of them disintegrate on impact due to their extreme lightness and biodegradability. If you are worried about the ecology and want a lightweight pellet, it is a fantastic replacement for the heavier ones we have already described.

0.20g BBs

You have a few great options for 0.20g BBs from the list above. If you don’t want to use those, MetalTac 0.20g BBs are a great alternative. They resemble spottles in essence, but they are also dependable and powerful. These pellets are respectably available for both seasoned gamers and total newbies because everyone loves well-made goods.

The TSD 0.20g BBs are a far less significant rival. You’ll discover after using them that they are extremely exceptional for their price range. Airsoft pellets are highly powerful even though their packaging is unattractive. They are as sturdy as they come and the most accurate airsoft BBs on the market. TSD nonetheless enjoys a solid reputation in this sector. The icing on the cake is that they also have biodegradable models.

Crosman also offers 0.20g biodegradable BBs, a product whose appeal has grown over time. It’s possible that Crosman products are more expensive than you might expect, but they are also of a higher calibre. They maintain accuracy to around 70 feet and are nicely constructed for a biodegradable pellet.

0.25g BBs

You won’t likely be startled by the King Arms 0.25g BB series when we increase the calibre. They continue to be a well-liked airsoft pellet in spite of this. This is due to the fact that they simplify feeding and rarely jam. These pellets are not thought to be of the highest calibre because of their subpar long-range performance. You really can’t complain, though, given how affordable making preparations is.

TSD also produces a nice 0.25g pellet if you need even another choice. notably since tight-bore barrels, which have issues when utilised with many other pellets, can use it without issue. A minority percentage of buyers have voiced complaints about the BBs’ spherical shape, despite the fact that most say they function wonderfully.

We are back in Valken. Players of airsoft all over the world can benefit greatly from their 0.25g BBs. However, be cautious when making purchases. It seems that dubious businesses are marketing fake Valken pellets online.

0.28g BBs

For the time being, we’ll stick with Valken before looking into other 0.28g pellet options. Without a doubt, those that fall into that weight bracket prefer their BBs. They don’t seem to have any evident production faults and they look like they were constructed quite well. Therefore, we suggest giving the Valken product a try if you want to switch out your standard 0.25g BBs for something a little heavier.

TSD also offers a hassle-free, premium 0.28g pellet in addition to Valken. Generally speaking, they make their BBs fairly well and correctly. These cost roughly 50% more than the Valken ones, so you should be aware of that. When comparing the two, it isn’t immediately clear that there is a noticeable quality difference—at least not enough to warrant the more expensive pricing.

0.30g BBs

We currently employ guns with a maximum rate of fire of 450FPS or more. For these, you’ll need some strong 0.30g BBs. Valken is still our top recommendation for a backup if you want to delight yourself with weapons that fire more potent bullets. Results show that these 0.30g pellets perform exceptionally well, which is exactly what we have come to expect from maker Valken. Some people assert that the calibre of these even matches Elite Force!

If you want to test a lesser-known brand, the Bioval 0.30g BBs are a nice option. In reality, you won’t experience any performance issues and instead discover that they are reliable and accurate. Therefore, if you want to test a lesser-known brand, we might recommend Bioval.

What is good manufacturing for BBs?

On this page, we’ve made an effort to give you an in-depth analysis of the best BB brands for all weight categories. However, you might not be able to evaluate what actually qualifies as a solid BB if you are unaware of how BBs are created and other important airsoft equipment.

For instance, throughout the book, the terms “well-made” and “well-manufactured” have been employed repeatedly. You might not understand the significance of a polished pellet if you are not familiar with airsoft ammo. For instance, you might wish to keep your pellets free of seams. Consequently, we’ll delve deeper into the nuances of what creates a top-notch pellet.



Great output and good craftsmanship are the most broad terms. When employing them, we typically strive to keep in mind all aspects of acceptable production. This usually refers to the precision and superiority of any aspect of the pellet’s physical makeup. A good pellet in this regard has a well dispersed gravity centre that is free of surface imperfections like dimples or cracks.

It should be obvious that no pellet producer could even consider doing so; it is just inconceivable. Every package of BBs has a few pellets that are crooked or otherwise subpar in quality. There is actually nothing to worry about because it happens regularly if you only have a handful of them in a bag that contains hundreds or thousands of them.

Furthermore, you want your pellets to come as close to a perfect sphere as is physically possible. This can be explained simply by noting that the closer they are to this average, the straighter and more accurate their midflight flying will be. Any surface imperfections or bubbles will disrupt the centre of gravity, which could cause the pellet to miss its intended target.


Range and Accuracy

Before continuing, a warning regarding the accuracy traits of various pellets is necessary. The accuracy will frequently depend more on how well your gun is set up and your individual shooting skills than it will on the properties of the pellets themselves. Once you’ve done that, the only factor left to take into account that can have an impact on your range and accuracy is the actual pellets.

As we’ve already indicated, if you’re a skilled marksman with a superb gun, the creation of the pellets could either help or damage you in a competition. With well-made BBs, your accuracy will simply be much higher. The weight of the pellet and your weapon’s FPS are the only other technical considerations.

Simple correlation: Guns with higher FPS need more ammunition. If your BBs are heavier, the weather will have less of an impact on their flight. It really is that easy. The effective range is however shortened when utilising heavier BBs. Stronger weapons are required to cover larger regions. You must finally strike a balance between your firepower and the weight of your BBs in order to realise your full potential. If you are successful, you will have the greatest range and accuracy imaginable.



As you have certainly already realised, selecting a high-quality airsoft pellet is significantly more important than the ordinary person realises. Despite how tiny the bullet appears to be, how well you perform is greatly influenced by its weight. Additionally, this is absolutely something to think about if you want to play airsoft competitively. The greatest pellets money can buy are still required, even if you’re only having fun.

Best All-around BBs for every FPS

Best Bio-degradable BBs


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