Ultimate Guide to Best Airsoft BBs [Updated 2020]

When you’ve spent money buying the best airsoft gun, you don’t want to screw it up by getting the wrong ammo! Should you pick the 0.28, 0.25, or 0.20? It’s not necessarily as easy as it seems. Getting the right BBs is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to optimize your airsoft gun. 

And does it matter which brand you pick? Don’t worry, we’re here to provide you with all of the answers in our extensive guide on airsoft ammunition.

We provide a deep-dive below, but if you just want to cut to the chase and see our top recommendations the look no further:

Best All-around BBs for every FPS

Best Bio-degradable BBs

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Elite Force 0.20g Review

While we give you our first pick of the draft, we’ll simultaneously explain just what the most important aspect of choosing airsoft BBs is. And that would be FPS. Sure, if you’re into gaming, you may know this acronym means ‘First Person Shooter’. But in the world of airsoft, it’s something completely different: Feet Per Second. In other words, the FPS determines the speed of your gun, and thus its intensity.

With that in mind, we’ll tell you that the Elite Force 0.20g airsoft ammo represents one of the premier choices for guns with FPS up to 350. There are some of the slickest and most perfectly designed BBs you’ll come across. They’ve got an extremely precision-focused production process, meaning you’ll rarely find any imperfections, like seams or dimples on them.

Their diameter is 5.95mm, which is basically the industry standard; as is their weight of 0.20g. And if you use them with guns that have a FPS of less than 350, you won’t have issues either; the pellets are perfectly optimized to get you the best possible range and in-flight stability. Meaning that most entry-level rifles and pistols will have no trouble handling this BB brand.

Obviously, if you’re new to the world of airsoft, you may not be aware of the FPS of your gun. In that case, bear in mind that most guns that are cheaper than a hundred bucks have FPS below 350. Though, you’ll need to take a look at the specs of your gun to be certain.

Going back to the Elite Force ammo though, you’ll find that the packaging is extremely practical. You’ll get them in a large bottle with a pretty durable cap. Each of these bottles holds some 5000 pellets. And best of all, you can easily feed the pellets directly into magazines, without dirtying your hands and touching the pellets yourself.

As you may have gathered, there’s a reason why Elite Force is one of the most famous airsoft brands out there. Though, their quality is more than obvious from their price; you’ll find that they are somewhat more costly than the competition. But if you want a high-quality product, there’s really no-one better. You just need to be prepared to pay extra.

Elite Force 0.25g Review

When it comes to guns that are above the low-range FPS described above; you’d be better off going with the Elite Force 0.25g BBs. In other words, if you’re dealing with a gun that’s consistently shooting at a pace that’s higher than 350 FPS, you need a bigger caliber of pellets. And in that category, the Elite Force pellets still come the closest to perfection. The 0.25g ammo is pretty much identical to its tinier 0.20g cousin when it comes to production quality. There are no deformations, holes or similar imperfections; only consistency and smoothness.

If you’re unsure of the gun’s FPS, take into consideration that most guns more expensive than $150 fire at a rate above 350 FPS. Still, though, you need to check the specs before you go out to purchase the ammo.

The heftier weight of these airsoft pellets compared to the previously reviewed product provide your guns with more stability and accuracy. Sure, if you were dealing with a smaller gun that’s not as powerful, this weight would hinder you. But with guns that have a high enough FPS, the weight becomes reliability rather than a liability.

Sure, some of you may be worried about the smaller range that undoubtedly comes with heavier pellets. If you ask us, in most cases this difference is rather minuscule. It’s only something that those playing in the biggest fields need to worry about. On the other hand, playing in tiny arenas and smaller fields means that you’ll be dealing with close-quarters combat most of the time. And in that situation, the range won’t be nearly as important. So, if you want to get a greater degree of accuracy with a gun that can handle them; the 0.25g pellets are definitely the better choice.

