Chris Chamberlain

I'm an outdoor nut and love researching and testing new gear. For me its about finding that diamond in the rough…not just shelling out $$ for the sake of it. It's tough to decide between the mountains and the ocean so I try and travel alot and bring my Australian Cattle dog where I can (but he doesn't like boats).

Best Light For Canik TP9SFX – 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Canik has outdone itself with the premium TP series version. With its unique modular features, the 5.20 inch barreled TP9sfx can elevate your shooting experience. The TP9sfx has slide serrations on the front and back to reduce weight for positive-traction handling. Finding the right light that will fit the barrel on the TP9sfx frame can …

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Best Bugs out Bags

Best Bug-out-Bags

The Basics of Bugout Bags It’s time to flee when the lights go out. And if that happens, you want to be ready with the top bug-out bag available. Now, to be clear, a Bug-out-Bag is a bit different than an emergency survival kit. When you need to escape a situation and require the equipment …

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Survival Gear 101

Survival – Gear you need to survive Most people don’t think about survival, and that’s the point here. Whenever there’s a situation that puts people in a higher than normal risk to life, plenty of them die. You don’t have to be one of them. Look, we know that at any moment a car crash, …

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