Eric Powers

I'm an outdoor nut and love researching and testing new gear. For me it's about finding that diamond in the rough...not just shelling out $$ for the sake of it. It's tough to decide between the mountains and the ocean so I try and travel alot and bring my Australian Cattle dog where I can (but he doesn't like boats).

Chris Chamberlain
Is Airsoft Dying

Is Airsoft Dying?

Are you looking for an answer on Is Airsoft Dying? If you are passionate and bound to dedicate a certain amount of time to a particular activity or sport every day, it is fair to want to know whether it will stay relevant through times to come, or the trend will fade.  One such sport …

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Can Airsoft Guns Kil

Can Airsoft Guns Kil?

Are you looking for an answer on Can Airsoft Guns Kil? Airsoft is a fun game; we all know that. Be it teenagers or someone in their mid-forties, everyone has a different affinity towards the game.  But yes, if you’re new to the game, you’ve got plenty of questions. Both parents and children are worried …

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