Once more, the Elite Force product turns out to be a true delight. These pellets definitely pack a heavy punch, while providing an acceptable range and high accuracy. Any airsoft player would be lucky to have them as part of their armory.

Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs Review

If you’re in need of higher-caliber projectiles for your airsoft weaponry, the Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs are definitely a fine choice. For those who possess a gun that can shoot 500 FPS and more, this is certainly what you need to fill it with. Though, this kind of FPS usually means that we’re talking about a highly modified airsoft weapon. So, if you’ve invested a lot of effort and money into your airsoft rifle, and you want some additional range; the Valken Tactical 0.36g BBs are a good pick.

Firstly, you’ll find that the Valken BBs are more than polished, also sporting a 5.95mm diameter coupled with a 0.01 tolerance. Their accuracy is second to none, all because of their weight. You can expect these babies to fly as straight as a real bullet. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find another BB that’s as accurate as the Valken 0.36g. Though, their significant weight does have its downsides. Namely, the fact that it’s useless without an extremely powerful gun. You’d need an expensive bolt action sniper rifle to make real use of this ammo. With BBs as heavy as these, electric or gas guns won’t be very effective.

Interestingly enough, the Valken BBs sport an aqua green color. This makes them almost impossible to see while they’re in the air. Obviously, this is a big shift from the usual white BBs; these can be dodged by people if they’ve got quick reflexes. Seeing as airsoft snipers mostly use Valken BBs, such a feature obviously represents a great advantage. The increased weight guarantees more accuracy, and you’ll also conceal your current position by firing shots that aren’t visible mid-air.

To sum it up – Valken has truly come up with an extremely well-performing BB. They’re carefully optimized and calculated before production, in order to achieve maximum concealment and accuracy. If you’re looking for sniper BBs, the Valken Tactical 0.36g is your definite choice.

Finest Biodegradable Airsoft BBs

These days, many people are concerned with leading an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. And when it comes to airsoft ammo, most don’t even know that they can partake in their favourite pastime in a more sustainable way. For example, when it comes to airsoft sports – you can buy biodegradable ammo for airsoft weapons! This is particularly important when it comes to playing in outdoor areas, where you want to do everything you can to protect the natural environment.

That’s why many companies produce biodegradable BBs, using something called polylactic acid. This is a material that’s actually used for making surgical sutures; meaning that it’s quite biodegradable. Though, when you decide to go fully green with your BBs, bear in mind that you only want to purchase the best possible ones. If you get bio BBs of lesser quality, you can expect a far lesser degree of durability; in fact, they can shatter quite easily. Also, they may biodegrade more slowly than other, better-produced bio BBs. Finally, take into consideration that even the most basic biodegradable BBs will be more costly than usual plastic airsoft ammo.

Though, it may be worth it if you care about the environment. After all, using eco-friendly airsoft BBs is a nice way to take care of nature on a daily basis. That way, you can make sure that your children will have a clean Earth to enjoy! But with that in mind, which biodegradable airsoft BBs should you buy? We’ve got a couple of suggestions.

G&G 0.20G BIO BBs Review

You’ll find that most environmentally-conscious airsoft players use G&G 0.20g Bio BBs. When it comes to airsoft guns with a firing rate of up to 350FPS, there is really no better choice of ammunition. As you probably know, if you’re an airsoft aficionado, G&G also make some of the most renowned airsoft guns. But apart from that, they’re also a great producer of bio BBs.

Speaking of the pellets themselves, they’ve got a 5.95mm diameter, and a 0.01 tolerance for imperfections which is on par with industry standards. If you shoot them out of tight bore barrels, they’ll fly perfectly. You’ll find that the production quality of these pellets is quite high; which is a great thing for a biodegradable BB product line. As these are purchased less often, many manufacturers tend to slack when it comes to the production quality – but not G&G! Most users report never to have experienced jamming or problems of any kind with these BBs.

