Beginner’s Airsoft Gun Guide – Everything You Need To Know [Updated 2023]

Once they take a peek inside, newbies may soon get overwhelmed by the world of airsoft weaponry. It’s crucial to learn the ropes before devoting time and resources to a sport that might appeal to you.

The key usage of the airsoft guns is an airsoft game. This game is based on the same principle that lies behind the paintball game. People are organized in groups and shoot at each other with the purpose of hitting as many ‘enemies’ as possible, without getting shot.

Both games have secure weapons that shoot pellets incapable of seriously injuring players. In some places, home security and military training both make extensive use of airsoft weaponry.

Airsoft guns can’t be regarded as real weapons because the bullets they fire don’t move very swiftly. Nevertheless, some airsoft weapons feel and look like real weapons. Use this page as your airsoft beginner’s handbook.

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What Is An Airsoft Gun – Airsoft Explained

If you’re new to airsoft, this is a gun that fires BBs, or 6 mm round pellets. Actually, pellets move at a pace that is significantly slower than that of actual bullets. But being struck by airsoft pellets hurts a little. However, they cannot harm anyone because they are very safe. In addition, unlike actual guns, airsoft bullets cannot result in severe bleeding injuries.

Even though airsoft guns are thought of as toy weapons, it is always advised to use caution when handling them. When using airsoft weapons or when participating in airsoft games, special ammunition must be worn. It will be covered a little later.

Airsoft weapons are realistic replicas of actual weapons. To get a realistic look, some airsoft gun manufacturing businesses even use the original gun moulds. As a result, some airsoft gun models closely resemble actual weapons in appearance and feel.

Airsoft bullets, gun and glasses.

As a substitute for paintball, airsoft games are played using airsoft guns in Asia, Europe, and the US. The most popular combat sport in various regions is airsoft.

In fact, Nelson Technologies, the company that created the paint marker for agricultural usage, believes that the airsoft sport will expand at an astronomical rate. Therefore, the company is looking into developing paintballs for airsoft guns. Moreover, the company believes that airsoft has a future due to its uniqueness – guns look real but do not hurt as much as a .50- or .68-caliber paintball.

Others favour the usage of airsoft weapons to keep their backyard free of tiny animals. Police departments are another frequent users of airsoft weapons. For instance, in the UK, local law enforcement agencies use airsoft skirmishing to maintain control over the juvenile gang members.

Nowadays, people who wish to shoot targets with something very safe primarily utilise airsoft guns. One of the primary contemporary applications for airsoft weapons is in tactical games.

Types Of Airsoft Guns – All about Airsoft

As you are undoubtedly aware, airsoft guns are a very common item these days. Because of this, manufacturers create newer, more technologically advanced models to satisfy the rising demand.

We can currently distinguish between six main categories of airsoft guns. These include spring-powered, battery- or automatic electric-powered, gas-powered, hybrid, training, and traditional firearms.

Let’s examine each kind in more detail.

Spring Powered

When using an airsoft gun with a spring-powered mechanism, you must cock the weapon before each shot. These models are excellent for use in close-quarters sports and are highly practical.

Spring powered gun.

Since they fire at a lesser rate, you won’t need to reload as frequently. Despite being less powerful than some of the other types, spring powered airsoft guns still offer the best amount of control.

Definitely the best airsoft for beginners is the spring model. Both full-size spring airsoft weapons and spring airsoft pistols are widely available and reasonably priced. A truly beautiful high-quality spring airsoft gun can be purchased if you are willing to spend a bit more money.

Battery Powered

Most people refer to airsoft weapons that use batteries as automatic electric weapons (AEG). One of the most often used varieties of airsoft weapons is this one. Additionally, the battery-powered model is also the priciest. The AEGs are pricey for a reason, though.

Battery powered gun.

The so-called Nickel Cadmium battery powers them. The motors that drive the three gears inside the pistol are powered by the battery. The piston is compressed and released by the gears. The BB pellets are forced out of the gun barrel by a pressurised wave of air created as a result.

Among seasoned users, these firearms are extremely popular.

Gas Powered

Gas airsoft weapons are frequently retained as a side arm and are typically only used once every round. Airsoft weapons with automatic gas are highly potent. They don’t, however, offer very high standards of precision and reliability. Typically, the gas or CO2 only lasts for the length of the clip.

Gas powered gun.

Gas-powered airsoft pistols should not be used as your main weapon, according to industry experts. However, they work incredibly well as backup weapons.

Hybrid Guns

The most recent model of airsoft weapons on the market is a hybrid model. They are essentially more potent versions of ordinary AEGs or gas-powered airsoft guns.

The magazine is loaded with shell cases, which also contain the plastic pellet, in the AEG hybrid airsoft weapons. These cases may have a little crimson cap. The whole blowback system on the AEG hybrid airsoft guns is powered by electricity.

They operate on the “round-per-shell” principle. This means that a shell case is ejected along with every pellet fired. There is a realistic sound and smoke effect during shooting. Collectors and re-enactors typically utilise hybrid weapons of this type.

Hybrid powered gun.