Here’s an important tip for people intent on using biodegradable BBs. Once you take some of the pellets out of the storage container, like a bottle or a bag; make sure you reseal them right away afterwards. Once you do that, place the containers in a place that’s distant from any sunlight, heat or moisture. If you miss out on doing that, there’s a chance that your pellets may start decomposing due to the elements.

Also, know that every packaging of 0.20g BBs produced by G&G contain around 10% of regular plastic pellets. While this concept might not be immediately intuitive, you’ll begin to appreaciate it over time. With a tenth of the pellets being normal plastic, you’ll still have a great centre of gravity while shooting, as well as a smooth experience; while the damage that the environment sustains will be minimal.

Everything we’ve mentioned above has resulted in the biodegradable BBs by G&G being the most well-performing product in its given niche. Their precision-oriented manufacturing process provides an end-product with extremely smooth surfaces, fast biodegradability, and a stunning range. So, if you’re simultaneously into airsoft shooting and environmental preservation – this is the product for you!

Elite Force 0.25G BIO BBs Review

We’ve already mentioned just how reputable Elite Force is when it comes to making high quality airsoft BBs. Keeping that in mind, it’s really no big wonder that they’ve got a horse in the race of biodegradable BBs as well. As you might expect, the Elite Force 0.25g BBs definitely stay in tune with the other excellently produced pellets by the same brand. Just as with their normal plastic cousins, you won’t easily find any imperfections and deformations on these bio pellets. They’re incredibly slick to the touch, and quite well-polished. If you’ve got any guns above 350FPS, these bio BBs will suit them perfectly.

Just as the normal 0.25g version, the bio-oriented Elite Force variation sports a standard 5.95mm diameter, and a usual 0.01 tolerance. And just like you’d expect from this brand, they’ve definitely made sure that these bio pellets provide extreme reliability to any shooter; their flight path is as stable as they come. Sure, this might sound like something out of a broken record; but there’s a reason why Elite Force is such a favored BB brand.

As most other Elite Force pellets, the biodegradable ones are also packed in a bottle. So, when you open the bottle for the first time, make sure you’ve sealed it well afterwards. The last thing you want is your pellets decomposing because you’ve allowed moisture to get inside the container.

G&G 0.28g Biodegradable BBs Review

With the next review, we’re moving back to the most renowned eco-friendly BB brand; G&G! For those who want their guns to pack a bigger punch than they would with the 0.20g pellets, here comes its bigger cousin – the 0.28g caliber. Make no mistake – these are some of the heftiest biodegradable pellets you’ll find on the open market. If you’re looking for bio pellets heavier than 0.30g, you definitely won’t find a lot of them around. Even high-power rifles and snipers will have a blast shooting 0.28g – and we’re talking 450FPS guns.

When it comes to the production itself, you won’t find many differences between this and the 0.20g version. Basically, it’s got the usual 0.01 tolerance and the expected 5.95mm diameter. And if we’re talking about the quality, they’ve got a well-balanced gravity center and a perfect spherical shape. Because of this, they allow for extremely stable and quite accurate shooting; especially compared to other bio pellets.

As we’ve mentioned with the previous products, don’t forget to reseal the bottle or bag your bio BBs come in; or you’re risking exposing them to heat, moisture or sunlight. If you do that, they might decompose into useless mush!

In conclusion – there’s a reason why G&G is he sitting king of biodegradable BBs. After all, there’s barely an airsoft field where you won’t see at least one green bag of these reputable BBs. So, if you want to use a high-powered airsoft gun with eco-friendly ammo; this is your premier choice.

Best BBs for Airsoft on a Budget

If we’re being completely honest, airsoft is not exactly a pastime for those with a scarce budget. From the weapons themselves, to the assorted equipment, fashion, consumables, and all the other tiny stuff that you’ve simply got to buy – this can become quite a costly hobby.

And on the other hand, not everyone can afford to spend what amounts to a small fortune solely on airsoft weaponry and accessories. For example, if you’re dealing with a limited budget, it wouldn’t be responsible to blow $30 on bio-friendly BBs, when you’ve got more crucial aspects of the loadout to buy; like parts for the gun, and the gun itself.

Crosman 0.20g BBs – Best 6mm Airsoft BBs

We’ll say it right off the bat – Crosman is not exactly the most reputable company in the world of airsoft supplies. In fact, their offering is, in many respects, mediocre. But their 0.20 BBs are definitely a standout! This company has succeeded in making a well-produced airsoft BB brand for this size, which performs more than impressively considering its origins and price. If you’re an airsoft player who can’t afford to spend a lot of money on BBs, Crosman 0.20g is certainly your smartest choice.

The 0.20g pellets produced by Crosman sport a diameter of 6mm, and they’re white. Also, quite surprisingly for this company, you’ll find that these pellets are almost perfectly seamless. Unfortunately, they’re not even remotely polished. Naturally, we all tightly produced BBs which are polished, ensuring a more consistent behavior. However, considering the more than affordable price, this is an acceptable drawback for those on a more modest budget.

Of course, we’ll be perfectly clear – these pellets can’t really hold a candle to their more costly 0.20g competition from other brands; mostly due to their absence of polish. Indeed, you’ll find that they’re more prone to going off-target, but they’re not inaccurate if you use them at the right range. Though, it does mean making a compromise in terms of accuracy at bigger ranges.

ThunderBBs 0.25g BBs Review

We’ll be honest about our preferences among cheap BBs right away; we consider ThunderBBs 0.25g pellets to be one of the most exemplary BB products that we’ve ever reviewed. It’s plain and obvious that the company has put a lot of effort into achieving the best possible compromise between quality and price. Indeed, this is a product that most budget customers will be more than thrilled with. What you get, for a fraction of the price of some competitors, is a pellet with a perfectly spherical shape; it has no obvious drawbacks or imperfections.

This BB series can definitely hold its own even against more costly competition, both in terms of craftsmanship and real-world performance. If you’ve got a gun that has a shooting rate of up to 350FPS, you won’t find a better budget pellet.

Let’s get into the technicalities – this BB has pellets with a pure 6mm diameter, and a stock tolerance of 0.01. And as we’ve mentioned, they’ve got a great spherical shape; polished enough to remove any cracks, imperfections and similar deformities. That means you can expect a pack of these pellets to perform the same, with absolute consistency. So, if you’re in need of a pellet that you can rely on not to jam, this is certainly it.

However, the cheap price means that even this great product is not without at least some drawbacks. In this case, certain users have mentioned issues with feeding the pellets into tight bore barrels. So, just in case; if you have this kind of barrel on your gun, you may want to try another type of BB ammo.

Also, there is a small issue regarding accuracy. Well, it’s not so much an issue, as it is a mild nuisance. Namely, with these pellets, you’ll have to do a bit more hop-up calibration than you normally would. However, this is far from a deal-breaker; the process requires little more than a couple of minutes. If you take this time to experiment a bit, you’ll be up and running in no time.

At the end of the day, though; the few and far between issues mean that ThunderBBs can definitely be a worthy competition to both Valken and Elite Force. If we sweep the minor problems aside, you’re left with a masterfully produced set of pellets; all for a very affordable price!

ThunderBBs 0.36g BBs Review

Okay, now it’s beginning to feel like we’re definitely repeating ourselves. But you’ve probably caught onto the format by now. Yes, the ThunderBBs 0.36g BB is basically the exact same product as the one we’ve described above…but heavier! Also, it comes in a different color. But apart from those two aspects, they’re really the same thing. Though, this heavier BB is better suited for people who like to play as snipers; thus, they need to pack a bigger punch with their ammo. Indeed, these babies are great for guns that have a firing rate of 500FPS and more!

Compared to the abovementioned 0.25g, there aren’t many manufacturing differences apart from the weight. It’s still got a 6mm diameter, along with a 0.01 deviation. There are no issues with the shape of the pellet itself, as it’s still a perfectly produced sphere.