AEG hybrid weapons function similarly to gas blowback hybrid weapons. The shell case is loaded with a single 6mm pellet. It is then put into a magazine. The pressurised gas used as the propellant is stored in a tank on the airsoft gun.

The mechanism of the cannon inserts a shell into the chamber after the slide is moved back. Pulling the trigger causes the tank to unleash a little gas blast, which forces the pellet out of a barrel.

Training Weapons

Some of the airsoft gun manufacturers develop special product lines of airsoft guns and accessories that are intended for use during the military and law enforcement training.

These airsoft weapons are constructed with aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless steel in some areas. The gun’s design offers a high degree of stability and robustness. The upkeep of training weapons is likewise relatively simple.

Training weapons.

Additionally, training airsoft weapons provide accurate replicas of military weaponry. However, these weapons can occasionally malfunction, and it may be challenging to locate replacement parts.

It’s important to remember that some training guns are prohibited in the US because they can be altered to function as actual firearms.


Classic Guns

Classic guns are normally the older models of airsoft guns. They are gas powered airsoft guns, which are able to run on either an internal tank with traditional airsoft gas or on the external CO2 or HPA tank, just like in the paintball gun.

Classic airsoft gun.

The amount of air passing through a traditional gun’s mechanism can control the rate of fire.

Which One Is Better: AEG Or GBB

The two most often used types of airsoft weapons now on the market are AEGs and GBBs. Despite the fact that both of them are built to perform the same task, each of these types differs in a few key ways.

AEGs Advantages

  • They are cheaper
  • Require low maintenance
  • The AEG updates are cheap and almost always available
  • Require only electricity
  • The AEG magazines are cheaper and have long life

AEGs Disadvantages

  • Internals can break if they are of a poor quality or installed inadequately

GBBs Advantages

  • Are very realistic, sound and feel like real guns
  • Do not require the recharge of the batteries, just gas
  • Gas is always available in a variety of forms

GBBs Disadvantages

  • Might need a lot of maintenance
  • Often more expensive
  • Can be hard to manage in cold weather
  • Magazines are very expensive and have lower capacity

Anatomy Of An Airsoft Gun

After going through the main functions, design features, and advantages and disadvantages of various airsoft gun types, it is time to examine the interior of the airsoft weapon. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the components of the airsoft gun in this section.

Let’s start by going through the main parts of the airsoft rifle. A spring, a spring guide, a piston, a cylinder and cylinder head, a tappet plate, an air nozzle, gears/anti-reverse latch and bushings, a motor and pinion gear, a trigger assembly/auto cut off lever, and a gearbox shell typically make up an airsoft gun.

Additionally, airsoft weapons come with a variety of attachments, which we shall cover later.


The air in the cylinder is forced out of the cylinder by the spring’s rapid-fire piston push. With a high velocity of 200–400 feet per second, the air strikes the pellet and propels it through the barrel.

This suggests that the piston is compressing the spring. The spring compresses and decompresses each time the AEG fires in less than a second.

Airsoft gun spring.

The gun’s muzzle speed increases with the spring’s strength.

Spring Guide

The spring guide is an essential part of the airsoft gun that keeps spring in place and is every bit as important as the airsoft BBs that it shoots. and is every bit as important as the airsoft BBs that it shoots.. Without this detail, spring would eventually bend and jam the gearbox of the gun.

A top-notch spring guide has bearings that help the spring expand more smoothly. Additionally, the bearings permit the spring to twist as it compresses and decompresses. A excellent spring guide is typically composed of metal as well.

Piston/Piston Head

When the gear releases it, the piston pulls back the spring that pushes the piston head forward. As the air is drawn back by the piston, the piston head draws it into the cylinder.

High-speed air is forced out of the cylinder by the piston head as it is released from the piston.

The majority of the pistons used in airsoft guns are constructed of polycarbonate and have just one steel tooth.

Piston/Piston Head

Some airsoft pistons are constructed using a mixture of nylon and polycarbonate for added flexibility.

The number of steel teeth on some piston variants can reach 10. Keep in mind that steel pistons must be placed correctly because a poor installation could cause gear box damage. Standard piston heads are constructed of polycarbonate, occasionally with a little aluminium. The majority of piston heads have a single O-ring.


The air in an airsoft gun’s cylinder is compressed by the piston or piston head, which subsequently pushes the air out of the barrel. To enable the piston head to move back and forth at high speeds, the interior of the cylinder must be properly aligned.

The air volume capacity of the cylinder and the number of bars should, ideally, be equal.

The design of the airsoft gun incorporates holes in specific cylinder points to guarantee that this is accomplished.

Cylinder Head

The important component, the cylinder head, is where all the air travels after being compressed and ejected by the piston head. This component must be extremely well built. Aluminum makes up the majority of the cylinder heads.

Airsoft cylinder head.

Tappet Plate

The tappet plate’s purpose is to reposition the air nozzle so that another pellet can be loaded into the barrel. The sector gear’s unique nub, which pulls the tappet plate back as the gear pulses the piston back, aids in this process. The pellet will be loaded for each cycle as a result.