On the other hand, the drawbacks are pretty much identical as well. Problems with tight bore barrels, and potential issues with packaging that can result in spillage. But apart from this, you truly won’t get this caliber of airsoft ammo for such a low price, while getting great quality.

As we’ve mentioned above, unlike the 0.25g – the 0.36g ThunderBB ammo comes in black. That’s really useful for people who like sniping. Seeing as you spend most of the time hiding in foliage, having these difficult to spot BBs is a great boon. Your opponent will have a hard time dodging these pellets, because they won’t see them coming!

Notable Mentions…

We’ve provided you with plenty of options for airsoft BBs, depending on the different needs and criteria you might have. However, apart from these detailed reviews of our chosen, we’ll give you a rundown of a couple of alternatives. We won’t go into too much detail, as there are, in our opinion, secondary choices.

0.12g BBs

As you can see, we’ll go caliber by caliber on this. So, to start with – you can get 0.12g BBs from Crosman at really affordable prices; and around 10,000 of them to boot! These are the cheapest possible ammo, perfect for silly backyard games, scaring away raccoons or practising by shooting cans. Though, for anything more serious than that; they’ll simply prove to be too light, and they’ve got basically no quality control in the production process. So, for serious games and competitions, these are basically worthless. Though, for casual play with below 250FPS guns, these are a great cheap option.

If you’re into biodegradable weaponry, there’s the Air Venturi 0.12g BBs for you. Seeing as they’re both incredibly light and biodegradable, you can imagine that these aren’t the most durable pieces of ammo you’ll find; they mostly shatter on impact. But if you care about the environment and want a lightweight pellet, that’s a great alternative to the heavier ones we’ve described above.

0.20g BBs

When it comes to 0.20g BBs, we’ve given you a couple of fine options above. However, if yu don’t want to go with those, the MetalTac 0.20g BBs are also a good choice. They’re pretty much spottles, but also durable and perform consistently. These pellets are a decent option for both intermediate players and utter beginners; good manufacturing is something everyone likes.

Also, the TSD 0.20g BBs are an unassuming contender. But once you give them a try, you’ll see that they’re pretty impressive for their price range. They don’t come in flashy packaging, but that doesn’t mean we’re not talking about a top-notch airsoft pellet, performance-wise. They’re as durable as they come, and they’re the most accurate airsoft BBs too. That’s why TSD is still a respected brand in this market. And to top it all off, they’ve got biodegradable models as well!

Speaking of which, Crosman also offers 0.20g biodegradable BBs, which have steadily been gaining popularity. Sure, they may not be as affordable as you’d expect when you order a Crosman product; but they’re also of a higher quality. They maintain accuracy to around 70 feet, and they’re decently manufactured for a biodegradable pellet.

0.25g BBs

Moving onto higher calibers, the King Arms 0.25g isn’t a BB series that will necessarily blow you away. But despite that, they’re a pretty popular mainstream airsoft pellet. That’s because they allow for easy feeding, and they very rarely jam. Though, there’s a reason these aren’t considered top-tier pellets; they don’t perform well at a longer range. But for that low of a price, you can’t really complain when the time comes to compromise.

If you need another alternative, TSD also produces a decent 0.25g pellet. Especially because this one performs great in tight bore barrels, that result in issues when paired with plenty of other pellets. Though, while most people say that these BBs perform admirably, some also report tiny imperfections when it comes to the spherical shape.

Lastly, we’ll touch on Valken once more. Their 0.25g BBs deliver great cost-effective value to people dabbling in airsoft all over the world. Though, beware where you buy them from. There are rumors floating around the Internet of fake Valken pellets being sold by some dubious companies.

0.28g BBs

While we start talking about 0.28g pellet alternatives, we’ll stay with Valken for the moment. Their BBs of this weight are definitely a popular option in that range. They have no noticeable issues with production, and they appear to be quite well made. So, if you want to switch your usual 0.25g BBs for something that’s a bit heftier, we recommend giving the Valken product a try!

Apart from Valken, TSD also offers a no-fuss, high quality 0.28g pellet. Their BBs tend to be fairly well-manufactured and accurate. Though, bear in mind – they’re almost 50% more expensive than the Valken ones. And if you make a comparison between the two of them, it’s not quite obvious if there’s that much of a difference in quality; at least not enough to warrant such a higher price.

0.30g BBs

Now we’re getting into the territory of guns that shoot more than 450FPS. For these, you’ll need some heavy-duty 0.30g BBs. And if you want to have a great experience with guns that have more firepower – Valken is still our top alternative recommendation. At the end of the day, these 0.30g pellets bring what we’ve come to expect from Valken as a manufacturer – no compromises in terms of performances. There are even people saying that these can match Elite Force when it comes to quality!

If you want to try out a smaller brand, the Bioval 0.30g BBs are a worthwhile option. They don’t really have any issues when it comes to performance; you’ll find them accurate and reliable. So if you’re in the mood to experiment with a lesser-known brand, we can recommend Bioval.

What is good manufacturing for BBs?

Throughout this article, we’ve attempted to give you a detailed review of the many different brands of BBs; in all the different weight categories. But if you’re not intimately familiar with the production process of BBs and similar airsoft equipment, you may not be able to recognize what truly makes a good BB.

For example, we’ve used the phrase ‘well-made’ or ‘well-manufactured’ throughout the article. But if you don’t know much about airsoft ammo, you may wonder why it’s so important for a pellet to be well-polished. Or, for example, why you don’t want seams on your pellets. That’s why we’ll get into the details of what makes for a good pellet.


Obviously, ‘good manufacturing’ and ‘excellent craftsmanship’ are pretty generic terms. And when we use them, we generally try to encompass all of the aspects of proper production. By that, we basically mean the completeness and quality of any feature that has something to do with the physical nature of the pellet. So, a good pellet, in this sense, is one with a well-balanced gravity center, a well-polished surface, and no dimples, cracks, or other imperfections on the surface.

Naturally, that’s something no manufacturer can achieve with every individual pellet; that’s just impossible. In each packaging of BBs, you’ll find some deformed pellets, that clearly don’t respect the established norms. But if you only have a couple of them in a bag with hundreds or thousands, that’s really no issue at all; something perfectly normal.

Also, you want your pellets to be as close to a perfect sphere as humanly possible. The reason for that is simple: the closer they are to this standard, the more straight and accurate they’ll be mid-flight. If they’ve got any scratches or bubbles on the surface, that’ll disrupt the center of gravity, causing the pellet to potentially go off-target.

Range and Accuracy

Before we get into the accuracy properties of different pellets in more detail, a short disclaimer; in most cases, the proper setup of your gun and your own skills at marksmanship will determine the accuracy, far more than the physical properties of the pellets. Though, if you have all of that in hand, the pellets themselves become an important remaining factor that could influence your range and accuracy.

As we’ve already mentioned, if you’re a skilled marksman with a great gun, the manufacturing of the pellets could help of hinder you in a competition. With properly made BBs, your accuracy will simply be much better. Apart from that, the only other technical aspects to think about are the FPS of your weapon, and the pellet’s weight.

The correlation is simple; guns with a higher FPS require using heavy-weight ammo. With more heft, your BBs will be less affected by the weather conditions in flight. That’s pretty simple. Conversely though, heavier BBs mean being able to reach a smaller range. And that’s why these require guns with more firepower; to reach greater distances. At the end of the day, you need to balance your firepower and your BBs’ weight to reach a good optimum. That’ll net you the best possible range and accuracy.


As you may have realized by yourself – choosing a good airsoft pellet is far more important than laymen think at first. Indeed, something as seemingly minuscule as the bullet weight may heavily influence your performance. And if you intend on playing airsoft competitively, this is certainly something to keep in mind. But even if you’re just playing for fun – you need to get the best possible pellets for your budget.

Best All-around BBs for every FPS

Best Bio-degradable BBs

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