Air Nozzle

Pellets are loaded into the barrel and jump up by the air nozzle. Additionally, air is transferred through this component from the cylinder/cylinder head to the hop-up/barrel. Some of the more expensive AEGs have an air nozzle with an internal O-ring. This ensures that there is no airflow between the nozzle and the cylinder head.

Gears/Anti-Reverse Latch And Bushings

The piston and tappet plate of an airsoft rifle are both operated by the gears. These travel at high speeds, thus it’s important that they are built of high-quality steel to ensure effective operation.

As a stopper, the anti-reverse latch ensures that the gear is always face forward.

Anti-Reverse Latch And Bushings

Steel of the highest quality should be used to create a good anti-reverse latch. The gear shafts are joined through holes in the bushings.

Motor And Pinion Gear

The entire gear box is powered by the motor. High torque motors offer the broadest range of capabilities. They may pull the majority of springs since they move quickly. A few users favour switching to high-speed motors. If you choose the high-speed motors, keep in mind that you will need to give up some frames per second because they cannot draw heavier springs.

The motor’s pinion gear is the component that meshes with the bevel gear. The pinion gear additionally enables the motor to drive the gear box.

Trigger Assembly/Auto Cut Off Lever

The rest of the gearbox is managed by the trigger assembly and the auto cut off lever. An electrical switch known as the trigger completes the AEG’s electrical circuit by turning on the motor. When the gun is in semi-auto mode, the auto cut off lever is utilised. This component of the airsoft gun turns off the power after one shot, enabling semi-auto fire.

Gearbox Shell

It’s all held in place by the gearbox shell. The piston’s pressure and the gears’ force are mostly absorbed by the shell.


Airsoft gun attachments are frequently quite pricey.

Gearbox shell.

In actuality, less expensive spring variants do not include extra clips. For around $30 to $40, you may purchase clips for automatic or semi-automatic firearms. However, despite their high cost, they are also incredibly beneficial. Scopes, lights, and lasers are among other attachments.

Airsoft Guns Manufacturers


In 1986, the Guay Guay Trading Co. Ltd. was founded. This American business concentrates on manufacturing airsoft weapons, action figures, and military and law enforcement gear on a global scale. The company asserts that all of its G and G airsoft guns are of the highest calibre because it works hard to use high-quality materials and design in all of its creations.

Echo 1

The Echo 1 is the company that makes airsoft weapons and equipment. The company’s dependability is demonstrated by the fact that it is the first American business to receive approval for sales in Japan. Additionally, the business asserts that it offers the best products on the market at reasonable pricing.

Tokyo Mauri

Tokyo Mauri is a manufacturer of airsoft weapons in Japan. Tokyo Mauri firearms are readily accessible both in Japan and abroad. In the market for Airsoft guns, the company enjoys a good reputation. They manufacture soft air weapons that are powered by gas, springs, AEPs, and AEGs.

Airsoft weapons from Tokyo Mauri are remarkably realistic in both appearance and feel. The premium plastic is used to make all of the company’s firearms.


Even though airsoft weapons cannot be used to murder or seriously hurt a person, basic safety measures must still be taken. You need the right protection if you want to use airsoft weapons without being hurt.

Good quality full-seal protective eyewear

A good pair of full-seal protective eyewear should be purchased as the bare minimum protection when operating an airsoft gun. You can also utilise the protective face mask like the one used for paintball as an option. Additionally, wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants is advised while playing airsoft games. Some athletes favour having more cushioning on their knees, foot, and hands.

There are a variety of alternatives available if you want more security. Different types of protective airsoft helmets, tactical vests, airsoft ghillies, pants, jackets, and uniform sets are available from manufacturers.

How To Clean Airsoft Gun

Every single gun owner must perform the mandatory cleaning of an airsoft gun on a regular basis to preserve the long lifespan of the device. An airsoft gun can be cleaned extremely easily; all you need is a soft, wet towel.

Just use a moist towel to clean the gun’s outside. After that, clean the inside of the gun’s barrel with the silicone spray. Make sure not to use any potent cleaners, lubricants made of petroleum, or solvents. You are ready to go once you have cleaned the interior of the barrel on your airsoft gun and have fired it once.

How to clean airsoft gun.

Ask a professional for assistance if you wish to clean the interior of the gearbox of an airsoft gun. Your airsoft rifle will last longer if you follow these instructions.


With each passing day, the popularity of airsoft guns explodes. Although the majority of airsoft weapons are sold for airsoft games, they are also frequently used in military training and in certain homes. Because buying an airsoft gun is a delicate and complicated decision, it’s critical to do your research.

Choosing an airsoft gun also might appear as a daunting task. It takes time and effort to properly research the market and evaluate the options. Our Best airsoft gun Buying Guide will aid you in your search. We have analyzed the key qualities of a good airsoft gun must possess and looked into the main factors to consider before buying an airsoft gun.

In addition, we reviewed the top airsoft gun types available today and contrasted their advantages and disadvantages. This airsoft guide should help you find what you’re looking for, we hope!








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